The Island is Calling (His Island Recruitment Thread)

Started by Dingo, August 12, 2023, 08:57:27 AM

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Have you ever dreamed of living on a tropical island?
Do you enjoy survival stories?
Do you enjoy group games that focus more on story and relationship than smut?
And can you deal with the harsh realities of survival?
Then His Island might be the group game you are looking for.

Quote from: Unknown Sender
You have been invited. Come explore an uninhabited island. Discover the wonders of exotic wildlife,
the beautiful sandy beaches, and the amazing waterfalls. Stay in a rustic villa with your fellow passengers.
Wander the lush landscape. Discover all the island’s hidden secrets during your stay.

‘He’ is a mysterious billionaire who purchased the island many years ago and set it up to create a Lord of the Flies scenario. He originally sent ten passengers to inhabit the island, but because of pilot error, only two original guests survived; Sarah, a nursing student, and Alexei, a construction worker, with a criminal past. Then came Vasili, the only “guest” who came to the island of his own accord, and the only one who knows who ‘He’ is. With a personal vendetta against ‘Him’, Vasili came fully prepared to survive and eventually kill the man who killed his wife. They were eventually joined by Joshua, whose crabbing boat capsized during a storm, and Vivienne, a social media influencer, who thinks she was given the gift of a tropical vacation… boy was she wrong!

We are looking for more characters to join us on His Island. We are LGBTQ+ friendly.

As of this writing, the group has only been on the island for three days and has already faced a multitude of problems, both socially and through the environment. The players are a very social bunch and would love for you to join in and face whatever the future may hold for our characters.

‘His Island’ is a sandbox survival adventure game and is hosted in the extreme section… just in case. This game is not a "dark" game regarding gameplay. The most vanilla writer would fit in just as much as the darkest writer. A player could come in with the intention of simply exploring the island and engaging with fellow players, and this game allows for that. Someone could come in with the intention of being a victim of traps, tricks, wild animals, and so on... and fit in. The GMs will cater to all types of players.

We have our own Discord group. Feel free to request the link if you're curious or want to join. Discord is required. We have plenty of "safety nets" set up on Discord for individual players, such as a "May I?" channel that requires players to ask another player if a bold action is okay (ex. May I push your character off the ledge?). We also have private individual channels for each player to ask the GMs questions and for the GMs to give some secrets that the player could uncover. Lastly, we have a channel where everyone can place their limits, both adult and gameplay on top of those that are described in your ons and offs. At no time will a player be put into a situation they are uncomfortable with. Your character however ...

The way the game is set up, a new player can join at any time without missing out on much. The game is tailored for both individual players and for groups, with some interference from ‘Him’ and the GMs.

At times we have a high posting rate and we as a group do enjoy that. We understand that external factors can get in the way. We do still expect a post every other day. If for some reason you cannot post, let the GMs know so we can keep the story going around your character.

If interested, please send a PM to Greenthorn and Dingo with the below character sheet.

Character Sheet
Character Name:
Short Background: (this is for the GMs to figure out why your character is coming to the island and in which manner they will arrive)
Your reason, as the player behind the character, for your character joining the game: (this tells us if you’re coming for character interactions, drama, adventure, and/or to cause chaos within the social groups of the game… we welcome all)



Hello Dingo!

I've never done group games like this before on E or elsewhere, how does it work exactly? Obviously in one-on-one games, there's a set posting order or nothing makes sense, but how does that work in a setting like this? Is everyone set in an order or do you just post when you feel like it and take into account what has happened since you last posted?

Also curious if there's a specific type of character that would be more useful/fun on the island now that there are a few established? I'm not the sort to have a bevy of characters ready to be plopped into stories so I would have to create one specifically for this, which means I'd have to be careful to have one fun to play while also not tailored to be awesome in the situation presented.  If you had any suggestions I'd appreciate it.


Hi Nyxlplyx!

I hope I was able to answer all your questions below. If you have more, feel free to ask or even join the discord group!

On posting:

Although there is no set order to post, it does happen naturally and usually depends on the scene. If the scene requires a particular person to respond, other conversations may happen in between, but we always wait for everyone to catch up. Sometimes time flow gets a little wonky, especially when groups are in different threads and both traveling, but eventually everyone gets back on track when the GM moves onto the next day.

We’ve found that the discord group makes the posting order much easier since we can give our intent to post a reply during a busy/chaotic scene and the other players will wait, or our permission to assume our character does something else and others can go ahead. This works very well when a player won’t be able to post for a few days, they can give everyone a summary of what their character would do so they are essentially still in full control of their character even if the scene needs to move on.

You never have to read a thread your character is not presently in (unless you want to for entertainment) because they would not know what is going on elsewhere anyway! Also, a lot of information is given in each character’s heading, we’ve even included their inner thoughts which has brought us all a lot of laughs OOC.

On characters:

We don’t really require a specific character because it is a reality setting. We could say we want a certain type of character, but then the person playing that character chooses their personality, outlook, and emotions, so types we think would be great do not always turn out how we’d like them to… except Vivienne, our dear Vivi, the influencer, she has exceeded all expectations!
We do, however, have a few types of characters we do not want.

We absolutely will not take any survivalists. If your character comes in with enough knowledge to set up a camp, forage for food, create a fishing line from human hair… where is the fun in that? Can they have some knowledge, or even think they do? Yes, but Bear Grylls is not allowed.

We also do not want a character who is created purely to be sexual, so no porn stars. Is there sex in the game, of course (not yet, we’re only on day 3, and currently in the midst of a hurricane!). Can your character try to have sex with every other character, sure… but we ask that you keep things a bit realistic and clear any sexual contact with other players first (especially anything non-consensual and this is done through the “may I” channel on discord so the GMs can see that permission is given so we do not have to get involved).

A final note on characters: pick one that you’ll have fun playing.

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with a character, you can always join the discord as a “potential player” and discuss your ideas with all the other players, or ask the GMs for input. We are a very friendly, lighthearted bunch.

Madam Striga

Hello! Are you still recruiting for this? I've been skimming the group threads and it seems like a lot of fun.


Quote from: Madam Striga on October 05, 2023, 08:29:26 AM
Hello! Are you still recruiting for this? I've been skimming the group threads and it seems like a lot of fun.

Absolutely! Always :)

Just send me your character sheet and we can discuss your "entrance" :)

Madam Striga

Quote from: Greenthorn on October 05, 2023, 09:05:33 AM
Absolutely! Always :)

Just send me your character sheet and we can discuss your "entrance" :)

Amazing! I had a couple ideas. Would you mind if I joined the discord first to discuss?


Note: At this time we prefer to not add more female characters. Please send in your all your other character requests.