The City of Stars [SciFi in SoCal][Interest Check]

Started by Foxy DeVille, August 07, 2023, 11:22:32 AM

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Foxy DeVille

February 24, 1942… an unknown object appears in the evening skies above Los Angeles. As it is less than three months after Pearl Harbor, the fear is that the Japanese are invading and an artillery bombardment is ordered. Later the government would claim that it was simply a weather balloon that caused the panic. But the truth is not that simple.

In fact, it was an alien spacecraft. The crew was part of a race that had been studying mankind for some time. Unfortunately they did not realize the state of alert that was in effect and were not prepared to be attacked. The craft crashed into the Pacific Ocean but five survivors made it to shore. They were able to pass for human and have since spent their lives as seemingly normal people in California. They had children and then grandchildren and then great-grandchildren. Now the aliens and their descendants live call SoCal home. They have many of the hopes and dreams of the people around. Fame. Fortune. Family. But they also have concerns not of this world. Welcome to…

Greetings, people of Earth! This is an interest check for the story of alien offspring living in Southern California. They are descended from the First Five, survivors of a spaceship crash during the so-called Battle of Los Angeles. In the subsequent years the First Five have become reclusive but the many descendants they had with Earthlings still live their lives among the simple humans of this world. The Starborn, as they call themselves, are physically superior to the Earthbound, the name they refer to pure humans as. The mix of DNA also gives them a Gift, a paranormal ability of interesting but not earth-shattering power. They also have some degree of access to advanced science, although decades of assimilation limits this.

I see this as a mix of slice-of-life and events characters can participate in. For instance, the need for secrecy has always been stressed to the Starborn but living in the entertainment capital of the world during the age of social media brings temptation. Different views could cause friction. Outsiders could be curious about what exactly happened after the Battle of Los Angeles, these people could be amateur conspiracy theorists to government agents. Also if there is one kind of alien out there, what else is there? What exactly was the mission of the First Five, something they have never shared? While the story is centered on the Starborn, some Earthbound characters would be welcome as well.

Overall the general atmosphere I have in mind is inspired by 2000s TV… The OC, Gossip Girl, Roswell, Charmed. Which is why I decided there is only one choice for a theme song for this…

So there you have it. Leave me your questions, comments, and five hundred word essays on the music genius of Paris Hilton.