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In 1999, at the beginning of the school year at Hogwarts, the newly assigned Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, encouraged and supported the creation of an intramural dueling league for the students. At times, people have speculated why she invested so much in this initiative when Hogwarts already had Quidditch for student participation. By piecing together her historical statements, it became evident that Headmistress McGonagall was an unfaltering supporter of the dueling league for two main reasons:

i) Unlike Quidditch, which requires significant investment in time, infrastructure, and equipment, dueling can theoretically be accessible to anyone with a wand. This meant a much greater opportunity for student participation.

ii) The Battle of Hogwarts had exposed the students' lack of preparedness in defending themselves during a duel. While the Ministry faced blame, much criticism fell upon the Hogwarts staff at the time. Headmistress McGonagall accepted responsibility for this failure and tirelessly sought to make amends until her peaceful passing at her office desk in 2019.

Initially, the intramural dueling league took place on the Quidditch pitch whenever it wasn't being used for matches. However, due to its increasing popularity, by 2001, matches were scheduled on the pitch when the weather allowed, and during winter, they were held indoors at various locations within the castle.

In 2006, after a series of matches was viewed by visiting parents, one particular set of parents became so inspired and invigorated by the competition that they donated a significant sum of funding to Hogwarts. As a result, Fawley Stadium was inaugurated at the start of the 2007 school year, and used exclusively for the intramural dueling league. At the same time, an expansion was added to the castle, allowing seventh-year students to continue their education and focus on more challenging subjects, spanning years 8 through 12 with a university-level education in arcane matters.

By 2010, Headmistress McGonagall established a rule allowing only seventh-year and university-level dueling league matches to be open to outside visitors. This decision was made due to over-zealous and rude parents who had been shouting not only at their own children but also at other children during matches. Despite objections from parents of students in years 1 to 6, the rule was firmly upheld.

In 2013, Christadelia Black approached Headmistress McGonagall with an offer to pay Hogwarts for "exclusive projection rights" of the dueling league. The proposal suggested projecting only the university-level matches to the public, branded as the Hogwarts Dueling League. After negotiations, the signed contract included a profit-sharing arrangement based on the total number of viewers, with the proceeds directed to the school.

The first projection of the Hogwarts Dueling League took place in 2015 at the start of the school year. The event gained immense popularity, leading to a national shortage of scrying devices and artifacts by the end of October, as announced by the Ministry.

In 2022, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny each received invitations to send two teams to participate in the 2023 season. Unsurprisingly to most,  Ilvermorny sent three teams. The inclusion of these additional schools generated anticipation for a massive spike in viewership.  With the inclusion of a six (seven) international teams, HDL administration is concerned that it's going to be difficult for new viewers to follow the action as well as their favorite players.  The HDL is introducing for the first time; uniforms (customizable by colour) for the competitors and each competitor will have a number and their name emblazoned on their backs to help follow the action when you can't see their face.

As the year 2023 approaches, excitement builds for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the intramural dueling league's creation, now known as the HDL (Hogwarts Dueling League). The upcoming 2023 season promises to be particularly thrilling with the inclusion of international teams and anticipation for the 25th anniversary in 2024 fuels the competitive nature of the duelists.

Headmistress:  Hermione Granger

HDL League Commissioner: Elspeth Bryar

HDL General Manager: Ranier Delon

HDL This Week:  Barry "Bazza" Childrington

HDL This Week: Trudy "The Intruder" Remples

Think of this as a writing prompt generator.  If you're interested in being involved, give me a heads up.  As a participant you will never have any control over the results of the matches.  BUT...while you will know WHO won and WHO lost, you get to decide HOW your team might have won or lost and WHY they might have won or lost.

I'm looking for this to be a mix of Ted Lasso (if you haven't watched it, for shame) but with magical dueling rather than football and with university level witches and wizards rather than professional football players.  I'm also heavily inspired by Haikyuu which my daughter hooked me on and I simply can't get enough of these sweet, intense, well-meaning boys who REALLY fucking love volleyball.  Possibly I just really miss jumping really high and spiking balls...it's a thing.

Over time, the dice results will tell their own story and I (and others like you, if you're interested) can use those as writing prompts to create your own stories as well as stories with others.



Goderic Division:
Team 1: Dames Against the Dark Arts
Team 2: Bad Badgers
Team 3: Ravens
Team 4: Arcane Army
Team 5: Beaux Bataille
Team 6: Stars

Rowena Division:
Team 1: Majestic
Team 2: Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Team 3: Society of Good Guys
Team 4: Miss-Fits
Team 5: Defiant
Team 6: Freedom

Salazar Division:
Team 1: Spellbinders
Team 2: L337 PWNIEZ
Team 3: Purists
Team 4: Sparkle Hammers
Team 5: Wolfpack
Team 6: Dominants

Helga Division:
Team 1: Alagbara
Team 2: The Squad
Team 3: Magic & Mayhem
Team 4: Echantatrix
Team 5: Ultimates
Team 6: Stripes

Each Season Consists of...

Preliminary Round Robin

Division Match 1
Division Match 2
Inter-Divisional Match 1
Division Match 3
Inter-Divisional Match 2
Division Match 4
Division Match 5

Sirius Black Championship

Top 3 teams from each division (total of 12 teams - Referred to as the Top Twelve or Terrific Twelve) plus 3 provisional teams (with best record that doesn't include the Top Twelve) are included in the Sirius Black Championship.   15 teams, seeded and put into a double-elimination tournament to decide the champion.



||C = Captain || HD = Veteran HDL Competitor (+1 to team rolls) || DA = Defence Against the Dark Arts Student (+1 to team rolls)||

NOTE - Over the last two decades, the idea of Houses sticking with and only associating with one another has fallen to the wayside for the sake of inclusion.  Most teams listed below are MIXED HOUSES.  There are still a few outliers however as you'll see below and where you're not sure, just ask!


Names are from left to right.
Back row to front row.

Team Name: The Ravens
Member 1: Kai Abara |C|DA| +1
Member 2: Madani Bahrami |DA| +1
Member 3: Guo Zhao |DA| +1
Member 4: Only Ravenclaws
Member 5: Only Ravenclaws
NOTES: Very aggressive style. Act and
operate as individuals.

Team Name: The Spellbinders
Member 1: Violina Prewett |C|DA| +1
Member 2: Juwon Campbell
Member 3: Andersen Evers |HD| +1
Member 4: Pari Patil
Member 5: Recruiting creatives!
NOTES: Favour creative use of charms
over use of Disarming Charms

Team Name: The Society of Good Guys
Member 1: Goderich Glyndal |HD| +1
Member 2: Gregory Goodall
Member 3: Gamling Gallison |DA| +1
Member 4: Grayson Greengrass |C|
Member 5: Recruiting but there
are requirements!
NOTES:Uses arithmancy to gain upper
hand in matches.

Team Name: Arcane Army
Member 1: Deacon Carter |HD| +1
Member 2: Lucinda Bergfalk
Member 3: Julie Ventham |HD| +1
Member 4: Panama Davies |C|HD| +1
Member 5: Recruiting
NOTES:Has been known to use team
members that aren't on the pitch to
interfere with the match.

Team Name: Dames Against The Dark Arts
Member 1: Kilo Bulstrode |C|DA| +1
Member 2: Alecta Ollivander |DA|HD| +2
Member 3: Cindy Moon
Member 4: Jun Ji-hyun
Member 5: Recruiting
NOTES:All four members are
capable of casting strong, unusually
resistant Shield Charms.

Team Name: The Miss-Fits
Member 1: Cassandra Ironwood |HD| +1
Member 2: Amaryllis Travers |C|DA| +1
Member 3: Otra Carringford
Member 4: Seraphina LeStrange
Member 5: Recruiting girls only
NOTES:By any means necessary
is the order of the day for the Miss-Fits.

Team Name: The Sparkle Hammers
Member 1: Lillianor Lovegood
Member 2: Morgana Ravenstar |C|HD| +1
Member 3: Aditi Rao |DA| +1
Member 4:Winnie Waldvogl
Member 5: Recruiting. BE FUN!
NOTES:Gleefully uses Ebulio Jinxes,
Confundus Charms and Rictusempra.

Team Name: Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Member 1: Travis Putnam |C|DA| +1
Member 2: Xiu Tsai
Member 3: Lucia Mendez
Member 4: Pemberton Croy
Member 5: Recruiting! Broom required!
NOTES:Insists on riding their
brooms while competing.

Team Name: Magic & Mayhem
Member 1: Aron Prince |HD| +1
Member 2: Omotola Jalade |DA| +1
Member 3: Kurt Kapoor
Member 4: Priya Sharma |C|
Member 5:
NOTES:Uses their owl familiars to
dive bomb opponents and distract them.

Team Name: The Squad
Member 1: Amir Shah |C|
Member 2: Mansbridge Park
Member 3: Jace Holden
Member 4: Yasmin Azad |HD|DA| +2
Member 5:
NOTES:Extensively uses
Disillusionment Charms to hide and
ambush opponents.

Team Name: The Bad Badgers
Member 1: Manu Donovan |DA| +1
Member 2: Gretchen Freiberger |C|
Member 3: Kaan Aksoy |HD| +1
Member 4:
Member 5:
NOTES:Very mobile, very aggressive.
Uses Incendio Charms to distract
and discourage opponents.

Team Name: Team Majestic
Member 1: Valerius Blackthorne |DA|+1
Member 2: Amit Thakkar |HD|DA| +2
Member 3: Alaster Abbott |DA| +1
Member 4: Enola Travers |C|HD|DA| +2
Member 5: Not recruiting a fifth
NOTES:Every member has
Advanced DADA and/or Dueling
Club experience.

Team Name: Wolfpack
Member 1: Johnathon Miracle |C|HD| +1
Member 2: Rory Peach
Member 3: Cressida Travers |HD| +1
Member 4: Recruiting
Member 5: Recruiting
NOTES:Team/pack tactics and
unconventional methods of attacking.

Team Name: The Purists
Member 1: Flavius Hightower |C|HD| +1
Member 2: Kiaan Blishwick |HD|DA| +2
Member 3: Theodolphus MacMillan
Member 4: Purebloods only!
Member 5: Purebloods only!
NOTES:Very traditional duelists.
Fit, athletic, cagey, cocky bastards.

Team Name: Team Alagbara
Member 1: Zuri Njoku
Member 2: Mpho Ikande
Member 3: Kurt Blomkamp
Member 4:
Member 5:

Team Name: L337 PWNIEZ
Member 1: Kitty Reinhold
Member 2: Zoe Goldman
Member 3: Marcie Montreau
Member 4: Diya Patel
Member 5: Olivia Haslip

Team Name: Enchantatrix
Member 1: Noemie Escoffier
Member 2: Eulalie Beaufoy
Member 3: Rosalie Floquet
Member 4:
Member 5:

Team Name: Beaux Bataille
Member 1: Sophia Bissett
Member 2: Louise Cartier
Member 3: Anais Mercier
Member 4:
Member 5:

Team Name: Defiant
Member 1: Fedir Bondar
Member 2: Artyom Kravets
Member 3: Symon Tkachuk
Member 4: Tymofiy Ponomarenko
Member 5:

Team Name: Dominants
Member 1: Stepan Hresko
Member 2: Volodymyr Kazan
Member 3: Petro Ivanov
Member 4: Kyrylo Kitko
Member 5:

Team Name: Team Stars
Member 1: Marcus Rozier
Member 2: Danielle Hamilton |C|
Member 3: Tonya Rozier
Member 4: Jacinda Montez
Member 5:

Team Name: Team Stripes
Member 1: Domingo Chavez
Member 2: John Clark
Member 3: Jack Ryan
Member 4: Claire Dunham
Member 5:

Team Name: Team Freedom
Member 1: Drucilla Glynn
Member 2: Robert Dobolina
Member 3: Missy Elliot |C|
Member 4: Theresa Bosman
Member 5:

Team Name: Ultimates
Member 1: Briar Flint
Member 2: Lucian Bulstrode
Member 3: Harper Parkinson
Member 4: Seraphina Carrow
Member 5:


Interest Piqued. So What Do I Need to Do?

Firstly...there's no rush...UNLESS you're choosing Option 3 (Make your own character(s) and team) below. )  The reason why this is time sensitive is that no new teams will be added once the season starts.

Choosing the other two options allows for you to jump in at any time, even once the season starts.

And to be clear...I'm doing this.  I'm putting this in recruiting just to see if there's other people out there that might be interested.  If no one joins, I'm doing all of this in Solo.  If I get a handful of people...Small Groups and if I get a truckload...then Big Groups.

As for "tier" I'll probably put this in EXTREME.   

Wow.  EXTREME?  What's involves a tag of EXTREME?  Dueling can get violent.  People can get burned or cut or punched or tackled or who knows what because...wizards?  So I'm hedging my bets and putting it there for just-in-casies.  No...there are no plans for ridiculously descriptive violence nor plans for tentacle monsters to arrive and rape all of the competitors (so far...  ::) )

To be clear, I'm choosing EXTREME because people have a range of expectations and tolerances when it comes to violence so I'm coming in high and hot just to make sure we're covered.

So there's a bit of choice here...

OPTION 1.  You can just follow along with the results that I'll be posting publicly in the specific group thread.

So why would you choose this option?  Maybe you like randomly generated results like I do?  Maybe you like slap-dash mechanics applied to a popular intellectual property?  Maybe you think it's going to be a flaming dumpster fire and you're eating popcorn watching and waiting for it to collapse in on itself?  I think my only request is if you are just interested in watching; pop into the OOC from time to time and ask some questions or weigh in on stuff?

++++ - QUESTION - If I choose Option 1 - what do I need to do?

++++++++ - ANSWER - Nothing!  No need for a character.  No need for a team.  You're just spectacting.  Hop into the OOC and say hi if you like.  Ask questions.  Tell us which teams you love and which teams you hate.

OPTION 2.    You can make a character and join a pre-existing team.

Grab the code for the character sheet and send me a character for review.  Please note that depending on the pre-existing team, some of them will have requirements.  Hit me up if you want details or I can get my act together and put recruiting requirements under each team.

You'll notice that there's nothing on the character sheet for "Bloodtype" and "Background".  By all means figure that out but do you need to write it all out?  Nope. 
Is there an opportunity to share that in posts involving your character over time?  Absolutely.

I want to avoid information bloat with this game. 

Have a general understanding of your character's background as it will help guide you some in your posts BUT...there's no requirement to flesh everything out.  Same goes for choosing Pureblood names.  Go ahead and grab a Pureblood name.  It's been almost 25 years since the Voldemort fuckery.  Some if not most families have evolved. (Note...not ALL)

[float=right][center][img height=250 padding=10]https://i.imgur.com/UmcCFyi.jpg[/img]
[size=14pt][font=andale mono][glow=yellow,2,300][color=navy][b]Jim Jimmerson[/b][/color][/glow][/font][/size]
[size=14pt][font=andale mono][glow=yellow,2,300][color=navy][b]TEAM - ((TALK TO GM BEFORE SELECTING A TEAM))[/b][/color][/glow][/font][/size][/center][/float]
[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]NAME:[/b][/font][/size]  ((Character name here))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]School Year:[/b][/font][/size]   ((University level - 8 through 11th year))
[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]House:[/b][/font][/size]   ((Gryf, Rav, Huf, Sly))
[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]Major:[/b][/font][/size]   ((Choose a Subject the character is majoring in))
[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]Minor:[/b][/font][/size]   ((Choose a Subject the character is minoring in))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]Jersey Number:[/b][/font][/size]   ((Up to a three digit number))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]GENDER:[/b][/font][/size] ((Character gender here))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]SEXUAL ORIENTATION/PREFERENCE:[/b][/font][/size] ((Character sexual preference here))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][B]PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:[/B][/font][/size] ((Describe your character's appearance here))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][B]FACE CLAIM:[/B][/font][/size] ((Name of face claim))

[size=12pt][font=andale mono][b]TALENTS[/b][/font]:[/size] ((To be added later during the season))

OPTION 3. You can make a character and make your own team!

Tell me the name of your team and come up with a general "vibe" or "theme" for your team.

From there decide if you're making a 3, 4, or 5 person team.  making a team allows for other writers to join your team. 
Or you can fill open slots with multiple characters of your own.
Or I can make NPCs at random (or not so random as per your guidance) to fill the open slots to your team.


So how do I actually interact with the game? -  You're doing the following.  You're using the results from weekly matches as well as information regarding upcoming matches to write posts.  Maybe you want to just write some solo posts and create a narrative for your character over the course of a season?  Maybe you need to write some posts back and forth with the GM and some NPCs here and there?  Maybe there are multiple writers in the game and based off of what happens, you write some scenes out with them? 

Will I ever have a chance to influence rolls for match results? - Probably not?  It's unlikely BUT never say never.

But what if my character's team keeps losing, match after match? -  Then you'll get an opportunity to write out your character's narrative as if they were on a team that can't catch a break.  Losing builds character. ;)  But also, a losing team gets to add a +1 bonus to their subsequent matches.  Eventually, a team will build up a big enough bonus that they get a win...in theory?

Can I make a character that doesn't compete? - Yes, absolutely.  The Potter-verse is a robust one so there's lots of opportunity to write all manner of different characters BUT...again...99% of the writing prompts will be associated with the Dueling League and things around that.  So if you make a character that's not directly involved with the Dueling League...in a game ABOUT the Dueling League...well...you're not making it super easy on yourself but I'd love for you to prove me wrong.

Does my character attend class?  - Yup!  They're a student!

Do I have to write posts where they attend class? - Nope!  If you want to get into the finer details of life at Hogwarts, you CAN...but it's not a requirement.  If you really need to know the name of the Potions Professor then I suppose we can figure that out together. If you want to know the in-depth background of the Potions Professor, read it once and then promptly forget about it three days later, cool.  There's other Hogwarts games out there for you.  I'm not trying to be dickish.  I'm just trying to cut down on information bloat and I fear I'm already flooding you with information.

Not all the teams are balanced!  Is that fair? Nope!  It's not fair.  Like a good many sports they are power houses and under dogs.

How does the season work? - Round robin matches (a match is best of 3 games) within your division as well as two randomly assigned matches outside your division.   From there the top three teams are pulled and seeded from the four divisions.  Those 12 teams PLUS 3 teams that are not in the top three of their division that have the best records.   Those 15 teams are seeded and put into the Sirius Black Championship Tournament.  Double elimination and the winner at the end is the season's champion.

Is there sex? - Sure!  I'll make a private thread for that.  These are university aged students between roughly 19 to 24ish?  A number of the HDL competitors could be considered minor celebrities of a sort.  Between the competitors having sex with one another, it's possible there's a good deal of fans that are also interested with other students and staff falling into the "fan" category.

Why would I participate in this if I have no control over whether or not I win and it's all decided by dice? - Sounds like you just answered your own question.

What Happened to Quidditch?  - It's still there!  People play it and stuff!  Maybe there's even some sore feelings over how quidditch never took off in the way that the HDL has? We're just making stuff up as we go along here.

Can my character be on the quidditch team too? - Sure?  But I won't be banging out results for quidditch matches so that's on you.  Want to make them the quidditch champion of champions?  You go.  Do it!

Are there coaches? - Yes and no!  The international teams, Beauxbatons, Ilvermorny and Durmstrang all came with a coach that supports all their teams.  Hogwarts teams are student organized and student run.  Some of the Hogwarts teams do indeed have student coaches (which will get included over time if and when relevant)

Is there a DISCORD Group? - Yes & No.  I really prefer the nature of a group OOC where it moves a little slower.  BUT...I do have a group for anyone that wants to have an expedited conversation.  Link to the group is... https://discord.gg/CjAfWTCw


Mechanics Explanation


This is ONLY included so those that ARE actually interested in the mechanics can see what's going on under the hood.  You are absolutely welcome to read these but you absolutely do NOT need to understand the mechanics in order to do this.  I will be providing updates.  Team A won and Team X lost with some details that will get your figurative ball rolling if you want to write a post about things.  T

+The Premise - Two teams of up to five. (A team = Three students on the pitch, one or two team member (student) as alternate)  Played in Fawley Stadium (Fawley Stadium can retract it's roof when they weather is nice (read: it's England.  Not very often.) )  next to the Quidditch Pitch.

+ How Does It Work? -GM uses the Elliquiy dice roller.  Roll 1d20 for each team.  If the roll of one of the team's is 8 points (or more) higher than the other team's roll.  That team wins.  ]

If a difference of 8 points isn't achieved, we roll again for the teams again and we carry over the point difference from the previous round.
We add the point difference from round 1 to round 2 and if a team has higher than 8...that team wins.

If not...move to round 3 and repeat.

For story purposes, the duelists can use and spells or tactics that they wish so long as they're not using any of the unspeakable curses and doing particularly heinous shit.  A duelist is "out" when their wand leaves their hand.  That's it.  No exceptions.  "Oops! I tripped and dropped my wand!"  You're out.  Get better.   ;D

++ Skilled Veteran HDL competitors get a +1 to their team roll and skilled Defense Against The Dark Arts students get a +1 to their team's roll.  So if a team has three ringers from DADA on their team and one of them also happens to be a HDL badass and those three are on the pitch, they get +4 to their roll.

++ Once per match, the Captain if still on the pitch can force a reroll.  Either reroll one of their own rolls or force a reroll for their opponnent!

++ Teams that lose a match get a cumulative +1 to their roll on subsequent matches.  Think of this as getting experience, learning from mistakes, getting better, etc.  This will make it a little more difficult for one team to run away with it...possibly?  Maybe?

++ GM handles everything.  You sit back and just absorb the results and decide how/if you want to write a post. (Rolls. Calculations. Sharing updates and rankings, etc)  Think of the results being posted being more like news but really only information about who won and how quickly/easily.  It's up to the writers involved to decide if they even want to acknowledge it or if they want to write out portions of the match.  All purely optional for the writers.


Example #1

+Round 1 (A round can be considered roughly five minutes in length)

The Wolf Pack vs The Spelly Shellys

The Wolf Pack rolls a 10

The Spelly Shellys rolls a 19

Difference of 9 in favour of the Spelly Shellys.  9 is more than the target of 8.

The Spelly Shellys defeat the Wolf Pack pretty quickly.  The writers on both teams can collaborate and decide how they want the scene to go;  IF they want to even write the scene.  They don't have to.

Example #2

The Pure  ::) vs The Wicked Witches

+Round 1

The Pure rolls a 12

The Wicked Witches rolls an 8

Difference of 4 in favour of The Pure.  4 is not greater than 8 so we go to round 2 (longer match...now like...10 minutes.)

+Round 2

The Pure rolls a 9

The Wicked Witches rolls a 16

Difference of 7 in favour of The Wicked Witches. 7 is not greater than 8.  We move onto round 3.  The Pure have a score of 4 from Round 1 and the Witches have a score of 7 from Round 2.

+Round 3 (roughly a 15 minute match)

The Pure rolls a 10

The Wicked Witches rolls a 10

Tie!  No change in overall scores.  The Pure have a score of 4 from Round 1 and the Witches have a score of 7 from Round 2.

+Round 4

The Pure rolls a 4

The Wicked Witches rolls a 20

Difference of 16 favouring the Witches.  16 is greater than 8.  The Witches win!

Who Gets "Dropped" Mechanics

The removal of a wand from a competitor's hand is commonly referred to now as a "drop".

"Someone got the drop on someone else."

It's understood that while a "drop" could mean literally that the competitor dropped their wand (It happens sometimes, even at higher level play), petrifying someone and pulling the wand from their hand with ACCIO or simply by hand is also considered a "drop".


How do the mechanics dictate who got the drop on whom over multiple rounds?

By rolling dice.

The target for victory is to have a cumulative differential over your opponent with 8 points.

Teams are composed of three players per game, a game is commonly referred to as a "flight".  There is a maximum of three flights per match and the first team to win two flights, wins the match.

Team A rolls 18
Team B rolls 16

Team A leads with 2 points into the next 5 minute round.
In this case, Random Player X from Team A got the DROP on Random Player 3 from TEAM B.

Team B is going into the next round with two competitors.  Team A is still going strong with three competitors.

If a team has a point value of 2 to 4, they have gotten the drop on 1 of the 3 competitors on their opponent's team.
If a team has a point value of 5 to 7, they have gotten the drop on 2 of the 3 competitors on their opponent's team.
If a team has a point value of 8 or more, they have gotten the drop on all 3 of the competitors on their opponent's team.

Who gets put out?  We decide at random. (Probably a d6)
Who put someone out?  We decide at random. (Probably a d6)

Injury Mechanics

Dueling CAN be violent.

I think maybe we add a flat 2% chance for each competitor to be injured during a game. (3 games to a match)

If a competitor gets injured, we roll a d100
01 to 02 - Out for remainder of match and next match.
03 to 05 - Out for remainder of match.
06 to 100 - Out for next game of the current match.

If a competitor acquires 4 injuries over the course of a season...

11 to 100 - We're good!  Play through. Reset the injury count to 0
07 to 10 - Out for the next three matches. (including current match) Reset the injury count to 0
05 to 06 - Out for the next five matches. (including current match) Reset the injury count to 0
03 to 04 - Out for the season!
01 to 02 - Out for the season! Permanent injury lose a bonus if they have one.  If they don't have a bonus, -1 penalty to team rolls


Tentative as more teams added will change it some.

Week One:
Match 1: Dames Against the Dark Arts   vs   Stars
Match 2: Majestic   vs   Freedom
Match 3: Bad Badgers   vs   Ravens
Match 4: Sparkle Hammers   vs   Wolfpack
Match 5: The Squad   vs   Enchantatrix
Match 6: Magic & Mayhem   vs   The Ultimates

Week Two:
Match 1: Spellbinders   vs   Dominants
Match 2: Algabara   vs   Stripes
Match 3: L337 PWNIEZ   vs   Purists
Match 4: Arcane Army   vs   Beaux Bataille
Match 5: Society of Good Guys   vs   Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Match 6: Miss-Fits   vs   Defiant

Week Three:
Match 1: Dames Against the Dark Arts   vs   Beaux Bataille
Match 2: Bad Badgers   vs   Stars
Match 3: Majestic   vs   Defiant
Match 4: Sparkle Hammers   vs   Dominants
Match 5: The Squad   vs   Magic & Mayhem
Match 6: Enchantatrix   vs   Stripes

Week Four:
Match 1: Ravens   vs   Arcane Army
Match 2: Bedknobs & Broomsticks   vs   Freedom
Match 3: Society of Good Guys   vs   Miss-Fits
Match 4: Spellbinders   vs   Purists
Match 5: Wolfpack   vs   L337 PWNIEZ
Match 6: Alagbara   vs   Ultimates

NOTE - The Schedule is mapped out for the first 28 weeks all the way up to the Sirius Black Championship Tournament.  Stopping at week 4 however because week 5 and week 6 are inter-division matches.  These are matches that are played against teams outside your division.  The inter-division results still count towards the season standings.

Inter-division matches are assigned as follows.  All teams are seeded based off of current standings.  Where there are ties with Win/Loss then ties are broken with Total Drops For and Total Drops Against.  Where there are still ties, matches are randomly assigned.  Once seeding is decided, the best team is matched up with the worst team.  Second best team is matched up with the second worst team, etc...

The inter-divisional matches are a way to encourage teams to compete during the divisional round robin matches as the teams doing the best will have a somewhat easier schedule than the teams that are struggling.


Example of a match.

So I wasn’t sure if the mechanics would actually…work?


I did two test runs and it turns out to be pretty entertaining (at least on my end)

Here’s how the first of the two matches went down.

Dames Against the Dark Arts vs Team Stars (Ilvermorny team)

There are seven “international teams” this season for the first time and I have them coming in at a disadvantage.  An argument could be made that the other schools have also been doing competitive dueling BUT…in this timeline…they haven’t?  ::)    Coupled with “home field” advantage and a general familiarity with the process, I have the Hogwarts teams all coming in with an advantage over the international teams.

In this match up, it’s a Hogwarts team vs an Ilvermorny team.

Game 1

- First 5 minutes

DADA roll a 9 +3 (team bonus) for 12
Stars roll 8

Difference of 4 in favour of DADA (It’s not 8 or higher so we roll again, carrying the 4 forward)

But the point difference of 4 for DADA means someone from the Stars gets dropped.

Randomly…it’s Marcus Rozier and he was dropped by (randomly) Kilo Bulstrode from DADA

- 6 to 10 minutes

DADA roll 18 +3(team bonus) for 21
Stars roll 2

Stars captain (Danielle Hamilton) is still on the pitch and uses her once per match reroll on the DADA roll.

DADA new roll 8+3(team bonus) for 11

11 for DADA and 2 for Stars

Difference of 9 points for DADA plus 4 points from the previous 5 minutes of the match.
Total of 13 for DADA when the target is 8 or more. 
The two remaining Stars players are dropped and credit is randomly assigned to DADA team members.

DADA wins Game 1 fairly easily

Which from a story perspective, not super surprising. DADA is a fairly strong team against a pretty inexperienced team.  Rolled for injuries and there were none on either team.

Game 2

- First 5 minutes

DADA roll a 12 +3 (team bonus) for 15
Stars roll 8

Difference of 7 in favour of DADA (It’s not 8 or higher so we roll again, carrying the 7 forward)

But the point difference of 7 for DADA means 2 members from the Stars gets dropped.

Randomly…it’s Marcus Rozier and Tonya Rozier and the drop credit gets randomly assigned to members of DADA

- 6 to 10 minutes

DADA roll 2+3(team bonus) for 5
Stars roll 18

Difference of 13 in favour for the Stars. 
With one person remaining on the pitch (Captain Danielle Hamilton) she’s going to single handedly drop all three players on DADA. 
It’ll make a great story!  Except Kilo Bulstrode still has her captain’s reroll and she forces the reroll for the Stars team.  Heartbreaking for the Stars but maybe they'll get lucky on the reroll!

Stars reroll and get…a 3

Difference of 2 in favour for DADA.  Plus the 7 from the first 5 minutes, DADA has 9 points.  Target is 8 or more.

DADA wins Game 2.
DADA wins the Match 2 games to 0.

Injury rolls came up clean for all six competitors.

So what could a writer do with all this information?  Well…if they had a character on the team, either winning or losing, their character could have been right in the thick of all of it.  They could theoretically detail how Danielle on the Stars was about to get the drop on the entire team of DADA and tie up the match…but were it not for the keen eyes of DADA captain, Kilo Bulstrode to save the game and the day.

Assigned drops told a fun story where Kilo Bulstrode got 4 of the 6 drops to win the match and the Stars team, while there were a few shining moments for them, they were overcome simply by the more experienced team. 

The loss did earn the Stars a permanent +1 bonus to their rolls for the remainder of the season as they use the loss to reflect and improve.  So maybe they’ll do better in their next match?


Prim has been approved and is ready for connections as things get going!

Primrose Fellowes
NAME: Primrose Fellowes

School Year:  10th Year
House:  Wampus (Ilvermorny)
Major:   Charms
Minor:   Curses and Jinxes

Jersey Number: 17

GENDER: Cis-Female


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'0, petite, athletic, red hair and hazel eyes.

PERSONALITY: Brazen | Fiercely Competitive | Loyal | Capricious | Generally Unruly

FACE CLAIM: Jemma Wade

Surely not everybody was Kung Fu fighting...
Ons and Offs

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Elenora Black
TEAM - The Miss-Fits
NAME:  Elenora "El" Luciana Devorah Black

School Year:   8th year
House:   Sly
Major:   Transfiguration
Minor:   Defense Against the Dark Arts

Jersey Number:   735

GENDER: Hermaphrodite, female presenting


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: El is 4'9" tall and weights roughly 93lbs. She has waist-length, straight, black hair swept to the right, piercing, deep set, heavy-lidded, dark blue eyes, and pale, olive, skin. Her build is lithe, as would be expected of someone so petite and light, but similarly athletic, with toned arms and legs, a visible, well-defined, six pack, long, thin, limbs and fingers, and a slight hourglass figure. She had her right arm tattooed in a flowery, dark, pattern, predominantly to display visibly that she is an adult which many come to question due to her diminutive height, but the maturity in her gaze leaves little doubt in that regard. She was born of ambiguous gender, but appears largely
female as long as the clothes stay on.   

FACE CLAIM: N/A, art by gantuzie

TALENTS: ((To be added later during the season))
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