Power Rangers: Galactic Knights (power rangers edge20 system, interest check)

Started by ShadowFox89, June 06, 2023, 03:42:49 AM

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Arcadios is a peaceful planet, hidden away from the rest of the galaxy. An earth like world of lush jungles, vibrant forests, and an expansive ocean, it is a veritable paradise world. For thousands of years, the Galactic Knights operated from Arcadios. With the protection of the Knights, anyone who sought to bring harm to the planet was swiftly dealt with.

But peace is never long for the galaxy. Pandemios, ruled by Emperor Gehens, has been expanding it's reach for over a decade now. Only recently has the Dread Emperor discovered Arcadios and while his fleets have yet to be seen approaching the planet, the Knights fear it is only in time that he will bring his forces to bear down on them.

Power Rangers: Galactic Knights will be a system game using Renegade Studios Power Rangers system. The game setting itself will take place outside the main line Canon of Power Rangers- As far as the galaxy knows Rita Repulsa is still sealed in her dumpster, Zordon is dormant, etc. While there are other ranger teams across the galaxy, they are mostly confined to their own planets.

The game will take place primarily on Arcadios. I will be doing a full writeup of the world later on, but the cliffnotes is that Arcadios is a post-scarcity world that is seen as both a symbol of peace and a myth by much of the galaxy. It is protected by the Galactic Knights, powerful warriors chosen by the Morphin Grid to defend the planet and the galaxy at large when need be. The primary villain is Pandemios, ruled by the Dread Emperor Gehens.

Ostensibly the game will be looking for 3 to 6 players-

If there is enough interest in the game I will look at opening up the advanced color options and possibly a second group.

edit: Since we have enough interest to get a group going, please use this for a base character sheet-

Name: Character Name
Pronouns: Preferred pronouns that your character uses
Origin: All origins will be open to use, you should tie it into your character background somehow. IE, if you're antagonistic then how did you come to Arcadios?
Role: This will be the color you play, to start at least. No one will start out as a Ranger, you'll get your morpher in the first "episode". Choose a primary color you are interested in and a secondary color just in case someone else also wants your primary. Advanced spectrum options will be made available later in play.
Influence: You need to have one influence but can have up to 3 total.
Character Age: 18+, nuff said

Background: Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you end up on Arcadios? What have you done in the past that could possibly give you the heroic qualities to be chosen by the Morphin Grid? Please don't make this too long, 3-4 paragraphs is plenty.

Personality: What does your character like? Hate? What would they lay their life down to protect and what would line would they never cross?

Physical Description: What do they look like? Tall, short, thin, wide? Hair color and length? Give me a good idea of what they look like.

Character Ons/Offs: If you've been on E long enough, this should be self explanatory

Smut levels: Power Rangers by it's nature, even in it's more serious incarnations, always has a bit of camp and silliness to it that doesn't lean to well into allowing for much smuttiness. Which category would you prefer the game going into? How much smut would you prefer to see show up (IE, monsters regularly strip down and molest the rangers or smut is only reserved for when players initiate it or somewhere between)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arcadios is connected to the rest of the galaxy through intermediaries. Those the Knights view as trustworthy are escorted through the nebula of infant stars that Arcadios is hidden within, the exotic particle waves of the nebula keeping the planet concealed.

Contact with humanity first came about around 15 years ago. An early exploration project by the United Federation of Earth attempted a hyper-jump. The explorers crashed into Elis, one of the moons of Arcadios. Though the people of the planet generally did not trust these strangers, after all they enjoyed peace for hundreds of years due to their isolation. Princess Delphine, crown princess of Arcadios, was the one who gave the directive to treat these strangers as guests.
After the explorers from earth were brought back to full health and their ship repaired, Princess Delphine accompanied them herself on their trip back to earth. Since then, the two planets have had a limited, but plentiful, trade relationship.
Recently Arcadios has had an influx of refugees as the Empire of Pandemios expands it's reach. More and more have sought out the planet for safety and the Galactic Knights worry it will only be a matter of time before they have to take up arms on full to defend the planet.

Books Available:
Power Rangers Core
Adventures Through Space
GI Joe Core
When they come out- Finster's Monstermatic, A Jump Through Time
When I acquire them- Decepticon Directive, Cobra Codex

Player Count-
Silvered - Lyx - Red
Yukina- Pyewacket- Green
Steir- Theta 3 - Blue
Joanie- Sols - Yellow
Avernale- Marion- Pink
Idej- Black
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Planting a flag not because I'm also interested in knowing more about the system.


Tentative interest flag, I'd like to know more about the system before committing to anything.


Interest, but you know I'm kinda fucky right now. Should get better, but


Thunder Splash

Interested, but I’m not sure if I have the time for 2 RPs. But if I do when will we be able to ask about specific colors? Because I’d like to call dibs on pink if that’s open now.



Then, yellow for me


 Alright, looks like I have some tentative interest.

The system is called Essence20- it's loosely based on DnD5e but instead of flat bonuses to stuff you instead start with a d2 and raise it up from there (d2 to d4 to d6 etc). You have your color (each color has a different set of bonuses it gets and has something it's good at) and an origin (your race basically). You also have Influences, which function kinda like backgrounds. The system itself is from Renegade Studios (link: https://renegadegamestudios.com/game-type/role-playing-game/?_bc_fsnf=1&brand=45 ). Getting the physical copy also gets you the pdf.

I'll get a full sized RTJ sheet setup in the morning, need to head to work soon. Plan on selecting one color as primary and one as secondary, in case someone else get the primary one you picked.
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Is this the same system used by Power Rangers HyperForce, or is this something else?


It uses Renegade Studio's Power Rangers, as linked in my previous post.
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I'm unfortunately going to be dropping my interest then. :( I'm not really keen on dropping 39 bucks for a pdf.

Edit: Nevermind. :) Joanie was a gem and shared it!


Considering we're all in space, or more specifically on a planet that's not Earth. What would be the default character type players can use? Since these would determine the types of origins and influences we can pick.


So far ideas for my character...
Blue Ranger
Humanoid Robot
Origin: Enigma
Influence: Not From Around Here + Destiny

Something along the lines of "I don't even know I can do that!" sort of character.


Ideas so far, now that I can sit down for more than a very little bit.

Yellow Ranger
Big Sis Birb
Origin: Antagonistic
Influence: Survivor+Royalty

"The Alien Space Bird Girl Punk Who Crashed In My Garden Is Actually A Secret Space Warrior Princess?! (Vol 1)"
And she will sound like she walked out of one of the Yakuza games, whenever I remember.


Updated the first post with a basic sheet outline, I'm gonna go pass out now.
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Concept :)

Name: Pyewacket ("Pye" for short) Berri
Pronouns: She/Her
Trying-To-See-The-Bright-Side Dog Middle Sis
Origin: Warrior Born
Influence: Nomad (Primary) + Survivor

Basically an eccentric dog-woman ronin that travels space after being ousted from her family for her demeanor and love of the ladies (but mostly the latter as the breaking point when she was outed). All around a very friendly gal, but seems to get really awkward with triggers about her past.

I'll have her full sheet out soon :)


Name: Pyewacket ("Pye" for short) Berri
Pronouns: She/Her
Origin: Warrior Born
Role: Green (Secondary Choice: Red)
Influence: Nomad (Primary), Survivor, Artisan
Character Age: 24

Background: Pyewacket Berri was born to a lord and his wife on the planet full of lush forests of plains that is Asiria. It was home to the Sirians, a race of canine folk that practiced a refined, yet conservative artistic culture, along with a focus on the blade. In short, it was effectively feudal era Japan, but with dogs and a few more decent bases of tech due to the travelers that came in and out to commission the planet's legendary craftspeople. It was a rather civilized world.....and that hardly matched Pyewacket.

Despite having a life already set up for her as a lord's daughter, the white-furred eccentric was simply just far too interested in exploring just about everything. It was around age nine she had dabbled across every small little craft available before settling on the flute which was a seeming relief to her father, Tom. Her mother in the meanwhile, Jarmara, always subtly encouraged her love of the world and used her clever social ways to get her husband to arrange things for her whenever her daughter happened to gain an interest under the guise that it would supposedly make her a more desired bride.

This eventually came to a head when Pyewacket's eyes were drawn to the blade, taking a full year's worth of Jarmara's badgering and Pye's pleading eyes for Tom to hire her the teaching of a wandering ronin. While it was quite clear that her father was resistant to further badgering at this point, it made quite fortunate she took very well to the art in the face of the lord thinking it would another of Pye's flights of fancy. Admittedly that would be the last time he entertained her wishes though.

By the time she was in her late teens, she admittedly had drawn the taboo looks of other women just as they had drawn her own. Eventually she had a fateful encounter in the nearby forest with one Lotus Devine that the misfortune of being watched by the flower-like woman's bodyguards. While the target of her affections was merely punished, it was enough for Pye's father to completely disown her much to Jarmara's protests. With some money slipped to her by her mother and the blade on her back, the lone Sirian has been traveling the universe for the last seven years in the search for some place she can finally call home.

Personality: Pyewacket Berri is a paragon of silliness and justice! She loves travelling the galaxy and getting to know all the planets' cultures and lovely people within them. Hence, she is always ever eager to make friends or help another person out. Pye will always strive to do the right thing even in her life is on the line or it involves dealing justice by her blade since the chains of authority have never matched well with her. However, there is always just a mote in the back of her mind that misses the lush plains and fervent duels back at her former planet of Asiria.

Physical Description: Pye is a fairly tall girl standing at 5'9" with a well-toned build. Her canine form bears mostly white fur with accents of light brown mostly across her back. She's most commonly seen wearing a blue courier's outfit (albeit a rather light one) due to her nature of most taking on deliveries with the promise of her sword skills to keep the package safe in order to make most of her cash in the various side hustles she finds herself in. On her side is a brown messenger on the right and her sheathed blade on the left, while her back has a pack where she carries along her belongs and one set of traditional wear.

Character Ons/Offs:
-Ons: Cuddling, Vanilla, More Cuddling, Body Worship, Outfit Play, Romance, Shorter Women
-Offs: Gore, Bathroom Stuff, Snuff, Anal

Smut levels: I'd prefer smut limited to pcs, though I'm certainly fine with monster-of-the-week plots that lead into kinky territory (forced outfits, body changes, strange scenarios, etc.).

Thunder Splash

Can someone share the book over here too. I don’t have the cash to get it right now.


Name: Theta 3, or Therese
Pronouns: she/her
Origin: Enigma
Role: Blue (Any for secondary)
Influence: Not From Around Here (Robot), Destiny, Ship's Crew
Character Age: 22

Theta 3 was found drifting in space by wandering scavengers of space junk, surprised to find her still functional but with most of her data corrupted or lost. Despite the lack of memories Theta 3 (eventually given the name Therese since it's easier to say) was capable of following orders and accomplishing tasks given to her, and she was allowed to stay for as long as she wanted.

Occasionally Therese would have brief flashes of individuals in colored armor battling during her charging cycles, but could not piece together what they were. The best she could describe them was the sense of familiarity or what organic beings called deja vu. In the meantime she learned how to put together parts recovered from their scavenger work into functioning gizmos, which sold much better in some planets or stations than the junk parts separately.

She eventually raised a personal request when a memory surfaced among her fragmented data - Arcadios. Therese could not remember why, but she felt that she needed to go to that planet no matter what.

If there was anything that Therese enjoyed, it was reading any form of literature she has not read before, or working with machines (assembling and disassembling). Reading let her take in new information in an attempt to see if they would bring up a match from what little remained in her memories. Tinkering with machines on the other hand gives her an indescribably peaceful feeling.

She may come off as lacking emotions since she rarely expresses them, but Therese holds a strong debt of gratitude to the scavengers that have taken her in as one of them. She acts as a voice of reason for the crew, rarely making personal requests unless it involved things that would trigger her memories. She often ends up acting rashly when matters involving her past is involved.

Physical Description:
Theta 3 stands at a height of 5'6" and possessed a lithe and slender frame. She possesses long, light blue hair that is often tied in a ponytail so it does not get in the way of her work with machinery and usually wears overalls or a spacesuit since that proved more practical in dismantling parts recovered from space debris. Her eyes possess a yellow hue that literally lights up when receiving a command or completing a task.

Character Ons/Offs: Details available in this link.

Smut levels: Some bits of distress situations when the character gets caught by the villains. Probably more as side scenes between player characters.


Name: Solskrikja Wolfhrabensbur
Pronouns: she/they
Origin: Antagonistic
Role: Yellow (Green or Black)
Influence: Royalty, Survivor
Character Age: 19

Much of Solskrija's history are things that she would not speak of on Arcadios, but some facts are known. The Sverdhopur are a rather minor and barely known species, relatively new to space, and known to be very, very aggressive. Rikja, as she is more often known is, physically, the ideal image of their monogendered people, superficially feminine in appearance, tall, well muscled and possessing feathers in place of hair, but in terms of personality the young individual who crashed to the surface of Arcadios in a fragment of a wrecked vessel of unknown design has taken quite strongly to the more peaceful and relaxed society that she found themself in, even if she continues to be unusually aggressive by Arcadion standards.

Barely alive after the crash, most of Rikja's physical injuries have long since faded entirely, yet something about the events that lead to a small chunk of metal appearing in Arcadios' upper atmosphere from apparently nowhere has left her with a lingering aversion to reflective surfaces.

While trying to adapt to a peaceful life, Rikja has consistently found herself unable to truly settle down in any one thing, always seeming to need to find something else to do, something more to throw herself into.

Not known to most on Arcadios, Solskrikja is the, as far as she knows from when she last saw her, only child of the High King/Queen (Her language, along with their general way of thinking, has trouble with things being gendered) of their people, and the first half of their life saw her being raised to be the perfect child of Wolfhraben, as strong, dominating and cruel as their parent, yet while Rikja absorbed the lessons occasionally beaten into her, she was never quite comfortable with them. Not that she's any more suited to the ways of Arcadios, but somewhere in the middle seems to appeal to her far more.

Doubt, hesitancy and anything less than an unwavering aura of being the rightful owner of everything and everyone around her were things that Rikja was harshly punished for in her earlier days, and so she has forced herself into a constant appearance of strength and confidence, even though she's hardly any of those things. Her time on Arcadios has softened her edges significantly, but she is still somewhat a bundle of nerves and imposter syndrome desperately trying to act like she knows what she's doing, coupled with a temper that gets the better of her, typically leading to a minor breakdown over her loss of control once she gets out of sight.

Physical Description:
Solskrikja stands at a height of 6'4" and possesses a lean and muscular build. The hairlike feathers on her head, and the small wings attached there, reach to just above her shoulder, a short but wide fan of feathers forms a tail behind her and a shorter, downy patch covers their crotch. Their feathers are mostly in shades of brown, but there is also an amount of grey and, more noticeably, yellow markings in a few places. Their clothing tends towards the athletic and minimal, her previous upbringing having her believe that she must be proud of her body and thus must display it as much as possible.

Character Ons/Offs: Details available in this link.

Smut levels: Non-permanent Bad Ends if the character gets caught by the villains. More as side scenes between player characters. Open to being corrupted by the bad guys at some point, both for drama and in a smut way.


I have Joanie as yellow birb ranger, Yukina as green doggirl (check out Sirians Yukina, they're a canon power rangers race that would fit for you), and a blue robot girl for Steir.

Thunder, Avernale, and Silim are you three still interested?
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Quote from: ShadowFox89 on June 15, 2023, 08:42:45 AM
.....Yukina as green doggirl (check out Sirians Yukina, they're a canon power rangers race that would fit for you)....

I'm aware of Sirians like old Doggie Kruger for sure, but didn't seem as a socially strict of a culture that I needed. :)



Quote from: Praxis on June 15, 2023, 02:30:57 PM
I'd go Red or Black if there's still recruitment open?

I'd personally say go for it. :) No one's submitted a sheet desiring either as a primary yet.