Elliquiy Group Games Overhaul

Started by Aethyrium, March 18, 2023, 03:14:10 PM

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Hello Elliquiy!

We are very excited to unveil a change to how we handle groups games and boards here on E. You can find all of the specific details here, but we want to shed some light on some of these changes, and give some guidance going forward.

1. You no longer need to accumulate 1000 posts to qualify for a board
A group game board is a powerful organizational tool that greatly improves the participant experience and aides Game Masters in successful execution of their game. Running a game is hard enough as is, and we want to support game masters and their players by making an already difficult process as easy as possible to break into.

2. Inactive group boards have been archived
The front page of Elliquiy has long been cluttered with subboards that haven't seen use in years and years and it makes the site look a little like a graveyard! In order to keep our home page looking fresh and showcasing games that are active, older games that are no longer being used are being tucked away in a viewable archive - similar to how we handle Completed Tales.

3. Clarified GM authority
Over the years we have had a number of questions and problems arise when GMs are trying to take action, so we have endeavored to more clearly spell out and give power to support Game Masters in running their games. Of course, we're still here to handle any disputes as they arise, but we hope this new clarity will help everyone have successful games going forward.

To preemptively try and answer some questions that might come up about this change...

1. If you had a board previously, and it has been archived, but you would like it brought back because you plan to continue, please contact a member of Staff to process this request. However, please only move to have boards restored if they meet the criteria outlined in the specific details post, and you are ready to move forward with the games continuation right away.

2. If your current game has an active board but doesn't meet current standards (such as GM limits), that's okay! If your board exists already, it's grandfathered in and you do not need to make any change.

3. If you have a game that is active currently, but didn't qualify for a board under the old guidelines but does now, send a message to any member of Staff and we can get that request processed for you. We do ask that you be mindful, if your game doesn't need a board (because you have a low thread count, or any other reason), please consider not requesting one. You will need to include a list of all threads you would like moved in addition to other stipulations that may be applicable.

4. If you need content from an archived game (character sheets, code, etc), all you need to do is contact a member of Staff with a link to the relevant post and they can help you retrieve that information.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact a member of Staff.

Happy writing!