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Started by Vekseid, August 01, 2017, 01:04:05 PM

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This thread is for members who are suspended for reasons we feel need to be revealed to the community. They will not be welcome back for a long time, if ever.

The difference between this and 'permabanned' is that a communications channel with staff is technically open - a suspended member sees only one forum, a permabanned member sees nothing.

It does not imply that they will be welcome back.



We have reason to believe Wispyr edited logs to attempt to implicate another member for sharing private information.

Wispyr also attempted to implicate over a dozen other women, admitting that he tried to use them to tease out information from Ladies' Only in order to effectively stalk another members' posts there.

Demanded that he be suspended and allowed to make a second account. Would not accept hiatus as 'no one would believe that'.

In case the above implications are not obvious, Elliquiy is also not a meat market. Nor is he going to be allowed a second account.
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We received a report that theonewhoknocks was attempting to get women to RP 'for pay.'  Elliquiy is not, nor will it ever be, a 'pay-to-play' forum.  It is an entertainment site, and 'paid contracts' put an unfair obligation on what is supposed to be a hobby and personal entertainment.  After reprimanding him for this, he assured us that it would never happen again.  Later, when a partner declined to continue an RP for personal reasons, he suggested that he 'should have lied' so that they could continue to write together, and then suggested payment as an incentive.

His casual dismissal of her boundaries and willingness to deceive does not encourage us about his sincerity or remorse.

southerngambler: Duplicate account uncovered.

King Serperior

James Moriarty:

Major rules violations of Do Not Deceive and Elliquiy is not a Meat Market.

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repeated infractions concerning respect and civility that dated back years. Previously banned for similar issues, he reverted to them with a vengeance. Elliquiy has no place for those who will not listen to the word No.
"To live honorably, to harm no one, to give to each his due."
~ Ulpian, c. 530 CE



Critical account security issue. Carelessly gave the password of his email to someone who used it to infiltrate his account on Elliquiy and compromise the security here. While investigating additional information came to light, regarding actions elsewhere, that tie into and affect Elliquiy.  Currently it is in the best interest of the site to suspend his membership.
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Victorian extensively blurred between real life and roleplay. He made constant requests for personal information from multiple members. In addition to those issues, there were serious multiple violations of Rule 10, 'Elliquiy is not a meat market.' This is not the result of any singular report, but several incidents involving multiple members that indicate a pervasive and long-term pattern of inappropriate behavior. As such, he is no longer welcome on this forum.

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Sent unsolicited pornographic PMs as his first contact with numerous members, including one purported to be a selfie.  Elliquiy is not a meat market, and members have the right not to be surprised by dick-pics from complete strangers.

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Repeated incidents of extreme jealousy and possessiveness over a long term period of time.  When individuals would block her in an attempt to establish boundaries, she would attempt to circumvent those blocks by various means, including soliciting others to contact those who blocked her or by repeatedly soliciting them for information meant to be private between herself and those who blocked her.  This behavior is completely unacceptable from any member on Elliquiy.

If someone blocks you, do not attempt to contact them any further, and do not ask others to contact them on your behalf. No will always mean 'no' here.



Commissions on Elliquiy--requesting or receiving--must follow all of Elliquiy's site rules. Dezco was attempting to offer payment to individuals for underage content. This is in clear violation of both rules one and four. Due to the seriousness of this offense, he is no longer welcome on this forum.

We have found out that the Evergreen account contacted a member through Discord (not on Elliquiy's server) with an identical theme of 'Pay-for-post' and 'severely underage content'.  We advise anyone who might still be in contact with this person to block them to avoid being subjected to this kind of request.



While his offenses occurred over off-site communication, we received evidence of extreme possessiveness, deliberately ignoring clearly-stated boundaries, and engaging in violent, non-consensual cybersex for his own gratification.  It's important to know that if someone you have met through Elliquiy engages in behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable through off-site communication, Staff takes it just as seriously as if it were on-site. 
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This member has engaged in extensive meat-marketing and harem-building over many years. His approach was very similar for each woman he would approach--flirtation, trying to push for closeness or cybersex, implying each woman was his one and only, implying real life feelings were developing, to the point where he has tried to push for real life meetings with some members. In addition to all of these things, he was possessive over some of the women affected. All of his behavior was deceptive; he perpetuated this with multiple women, many of whom he strung along not one at a time, but juggling them. Whenever they would pull back and try to establish healthy boundaries, he would either try to push past their stated boundaries or he would stop paying attention to them and callously drop them if he did not get what he wanted. Elliquiy is not a dating or hookup site; once this came to our attention & the true extent of his pattern of behavior was revealed, we Suspended his membership. Due to the seriousness of the offenses, Insanityenviesme is permanently no longer welcome on this forum.

If you are reading this and feel as though someone has treated you in a pattern similar to this, please report them to Staff as soon as possible.



A pervasive pattern of manipulation and incivility.

Ziether had a tendency to abuse the report system, making extremely misleading claims against members.

He would frequently engage in acts that caused social hurt by directly pitting women against each other by making conflicting statements to them.

Having been given many chances to amend his behavior over the years, the final straw for us was when he actively supported the idea of psychopaths sexually harming or exploiting women:

Quote from: Ziether on October 25, 2019, 12:40:48 PM
It comes down to values. I value stability and security. I've been married for a decade. I only briefly dated before that, and only had a few prospects. Sex wasn't my goal (although it absolutely was and is important to me). For many that isn't the case. If you want sex, absolutely go out there and manipulate prospective partners until they consent (keyword) to sex. Enjoy. Live long and prosper. I don't have the energy for the constant hunt. I don't have the inclination to invest thoroughout my adult life in obtaining sex with a win/loss ratio like I did. I'll take less quantity and a more reliable experience.

But I digress. This is about psychopaths getting laid. More power to them.

We have this topic and this topic for a reason. Anyone who treats the abuse of others as a sexual strategy has no place on this forum.


Love and Submission / DTW

Banned for the safety of other members.

Previously, he had a number of serial issues with regards for his consideration of others, eventually leading to a morbid fascination with murder, among other issues. He would not relent after being asked to stop, nor did he take attempts to correct or stem the behavior seriously.

Quote from: Love And Submission on June 02, 2014, 05:26:53 PM
I have these rage issues and a problem with empathy and I was talking about it today and I'm sort of consumed. Like I could kill someone. Realistically I could kill someone but I wouldn't because I don't want jail and to me that's okay. I think that's  why jail exist but some people seem to think that we should no the able to kill be able. or that we aren't. I think everybody is capable of murder under the right circumstances.

But then again I stop and think , Does that make me a bad person or  unusual? Do most people  not think like that? I guess they don't and I have  a hard time trying to understand.

And quite frankly , I think my way of thinking  is cliche. I think plenty of people think like that but maybe that's what makes me a bad person that I think everyone thinks slightly like. I just don't know. I have a hard time understanding right and wrong to an extant and it gets to me sometimes.
I just wonder if I'm  truly  award of good and bad.

Quote from: Love And Submission on June 04, 2014, 12:48:16 AM
You know what's messed up? If knowing is half the battle then that implies that  the other half is just mowing people down with machine guns.

That's weird to imply on a kid show but it was 80s so I guess it was cool. I don't know. Because they didn't explain the other half , right?  So It's probably killing people. Killing people is almost certainly half the battle and you shouldn't tell kids about one half of the battle without telling them the other half.

Pressing his obsession with serial killers.

These and similar messages, along with a complete disregard for other people's concerns and an abject refusal to correct his behavior, led to him being banned for several years shortly after the above. When he returned, he was significantly more contrite, but was told that any further such incident would result in a permanent ban.

Although he had further issues, what led to this final banning was a terrifyingly dehumanizing thread, Are Women Capable Of Feeling Empathy For Men?, posted in Lord's Only:

Quote from: Love And Submission on July 15, 2020, 09:31:13 AM
I'm sorry if this comes off as a  bit rude but I've gotten two hours sleep in the last twenty-fours. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted.

Men are under such pressure to change who they are and to be more friendly then they were past that it's driving me litteraly crazy. I am falling part under the pressure and the worst part of it is that thate people hwo set this ridiclous moral standard don't even seem to compare that I'm drowning under the weight of it.

I know I should just keep this to myself but I can't do it anymore. I'm just tired. I'm so tired of all the ciritcism and vitrol. I just want to sleep both litterally and figuratively .  I just want to go back to the days where I could be myself and I didn't have try to censor my feeling to appease a group of people who seem to just hate me.

They just seem to hate us and no one ever talks about it.

When confronted by staff, he took criticism of this notion as criticism of himself, personally, rather than of the idea he presented.

Considering how liberally he talked about outright murder during "the days where he could be himself", combined with this dehumanization of women in general, he is no longer welcome on this forum.

Edit: To be clear, there is nothing wrong with being morbid regarding stories here, or having morbid discussions. LaS is clearly mentally disturbed, by demonstration and by his own admission. He used his mental illness as a pass for his behavior, and as a reason his behavior could not be discussed because we are 'not professionals'. As other members have stated, he gives off a serious Elliot Rodger vibe.



suspected account hijack

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Suspended indefinitely for repeated inappropriate behavior in the Shout Box as well as several instances of blurring the lines between IC and OOC. When staff discussed this with them they responded with threats of a sexual nature.

While Staff is frequently on the front line dealing with problematic members, they are also users of the site and entitled to the same basic respect that we refer to in our civility rule. Threats of a violent and sexual nature would merit suspension regardless of the targets.
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Raistlin/General Donut/Drink Bandaid/Jelly Grape Bean/Blue Cadillac/Green Alarm/Kamino Closet/Clockworks/Pepper Jam/Triangles

As Raistlin, sent copy-pasted messages asking for 'pay-for-play' to no less than 10 people, claiming that he found them through our Commissions board.  Only two of the targets even had commissions threads, and both were offering art services.  When confronted with this, requested to be banned.  Upon reaching his Jelly Grape Bean incarnation, had graduated to asking salacious personal questions of potential partners.

Neither pay-for-play nor intrusive RL questioning have any place on Elliquiy.  Any incidents of this sort should be reported to Staff.
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Bells of Nevermore

She was spoken to several times about making posts about past partners on the forum, and was instructed on the appropriate ways to voice grievances.  Despite this, she proceeded not only to make a lengthy post about a former partner, but to contact that individual offsite to berate them, contrary to Staff's direction and in violation of the Do Not Contact that Bells had herself initiated years before. 

Current status : Not actively seeking new stories at present


7th Derp

Despite extensive counsel from Staff, he continued to react to disappointment in RP with posts lashing out at his partners. His final posts on the forum were a great distortion of the event that they depicted.



Since joining Elliquiy, Dashenka has made a repeated statements in support of atrocious policies. Furthermore her presentation of these statements has been hostile and argumentative, with a notable lack of ability to separate her personal experiences from debate about larger topics.

In particular for this forum, those targeting LGBT+ individuals:

(2009.05.14 - 07:29:45) Dashenka: what I mean is that when gay people have no respect for the 'normal' people...
(2009.05.14 - 07:29:59) Dashenka: they don't earn the respect of them either
(2009.05.14 - 07:30:18) Dashenka: and if the Moscow major disallowes them to hold their Gay Parade
(2009.05.14 - 07:30:26) Dashenka: you simply shouldn't do it...
(2009.05.14 - 07:30:39) Dashenka: and if you do... you get to meet the police.... Moscow style

Quote from: Dashenka on August 25, 2013, 03:43:45 AM
You and you're human rights...

They are not as holy as you might think they are in most countries. Russia isn't breaching any human rights by saying you can't show off your homosexuality. You can be gay, you just can't show it off in front of others.

You're obsession with the human rights is getting a bit tiresome to be honest. The Russian government is obliged to protects it's citizens, which is a federal law as somebody mentioned earlier in this topic. So they do, by putting this law in order. How is that a breach of human rights? Protecting your citizens because they ask for it?

And following these statements, and many, many more in that same time, Staff attempted to work with Dashenka privately to help her present her points without being so vocally phobic.

While she has made confessions of hurt in earnest to us in private, this has not translated to her public interactions. Instead, she presents her viewpoint as a persecuted one, "for having a slightly different opinion on the LGBTQ community". This slightly different viewpoint of hers has included condoning the dehumanization, beating, rape, and murder of LGBT+ individuals. She will speak at length, in private, about how much of a home E is to her but she refuses, time and again, to give others the open decency of considering them no less human than herself, and make this place as welcoming for others as it has been for her.

In one such instance Dashenka attempted to publicly shame and guilt other members for kinks posted in the extreme section of our communities Discord server. When Staff nudged her for her behavior, she commented on how images of nude trans individuals - just people being naked - were triggering to her and belonged in the extreme channels:

QuoteYeah a man who wants to be a woman showing off his tools... or a man with 2 things... perfectly vanilla

Then proceeded to deny the humanity of trans individuals:

QuoteFor people like him, a person flaunting G cup boobs and a 9 inch schlong are super offensive and the reason why people still don’t take transgenders seriously.

And when confronted about these statements, she doubled down and cried foul claiming that she was a victim being discriminated against for being told we would not allow her to discriminate against trans people. Or gays. Or any of the other minority and oppressed groups she has taken potshots at. She claimed that it wasn't her fault, that she had been lured into being a bigot and that her dehumanizing remarks were somehow dismissable as simply being blunt.

Quote from: Dashenka on May 17, 2021, 01:20:43 PM
Just now I got lured into saying why I got triggered by a picture on the discord channel and why I thought it should be in the extreme section. And lo and behold, people got offended again. Because I explained it a bit blunt, not even for what I think of it.

If I had to comment on everything and everybody that offends me on here, I have to quit my job and make Elliquiy a daytime exercise.

The above is a brief sampling of her words over more than a decade here, we have dozens pages of them covering nearly every year she has had access to the site. Some are public, some are private, some are deleted. Upon being reinstated earlier this year, Dashenka assured us that she had changed and that she recognized and was committed to adjusting her problematic behaviors:

QuoteI like to think of myself as a compassionate and intelligent person. More often than not I can see both sides of the story, because each story has more than one side to it and more often than not I can make arguments for both sides.
However, my way of making an argument or a point was to throw some strong words out and then see what happens. Thinking about what they meant to others and toning them down came later. After all, I never meant any harm with them.

That was a mistake as well. That’s not how normal people argue or have debates.

When permitted back on the site, she was warned, under no uncertain terms, that this was her final chance at remaining a member here. She understood this. And when we saw her backsliding towards old behaviors in October, we once again attempted to warn her off the path that she was headed down and offered her another chance to reign herself in. And when she, once again, attempted to derail a topic and make it about the persecution she felt here on Elliquiy, Staff attempted to reign things back in only for her to justify her behavior as acceptable because it is a well established fact about who she is.

Quote from: Dashenka on December 11, 2022, 02:15:44 AM
My backup is right up there in the other people's posts.

And the fact that I am a cantankerous bitch is quite obvious I believe :)

We don't find that to be a compelling justification for the way that she treats this site, its members, or its Staff.

Quote from: Dashenka on November 08, 2021, 08:42:59 AM
Wow. Just... wow.

How dare you? How bloody dare you call me disrespectful.

While many of her stances are abhorrent, it is her behaviors and presentation of those stances that led us to this decision. Dashenka has generated more user reports than any other member on Elliquiy. In order to maintain the environment she claims to hold so dearly here, there needs to be a limit to our tolerance.



Suspicious activity was noted on this account, raising the possibility of unauthorized usage/account sharing.  Further investigation revealed that this was not the case, and that the member had actually lied extensively in his application, including his reason for applying for membership in the first place.

We have no tolerance for stalkers.

Current status : Not actively seeking new stories at present


cindyluv, Kinky Kathy, cindyluv2, clarisse:

Chose to be banned rather than ensuring that her wife wasn't accessing the members' only parts of the site.  While this was the deciding factor, there had been several other rules that cindyluv had to be reminded of repeatedly, and there was also evidence of serious deception.
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