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The Basic Rules

  • Age Restrictions: All sexual role playing and sexual storytelling must involve physically and mentally mature characters. They must be sixteen years of age or over, and/or the physical and mental equivalent. Banned role playing and story subjects include lolicon, shotacon, or any other form of sexualizing prepubescent minors.
  • Face Claim Restrictions: All face claims representing characters between 16 and 18 years of age must be fully clothed. They must also be of models that are 18 years or older.
  • Content Placement: When choosing a category or tag for your roleplay or story, choose the one that applies to your most graphic sexual scene. If it will involve non-humans in sex, it goes in Exotic. If it will involve gore, it goes in extreme. If it will involve rape, it goes in non-con. Non-sexual scenes are not considered based on content placement. Place your roleplay according to the guidelines below...

    • Non-Adult Sandbox: As the term implies, this section is for roleplays and stories that do not have any sort of adult content.
    • Light: This is for sexual roleplays and stories that do not involve any sort of bondage, non-consensual sex, or otherwise graphic scenes.
    • Bondage: This is for sexual roleplays and stories that involve consensual bondage.
    • Non-Con(sensual): This is for roleplays and stories where one party does not give their explicit consent. This can be from quasi-consensual (where no really does mean yes) to outright rape.
    • Extreme: A category for gore, guro, vore, bestiality, and other elements that might gross out even those who enjoy bondage and/or non-con.
    • Human: The sexual participants in these stories and roleplays are either human, or close enough to it that there is little physical distinction - elves, nymphs, etc.
    • Exotic: Furries, tentacles, monsters, and so on.
  • Game Master Authority: At the end of the day the game master is afforded final say on what happens in their game, up to and including but not limited to...

    • Permitting or denying players, for any reason.

      • A GM who has indicated you may not play in their game is not obligated to share or explain their reasoning for that decision.
    • Adding or removing players at any time, for any reason.

      • If you have been asked to step away from a game by its GM you are welcome to discuss the issue with them, however it is not permissible to continue to try and occupy the game without the GMs approval.
    • Dictating additional rules and guidelines regarding their game.
    • Dictating acceptable content within the game.
    • Monitoring and conducting OOC conversations within the games space(s).

Regarding ownership and game integrity... In general the content of a game belongs to all individuals involved in that game - you are creating in a shared space, and thus ownership is shared. You will need to obtain the permission of all involved to share, redistribute, or otherwise present the content elsewhere.

Within the scope of the game however, a Game Master has a degree of ownership over all content produced in their game. Game masters have a fundamental responsibility to the players of their game to maintain the integrity of that game. To that end game masters are afforded great leeway when it comes to deciding how to handle content in the game, such as, but not limited to, how to handle characters that have become inactive for whatever reason. We encourage game masters to work with players to determine how to remove key characters from a games narrative in a way that satisfies the integrity of the game, or adhere to specific instructions left by players provided that it is feasible within the story to do so, or simply fade them back where possible. However we recognize that this is not always feasible within a games narrative, and empower game masters to handle these scenarios in a way that is congruent with the story being told to protect the integrity of the game and preserve the story being told.

As a player it is permissible to reuse content, such as characters, from previous games provided that you have altered that content in such a way that makes it distinguishably unique from previous incarnations. This is typically achieved simply by writing a characters story in a way that is fit to the new games narrative.

Big or Small? A Board for Every Size

Small Group Games are group roleplays with five participants, including the game master.

Big Group Games are group roleplays with six or more participants, including the game master.

A Small Group Game should be posted in the appropriate small group category as determined above.

  • Use the same tag to start each thread title.

    • Example: [Elliquiy Gone Wild]
  • We recommend keeping your thread count to 2 (or less) per participating person, but you're welcome to create threads as you deem necessary for your story.
  • You may request a board if you desire and feel it necessary after you have accumulated 250 posts total in-character (IC) posts, provided you have at least four active players.

    • Out of Character (OOC) posts do not count.
    • Characters sheets, recruitment, world buildings, etc do not count.
    • 'Social Media' style posts do not count.
  • To request your board send a PM to any member of Staff. Please include...

    • The name of your game which is what your board will be called.
    • A link to all threads you would like moved into your board upon creation.

      • Please include a post count for each individual thread for confirmation
    • The username of you Co-GM(s), if applicable.
    • The usernames of your active players.

A Big Group Game may immediately request a board in the appropriate group category as determined above. To request your board you must...

  • You meet the six player minimum, which will be confirmed by posted character sheets.

    • If you choose to post sheets for your player, the sheet must designate what Elliquiy member is playing the character to be counted.
  • Send a PM to any member of Staff. Please include...

    • The name of your game which is what your board will be called.
    • A link to the thread with the posted character sheets.

      • This should be posted in the appropriate category, and will be transferred to your board upon creation.
    • The username of you Co-GM(s), if applicable.
    • Any additional links, such a a worldbuilding thread, that you would like moved to the board.

Your Board and You

  • Only one forum will be permitted per game; no subforums are allowed.
  • Each board is allowed up to two Co-GMs beyond the games creator/original GM; limiting access to modification tools is to protect everyone's work.

    • The member who sends the initial application for a board is considered the head GM, and any modification requests to that board (including adding or removing Co-GMs) must come from that member. The head GM may notify Staff of relinquishing that position to another, if they are leaving the project or otherwise handing over control.
    • When disputes about the game need to be resolved, we will look to the head GM as the ultimate authority in the game.
  • You may see some new things in your subboard and sometimes on the site at large that you have not before, these things are generally staff related. They need to be kept confidential, not mentioned to anyone outside of Staff, and generally left alone. You are welcome to inquire about anything with a current member of Staff, but please don't be disappointed if you are told "it's Staff related, pretend it's not there".

    • This includes a (usually red) 'Moderator Report' bar that may appear at the top of your screen, anything you have never seen before on members' profiles, buttons/options that are not explicitly addressed in this PM, and anything else that is new that you do not recognize.
  • The new privileges you have regarding editing, deleting, merging, splitting, and moving threads are just that: privileges Treat them accordingly. They do not make you a site moderator; they are simply tools afforded to you to make organizational issues easier.
  • GMs have the ability to edit, lock, unlock, move, split, merge, and delete any and all threads in their subboard. This can take some getting used to, and any member of Staff can help you if you need help learning how to do the moving and splitting and whatnot. However, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that it is not an abuse of your GM privileges to do so.

    • On Editing... Just because you have the ability to edit any thread in your subboard does not mean that it is polite to edit your participants’ posts because something in it bothers you.
    • On Merging... Do not merge multiple IC threads, this will destroy the continuity of those threads and make it harder for participants to find their content. Lock old or unused threads and they will naturally drift to the bottom.
    • On Splitting... You may split single posts, posts that you select, or every post after a point. If you split posts to merge them with a new thread (say, to move posts from location to another) they will merge in timestamp order, you cannot control the ordering in any other way.
    • On Locking... A locked topic is one your players cannot reply to, however as the GM of the board you will still be able to.
    • On Moving... This allows you to move a thread to another part of the site, but once it is out of your board you will no longer have GM privileges. In general, contact a member of Staff before using the move function.
    • On Deleting... You have the power to remove posts, even entire threads. It is not permissible to delete content from a game under normal circumstances.

      • If you require content in a post to be changed, please contact the player first and attempt to have them make adjustments. If you need further assistance, please contact a member of Staff.
  • To keep Elliquiy looking clean, inactive games will be moved to an archive.

    • A game will be considered inactive after six months with no IC posts (noted by month, not specific date).
    • Archived games will be viewable, but unable to be posted in by anyone, including GMs.
    • At the point of archiving, a game must have a minimum of 1000 posts to qualify for archiving or it will instead be deconstructed and added back to the small group boards.

      • Social Media style posts do not count toward this post minimum.
    • If you would like a board pulled out of archive, the original GM may send a message to a member of Staff regarding their intent.

      • Only direct continuations of a game will be permissible here. That is you are picking up where you left off, and the setting, story, and characters will be largely unaltered.

        • A reboot is a game that disregards continuity to re-create its characters, setting, and story. This is a new game and will be treated as such.
        • A spin-off is a game that uses the same setting and might reference characters and story, but does not use the previous continuity. This is a new game and will be treated as such.
        • A sequel is a a game that might use the same characters and setting, but takes place at a different point in the story. This is probably a new game, but might be treated as picking up where you left off.