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Started by Kendra, January 17, 2023, 05:47:02 PM

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Seeking New Stories



More than happy to help you character create! ☺️


Quote from: GnothiSeauton on June 18, 2023, 06:53:33 PM
Extremely tempted by this.

We figured it is the best time to recruit again - it's nice and quiet in game coming in to summer time (OOC) so  new players will have a better chance of getting settled in without feeling overwhelmed.

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.
If Flower or myself aren't around then one of the players will definitely help :D


Still looking for new people. 😊
Updated list of characters below.


Hogwarts Quill Pals

Riann (Rainy)
-- (Cosima)
-- (Caela)
-- (Jadis)
-- (Flower)
-- (Kendra)






Layla Mansouri - Crash


Tatyana Lauritzen - Curvy


Hong Yoon Ah - Rainy


Lily Cooke - Crash


Evan Alerdyce - Heptarch
Jessica Abernathy - Curvy




Olivier DuPont - Rustic
Danielle Hamilton - Cosima


Pilar Herrera- Flower




transfer student sheet
The Great 11 schools


Approved from Heptarch - student from Ilvermorny

Stephen James


First Name: Evan           
Middle Name: Michael     
Last Name: Alderdyce   

Blood Status: Muggleborn
Gender: Cis-Male 
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual                   
Birthday: January 31st, 1981                 
Country of Origin: United States                          
Age:  18                              
Physical Appearance:  Evan has medium length, dark brown hair on the top of his head with the back and sides shaved. He is tall (6’2”) and very fit, though heavily muscled (a lean 220lbs). He has steel blue eyes and a generous mouth which is often smiling. He has extensive tattoos that cover around 80% of his body, some of which (his neck, hands and forearms) are clearly visible when in school uniform.     

Name of School: Ilvermorny                                                           
Year: 7th
Wand Information:          
Wand Wood: Red Oak
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 12”
Wand Flexibility: Moderate
Broom: None.
Magical Ability: He is excellent at Charms and Hexes. Considered to be one of Ilvermorny’s very best duellists.
Apparation Ability: Excellent
Patronus: Wolverine
Boggart: Homeless Person                                            

Personality: Evan grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. His home was broken and toxic. Both sides of his family wanted very little to do with him since he was not willing to steal for them or game the system.
As a result he learned at an early age how to take care of himself. How people are seldom trustworthy. How to self-motivate when everyone else expected him to fail.

He is a driven, highly intelligent, ferociously independent young man whose primary goal in life is to become the best Auror either side of the Pond has seen. He is deathly afraid of failure, so works constantly at the skills he will need to succeed.

This often means that others see him as hard to approach or to know, but the truth is that he would welcome friends. While his humor tends toward dark sarcasm, he has an intrinsically positive-minded nature. He expects people to disappoint him, but he still gives them the chance to prove him wrong.

Likes: Honesty, Grit, Hard Work, Humor, Loyalty                               
Dislikes: Users, Laziness, Pettiness, Entitlement                      
Habits: Evan can often be found alone on the grounds practicing dueling and DADA. He will NEVER turn down a good meal, especially if there’s steak involved. He is intimately acquainted with snark and sarcasm, but it’s rarely mean-spirited.                             
Hobbies and Interests:  He loves dueling, Quidditch, and learning something new.                   
Ticks & Quirks: Evan is addicted to getting inked. He already has almost 80% of his body surface tattooed and there’s a part of him that is a little panicky with the realization that he’s almost out of socially-acceptable room for more.                           
Skills & Abilities: Evan is a fantastic duelist. He is fast, creative, confident and utterly ruthless. As such he prefers “no holds barred” dueling to duels with excessive rules… but will participate in either.

He has a particular affinity for Charms and Hexes, though he’s also quite good at Transfiguration.


Here's my approved foreign exchange character, from Kanata de Magie.

{Hunter Doohan}


First Name: Olivier           
Middle Name:    n/a
Last Name: Dupont

Gender: Male   
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual                   
Birthday: Ferbuary 20th            
Country of Origin: Montreal, Canada                   
Age:  19
Physical Appearance:  Shaggy short light brown hair, brown eyes, 140 lbs, 5 foot 11 inches, keeps a fit body from playing sports but has a generally thin body

Blood Status: Half-blood
Name of School: Kanata de magie                                                         
Year: 7th

Wand Information:          
Wand Wood: Maple Wood
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 11 ¾ inches
Wand Flexibility: Slightly Yielding

Broom: Comet Two Sixty
Magical Ability: Animagus - Lynx
Apparation Ability: Yes
Patronus: Reindeer
Boggart: Public Speaking                                         


Persistent: He's never one to give up. When faced with challenges, including those in his life, he's always pushed through until finding success. Like at school, or when his family was dealing with hardships, he got a job to help support them. His parents always believed in failure being an important part of life.

Calm: When faced with even the highest pressured scenarios, he can take a step back and look at them with introspection. He knows what emotions do to people, so he knows that sometimes disconnecting from them is the best thing, so that one doesn't act brash or illogical.

Reserved: He tends to not socialize too much, and when he does he doesn't speak too much. He was always like this around people since a young age but has since opened up a lot. He can go into crowds and talk with people, but just to a limited capacity. If you can get past this reservation, he'll open up to you.

Intelligent: He always comes to every situation analyzing all of the angles in his head. Why someone might be acting a particular way, what all of the possibilities are, etc. He also does well in school. Not exceptional, especially if he doesn't care for certain subjects, but well enough. He has a sharp mind.

Cautious: He always takes a step back and makes sure to not approach every situation head-on. He analyzes, maybe overanalyzes something before he does it. Like if he were to go to a party, he finds out who's going, where he's going, exit points, what he might be doing at the party, and so on. He's not the most fun to be around as a result, but that doesn't matter to him too much. He just wants to be safe and secure. It doesn't mean he's a coward, he just adopts the Astronaut mantra of 'figure out all the ways you could die and don't do them' before any situation.

Likes: Reading, old scary movies, microwaved burritos, popcorn, people who say what they want, puzzles, poutine                              
Dislikes: Indecisiveness, lack of planning, unhygienic people, wild parties                   
Habits: Candy (always has a bag of it), needs his morning coffee                          
Hobbies and Interests: Baking, Cooking, Watching movies                   
Ticks & Quirks: Tapping foot, biting nails                           
Skills & Abilities: Bilingual (English and French), Great at Casting Charms, Taking care of Magical Beasts, Writing


Is is bad that my Gwen wants to study all the foreign students wands and report back what she finds to her grandfather?? Lol


I do love the faceclaim used for Rustic's character :D

@Caela - it is very typical Gwen in my opinion :D

We are still looking for transfer students ;)


First post has been updated:

But main points to remember are ...


The theme is dark but full of wonderful characters.

This is a sandbox game BUT there are GM plots and sub-plots to help move the game along.
No player is under any obligation to be part of these game narratives -
Players have the choice of opting their characters in to any of these if they so wish.
If however the game narrative is too dark, Players do have the option of using non-extreme areas to play in.
There are warning tags as well so that players who would rather not read darker stuff, won't have to!

There are grownup characters in game such as shopkeepers and faculty members run by players.

Classes are not mandatory attendance in the game - characters can simply say in their own sandbox game that they have
attended - but there are classes there for extra rpage fun.

The professors in-game are also a means for more rp fun and players do not have to feel that they must rp classes or
have a continuous dialogue with aggrieved students.

Players do need to remember that not every scene is possible to rp - so just because the headmaster, deputy, professors
or Aurors are not making themselves visible in every thread - does not mean that they are not doing their duty.

Information that Players have should not spill over into information that characters have.

The Game is now into October, and we have much to look forward to.


Quote from: Kendra on August 22, 2023, 07:47:52 AM
Notices of have gone up about the school - 2nd week of October.

Job Vacancies

With the promotion of assistant librarian Aurora Crawford to Librarian,
Two positions have come up in the main library that are suitable for students.
Both positions are for assistant librarian, the work will mainly involve -
Very early mornings, late evenings and weekend work.
A wage will be agreed upon that will reflect the work and hours.
Any one that is interested please contact the deputy headmistress via OWL.
Details of an interview will follow shortly thereafter.