New York Underground: Vampires, Weres, Witches, Demons, Hunters and more!

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The Green One

For decades a war raged in the darkness between creatures that most didn't even know existed. The creatures of the night and those of the day suffered a great deal as casualties didn’t spare supernatural or humans alike. Anything that threatened to expose them was quickly concealed but for how long? It took a lot of violence and loss before a peace treaty was finally agreed upon between supernatural creatures in order to salvage the city from any more chaos.

They split the boroughs in NYC between the three most significant supernatural species as well as put rules in place for those territories that were expected to be followed by the others. This peace is shaky at best, but the leaders do try their best to keep it in place. There are plenty in every borough and of every species that do not like that a treaty was put in place. Unrest has settled over all of them, but still, the treaty stands. The leaders do have their hands full and are not interested in getting involved in petty squabbles or minor issues that can be handled between the people involved or that some cause to try and disturb the accord.

The Bronx was to become home to the Vampire Brood. They have one leader that rules them all. It’s a monarchy, but the Queen does keep an Elder Council of three older vampires. No one younger than 250 to help her lead their people Vampires are generally pretty independent and dislike authority the most and keeping control can be difficult. No shifting or magic unless there are extenuating circumstances (Self-defense, safety) or in private residences.

Brooklyn became the borough for beasts. It is run by the Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack, Johan. It is by far the largest pack of Were’s in the area. There are other Were-animals that exist and are accepted in the borough. They have their own leaders that Johan invites to the meetings and takes their needs into consideration when making decisions for all of them. They have their own hierarchy that includes Alpha and Luna Wolves and Beta Were’s (Can be something other than wolves). The rest are just normal wolves. They have a hidden campground up north where it’s safe for them to change. Wolves are pack animals and there is safety in those numbers, there will be pressure, particularly for wolves to join the pack. Lone Were animals are a thing, but they need to keep their head down as they don’t have the protection that comes from being within a pack. No vampire feeding in this borough unless it’s in a private residence.

The Witches took Queens as a haven. They are run by a council that includes the leaders of each of the three main covens of the borough (The Mystics, Coven of the Eye, Witches of the WIllow). Each coven has two primary disciplines that most of the witches have as a Main discipline, but that’s not a requirement. There are six major magic disciplines that include Psychic, Illusion, Physical, Healing, Mediumship, and Organic. Witches can encompass more than one discipline but this takes time. No killing your food with the witches in charge.

They agreed that Manhattan would be a Neutral ground, not belonging to any faction, nor would they fight within it. Vampires could feed without causing injuries, Were’s could change without retribution and witches could use their magic as long as none of the supernaturals were using their powers to cause real harm to humans or supernaturals. There are rumors of hunters getting organized and running under the guise of a legitimate company in this borough. It can be assumed it is some kind of tech company as the weapons at hunter's disposal has become more high-tech as of late. They have done well at staying hidden.

Staten Island is the Wild West of the Supernatural. There are no rules. It has the nickname of the Hunting Grounds. It is a free-for-all when it comes to the underground world. Being sent to Staten Island is sometimes used as a punishment for breaking the rules or terms of the peace treaty. It’s not safe for any of the different creatures. Due to having no rules, it’s also not exactly the safest for humans, not that they really know or understand that - people just go missing or are found deceased. Hunters will often prowl in this borough as the supernaturals that are here are generally under no kind of protection.

The two other known species of supernatural were not exactly included in the peace treaty due to special circumstances. There are demons that lurk in the city, although their numbers are dwindling. In order to be at their most powerful, they have to have some kind of contract with an individual which generally includes a loyalty (however temporary) to the faction of the one who holds the contract. They can live in any borough, and the contract holder is expected to keep them following the rules. There also is an extremely rare descendant of angels called Essence. Most are kept in some sort of captivity and their powers are rather diluted to where it is rather difficult to distinguish them from humans.

It’s generally safe for Witches to live in any borough as long as they follow the rules. In the same regard, vampires or weres can live Brooklyn under the same idea of following the rules. They are more wary of vampires in their territory and more friendly to wolves, but as long as they don’t cause any trouble they can generally stay peaceful.

It’s not very safe for Vampires or Werewolves to have homes in the opposite boroughs.  They either need to keep a very low profile or have special permission from the leaders of the respective boroughs. On the other hand, Demons are safest in Vampire territory, but they can live in whatever territory their contract is in, even if the supernatural of the borough are a little wary or disapproving. Whoever owns their contract should ensure their demon is behaving properly in the boroughs.

A vampire feeding in front of a Were, in general, is going to cause trouble anywhere except The Bronx. It will likely cause a nice brawl that really the leaders wont get involved in as they are just squabbles that are expected. Likewise, shifting in front of a vampire anywhere except Brooklyn is going to have vampires rather vexed.

This is how peace was created and kept within NYC. Witches and Were’s tend to get along rather well with a general disdain for Vampires. Which is okay because that sentiment is returned ten-fold.  Demons tend to find themselves mostly in alliance with Vampires, but it’s generally an indifference toward the others rather than an actual dislike.

It’s just another day in the life of The New York Underground

If it wasn’t obvious, this is a Supernatural Sandbox game set in NYC. Each of three supernatural creatures including Vampires, Weres, and Witches has control of one borough. The other two boroughs have different purposes (Neutral and Hunting Grounds).

The GMs of this game are Liam Dale and Amaris. We like to think we’re pretty easy going and we don’t mind fun ideas or suggestions. We can’t always take them due to our visions for the game, but we would still like to hear them. We don’t have many rules, but here they are!

⟢ Please keep away from deep and meaningful subjects that might end up in fights. Keep it light and fun.
❖ Don't harass people
⟢ Don't push for replies
❖ Don't bully anyone or make fun of their ideas/opinions
⟢ All characters and posts must follow E's rules and guidelines
❖ All Adult or Extreme Scenes need to be in that thread with proper Trigger Warning tags if necessary.
⟢ If you leave or otherwise abandon your character, we reserve the right to handle that departure in whatever way suits our game best.

In this game, you can create characters that are either Human(or Hunter), Were-animal, Witches, Vampires, Demons, or Essence. Below we go into detail about all those options. Depending on the sheets and characters that we have at the time you join, some of these might not be available.

⟐ ⟐

Vampire Monarch
(currently Queen)

Elder Council
(Includes three vampires over the age of 250. Do not have to be Ancient.)

Common Vamps

❖Ancient vampires are over 400 years old and are few and far between. Only three more of those characters in addition to the GM Ancient will be allowed. We will be choosing which CS is best for the story, and makes the most sense - not necessarily first come first serve.

⟢Elder Vampires are between 250-400. Players are only allowed one of these characters each and need to have a good bio to go with it.

❖The most common vampires vary between brand new and 250 of age. Baby vamps are sometimes referred to as Fledglings (within their first 50 years).

⟢Stronger and Faster than humans. They have heightened senses, but their sense of smell is not as good as a Were. Strength, on the other hand, is pretty even with wolves but they are faster.

❖Glamour/Charm/Compulsion - Vampires have the gift of suggested influence upon those who are of human blood. This acts as a kind of mental compulsion or coercion to push the human into doing what the vampire wants. This is something that takes a great deal of practice to fully grasp, though with their immortal lifespan, that isn’t necessarily an issue. Of course this ability works better when vampires are well-fed on human blood and works best upon those they have previously fed upon. This ability does not work on humans who ingest vervain or wearing some kind of vervain-enchanted accessory. This ability does not work upon wolves or witches in any way, shape or form.

⟢Vampires are vulnerable to a herb with healing properties called ‘Vervain’. Vervain will burn vampires if they touch it and melt them from the inside if they ingest it (This is difficult cause Vampires can smell it). Similar to wolfsbane for wolves. Witches can make jewelry or potions out of vervain to help protect those they care about from vampire influence and harm. The burns sustained from vervain will heal as a human heals from normal burns. --- A witch could so choose to heal a vampire injured by vervain if they are so inclined, though why would they choose to heal of their own machinations?

❖They heal almost instantly. The less they feed, the slower they heal

⟢Vampires can be killed via a stake to the heart (or other wooded weapons), being beheaded, having their hearts torn from their chests, or from ingesting a decent amount of vervain. Exsanguination of vampires will not kill them, however, it will leave them as a bloodless husk until they can feed again which is entirely reliant on another individual helping them. Also they can't go out into the sunlight.

**The exception to this Ancients. Ancients can endure sunlight if necessary but it does weaken them and it cannot be for any lengthy amount of time. It also makes them very hungry.**

❖Vampire blood has healing properties to those of human physicality - this includes witches. Just as witches with their healing magics, vampire blood can not raise someone from the dead. Giving someone vampire’s blood when they are gravely injured is a massive risk as if the blood doesn’t work quick enough to heal them, they will die and become a fledgling vampire in their stead.

❖ The road to becoming a vampire is by death with vampire blood in one’s system. This goes for both regular humans and witches, though it is known that witches do not accept vampires blood to heal as the risk of losing their magic is too steep a price to pay.

⟢Fledglings must feed within hours of their awakening lest they wish to choose the path of the grave instead of vampirism. Their blood lust is high during this period of time, making it difficult to choose the option of death, but it has been done.

❖When a vampire is created and the transition completed (drank human blood), there is a bond formed between that vampire and their sire (the one whose blood was used to create you). It is similar to that of an alpha in a pack meaning that any direct commands make a fledgling feel compelled to follow. This connection weakens over time with vampires as they get older and more independent before it disappears completely. This is instinctual. Brand new vampires would struggle to be able to fight this at all, the connection can start to fade and vampires can learn to fight against that instinct after a few years or last longer depending on the vampire and how strong-minded they are. Sire’s can also choose to sever this link.

⟢If vampires are too young/weak when creating a new vampire their transformation can be botched and what is made is no longer human but not quite fully vampire. Instead, it's a feral version with little to no humanity and a danger to everyone around them as they also risk exposure.

❖Ferals can be put down by anyone as it is seen as for the good of everyone that they aren't running around terrorizing the city. These are not to be characters but rather to help along plots as needed. There are not a lot of ferals in the city so please use your discretion.

⟢In the peace treaty between the supernaturals bans vampires from feeding in Brooklyn and they cannot kill their prey in Queens. But it is common knowledge that if you want to feed without any issues it is best to stay in your own territory. Being caught in Were or Witch territory feeding can be asking for a fight. (This can be used for plot fodder as long as agreed on between players). Leaders generally won't get involved with this kind of disagreement.

❖Consensual feeding is absolutely something that happens but generally in private or vampire territory.

⟢Vampire bites are painful. Think of any injury that breaks the skin. It can be less painful if the vampire is careful or very painful if the vampire chooses to be more aggressive. Glamour can be used to make that pain not perceived. Vampire blood can be used to heal those wounds. This goes for any creature that is not an Essence which makes feeding completely different. The pain can add to an erotic experience or add to a torturous one.

❖To get intoxicated they need the blood of someone intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) unless the blood is from an Essence that has extremely intoxicating properties.

⟢Vampires are cold to the touch, but are warmer when well fed. But never actually warm.

❖Vampires use their heightened senses to detect other supernaturals. Each has a distinct smell to them. They can also hear heartbeats and wolves tend to be quicker than average among other differences.
⟐ ⟐

⟐ ⟐
Werewolves (And other animals)

(Played by Liam. Has to be a born wolf)

(Played by Amaris. Has to be a born wolf. The right hand of the Alpha and helps lead the pack and particularly makes sure that the women of the pack have a voice)

(Fighters/Warriors of the pack. They keep the pack protected and are like body guards. They are strong and trained. These can be any born or bitten and even can be a different kind of shifter)

All other were-animals that are in the pack

**Other animal shifters can have their own leaders, but they would answer to the wolf alpha. They would be included in decisions and invited to pack meetings**

❖Weres/Shifters have a longer lifespan due to their healing. Born wolves have longer than bitten.

⟢Born wolves can live a couple of hundred years. Three hundred if they have a really good explanation.

❖Bitten wolves usually live no longer than 150.

⟢Wolves are stronger and faster than humans. They are slower than vampires. They can also climb easily and have heightened senses. (The speed and strength can vary with other animals).

❖They are vulnerable to silver. It can kill them and wounds made with this metal heal slower.
⟢The herb Wolfsbane is like Acid to all Weres. It burns to the touch and if ingested in decent amounts it can be deadly (This is difficult as wolves can smell it). It is sometimes used on weapons as it also makes them heal at a regular rate.

❖Telepathic Communication -
Alpha's have this with the whole pack, it is direct communication. If a direct order is given, they will feel compelled to follow. This is instinctual but not compulsory.

The Luna has direct communication with the women, can feel what they are feeling and they can pass on glimpses or flashes of things to her directly..

Beta's can train to be able to have more clear communication with each other directly. Others can too if they want to, but Betas have that required training.

Otherwise, the pack as a whole can feel one another. They can give ideas and thoughts such as flashes of their location or surroundings. If they are having strong emotions or in intense situations there can be flashes or short visual given or project their feelings subconsciously to where the others can feel them as well. This is stronger if you have a deeper relationship with that wolf.

⟢Heal faster than humans, but not as fast as vampires it’s not immediate unless it’s something small. Can take a few days to heal from being attacked (big bruises and cuts) Or closer to a week or more if it’s a massive injury. (So your werewolves can have sexy bruises for a bit after being in a fight.) It also still fucking hurts.

❖There are born wolves and bitten Wolves/Weres.
Not all bites from a Were will turn you into one. It's just a chance that it will.
Born shifters that mate with other born shifters will always have a Were child, but in any other combination there are different probabilities

⟢Born wolves can shift at will with practice and training, but cannot stop a shift on the full moon. Extreme emotion makes it hard for them to fight their wolf and keep the shift at bay.

❖Bitten wolves cannot control their shifting. Strong emotions will trigger a shift. Must change on the full moon.

⟢Their forms are either Human or Beast. Bitten wolves, due to not being able to control their beasts, can sometimes end up in a hybrid state -  but this can't be done intentionally. This can also happen to younger-born wolves that haven’t learned to control their turn yet. Usually, this happens in highly emotional situations.

❖Shifting is very painful. The younger the Were, the longer the process can be which makes them have to endure the agony. For older wolves, it can be quick with training but it's still a painful process.

⟢The pack that leads Brooklyn is the Moon Stone Pack led by Johan.

❖Any wolf can fight an Alpha for the Alpha position. We don't want this done in-game unless agreed upon by the players involved and the GMs.

⟢Wolves are natural hunters. If the animal that your character can shift into is generally a predator then they would keep those qualities.

❖ Shifter's body temperatures run hot and they need lots of food to sustain them.

Gealach Grove is a secret campground (with cabins, facilities, and so on)created long ago by previous weres and kept upgraded over the years. The pathway is hidden by illusion magic and leads back into the forest right and deep into the Catskill mountains. There is a river that runs through their land and it’s very secluded and hidden where they won't be found because every possible turn seems to lead people away from this haven they created for themselves to be able to turn on the full moon safely.
⟐ ⟐

⟐ ⟐

Coven Council
(Three main covens in the borough each select a leader that make up the council that make decisions for the witches as a whole while taking into account other witches opinions and ideas.)

Witch Collective
(This is really all the other witches. Age tends to garner more respect in the witch community. Witches can be of any gender and gender expression.)

⟢If a witch so chooses, they may live as long as wolves using their magic.

❖Witches may also decide to only live a normal human lifespan i.e. to live out a normal human life with a human counterpart.

⟢Rumors of witches being able to achieve the same immortality as vampires have been proven false throughout the years.

There are 6 disciplines that witches can be skilled in. Their first discipline is called the “Primary” and this is the one that you were born with and begins to appear at a young age. Primary disciplines are innate and natural. Witches can learn other disciplines, but it takes a lot of practice and is very difficult to be as strong as someone who had the affinity as a Primary.

Witches can have up to three disciplines total but it takes a lot of practice and time to become powerful in a discipline, so age your characters accordingly. Most don’t even start on their second discipline until their mid-20s. Usually, they are over 40 before trying to take on another. Magic takes energy. More witches provide more energy to channel as well as using things like the full moon to make themselves stronger.  There is definitely strength in numbers.

Maintaining a spell or magic on a larger scale can lead to nose bleeds or passing out or even death. It also requires concentration, breaking that concentration makes it more difficult to do their magic.

Witches are vulnerable to the Lobelia flower, ingesting it will make it very difficult to concentrate therefore very difficult for them to perform magic. Inhaling it also has the same effect so it can be burned so the smoke causes the effects or any other clever way someone (hunters) can think of.

The six disciplines are:

There are three main covens in Queens, New York. Each coven has a majority of witches that possess specific Primary disciplines. There are two major primary disciplines for each coven. That doesn’t mean you have to have these disciplines as a Primary to be in the coven, just that’s what the majority have. Some also join because they are working on additional disciplines that the coven is known for.

The Mystics: Psychic/Medium
Coven of the Eye: Physical/Illusion
Witches of the Willow: Healing/Organic (smallest)

Just because your character has a certain discipline does not mean they are masters at every aspect. Please be reasonable!

Physical Magic is the magical discipline centered around the ability to manipulate the nature and properties of matter and energy. The many disciplines that branch from this group allow Magicians to manipulate heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, gravity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

  • Telekinesis: Telekinetically pushing or moving something. Causing something to float and manipulate them into different positions.
  • Fire Manipulation: Making things burst into flames or changing the shape of flames.
  • Cold Manipulation: Ice and cold-related magical proficiency.
  • Levitation/Flight: The ability to levitate, hover, and fly unsupported while having full control over trajectory and velocity. While not inherently a discipline on its own, this ability manifests naturally for Physical Kids and can be trained to varying degrees of proficiency by its user. Unless very skilled in this the flight isn’t maintained for long periods of time.Levitation/Flight: The ability to levitate, hover, and fly unsupported while having full control over trajectory and velocity. While not inherently a discipline on its own, this ability manifests naturally for Physical Kids and can be trained to varying degrees of proficiency by its user. Unless very skilled in this the flight isn’t maintained for long periods of time.
  • Phosphoromancy: Allows for the bending of light. This form of magic can be used to refract light to render an area invisible, redirect and focus it to burn objects and freeze single photons in mid-air.
  • Mending: An innate skill to repair objects. This branches off into Major Mending, the ability to repair objects on a larger scale, and Minor Mending, the repairing of objects on a smaller scale.

Psychic Magic is a discipline relating to, affecting, and influencing the mind. Magicians with an affinity for this Discipline are capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception, astral projection, and telepathy. People with psychic magic often benefit from meditating as focus is very important in this discipline. Magicians with Disciplines in Psychic Magic are aptly referred to as Psychics and possess telepathic, empathic, and prophetic abilities. Other witches can learn to put up shields to stop their thoughts from leaking out and stop others from reading their mind. The strength of the witch will determine whether those shields hold up or not.

  • Empathy: The power to identify and manipulate the emotions of another person. This can enhance certain emotions or lessen others. Can be used to calm another and is enhanced by physical touch.
  • Telepathy: Telepathy is the magical ability to navigate through the many layers of a mind to discern thoughts and emotions. It's possible to use this ability to communicate as well, but it takes a lot of practice.
  • Mind Control: Controlling the behavior of others through mental command. Only very powerful witches can do this with any kind of proficiency and it doesn’t work on supernaturals. It’s very messy and can have nasty consequences. This can only be done with permission of players or to an NPC.
  • Memory Magic: A specific strain of psychic magic that deals with accessing memories and manipulating them. This means changing memories, making someone forget or altering memories. Strong witches, particularly other psychic witches are capable of detecting memory alteration or able to probe and try to help discern between genuine and false memories or removing the patches. Psychic witches are capable of detecting traces of memory alterations, probing the mind of others to discern between genuine and false memories, as well as remove them. This is helpful if a supernatural is seen by a human. It is much more difficult to do to another supernatural as they can fight against it.
  • Dream Manipulation: The ability to enter and change the dreams of others and communicate with them. It's a common prank between Psychics and can be used to communicate.
  • Traveling: The rare skill to move throughout the universe. You have to be rather powerful to have this skill without some hiccups.
➢ ➣ ➤Astral Projection: A method of Travelling that works through letting your mind wander the universe instead of your body. Your body stays in place, but your mind can go elsewhere. In this state, you are in the astral plane and cannot be detected or heard by those around you.
  • Precognition: This is the ability to see minor flashes of future events. These are hard to interpret. (happens while awake
  • Premonition: This ability is dream-like and also gives flashes or small views into the future. (Happens while sleeping)
  • Psychometry: The power to see pieces/glimpses/feelings of the future of a specific person. How well this works depends on how connected the two of you are. This requires close proximity and sometimes even physical touch to enhance and discern the prospect.

Illusion is a magical discipline regarding the creation of powerful and very vivid illusions, able to stimulate and fool the five natural senses. It mainly involves distorting the senses through forced mental manipulations. Disciplines in Illusions allow Illusionists to create, shape, and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things that do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. They are capable of cloaking, invisibility, and projections that make the CIA look like amateurs, and are widely known as great liars.

  • Mirror Magic: The manipulation of mirror images.
  • Invisibility: This involves scrubbing your image out of existence and is said to take years to accomplish fully and still can be difficult to maintain or not botch.
  • Camouflage/Cloaking: This involves taking elements of your environment (grass, leaves, stones) and glamoring them to mask your image. It is said to work best from a distance.
  • Projections: An illusion executed around an area to make it look like another place.
  • Sensory Manipulation
    ➢ ➣ ➤Vertigo Induction: Overwhelming someones senses and giving them a sense of vertigo, making it harder to defend yourself
  • Vanishing: Able to manipulate your surroundings to disappear.

Healing is a magical discipline devoted to improving physical and mental conditions. There are many different disciplines in this branch of magic that have a variety of effects. Magicians who specialize in this area of magic are known as Healers. Magicians with disciplines in Healing are referred to as Healers, a title akin to "doctor", and are credited with creating some of medicine’s greatest advancements such as the cures for polio and smallpox vaccines, erectile dysfunction medication, and the invention of x­ray technology. Most witches will be particularly good in certain areas, but not all. Kind of like specialists in the actual medical fields.

  • Injury Treatment: The treatment of bodily injuries to improve physical condition.
➢ ➣ ➤Bone Treatment: Able to accelerate the healing of bones when they’re broken. Sometimes magical pastes are applied that allow for better manipulation of the bone, this can be rather painful as it’s only accelerating the process - not stopping the pain.
  • Endocrinology: Magical healing concerned with endocrine glands and hormones.
  • Podiatry: Magical healing concerned with the feet. This includes broken bones, warts, and fungi of the toenail.
  • Exorcism: Most witches have never needed to learn this and therefore don’t. So finding one with this capability will be rare.
  • Curse Analysis: Healers can diagnose others as being under the effects of a curse, but need to know which curse in order to properly treat it which isn’t always obvious by the symptoms.
  • Crystals: Healing magic that utilizes the unique properties of crystals to diagnose and/or treat magical ailments.
  • Potions: The healing practice that involves the creation of magical mixtures and brews used to stimulate a number of effects. Brewed from ingredients with magical properties, potions can be applied for a number of reasons: healing, poisoning, enhancement, etc.

Mediumship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between familiar spirits or spirits of the dead and living human beings. Practitioners are known as "mediums" or "spirit mediums". Mediums can sometimes see and communicate with those who have passed on. This is a rare and difficult discipline. One that people generally don’t actually want so if they have a choice they don’t take on this discipline and is becoming rarer even as a primary discipline. Most mediums are very good at several of these and focus on those aspects with their magic. Mediums can use mental blocks to prevent interruptions, but it can be difficult to maintain. Someone who is particularly good at shields can allow for some communication while blocking out others. Some mediums use their powers for financial gains as it has gained popularity even within the human population.

  • Mediation: Relaying messages from the dead to someone living. Being the middle-man.
  • Channeling: Using a specific object, person, location, or process (such as engaging in a séance or entering a trance, or using psychedelic medicines) which allows a person to connect or communicate with a spiritual realm, metaphysical energy, or spiritual entity, or vice versa. The use of such a conduit may be entirely metaphoric or symbolic, or it may be earnestly believed to be functional.
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people. This sight occurs "in the mind's eye". This leaves the witch vulnerable as they have to focus and see through their mind and are no longer connected to their body. It is said that they must train their minds with such practices as meditation in order to achieve this ability, and that assistance from spiritual helpers is often necessary. Some clairvoyant mediums can see a spirit as though the spirit has a physical body. They see the bodily form as if it were physically present. Other mediums see the spirit in their mind's eye, or it appears as a movie or a television program or a still picture like a photograph in their mind.
  • Clairaudience: The ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits. Some mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near to the medium, and other mediums hear the voices in their minds as verbal thought.
  • Clairsentience: The ability to have an impression of what a spirit wants to communicate, or to feel sensations instilled by a spirit.
  • Clairsentinence: A condition in which the medium takes on the ailments of a spirit, feeling the same physical problem that the spirit person had before death. Spirits will sometimes do this if the Medium is not giving in to their wants or desires.
  • Clairalience: The ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life.
  • Clairgustance: The ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.
  • Claircognizance: The ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of "just knowing". Often, a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is "right" or "wrong."

Organic Magic deals primarily with environmental magic. Natural Magic witches are known to have the ability to maintain the grounds of their home or place of work with just a motion of their hands.The strains of Natural Magic disciplines focus on the manipulation and development of the environment through the use of magic. Naturalists are very grounded and poised to harness the Earth’s innate power, making them capable of cultivating plants with magical properties. (Such as certain magical drugs that have become popular).

  • Herbalism: The study of magical plants and fungi.
  • Plant Manipulation: Can accelerate grown of plants and trees or cause them to wither and die.
  • Weather Manipulation: Natural Magic Witches can create and shape meteorological patterns, such as creating rain, invoking changes in the wind, or even calling upon thunderstorms.

⟢Covens can be built on the grounds of families or friendship and extend as far as those witches allow. In the past, it could be said that the more witches in the Coven, the stronger the witches within the Coven. This has been disproven on many occasions and it has been shown that the stronger the bond between said witches in the Coven, the stronger the witches are in the Coven.

❖Minor Covens should be aligned with one of the Big Three even if it's only to keep the peace

⟢Witchcraft is both a skill of knowledge and discipline as it is a natural talent. Witches are born with a Primary discipline, but also can learn other disciplines and become magical forces in those affinities.

❖Witches do not have superhuman healing such as werewolves do. There are witches who specialize in healing however this does not change the fact that if witches do not get to a witch healer or a human hospital in time, they will die of injuries that would prove fatal to a human as well.

⟢Every supernatural has a different aura that has a color that is different for each. That color is different for each witch, but each supernatural must have a separate color. They also have a different energy that can be felt as well.
⟐ ⟐

⟐ ⟐

There is no real hierarchy or age for these creatures. The Horde just exist and seem to have always existed and search for contracts and a good feed.

⟢Demons can hide their tail (if they have them) from humans at will.

❖Demons feed off of one of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride) and have control of that sin. They use that control in various ways in order to feed.

Succubus/Incubus - They go after people that you wouldn’t expect. They single out those with low sex drive or that are shy, so they can introduce them to the world of physical desire and perversion. The passion seems to flourish in these unlikely subjects.

Gorgers - Sometimes it's hard to tell these from Avarice. They tend to target those who like things in excess. They are ravenous and don't know when to stop. Common victims are Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, or stress eaters. Not only do they feed off of that addiction and gluttony, they also tend to exploit that feeling of shame afterward to make them want to indulge even more to avoid it. This puts their hunt into a cycle that is hard to break and is rather dangerous but gives them a constant source of feeding.

Avarice -  They go after those who need to feel power through the possession of material goods, making them go mad in their want for more.

Ennui  - They cling to depressed victims, working on their slow demise but never pushing them completely over the edge so they can extend their feeding.

Furys - These demons search for those who are naturally violent, pushing them beyond their limits to commit violent acts, usually serial killers/rapists.

Invidia - They take on prey with feelings of emptiness, making them feel like only what others have can sate their desires.

Extols - You'll find them at the side of someone very wealthy or powerful. Politicians or TV Evangelists are also common targets. Feeding off their ego and enhancing it to the point of destroying their relationships or ruining any social life for their victims.

⟢They use auras to tell if someone is supernatural. Separate colors for different creatures.

❖Witches can bind demons to themselves if they know the demon's true name. This is sacred information. If you are bound to a witch it can be rather dangerous. If you do this in-game, make sure every involved party has agreed (as well as telling a GM). This includes whoever the demon currently has a contract with. OR have it be an NPC.

⟢Exorcisms are a way to get rid of Demons but can only be done to NPCs much like killing.

❖Demons can eat and drink but they don't get sustenance from it. They also aren't effected by normal drugs or alcohol. It takes sins to feed them and witches can enchant alcohol that does give similar effects to demons if they want to. Essence are also rumored to have intoxicating effects.

⟢They generally attach themselves to vampires

❖Other than the Vampires, there really only needs to be a few demons per supernatural faction

⟢A contract time limit would be negotiated by the players and characters. Could be a certain amount of years, or it could be something much more infinite!
⟐ ⟐

⟐ ⟐
Hunters are just humans who have a vendetta or are choosing to hunt either certain supernatural creatures or supernaturals as a whole. They have probably slightly less of a life span than every day humans due to their dangerous work. Their only power they have is the power of knowledge and trained skill.

**Please as with all of our characters. Make the them make sense. A young hunter just starting out can't immediately know everything that kills every supernatural and be skilled enough to do it. Make the skill match the age/knowledge.**

❖They generally have a lot of knowledge of supernatural weaknesses and strengths, but they dont have any enhancements themselves other than modified weapons (make these make sense) and technology.

⟢There is a rumor that hunters have formed some kind of organization in Manhattan that is disguised as a tech company. Also rumors that they are holding missing supernaturals there for experiment. There is also rumors of an academy where young hunters can go to learn if they'd like, but the location has never been found.

❖Hunters can be apart of this organization or they can be on their own or in small groups as they have their own personal reasons for hunting.

⟢If they are hunting a PC, that needs to be discussed with all players involved and makes sure the GMs know as well.

Can only kill NPCs
⟐ ⟐

⟐ ⟐
There are very few of these Angel descendants left and they are generally found and kept captive in some form or another (Only 2 more allowed in-game)

⟢These creatures have a longer lifespan than humans. Once they go through puberty the aging process slows down and they are able to stay youthful for longer. How long is really unknown, but it’s thought to be around 150 but that’s just an educated guess.

❖Essence are very close to humans but have certain supernatural qualities and there isn’t a lot known about them given their rarity and how far back their history goes. A lot of what is told is either only partially true or downright lies.

⟢Vampires can smell Essence's alluring blood from extremely long distances and the blood tastes especially delectable and has drug-like effects on a vampire. It’s intoxicating and thrilling and sometimes even an aphrodisiac. There are rumors that it has similar effects on Demons.

❖Essence regenerate blood quickly which means that it’s nearly impossible to drain them dry which also makes them highly sought after by vampires. They still can pass out from lack of blood, but it takes much longer and they recuperate much faster.

⟢They are far more sensitive to a vampire bite than humans. The act of biting and drinking is rather painful for the Essence and vampire bites take longer for them to heal from. The theory suggests that it’s due to the ‘evil’ nature of vampires or that it was corruption that created them and therefore these angel descendants are more sensitive to it.

❖An Essence has the ability to drag certain memories to the surface through eye contact. Like ones that represent their humanity in a bid for mercy in an attempt at defense. This generally happens when an Essence is at their breaking point. Only works when they are in dire need, or having strong emotions. Some believe that before their powers were watered down that they had much stronger telepathic powers, particularly ones regarding memories.

⟢They have tough skin. It was also meant to be a defense mechanism of their species, but can be worked around by knowing the right way or place to bite, by using some sort of covering over the fangs, or by penetrating the skin with something first. The skin looks and feels normal so if a vampire is unaware it can break or chip fangs.

❖Essence are a very diluted descendant of Angels. There was a time when Angels would sometimes come to earth just as demons did. During that time Angels would sometimes take human partners. They have long since fucked off back to heaven and for some reason unknown stop visiting earth. Their offspring were usually human although there was a recessive trait that created a version of humans called Essence. This trait was less and less prominent as time passed and the more diluted the bloodlines became. Until Essence were barely seen at all.

⟢What is known about Essence is that there are probably less than one thousand of them worldwide and possibly closer to just above five hundred. They have a recessive trait of their Angel ancestors that makes their blood especially alluring and intoxicating to vampires.

❖Because they are considered a form of supernatural vampire blood cannot heal them if we are going to give it healing properties.

⟢Most Essence that do exist are in captivity or ‘owned’. They are an asset to really
anyone who enjoys money or wants to use them as leverage to the vampires. Some people rent out their special prize for a lot of money. Vampires will sometimes keep them as pets or to share as a show of power or wealth. If they are present in the city they are often brought to parties. Pets are usually far more protected than others that use claim an Essence.
⟐ ⟐

It is required for you as the writer to have your human character either already know about the supernatural or have plots for them to become aware of the Supernatural. This is not meant to be a slice-of-life game (We have one of those).

The Union of Silent Visitors (USV)
This is a small group of humans that does supernatural and paranormal investigations. They are about observing but not interfering. They are dedicated to learning about the things that go bump in the night. They are a fountain of knowledge. A lot of that knowledge has come from a long time of research and is actually true, but there is also quite a bit of misinformation.

There are only going to be allowed three (3) additional Ancient Vampires (Vampires over 400 years of age) period.

You can only have one (1) vampire character that is over 250 within your character roster.

The Vampire Queen is already taken by our lovely Nim

The Alpha and Luna are already taken by GM characters played by Liam and Amaris respectively. You are welcome to make Betas, but they will be limited at our discretion.

Leaders of other types of were animals are welcome!

As mentioned, they are born with their Primary discipline. Your character needs to be in their mid-20s before beginning another discipline unless you can give us a really good IC reason and we still might not accept it. Any additional disciplines will need your character being over 40. Witches can not have more than three disciplines.

Witches can be of any gender or gender expression.

Your witch does not have to be apart of the main three covens, but they do need to be aligned with one. There can also be solitary witches, but it’s rare.

Only one (1) Demon is allowed per person. Demons have power over and feed from one of the seven deadly sins. They should be contracted to an individual or group. They can be without a contract but they are at risk and less powerful.

This angel descendant is the rarest in the game and we will only be allowing two more in addition to the GM Essence character

Other than this you’re allowed to make as many characters as you can keep up with.

There is an additional living quarter that any character can choose to live in as long as there are rooms open. It’s located in Brooklyn and is called The Cabaret.

The Cabaret
The Cabaret is a communal living space located above an old theater in Brooklyn called The Talisman. The Cabaret has been passed down through the Noel Witches tracing back as far as the 1800s. The Talisman used to be run by a prominent witch gentleman. It used to get bigger shows, but the larger productions slowly started only playing in Manhattan and so he began to just rent it out to local theater groups or as a venue... and when he passed away with no one to give the theater to, he chose to leave it to Grams and became part of the Noel inheritance.

The tradition continues on through Rowan Noel who inherited it after his Grams passed away, but he had been living and helping her run the place before her passing. Rowan’s best friend Eliseo used to help him run the living space, but he recently moved to the other coast to try and create something similar there, leaving Kai (A character played by Vael) to assist Rowan in his stead.

There is a private entrance in the back that is kept locked and leads you to an elevator that lets out into the foyer of The Cabaret. It has eight rooms total and is currently at capacity.  The rent is decently priced for the city and includes internet, utilities, and communal supplies. There are three sets of rooms that are paired off and share both a bathroom and a balcony. One of these is inhabited by Rowan himself.  A recent addition placed a room on the main floor that used to be a den. It has its own bathroom, but lacks a balcony and doesn't drown out the noise from the house well. There is rooftop access that has a heated pool and is where the greenhouse room that Kai occupies is located. There is a beautiful city view from up there as well as seating.

The theater below is still functioning as a venue and presents various smaller shows for an inexpensive price.

A note about NPC’s: NPCs need to not take on major roles and are only there to push the plot along for PC's. They're not meant to take up plots that people ask for as our focus needs to be on PCs for the most part. If you want to make a major player then they have to be a PC and need to go through the approval process. NPCs need to be shown to one of the GMs before posting for a quick glance over.

NPCs are the only characters that can be killed in the game unless some massive discussion is done.

Character Sheet Code:
[float=left][img height=350 padding=5][/img][/float][b]Name:[/b]
[b]Age / Birthday:[/b]
[b]Occupation (Legal / Illegal):[/b]
[b]Borough (Where the character lives / Where they work/run their ops):[/b]
[b]Species (Human, Vampire, Were, Witch, Hunter, Demon, *Essence):[/b]
[b]Powers (Only need specified for Witches and Demons): [Witches - List Main Discipline and other disciplines they are learning. Found here] [Demons - What sin do they have control over]
[b]Contract(Demons only): Who owns their contract. If it’s an entire faction, please say so.
[b]Played by:[/b]
[b]Face claim:[/b]

[b]Eye / Hair color:[/b]
[b]Height / Weight:[/b]

[b]Distinctive Features:[/b]



[b]Kinks:[/b] (Giving = G / Receiving = R / Both = B)



Faceclaim Reservations

Liam Dale:
Ville Valo
Norman Reedus
Diego Luna
Richard Z. Kruspe
Cara Delevingne
Liam O'Brien
Aaron Coady
Lauri Ylonen
Emilia "Emppu" Suhonen
Gerard Way
Brian Molko
Alex Mattson
Gael García Bernal
Ethan Hawke
Yazemeenah Rossi

Renan Pacheco
Sean O’Donnell
Casey Deidrick
Kevin Creekman
Melanie Scrofano
Paige Turco
Viggo Mortensen
Janis Danner
Manuel Seco

Ash Stymest
Frederik Westendorp
Matthew Kona
Andre Klitzke
Alex Lange
Kenta Sakurai
Colton Haynes
Alan Ritchson

Doja Cat
Jessica Williams
Zhong Fei Fei
Jason Statham
Ginnifer Goodwin

Lena Katina
Bree Kish
Greta Gardner

Zoë Wanamaker
Aubrey Plaza

Eye of Horus:
Evan Peters

Angel Fire
Kristen Stewart
Maryna Linchuk
Fernanda Lira

Евгений Шварц / Evengy Schwartz

Katie McGrath
Kate Beckinsale

Elizabeth Ecsed
Julia Adamenko

Untamed Skies
Wim De Klerk
Carol Chafauzer
Marlen Valderrama
Rob Rea

Layne Spooks
Max Krieger
Kevin Creekman

Graves of Chaos
Erik Fellows

Barak Shamir
Teresa Moore

Michelle Lewin

Kathleen Robertson
Zooey Deschanel




























Abigail Harris   Witch   Queens   Aubrey Plaza   TheFluffyOne
Agatha Storm   Vampire   The Bronx   Zooey Deschanel   MoonWolf
Aidan Bauer   Hunter   Brooklyn   Richard Z. Kruspe   Liam Dale
Alexandria Zenon   Vampire   Staten Island   Carol Chafauzer   Untamed Skies
Amara   Vampire   The Bronx/NY   Julia Adamenko   Elizabeth Ecsed
Andrej   Lust Demon   The Bronx   Ville Valo   Liam Dale
April Brennan   Human   Queens   Cara Delevingne   Liam Dale
Axel Evans   Human   Manhattan/Queens   Norman Reedus   Liam Dale
Bastien Lynwood   Witch   Brooklyn   Kevin Creekman   Layne Spooks
Cameron Reece Monroe   Essence   The Bronx / NY   Sean O’Donnel   Amaris
Cliodhna O’Sullivan   Vampire   The Bronx/Manhattan   Katie McGrath   SilkenVenom
Cydney Besco   Witch   Queens /NY   Kristen Stewart   Angel Fire
Derek Rahl   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Erik Fellows   Graves of Chaos
Dylon Greyson Grant   Witch   Brooklyn   Ash Stymest   Vael
Emori   Werepanther   --   --   Graves of Chaos
Evangeline Charmaine   Essence   The Bronx   Lena Katina   Clio
Finley Oliver Reed   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Casey Deidrick   Amaris
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Holly Motuma   Witch   Queens/NY   Jessica Williams   RainyHigh
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Jacob Solan   Vampire   Staten Island   Rob Rea   Untamed Skies
Johan Gealach   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Diego Luna   Liam Dale
John C Mercer   Witch   Queens   Evan Peters   Eye of Horus
Kai Himura   Human   Brooklyn   Frederik Westendorp   Vael
Kalixta Shadow   Werejaguar   Brooklyn   Michelle Lewin   Jinxy
Katrielle Hale   Human   The Bronx   Marlen Valderrama   Untamed Skies
Kiara Elapid   Werebadger   Manhattan/Brooklyn   Teresa Moore   FroreQueen
Kodak Elapid   Werebadger   Manhattan/Brooklyn   Barak Shamir   FroreQueen
Leonardo Delarde   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Liam O'Brien   Liam Dale
Lucky Collins   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Alex Lange   Vael
Mason Rae Davenport   Human   Manhattan/NY   Steven R. McQueen   Amaris
May Ward   Human   Staten Island   Bree Kish   Clio
Mycroft Lynch   Vampire   The Bronx/Staten Island   Aaron Coady   Liam Dale
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Rainbow   Pride Demon   The Bronx / NY   Doja Cat   RainyHigh
Raven Blaumeux   Hunter   Manhattan   Kate Beckinsale   SilkenVenom
Ronin Himura   Werefox   Manhattan   Kenta Sakurai   Vael
Rowan Alexander Noel   Witch   Brooklyn / NY   Renan Pacheco   Amaris
Sadie Elise Anderson   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Melanie Scrofano   Amaris
Scott Hale   Witch   Manhattan/Staten Island   Wim De Klerk   Untamed Skies
Simone Sirdon   Werewolf   Brooklyn   Maryna Linchuk   Angel Fire
Sylvan Blackmore   Witch   Queens   Max Krieger   Layne Spooks
Talon Zephyr Grant   Witch   Brooklyn   Matthew Koma   Vael
Tainara Almeida   Vampire   The Bronx   Fernanda Lira   Angel Fire
Tinashe Reyes   Vampire   Manhattan   Zhong Fei Fei   RainyHigh
Triduana Chulainn   Ancient Vampire   The Bronx   Zoë Wanamaker   TheFluffyOne
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Violet Pratt   Human   The Bronx   Greta Gardner   Clio
Vitani Storm   Witch   Queens   Kathleen Robertson   MoonWolf
Vivien Scott Orwell   Vampire   The Bronx/Queens   Evengy Schwartz   Marumor
Wallace Attwood   Vampire   Queens   Joel Hokka   Liam Dale
Wilder Hawkins   Witch   Brooklyn   --   Graves of Chaos
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player
Character name   Species   Borough   Faceclaim   Player

We are excited to have this up and running. We do have a discord that we will start inviting everyone to once their characters are accepted!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post here or reach out to any of the GMs! We hope you enjoy!

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Already mentioned my interest - not sure who/what as but I will give it some thought when I have the time.


Glad to have you, Totoro! :)

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Of course ya got me... hook, line and sinker! Lol
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Is there any way I could reserve some peeps from the jump? I’m gonna be working on character sheets as soon as I get home from pride. :3


Quote from: Amaris on August 21, 2022, 04:49:08 PM
Glad to have you, Totoro! :)

Thank you! Just, late me without good brain powers in place yet.


Quote from: Totoro on August 21, 2022, 04:48:26 PM
Already mentioned my interest - not sure who/what as but I will give it some thought when I have the time.

Welcome to NVU!!

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Quote from: Vael the Destroyer on August 21, 2022, 04:56:19 PM

Is there any way I could reserve some peeps from the jump? I’m gonna be working on character sheets as soon as I get home from pride. :3
Hi! Yes, you can reserve faces!

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Quote from: Angel Fire on August 21, 2022, 04:53:43 PM
Of course ya got me... hook, line and sinker! Lol

Yay!!!!  That's great news darling!!!



Quote from: Vael the Destroyer on August 21, 2022, 04:56:19 PM

Is there any way I could reserve some peeps from the jump? I’m gonna be working on character sheets as soon as I get home from pride. :3

Welcome Vael!   Yes please feel free to do so!


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Quote from: Liam Dale on August 21, 2022, 05:00:21 PM
Hi! Yes, you can reserve faces!

Then I would like to reserve:

Ash Stymest
Frederik Westendorp
Matthew Kona
Andre Klitzke
Alex Lange


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Could I reserve Josh Mario John, please? Thanks!

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Quote from: Totoro on August 21, 2022, 05:11:33 PM
Could I reserve Josh Mario John, please? Thanks!
I'll add him to the list!

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So I notice on the character sheet, demon is not listed--does that not mean demons are available at this time?
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Quote from: RainyHigh on August 21, 2022, 05:35:53 PM
So I notice on the character sheet, demon is not listed--does that not mean demons are available at this time?

Obligatory 'Not the GM, but...'

Already noticed & asked, and they are definitely available.


Quote from: RainyHigh on August 21, 2022, 05:35:53 PM
So I notice on the character sheet, demon is not listed--does that not mean demons are available at this time?

Demons are available, I just messed that part up on the sheet and forgot to put them in!


Quote from: Amaris on August 21, 2022, 05:38:28 PM
Demons are available, I just messed that part up on the sheet and forgot to put them in!

Quote from: Totoro on August 21, 2022, 05:38:09 PM
Obligatory 'Not the GM, but...'

Already noticed & asked, and they are definitely available.
LOL, So I guess if my CS gets accepted, we might be demon buddies?!
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Quote from: RainyHigh on August 21, 2022, 05:35:53 PM
So I notice on the character sheet, demon is not listed--does that not mean demons are available at this time?

For demons you'll just list as your characters race for now.   


Quote from: Nim on August 21, 2022, 05:44:34 PM
For demons you'll just list as your characters race for now.

Species, but it's corrected now in the template!


Tired brain latched onto a concept so, got that CS done.


Quote from: Amaris on August 21, 2022, 05:49:09 PM
Species, but it's corrected now in the template!

Yes Species my mind had a temporary brain fart!  LOL


Quote from: RainyHigh on August 21, 2022, 05:39:13 PM
LOL, So I guess if my CS gets accepted, we might be demon buddies?!

Whoops, meant to reply. Depends on how strong of a stomach yours has >.>


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