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La Lu--why for do you join with Wisti and Geeky to tempt me into something that will likely steal my soul via the interwebs.

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I am offended I am not included in this list of cheek kiss givers.  ;D

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Quote from: Wolfling72 on August 21, 2023, 09:35:47 AM

La Lu--why for do you join with Wisti and Geeky to tempt me into something that will likely steal my soul via the interwebs.

Only here to give you cheek kisses, fairest maiden.

Cause like I love you <3 Life is slowing me down but I'm still gonna make ze words
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Yu Muchen

Yu (余) Mùchén (沐宸)

Age: 1365 | Age Appears:45
Birthday:July 12
Gender Identity:Male
Sexual Orientation:Pansexual
BDSM Identity: Top/Switch/Bottom - Top
Occupation:Mender (battlefield medic)

Faceclaim: Baron Chen
Hair & Eye Color: Grey or Black
Body Build: Lean and muscled.
Special Features: None

Personality:Lazy | Intelligent | Wise | Competent | Calm | Hedonistic | Aloof

History: During the Human’s Shang dynasty (China’s Bronze Age)Yu Muchen was born. In China the surname always comes first and the given name second. Muchen was the seventh son of the seventh son to a family of were cats that lived among the nobility of China. He was educated in the Human and the Fae Realms, regularly going back and forth until the end of the Shang Dynasty.

Then, he and his family moved to the Summer realm and he decided to learn healing. He went to Winter for over 200 years to learn healing and then went to Spring for another 200 years to learn their healing techniques, finally he went to Autumn for 200 years to learn their techniques before coming back and enlisting in the Summer militia as a field medic.

He has trained as a soldier as well as a medic but healing is really his passion rather than killing. He came up with faster and faster way to triage and help voidborn victims and was the leader in battlefield medicine for the Fae. He has also gone to Human Wars and enlisted many times as a battlefield medic to aid in helping humans in their senseless conflicts.

Now he is in Summer full time and happy to be home.


✦ Kissing
✦ Tea
✦ Naps
✦ Warm Blankets
✦ Hard Candies


✦ Cold Water
✦ Coffee
✦ Mornings
✦ Dishonesty
✦ Tiny Closed in Spaces

✦ Dancing
✦ Healing
✦ Tea Ceremony
✦ Painting
✦ Martial Arts


✦ Singing
✦ Swimming
✦ Waking Up Early
✦ Making friends with Males
✦ Cooking

✦ Sleep Ease - (Bloodline) - He can ease anyone into a restful sleep.
✦ Blood Calm - (Court) - He can take anyone in a beserker rage or battle rage and calm them.
✦ Healing Stasis - (Lived Experience) - He has worked with many battle wounds and void wounds and can help put them in stasis so they can survive once in a healer ward.

Environment Boost: Heat, hot water, desert, jungle, fire

Environment Weakness:Cold, icy tundra, freezing water, cold forests


✦ Kissing (B)
✦ Fellatio (B)
✦ Massage (B)
✦ Oral (B)
✦ Slow Penetration (G)
✦ Shibori (G)

To Explore

✦ Double Penetration (G)
✦ Bondage (G)
✦ Vibrators (G)
✦ Public Sex (B)

✦ Urine
✦ Scat
✦ Vomit
✦ Non Con
✦ Pain

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Thank you so much for the submission, WickedLittleWitch! We will review and get back to you shortly. <3


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Madam Striga

I'm tentatively interested, but also admittedly a little overwhelmed by the scale of the game and the amount of information to take in for lore.


Don't worry about it. There are plenty of wonderful writers around to help if need be!

Madam Striga

Quote from: Geeklet on October 14, 2023, 05:43:15 AM
Don't worry about it. There are plenty of wonderful writers around to help if need be!

Well when you put it like that... ;) I will definitely consider

Wistful Dream

<3 So happy to have your interest. We get that it can be a lot, that's why I do seasonal write ups for people to have an idea of where to slide into the lore. The New Player Guide can be pretty useful too and if you have any ideas we are always happy to brainstorm and help with it.

Madam Striga

Quote from: Wistful Dream on October 14, 2023, 11:29:39 AM
<3 So happy to have your interest. We get that it can be a lot, that's why I do seasonal write ups for people to have an idea of where to slide into the lore. The New Player Guide can be pretty useful too and if you have any ideas we are always happy to brainstorm and help with it.

Hey Wisti <3 It's been a while. Please may I get an invite to the group discord so I can get a feel for vibes whilst I work on my ideas and such?

Wistful Dream

Always lovely to see you, darling. And of course, here you go.

Wistful Dream

And for anyone else considering... here is where the Realms are now.

The Dreaming begins the cycle anew, from Winter to Spring...

Winter this year was a time of recovery, of rest in the aftermath of loss and violence, with the largest scale attack by the Voidborn since the Atlantis war.

It was a time of returning to the truth of what the Courts are, for Summer glorious passion dedicated to protecting others, and for Winter itself a letting go of fighting while embracing the power of Dreams themselves. Two new Kings both faced the work to rebuild their Courts in different ways, gathering new councils around them with the support of the Autumn and Spring Queens. Joy met the darkness of war, with bright festivals and brighter dreams to push back against the fear starting to unfurl through the realms. And yet...

Winter's Blasted Lands echo emptily across frozen tundra, with some of the Frost making the choice to join Summer in the ongoing attacks while others return home at long last and rediscover gentle dreams long left to the snows. During their season the festivals lit up the night skies every night, the lessening of attacks leaving the fae to celebrate as they had not in thousands of years beneath the starry midnight expanse. Kosumera strove to reforge connections with the disparate provinces, providing support of the Frost and Nightmares alike to repair, rebuild. The Phoenix also rekindled the ties to Atlantis itself, gaining the ear of the High Matriarch Nasryn to begin reuniting the lost province with the surface. Atlantis portals are under work to be remade as well, though sea creatures infected with chaos magic still haunt the depths, Nasryn making the healing of them her special mission, particularly with the kraken.

In Spring the would be assassins have been foiled now for a full season, but their legacy is left behind in the form of the corruption of Bloodsbane, a once rare flower that is now rapidly spreading. The Greenskeepers worked with many other Springborn to isolate the plant, and then to understand it, with the help of Lord of the Blackwoods and the healers of the Cradle to remove the danger but not destroy the innocent plant. Their research paid off with an infused potion made of special ingredients that when added to the soil at the base of the flowers can neutralize the iron within it, and slow the rapid spread. Additional consideration is now being given to it's abilities and what it might mean, spread so far through Spring. The Court turns its attention towards happier things during the long Winter, including the planning of the Queen's bonding ceremony.

Voidborn continued to appear in Summer, particularly in the shifting sands of the ruined lands in the ruins of kingdoms long lost to memory, using the harsh lands to launch attacks against Summer. Flameheart's market district has been rebuilt largely, though the scars of the attack will linger for as long as fae remember. Summer has long been a place of indulgence and forgetting, now with Horus the First Blade as the Summer King the Sunburst Guard is more evident, and more warriors flock to enlist and take up weapons once more, striving to reclaim the balance of pleasure and protection. The High Ember collects information and distills it, employing the Embers to guide the minds of Summerborn.

Autumn's forests have shifted the longer Winter lasted; the depths thick with fog that seems to lead to places it should not, both in faerie and beyond, leading to rumors of wild portals. The Keepers of of Knowledge studied and theorized for months, working to discover new protections against the Voidborn. Rumor speaks of testing to happen of those notions, and beyond just protection new weapons, new technology. Whispers on the wind speak to Kieran, unraveling illusions and hinting at ancient secrets that might come to life for the Moonlit Queen.

As the longest night passes and the realms reach towards the dawning light of a new year faerie turns to hope, seeds planted for a future full of change that perhaps only dreams could imagine...

BLOSSOMINGSpring has come, and with it countless opportunities for joy, it's never been more vital for fae to focus on. The Queen Darina is nurturing her own joy as well, with her upcoming Bonding ceremony to Lord Raum of the Blackwoods. Gossip abounds about the Dawn Queen and the dark lord, but opinions of Raum have improved in the past seasons as he has assisted with thwarting assassination attempts, purifying Bloodsbane and stood stalwartly at his love's side.

The Court has thrown itself into planning the Dance of the Blossoms for this year, planning a week long celebration leading up to the night of the ball, encouraging citizens to visit Lady's Blessing and join in the revelry together. Fae from every walk of life have been asked to assist, from shop keepers to art collectors, with a dizzying array of activities planned from picnicking in lavish gardens to attending galleries and theater shows.

Scenes focused on Spring's celebrations do not need to be brought to GM's unless you are wanting to take part of official Court activity in the palace. Options include:

♦ Picnics, flower tending/picking, dance lessons, variety of events.
♦ Preparation scenes - florists, caterers, courtiers getting ready for the events.
♦ **Special** - Those close to Darina and Raum can write about the upcoming ceremony.

REFORGEDWith new leadership, and a King that believes in leading from the frontline, Summer is going through countless changes as the year begins. Places left to be over grown are being reclaimed, barracks reestablished, patrols widened as the risk of the Voidborn is more present in Summer than it has been in thousands of years. There is a new zeal in Summer to reclaim what has been lost to apathy, to prove themselves once more as a force to be reckoned with. Some are more than eager to do so, others are resistant.

Scenes focused on Summer's changes and inner turmoil do not need to be run past GM's, but should align with what happened in the scene in Flameheart. Some suggested focuses would be:

♦ Reclaiming lost spaces, weapons and remaking it anew. New starts of all kinds.
♦ Repairing connections with other Courts.
♦ Finding pleasure and joy again in Flameheart. 

EXPERIMENTMonths of study have given rise to theories about ways to prevent Voidborn from launching an attack in the midst of a city again. Now it's time for the theories to start to be put to the test, with portal mages, artificers, Keepers and more start to work together to create something new. This work becomes more vital with the shifting portals and even stable ones seeming to become unreliable in fluke moments that over the span of the season will become more obvious.

Autumn players can write scenes around the research going on in the Library, rumors around experiments and observations or misadventures with portals. Some key scene notes could include:

♦ Anyone attached to the Court might have a part with the experiments, or might have opinions on it.
♦ Player characters can encounter wild portals, stumble through mist into unlikely spaces, or have a regular portal misbehave.
♦ **Special** - For those close to Kieran, many have observed the Queen is restless, and spending far more time in the mortal plane of late.

RENEWEDKosumera is unlike any King to take Winter's throne in eons, truly dedicated to the magic of dreams and focused on returning Winter to what it was, before the fall of Atlantis and the aftermath of constant vigilance. It has unsettled factions within, some content to go on honing weapons and intent to outdo summer, bitter over their long suffering, but there are also those who are hopeful about the softer magic returning to Winter. It leaves him with province lords to settle and warriors to inspire.

Scenes focused on Winter's adaption to the older ways do not need to be run past GM's, however we strongly encourage writers to reach out to Swashbuckler, the writer for King Kosumera. Some suggested focuses would be:

♦ Focusing on dream magic in different ways, delving into the Temple.
♦ Returns to ancient customs - have an idea you want to add to the culture, run it past the regents!
♦ **Special** - Those close to Kosumera might notice or offer support as he adjusts to his new role. 


Spring is the Season of the brightest Joy, reaching toward a brighter future and planting seeds for those dreams.

With Spring beginning fae are encouraged to write about their own moments of joy, particularly choosing it over fear as a cultural thing, understanding that the danger of giving into fear is fueling the Void potentially. The magic seems a little more wild, a little more whimsical, particularly in Spring where the power of the Dreaming is most present.

Should you want more details for the wild magic reach out to the GMs.

Voidborn have started breaking through into the mortal realm, particularly in San Francisco, stalking vivid dreamers among humans in an attempt to sway the balance of dreams to nightmares it seems.

Any human character can have a scene facing the deadly risk with discussing with GMs to confirm the outcome of the encounter ahead of time.

Fae can, and are encouraged, to serve as protectors and rescuers for humans, either plotting with other player characters or NPC humans.


♦ New beginnings
♦ Giddy rush of emotions
♦ Uncertain times
♦ Rebuilding

Rites of Dawn

Dance of Blossoms

Wistful Dream

The Spring season is about to begin on November 1st!

With the kick off of Spring there are multiple group events to hook into, the big GM ones of the Dance of Blossoms and the Frolic hosted by Spring Court; as well as several smaller ones like a battle against the Voidborn, researching ways to capture a Voidborn, and tending the earth with the start of Spring.

There's plenty of opportunities to hook into storylines and form connections for those interested.

Looking for some role ideas? There is a list below of what's still open. Roles for each Court that are particularly wanted are in RED

*For additional information on each court click the image header and you will be directed to a detailed write up.

Court Roles
High Healer of the Cradle of Dawn   
Head of Prism Academy   
Court Dreamweaver
Obsidian Blades - 3
Province Rulers - check with Wisti

Standard Roles
Guards (Thorns)   
Creative Types -
dancers, actors, directors, singers, painters, Etc
Greenskeepers (Gardeners)   
Wildmages (animal tamers & keepers)

Mortal Realm
Workers for the Blossoming Heart   
Mortal Realm Guards

Court Roles
Advisers & Ministers   
Generals of the Sunburst Guard
(Army, Engineers, Logistics)
Province Rulers - check with Wisti

Standard Roles
Sunburst Guard, Training Masters, Etc
Balm Leadership
Healer from Spring, Training Master from Summer,
Illusionist from Autumn, Dreamweaver from Winter

Staff for the Coliseum of Heroes

Mortal Realm
Paradise Club Staff
Waitress/Waiters, Bouncers, DJs, Etc   
Mortal Realm Guards

Court Roles
Advisers & Ministers
Commander of the Gale
Obsidian Blades - 3
Province Rulers - check with Rayne
Guild Leaders

Standard Roles
Professors at the University
Students at the University
Gale Warriors   
General Librarians & Scholars.
Inn Keeper of the Plentiful Horn

Mortal Realm
The Story Keeper Staff
Reports To Kostas.   
Well placed intel experts.   
Mortal Realm Guards

Court Roles
Advisers & Ministers   
High Priestess of Dreamweaving
Obsidian Blades - 3
Province Rulers - check with Swash

Standard Roles
Makers & Builders
Sculptors, Wood Carvers, Carpenters,
Weavers, Seamstresses, Etc

Guards & Warriors
Captain Of The Guard For The Midnight Palace,
Guards, Soldiers In The Frost Army
Festival Coordinators
Keeper of the Healing Pools

Mortal World
Staff of the Sakura Onsen.   
Mortal Realm Guards