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Wistful Dream

Once there was chaos.

And from it rose first the faerie, wild and unpredictable. First came the soft touch of dawn’s first light, and then the gloaming of evening fall. From these Spring and Autumn were born, the Dawn Queen and the Starlit Queen. A balance of each other, still they felt the pull of that chaos, and working together summoned forth the bright true flame of Summer, the Unburning; and the soothing darkness of Winter, the Enduring. It is from these four that the Courts of Faerie were born, to balance the need for order and chaos.

Yet still there are powers even beyond their ken, and so more faerie were created, and more animals, as well as, eventually, mortal humans. Understanding that the wild magic of the faerie might destroy humanity as it first started to grow, the four regents came together to each claim a portion of the wild magic fully, and with it a realm tied to their element and power. A fifth realm was given over to mortals. Humans had the ability to nourish the faerie, but take too much and they would perish, and their belief, their dreams were vital for all five realms to function properly.

Eons have passed, indeed longer than human memory, and through it all there have been myths and legends about the creatures of the unseen, the things that are just out of sight, the impossible. Some creative souls, artists, writers, scientists, visionaries have seen the truth, but most of humanity has long forgotten the powerful beings that once were worshiped as gods. All pantheons in the world, after all, can trace their path to the Courts of Faerie.

Now it is 2022, by human count at least.

Every couple of centuries the four rulers of the Fae gather and agree on the mortal city they will touch most heavily with their presence. It is often there that the greatest feats of humanity happen, the myth of the Muses inspired by this occurrence. Think of Rome, in its height, of the glory of ancient Egypt, of the French Renaissance… The current mortal realm anchor is San Francisco, California.

A delicate balance exists between the four seasonal courts, each touches the mortal realm most heavily in the season tied to their power. Each needs the other, but it is not uncommon for disagreements to brew, for fighting to happen; after all it is damnably hard to find true death among the fae, and the warriors do enjoy a challenge. Only the rulers, ancients and historians often recall the truth, that if the uneasy peace falls too far out of balance it is a possibility for the energy unclaimed by their courts to rise to the Void, and from it creatures that care not for any life.

So the Spring Court, tied to Earth, nurtures healers, the Summer Court, tied to Fire, trains the warriors, the Autumn Court, tied to Air, safeguards the scholars, and the Winter Court, tied to Water, tends to dreams. For dreams are far more powerful than you might think…

Come join the Realms, both mortal and beyond, and spin a tale….

Welcome and thank you for your interest!

This game is meant to be a blend of modern and fantasy, and to be a true sandbox to enable each player to spin the stories that most appeal to them, within certain guidelines. There will be three main 'areas' where the story will take place: the mortal/human realm, the neutral space of the Great Market, and the faerie courts themselves.

The mortal realm is much as you know it now, with hidden magic, similar to the worlds shown in popular shows like Lost Girl and Charmed for examples. Humans largely have no idea of the mighty powers beyond themselves if they are from the mortal realm, but they can always learn. The neutral space of the Great Market is safe ground for all fae is like a step between the mortal realm and the faerie realms or sitherns; this is a place where magic is permitted but it is not as obvious as the faerie realms. And then the faerie realms themselves are like pieces of an epic fantasy story, each a reflection of their elements and purposes, at times at odds but aware of the cost should they war.

Have questions? Check here first!
Is there an age limit on characters?

Not a hard one, fae are treated as young for longer than mortals are, and have long plateaus of emotional development. So age would be tied to what you want the character to do, though we will be more selective on approvals for ancient characters.

How does IC time pass?

For this game it's divided up into seasons, and you can play the whole season out in the span of four months Out of Character, and then we have a month given over to a Conjunction Period to permit writers to either wrap up prior season scenes or start new season scenes.

I have an idea that doesn't fit exactly with one of the races outlined, what can I do?

Several of the categories give plenty of wiggle room, so please try to think of way they might. I limited the game to twelve options because it is easier to balance that way. If you have something you are really wanting to accomplish please reach out to the me with your idea.

As a note, gods in this game would be ancient powerful fae, there are no actual gods, no angels or demons, though there are certainly fae that humans labeled as such in the past.

With rare fae, how does that work?

One rare fae per player, per five characters. If a writer choses to make a dragon, that is their rare slot filled. The rare races have an extra magic boost permitted, so think on what sort of magic you are wanting to play before selecting. You can split your rare up, either into even halves or spread out in smaller bloodline lineages. 

How long does the approval process take?

Once you submit your character to all Regents, by PM, a post in this thread or however you get it to us we will aim to respond to you within 24 hours if it is your first character submission. All subsequent submissions for additional characters are subject to 7 days potential timeframe. We also will typically only be approving new player characters on weekends. 

What happens to beings in the Realms that die? Do the dead ever return?

In this setting, once a being has slipped beyond the veil of life, they are considered beyond reach by all but the most dramatic and potent of magics. The faerie protect the realms and value life so fiercely, in part, because once it is gone it cannot be retrieved. To recall a lost life would take the concentrated desire of the regents in unison, and even then come at a cost to them - such actions are rarely deemed feasible. Undead character concepts do not fit in this game.

I really want to play a special role! How do I get it?

For new players, I encourage looking at starting with a more basic role to settle into the world setting and ensure you fully understand it prior to applying for an important role. Sometimes I will approach players to offer specific roles I think a character might fit well for. Other times the Regents will consider applications for a special role, though approval is dependent on the leader of that Court of course.

In regards to leadership roles of any kind (the generals of the Sunburst, leader of a major faction, etc), we are looking for highly engaged players. That means -

✦ Active in the Discord (this is key to help that player plan with the others in that faction and work with Regents)
✦ Versed in the lore - able to answer questions about what is already out there and expand on it in a chat with the Regents
✦ Open to feedback, as these roles will require more close work with Regents
✦ Participated in at least one group scene, either informal or GM run

When can I get a specific location thread?

Home threads are given to players who have made at least 25 IC posts, you just have to contact the GMs requesting it by either PM or the private chat channels on the Discord.

For a location thread, like a cafe, store, club, etc, the location must have 50 posts in order to be given it's own thread. Once it had reached 50 posts in a general thread (say Winter General, or the Bay Area, tagging that location) reach out to the GMs and we will split the previous posts into the new location.

Common Terms
Sithern - also known as faerie realms, once referred to as faerie mounds. It is a living world that responds to the regent of its Court. They are linked to the regent and respond to desire, sometimes even to just those with a strong wish. It is one of the oldest forms of wild magic.

Court - a seasonal faction of the fae, ruled by the respective regents. Can be used to refer to the people of a Court, or the physical location.

Glamour - illusion magic that all fae have, to either be invisible or to hide parts of themselves. Some particularly powerful fae can do even more impressive things with glamour.

Portal/Gate - a gateway into one of the seasonal realms.

Void - the chaos left over after creation that has become a twisted ether.

Voidborn - the creatures born of the Void, who try to invade dreams and darken them, and test the barrier of the lights in the Winter Court. They are also known as Aberrations.

The Realms Beyond is an Extreme game due to the potential for violence and conflict. This covers battle field violence, gore and death; kinks like bloodplay, monster sex and other more intense things. Fae can heal almost anything after all. However as the setting is largely bound to the Faerie Code, and the rule of each Court there are some topics that are simply not permissible within this game: abuse of minors (under 18) and rape, or interfacing with elements (magical or otherwise) that would deprive others of their ability to consent. Culturally, the fae do not accept violation of free will. I acknowledge that these things happen, because no people are all good or bad, but they have no place as on-screen actions within the world I have built. If you wish to write those things, I ask that you do so elsewhere.

When it comes to including these, or other, darker aspects in your character's history, or in the game by way of running a plotline or NPC figures, please speak to the Regents before proceeding ahead. I want to encourage you to be able to explore and express themes and stories that are interesting to you and your partner players, however I are committed to ensuring that this game remains a safe space for everyone to enjoy.

Scenes that involve themes such as violence, stalking, mugging, or dubious consent must be worked out first between you and the players involved. Additionally I would appreciate that you drop the Regents a note just giving us a heads up that such a scene will be occuring, so we can appropriately respond to questions or concerns. It is worth noting that anything that veers into true unwillingness will result in swift reprimand - no means no, and will be subject to both IC (and potentially OOC, to be determined by the severity of such a violation) consequences. Up to and including character death. The fae of The Realms Beyond will viciously and mercilessly protect free will and consent. In all these cases posts that include any of these, or other potentially triggering content, must be be labeled with a Warning tag in your post header that lays out the themes and topics within the post.

The Courts of Faerie are thoroughly aware of BDSM, and players are more than welcome to explore any dynamic they wish within the guidelines of safe, sane and consensual. Safe for mythological beings is obviously far different than for humans.

In regards to non sexual violence or thematic darkness and narratives - these are permitted as stated previously no people is wholly good or bad. There are fae who are greedy, selfish, ambitious, and arrogant, as long lived beings these traits do cause major issues at times. Please keep in mind that no institutions or races hold a collectively racist or bigoted view, nor act in one particular way, but individuals and small unofficial collectives (like a secret society, a den of thieves, a province lord among his allies) can cause trouble by acting in a way not in alignment with fae values of respecting free choice, liberty and holding life sacred. 

The Faerie Code

Immortal, powerful things must have boundaries placed upon them. Each faerie ruler regardless of the throne they hold swear by the most ancient vows to enforce these rules.
Beyond them each Court has their own expectations and protocols, but these are sacred to all fae.

✦ A vow once given is bound, though only to the precise words spoken.
✦ No innocent may be violated, by mind or body, either faerie or mortal.
✦ As the first faerie were entrusted to safeguard the realms, so now every fae-born being has the duty to do the same.
✦ No fae will set themselves up as a figure of power in the mortal realm.
✦ Every fae must be sworn to one of the Courts of Fae.
✦ A regent must give their blessing for a fae to reveal the truth of their worlds to a mortal.

Human Code for Dealing with Faerie

Humans are odd things, and have often misunderstood the actions of fae in the past, so they have their own wives tales that have woven the code of conduct for most who might come across the otherworldly.

✦ Bargain precisely, for the faerie always lie.
✦ Do not accept food or wine directly from the hands of a faerie.
✦ Never drink faerie wine.
✦ If you have the Sight never reveal that to the faeries or they will gouge your eyes out.

Character Rules

✦ All characters must be at least eighteen years of age.
✦ Inform me of lulls in activity, please see our Inactivity Policy for additional details.
✦ All fae characters must be bound to a Court, even if in exile in the human world. There is no exception.
✦ No characters will be more powerful than the four rulers of the Courts.
✦ If your idea is not listed under possible races then reach out to the Regents to discuss.

Non Player Character Rules

✦ All rules listed for Characters above apply.
✦ No famous face claims should be used for NPCs, art is preferred to leave more common face claims open to players.
✦ If you are wanting to reference a famous figure (see individual Court lists) please confirm with the Regents prior to referencing them.
✦ No NPC will be considered for major positions in a Court.

Game Rules

✦ Avoid creating or participating in drama.  If you have an issue with another player contact the GMs.

✦ Posts should be written in third person, past tense.

✦ Rape/non con is not permitted in this game in an on screen scene.

✦ Treat other writers with respect. If they decline a connection do not take it personally.

✦ Do not god mode without explicit permission from the characters affected.

✦ Tag your posts for any sexual/graphic content, particularly anything above light.

✦ Avoid possessiveness unless explicitly consented to, this game is not meant to be monogamous.

✦ Avoid slurs of any sort, shaming for kink, sexuality, race, etc is not permitted.

✦ In accordance with Elliquiy's rules, removing posts or editing past content in a way antithetical to its original presentation is not acceptable.

✦ The Realms Beyond has a long narrative that is flowing and evolving, and we take retroactive continuities seriously. Once it is in play, we typically expect to be able to treat it as part of the games history as a thing that has happened. If you have a circumstance that has changed, such as a player leaving and you would like to edit the game's history (anything that has happened ICly) by saying that some events did or did not occur, the GMs must be involved in those decisions.
Please reach out to us to discuss your needs so we can help.

Wistful Dream


Dreams are the union of wild magic and chaos, a space between, sacred and vital to the faerie. And human dreams, they are richer, deeper than what fae can produce themselves. It is for their dreams that the fae first protected humanity once they were created, and while different factions have varying opinions on how far they should go to assist mortals, the fae will not actively kill humans unless they are declared enemy for specific violations due to the need to preserve their ability to dream. They also no longer typically torment mortals the way they once did, having learned just what happens from doing so - fueling the very nightmares that feed the Void they wish to avoid.

This all returns to the truth that all things in nature are in balance with each other, and fae are the caretakers of the realms. To permit the balance to fall too badly out of alignment gives rise to the Aberrations born of the twisted ether left over from the chaos magic that birthed the world. This is known as the Void.

There is no reasoning with these enemies, they are the stuff of humanity's worst nightmares, and fae’s as well. Hints of what they are come out in horror stories, movies, in monster creation and dark, old myths. They are creatures out of balance, mangled, beyond chaos or order. They are enemies to life and death both, for they are of the Void. It is the lack of all things that stalks at the edges of all the realms, pushing, testing, hoping to one day break free.

Once the Aberrations were smaller, the neutral spaces between realms where they would most often seep through and start to devour reality. The first fae warriors were trained to fight against them and survive, to protect the others.

But there have been Insurgencies in the past where they grow out of control, and sadly these are often shown in the human timeline by periods of great devastation and loss, when the fae, hard pressed to beat them back, could not protect mortals as well. One particularly tragic Insurgence was set off by mining beneath the Winter Court city of Atlantis, resulting in the great city sinking deep below the waves, now only populated by water fae who can brave such places. What was unleashed on that day is the great shame of the Winter Court, and also created the winter desert where the greatest battles of the fae have been waged against the Voidborn.

By human count Atlantis was lost around 1600 BCE. It was a vicious war that saw a horrible amount of fae and humans perish. Eventually the fae won, at great cost to themselves with all four regents of the Courts sacrificing their lives working together to erect a barrier around faerie itself. Since then it is custom that all four Courts share the guarding of these places, each ruler sending a contingent of their best and brightest, both in terms of warriors and in other skills.

With the shift of each season the elemental Courts take turns sharing the power of human dreams. Spring’s dream power is linked to fresh growth, renewal and hope, rather like many of the human customs attached to the season. Summer’s dream power is a thing of heady passion, sharp temper and at times recklessness and certainly a lot of skin. Autumn’s dream power settles, becoming a time of bounty, change and reflection. And Winter’s dreaming is a time of peace, of softer, slower times, while cherishing both the darkness of the season and the light found within it.

To the amusement of many fae humans have gotten their culture utterly and thoroughly wrong throughout history.

For example with the old tales of changelings and kidnappings, the faerie would often nudge nearby fae to safeguard the vulnerable, leaving behind a fae who could stand fast against a corrupt guardian, or simply vanishing someone at risk entirely. They have cherished the downtrodden and rejected, often giving safe spaces to those whose voices were threatened by other mortals. It is why many brilliant thinkers, artists and inventors found their way into faerie courts.

One strong example was during World War II when the Nazi’s began rounding up the ‘undesirables’ the fae welcomed countless Jewish people into the sitherns. They could not save those the Nazi’s had already claimed, but they did their best to save who they could. There is a neutral ground in every faerie sithern where humans live and flourish, and while they live a little longer than in the mortal world they are still mortal and still pass on to another life. They build lives among the fae according to their individual skills and passions, and are good and bad, like all people.

The notion of balance and diversity are very important among the fae culture, indeed they are often bewildered by human behavior in that regard. Among the faerie it is rare for someone to be attracted to only one gender, or only one person. There are countless genders to the fae, and none of them truly matter, for as ageless creatures most have gone through transformations of self in one manner or another, even if they identify purely as one gender they honor all. Now attraction among fae doesn’t always mean willingness to have sex, it sometimes is as simple as acknowledging the beauty of another.

Additionally all fae must be bound to something, which is why the Court system is so strong among them. They may appeal to the mercy of rulers to shift Courts if they feel a call to do so, but there are no solitary fae within the faerie itself. Those who might be termed solitary are stripped of much of their power, exiled to the human world and typically bind themselves to a particular family to anchor themselves. This is a fate saved only for the gravest offenses, a measure below final death itself.

It should also be noted that faerie culture is largely matriarchal, as the feminine energy is thought to have come first, and then all else. Most energy among the faerie is often devoted to protecting the feminine, understanding that the feminine energy granted them the start. Those who possess a womb are revered, as immortal beings who do not often successfully carry a child to term. The choice is always in the hands of the fae who might hold a life within themselves if they do not feel ready. What children they do have are cherished fiercely and sharply protected. The more powerful a fae is the harder it is to carry new life, so while a brownie might easily have a child, a Dioane might struggle, and often turn to the fertility blessed fae in the Spring Court for aid. 

*For additional information on each court click the image header and you will be directed to a detailed write up.

Ruler ~ The Dawn Queen Darina
Element - Earth

Also Known as:
Court of Radiance
Court of Joy
The Dawn Court


Mortal Realms Place of Power
The Blossoming Heart
Plant nursery and formal show gardens.

Ruler ~ The Unburning King Horus
Element - Fire

Also Known as:
Court of Passion
Court of War
The Zenith Court


Mortal Realms Place of Power
Night club.

Ruler ~ The Starlit Queen Kieran
Element - Air

Also Known as:
Court of Illusions
Court of Plenty
The Moon Court


Mortal Realms Place of Power
The Story Keeper

Ruler ~ The Enduring King Kôsumera
Element - Water

Also Known as:
Court of Dreams
Court of Ice
The Midnight Court

The Lost

Mortal Realms Place of Power
Sakura Onsen
Spa & cafe.

Wistful Dream


For a playable character you may create the following -

✦ A full blooded faerie, from the list of species listed out below.
✦ A mixed faerie, of two courts/species.
✦ A half faerie, or half blood, this only for fae/human mixed.

✦ A human, utterly unaware of the fae.
✦ A seer who can view the fae but lives in the mortal realms (they may have a poor opinion of the fae).
✦ One of the humans who live within the faerie. They may have been brought there within their lifetime or have been born there to human parents sheltered by the fae.

If playing a character that has largely existed within the fae realms please keep in mind that they have very few taboos around gender, sex, or relationships. Polyamory is common. Gender being fluid is common. Being attracted to any gender is common. Nudity is common depending on Court, and not always sexual. If you are aiming to play a character that is not open to those things your best bet is a human, but we will not be accepting any characters who display intense bigotry. Distrust of the fae or unease is one thing, but a Neo Nazi is not welcome.

All character applications should be submitted to myself, Rayne and Swashbuckler.

Character Sheet Format


Age | Age Appears:
Gender Identity:
Sexual Orientation:
BDSM Identity: Top/Switch/Bottom - can put N/A
Species: If not listed in Species please confirm with GMs

Faceclaim: (human form)
Hair & Eye Color:
Body Build: (lean, curvy, muscled, etc)
Special Features: (tattoos, piercings, horns, wings, etc)

Personality: List at least seven defining traits. example: Bright | Playful | Curious | Passionate | Loyal | Stubborn | Vain

History: At least three paragraphs.






✦ ABILITY - (Bloodline) - (description here)
✦ ABILITY - (Court) - (description here)
✦ ABILITY - (Lived Experience) - (description here)

Environment Boost: (cold, heat, forest, water, etc)

Environment Weakness:

Please note (R) for receiving, (G) for giving, (B) for both. Delete this line prior to submitting profile.


To Explore


[float=right][img height=300 padding=20][/img]
[center][img height=100 padding=5][/img][img height=100 padding=5][/img][img height=100 padding=5][/img][/center][/float][center][font=times new roman][size=18pt]CHARACTER NAME[/size]
[size=14pt]COURT AFFILIATION[/size][/font][/center]

[font=times new roman][size=10pt][b]Age | Age Appears:[/b]
[b]Gender Identity:[/b]
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]BDSM Identity:[/b] [i]Top/Switch/Bottom[/i] - can put N/A
[b]Species:[/b] [i]If not listed in Species please confirm with GMs[/i]

[b]Faceclaim:[/b] (human form)
[b]Hair & Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Body Build:[/b] (lean, curvy, muscled, etc)
[b]Special Features:[/b] (tattoos, piercings, horns, wings, etc)



[font=times new roman][size=10pt][b]Personality:[/b] List at least seven defining traits. [i]example: Bright | Playful | Curious | Passionate | Loyal | Stubborn | Vain[/i]

[b]History:[/b] At least three paragraphs.



[td]  [/td]

[td]  [/td]

[td]  [/td]

[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]LIKES[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[td]        [/td]

[td]        [/td]
[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]DISLIKES[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[td]            [/td]

[td]            [/td]

[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]TALENTS[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[td]            [/td]

[td]            [/td]

[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]INEPTITUDES[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][b]DELETE THIS SECTION IF NO POWERS[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[font=times new roman][size=10pt][b]Abilities:[/b]
✦ ABILITY - (Bloodline) - (description here)
✦ ABILITY - (Court) - (description here)
✦ ABILITY - (Lived Experience) - (description here)

[b]Environment Boost:[/b] (cold, heat, forest, water, etc)

[b]Environment Weakness:[/b]


[center][font=times new roman][size=12pt][i]Please note (R) for receiving, (G) for giving, (B) for both. Delete this line prior to submitting profile.[/i][/size][/font][/center]


[td]  [/td]

[td]  [/td]

[td]  [/td]

[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]Ons[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[td]        [/td]

[td]        [/td]
[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]To Explore[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


[td]            [/td]

[td]            [/td]

[td][center][font=times new roman][size=14pt][i][b]Offs[/b][/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=times new roman][size=10pt]


*Please click the name of each race to be taken to the World Anvil article about them; this will include inherent abilities and cultural notes.

Common Fae - All Courts

TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION        TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION   

Nature Fae

        Including but not limited to water, air, earth and fire nymphs; dryads bound to their trees and nereids to their waves; satyr’s & fauns who are a blend of nature and beast, etc. This would also cover minotaurs, centaurs and other blended beast and human types.

These are often fae attached to an aspect of nature, a grove of trees, a lake, a field of flowers, or those that guard the more vulnerable types of spirits. They can be any gender, there can be female satyr's, and male dryads. 
        Any, often chosen for what aspect of nature they are bound to.         Merrow/Merfolk

        Not to be confused with Sirens, these are fae who often live in the water themselves, though they take many forms from the sleek mermaids of popular culture, to selkies and roans, and every other blend of aquatic and humanoid imaginable. Their voices are not enchanted, another distinction from sirens.         Any       


        A catch all term often used to describe the more physically different forms of fae, for this includes brownies, orcs, spider fae, red caps, giants, snake fae, oni, cyclops, and so much more. The distinction here is that 'goblin' type fae are typically far more physically powerful than magically, and they don't tend to wield magic, but rather simply are part of the magic of the fae.        Any        Shapeshifters

        Humans have many names they use for these animal tied fae, kistune, tanku, yokai, werewolf, pouka, are just common examples.

Like with the Nature Fae, Shapeshifters are scattered through all the Courts, choosing their alignments. A kitsune would be more likely to choose Autumn, while a werewolf might favor Summer.


Common Fae - Specific Courts

TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION        TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION   


        The majority of demifae are creatures closely tied to life magic and creation. Many of them are small creatures, pixies, the faeries of Victorian picture books, are the most common of this species of fae. There is some variation, and while most range from four inches to a foot tall there are full sized ones (typically from mating with a larger fae) and even a rare few who can change their size. They are skilled with plant husbandry, healing and wild life.        Spring Court        Daimons

        Humans have many names for these type of fae, vampire, succubus, incubus, and more. They are not demons, as there is no Heaven or Hell the way that humans think of it. Rather they are beings that feed off quintessence; some do this by drinking blood, others by feeding off energy or inspiration. They do not typically kill those they feed from, and they are some of the most alluring of all the fae, and the most comfortable in mortal places.

They also make superb warriors, not limited by sun or weakened by faith, as they typically have the ability to read the energy of opponents and use the awareness of the body in their fights.
        Summer Court   


        Air and storm fae, they are able to control the weather around them, often charged with cooling the earth from summer's heat towards winter's frost. They are fierce warriors, often part of the Royal Guard for Autumn. Valkyrie can be either gender, it is only that the females often caught human poet's attention in the past, and they follow a matriarchal clan style of rule.        Autumn Court        Sirens

        Siren's are fae who can mesmerize with their voice and will, bound to water. There have been countless legends of them in every culture, creatures that might lure the unwary to the depths. The depths are not merely those of water, but also of the soul, of dreams, and the reason they can lure people so well is their innate connection with dreams. How they tempt is with what people yearn for most.         Winter Court       


Rare Fae - All Courts

TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION        TYPE        DETAILS        AFFLIATION   

Daoine Sidhe

        Also called the High Fae. They are the most powerful of the fae, and were worshiped as gods in ancient times by humans, the majority of myths around pantheons were actually of this species attempting to safeguard humans from their own greed and the influence they have on wild magic, unknown to mortals.

Additional magic perk - Healing magic.
        Any        Phoenix

        The original masters of transformation magic, they are a race known for always rising from the ashes, either literal or metaphorical. They are not only bound to fire, though that is the most common impression of them. There have been Phoenix's of all the elements, and they tend to appear when change is needed.

Additional magic perk - Transformation magic.


        One of the most ancient types of fae, rumors say that they were made in the first breath of the world formed by the Creators, in time with Unicorns. The most powerful of dragons are able to shift into a human form, rather than rely on glamour, though many do not see a point. They are proud, fierce creatures, each born with white scales to mark they have yet to choose their element or path. Once they make the choice of alignment their bodies transform to reflect it.

Additional magic perk - Destructive magic.
        Any        Unicorns

        Rumored to be made in the first breath of the world by the Creators, as were Dragons. They, like dragons, have a few among their number able to shift into human form, rather than relying on glamour. While it is rare for dragons to do so, these gentle hearted creatures often make the choice to better aid others. They too choose the elements they feel best aligns with their own hearts.

Additional magic perk - Creation magic.


All fae have certain basic powers.

✦ Glamour is one of the first, though this can range from merely being able to make oneself invisible to mortal eyes, invisible to all eyes (very rare and difficult). Additionally some can hide certain parts of their bodies, or assume a human twist of themselves. And others, particularly skilled are able to weave the glamour illusion so well they appear something else entirely. If a fae is using glamour and touches a human it normally isn’t registered.
✦ Heightened senses, though certain species of fae have different blessings all of them have more than human, and can often read or feel magic as well. This includes smell, touch, sight and hearing.
✦ Increased speed and strength, again, it can vary depending on species but all are a bit more than human.
✦ Accelerated healing is also a part of all fae, though healing is best done surrounded by natural things, and it is possible to kill a fae with certain weapons or in specific situations. Most fae never get sick, outside of allergies to man made things, pollution or cold iron.

Beyond this most fae have three types of magic.

✦ One that is defined by the people they come from.
✦ One that is defined by the Court they belong to.
✦ And one that has come to them by the life they have lived.

For example, a werewolf has the ability to scent magical essence (one power), tied to the Summer Court they could have the ability to not be burned by fire, and then to have developed another power based on practice/study, perhaps Psychometry to read the past of an object by touch and scent due to being an investigator.

On mixed fae -

If a fae is the child of a mixed race/Court pairing they may inherit their parents powers, but they will be slightly less than the full gift. This means that a firebird and mermaid could have a child who could wield both water and fire magic, rather than having an intolerance to one or the other. They will not however have the same strength of fire magic as their parent.

On part fae -

If a human and fae create a child they will have a magical ability, but it is typically reduced by half of the parent's strength. If the human has fae blood in their background that might change, but it is rare. Typically the half bloods get the standard powers of the Fae, and then one or two minor gifts beyond that. Half bloods are where the legends of witches, warlocks and such came from.

Sometimes the character that sparks in your mind is a human, or perhaps a half fae, or a witch, seer or any other kind of human based character, someone who was born in the mortal realm and is unaware of all that lays in the realms beyond. We totally understand this, and want you to weave whatever story excites you most. There are a few things to keep in mind though, if you make a human sided character.

✦ Fae are hidden in this setting. Intentionally so, as humans have not always responded well to them - think witch trials for one.
✦ Fae safeguard humanity to try and keep their dreams bright, to varying degrees of success, but they do not trust humans instantly. One part of the faerie code is even that without express permission they can not reveal faerie to those unaware.

These are In Character/Lore things though, and Out of Character the Regents aim to facilitate you playing the stories you are excited about. As such, I have created this overview to layout some key points for how to get your character into the faerie side of things.

If your character (human, witch/seer, half or full fae) is not currently bound to a Court, and was raised in the human realm - they must first gain permission from a Regent to be brought into the faerie. Regardless of their level of awareness about fae and magic this remains true. To gain permission seek out a Regent OOC [ideally we encourage this to be the ruler of the Court they are going to be tied to, but it's not strictly necessary] to confirm how this might happen prior to proceeding.

How long it takes for permission to be obtained in an IC sense will depend on what you and the Regent flesh out; as stated above, we want to help you write the stories you are desiring, while staying within cannon lore.

Often new to faerie characters have other player characters as sponsors. We highly encourage this as it's a fun thing to write out. The sponsor character's player can be the one who reaches out to Regents to secure permission. Two characters can meet and decide to explore, but at least one full day should pass between meeting and entering faerie, to permit time for a Regent to grant approval (and to run a background check of course, no reporters or witch hunters are wanted after all). The granting of permission can be handwaved and does not need to be written out, but the IC time period of at least a day should be part of the narrative. If you want it to be an NPC that sponsor's your character just reach out to the Regent that handles the Court you want to have your character discover.

Other options for exposure to the faerie for a human sided character include:
✦  Discovering powers by chance and having a faerie character assist with guidance. (The new fae/powered human would still need permission to go into the Realms, but they can talk about magic freely)
✦  Your character stumbles through a portal, most likely a wild one somewhere in nature or hidden in an old building or a park.
✦  Your character is drawn to one of the Court's mortal places of power, and is sensitive to the magic there.
✦  Your character is under threat and is taken through a portal into faerie to save them.
✦  and so much more!

Just run the narrative you want past the Regent's in the private chats we have set up for each player, or PM all of us, so we can help you build the story you want within the IC rules of the setting.

Wistful Dream


The Dreaming begins the cycle anew, from Winter to Spring...

Winter this year was a time of recovery, of rest in the aftermath of loss and violence, with the largest scale attack by the Voidborn since the Atlantis war.

It was a time of returning to the truth of what the Courts are, for Summer glorious passion dedicated to protecting others, and for Winter itself a letting go of fighting while embracing the power of Dreams themselves. Two new Kings both faced the work to rebuild their Courts in different ways, gathering new councils around them with the support of the Autumn and Spring Queens. Joy met the darkness of war, with bright festivals and brighter dreams to push back against the fear starting to unfurl through the realms. And yet...

Winter's Blasted Lands echo emptily across frozen tundra, with some of the Frost making the choice to join Summer in the ongoing attacks while others return home at long last and rediscover gentle dreams long left to the snows. During their season the festivals lit up the night skies every night, the lessening of attacks leaving the fae to celebrate as they had not in thousands of years beneath the starry midnight expanse. Kosumera strove to reforge connections with the disparate provinces, providing support of the Frost and Nightmares alike to repair, rebuild. The Phoenix also rekindled the ties to Atlantis itself, gaining the ear of the High Matriarch Nasryn to begin reuniting the lost province with the surface. Atlantis portals are under work to be remade as well, though sea creatures infected with chaos magic still haunt the depths, Nasryn making the healing of them her special mission, particularly with the kraken.

In Spring the would be assassins have been foiled now for a full season, but their legacy is left behind in the form of the corruption of Bloodsbane, a once rare flower that is now rapidly spreading. The Greenskeepers worked with many other Springborn to isolate the plant, and then to understand it, with the help of Lord of the Blackwoods and the healers of the Cradle to remove the danger but not destroy the innocent plant. Their research paid off with an infused potion made of special ingredients that when added to the soil at the base of the flowers can neutralize the iron within it, and slow the rapid spread. Additional consideration is now being given to it's abilities and what it might mean, spread so far through Spring. The Court turns its attention towards happier things during the long Winter, including the planning of the Queen's bonding ceremony.

Voidborn continued to appear in Summer, particularly in the shifting sands of the ruined lands in the ruins of kingdoms long lost to memory, using the harsh lands to launch attacks against Summer. Flameheart's market district has been rebuilt largely, though the scars of the attack will linger for as long as fae remember. Summer has long been a place of indulgence and forgetting, now with Horus the First Blade as the Summer King the Sunburst Guard is more evident, and more warriors flock to enlist and take up weapons once more, striving to reclaim the balance of pleasure and protection. The High Ember collects information and distills it, employing the Embers to guide the minds of Summerborn.

Autumn's forests have shifted the longer Winter lasted; the depths thick with fog that seems to lead to places it should not, both in faerie and beyond, leading to rumors of wild portals. The Keepers of of Knowledge studied and theorized for months, working to discover new protections against the Voidborn. Rumor speaks of testing to happen of those notions, and beyond just protection new weapons, new technology. Whispers on the wind speak to Kieran, unraveling illusions and hinting at ancient secrets that might come to life for the Moonlit Queen.

As the longest night passes and the realms reach towards the dawning light of a new year faerie turns to hope, seeds planted for a future full of change that perhaps only dreams could imagine...

BLOSSOMINGSpring has come, and with it countless opportunities for joy, it's never been more vital for fae to focus on. The Queen Darina is nurturing her own joy as well, with her upcoming Bonding ceremony to Lord Raum of the Blackwoods. Gossip abounds about the Dawn Queen and the dark lord, but opinions of Raum have improved in the past seasons as he has assisted with thwarting assassination attempts, purifying Bloodsbane and stood stalwartly at his love's side.

The Court has thrown itself into planning the Dance of the Blossoms for this year, planning a week long celebration leading up to the night of the ball, encouraging citizens to visit Lady's Blessing and join in the revelry together. Fae from every walk of life have been asked to assist, from shop keepers to art collectors, with a dizzying array of activities planned from picnicking in lavish gardens to attending galleries and theater shows.

Scenes focused on Spring's celebrations do not need to be brought to GM's unless you are wanting to take part of official Court activity in the palace. Options include:

♦ Picnics, flower tending/picking, dance lessons, variety of events.
♦ Preparation scenes - florists, caterers, courtiers getting ready for the events.
♦ **Special** - Those close to Darina and Raum can write about the upcoming ceremony.

REFORGEDWith new leadership, and a King that believes in leading from the frontline, Summer is going through countless changes as the year begins. Places left to be over grown are being reclaimed, barracks reestablished, patrols widened as the risk of the Voidborn is more present in Summer than it has been in thousands of years. There is a new zeal in Summer to reclaim what has been lost to apathy, to prove themselves once more as a force to be reckoned with. Some are more than eager to do so, others are resistant.

Scenes focused on Summer's changes and inner turmoil do not need to be run past GM's, but should align with what happened in the scene in Flameheart. Some suggested focuses would be:

♦ Reclaiming lost spaces, weapons and remaking it anew. New starts of all kinds.
♦ Repairing connections with other Courts.
♦ Finding pleasure and joy again in Flameheart. 

EXPERIMENTMonths of study have given rise to theories about ways to prevent Voidborn from launching an attack in the midst of a city again. Now it's time for the theories to start to be put to the test, with portal mages, artificers, Keepers and more start to work together to create something new. This work becomes more vital with the shifting portals and even stable ones seeming to become unreliable in fluke moments that over the span of the season will become more obvious.

Autumn players can write scenes around the research going on in the Library, rumors around experiments and observations or misadventures with portals. Some key scene notes could include:

♦ Anyone attached to the Court might have a part with the experiments, or might have opinions on it.
♦ Player characters can encounter wild portals, stumble through mist into unlikely spaces, or have a regular portal misbehave.
♦ **Special** - For those close to Kieran, many have observed the Queen is restless, and spending far more time in the mortal plane of late.

RENEWEDKosumera is unlike any King to take Winter's throne in eons, truly dedicated to the magic of dreams and focused on returning Winter to what it was, before the fall of Atlantis and the aftermath of constant vigilance. It has unsettled factions within, some content to go on honing weapons and intent to outdo summer, bitter over their long suffering, but there are also those who are hopeful about the softer magic returning to Winter. It leaves him with province lords to settle and warriors to inspire.

Scenes focused on Winter's adaption to the older ways do not need to be run past GM's, however we strongly encourage writers to reach out to Swashbuckler, the writer for King Kosumera. Some suggested focuses would be:

♦ Focusing on dream magic in different ways, delving into the Temple.
♦ Returns to ancient customs - have an idea you want to add to the culture, run it past the regents!
♦ **Special** - Those close to Kosumera might notice or offer support as he adjusts to his new role. 


Spring is the Season of the brightest Joy, reaching toward a brighter future and planting seeds for those dreams.

With Spring beginning fae are encouraged to write about their own moments of joy, particularly choosing it over fear as a cultural thing, understanding that the danger of giving into fear is fueling the Void potentially. The magic seems a little more wild, a little more whimsical, particularly in Spring where the power of the Dreaming is most present.

Should you want more details for the wild magic reach out to the GMs.

Voidborn have started breaking through into the mortal realm, particularly in San Francisco, stalking vivid dreamers among humans in an attempt to sway the balance of dreams to nightmares it seems.

Any human character can have a scene facing the deadly risk with discussing with GMs to confirm the outcome of the encounter ahead of time.

Fae can, and are encouraged, to serve as protectors and rescuers for humans, either plotting with other player characters or NPC humans.


♦ New beginnings
♦ Giddy rush of emotions
♦ Uncertain times
♦ Rebuilding

Rites of Dawn

Dance of Blossoms


Eeeeee! ^_^ I cannot wait!

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So glad to have interest. <3 Please let me know if there are any questions!


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Foxy DeVille

Quote from: Wistful Dream on July 24, 2022, 08:54:25 PM
So glad to have interest. <3 Please let me know if there are any questions!

1. Would a rakshasa be acceptable? Basically a daimon.

2. If so, may I reserve Amelia Maltepe as an FC?

3. Where would you like sheets sent?

4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?


Quote from: Wistful Dream on July 24, 2022, 09:05:03 PM
I am taking reserves, so let me know. <3

ScarJo and Charlie Hunnam for my favorite twins please. ❤️

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Quote from: Foxy DeVille on July 24, 2022, 09:11:17 PM
1. Would a rakshasa be acceptable? Basically a daimon.

2. If so, may I reserve Amelia Maltepe as an FC?

3. Where would you like sheets sent?

4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Yes, they would, as long as you can fit it into one of the types laid out here it's acceptable, and I intentionally left some of the race categories very wide open to give room for that.

Yup, I'll mark her down as a reserve.

Please PM any sheets to me.

I sadly do not know...

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Also, the three rulers we have so far have been posted, and links are in the bottom of the Setting Information post, additionally if you click the graphic for each Court you will be taken to a more in depth overview of that Court. It's not needed if you are focused on a character that has been either entirely or primarily in the mortal realm, though it does include the overviews of the Court's mortal realm places. 

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Cold Heritage

May I please kindly reserve Alexander Ludwig? Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you, fellow Elliquiyan, and have a wonderful day.

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Cold Heritage

Thank you very kindly.

One idea that I am considering is to make a character who is a troll. The species would fall under Goblin. Might this be acceptable? Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you, fellow Elliquiyan, and have a wonderful day.

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Yes, that would be entirely acceptable. Depending on his profession that might nudge you toward which Court he is attached to.


More FC reserves incoming for:

Mads Mikkelsen, Nicole Gregorczuk, and Kennedy Claire Walsh

Thanks <3

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Hello all ^_^

I wanted to drop in as the player for the ruler of Autumn and provide some Open Positions.
This is just a short list and a jumping off point for anybody looking for ideas:

✦ Advisors to the throne
(She relies a lot on her advisors and ensures she can keep a pulse on all aspects of industry and citizen concerns, so her advisors are diverse from all walks of life)
✦ The head of the University / various professors
✦ Guard captain / guards
✦ Spy master
✦ The inn keeper for the The Plentiful Horn (and other staff positions)
✦ Librarians and the chief Librarian at The Great Library
(These people must protect the rare/ possibly dangerous books from falling into the wrong hands and deal with lots of odd magic)
✦ Chefs and crafts people of renowned
✦ Book shop owner for the Story Keeper in the mortal realm

Wistful Dream

With Rayne's excellent example, Darina's Court has opening, the Spring ruler.

✦ Advisors / Ministers
✦ High Healer (or whatever term desired) for the Cradle of Dawn & additional healers
✦ Head of Prism Academy
✦ Keeper of the Meadows of Blessing
✦ Guard Captain & Guards
✦ Dancers, actors, singers, painters, any creative folk
✦ Gardeners
✦ Animal tamers

✦ Manager for Blossoming Heart in the mortal world, the plant nursery Spring Court runs
✦ Housekeeper/Steward for the manor house who would handle the formal gardens and events
✦ Guards stationed there


Ayden’s Winter court also has openings.

✦ Advisors / Ministers
✦ Guards and Guard captain
✦ Preists/priestess’ (and head preist/priestess) of the temples of Azaur - they help those who suffer from mental illness and nightmares - must have dream weaver powers
✦ Soldiers and generals - to man the borders and defend from the voidborn
✦ Nightmares and commander of the nightmares (specialized soldiers) to act as spies and assassins - must have dream weaver powers
✦ Dreamers: Activists, idealists, diplomats, singers, ect.
✦ Makers/builders: Sculptors, Wood carvers, Weavers, Seamstresses, etc.
✦ Festival Coordinators - Winter has a lot of festivals
✦ Keeper of the healing pools
✦ Manager of the Sakura Onsen in the mortal world, the Japanese style spa

Feel free to message me if you want to brainstorm an idea, even one not here