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Quote from: Kissa on December 12, 2021, 06:58:05 PM
That's correct. They aren't humans so for they have no human rights and their sole purpose of life is to serve humankind. However, people are individuals. Some despise or even hate them, some have no strong opinion of them, some pity them and feel compassion towards them, some adore them. It all depends from a person, but to leaders of the city they are simply tools.
That sounds absolutely perfect to me right now, so I'm gonna work up a sheet and submit it, either tonight or tomorrow for sure ^^


Sorry for the double post, but here she is!

Name: Kanina
Type: Rabbit Charite
Years in service: 7
Sexual orientation: Bisexual


Zero trait: Improved Sense of Hearing - The ears are for more than just looks, you know.

Night hunter skill package - Every Night hunter has the Zero power. By using the power the hunter can enhance their speed, strength and mobility, use Zero abilities, regenerate their wounds and manifest their Auras. With the Zero comes the negative side of the power too, which means that using the power will cause strain or corruption. In addition the zerons have some inhuman physical traits. As every hunter has had to graduate from a Military academy, they are all at least sufficient in driving a land vehicle, marksmanship and hand to hand combat.

Abilities: Flash - For a brief moment Kanina can move at incredible speed, moving so fast she appears to teleport from one location to another while leaving an afterimage behind for a moment, which can function as a wonderful distraction.  The cost of this ability, like with other zerons with similar gifts, is high, but its tactical use cannot be denied.

Bleed For Me - Kanina can use her Aura to stab deep into an enemy and focus her Zero power through it to push Zero energy into the wound where it creates a local disruption of tissue in order to cause the wound to become more severe than it otherwise would be, like the blade suddenly sprouted wicked barbs or something.  This obviously causes bleeding in excess of what the target would otherwise suffer normally, leading to them rapidly weakening and, of course, dying from exsanguination.  This is especially useful against larger foes and is, naturally, heavily taxing considering how strong an ability it is.

Appearance: Kanina is tall, standing at roughly six feet in height, and weighs in at around 160-ish pounds of pure ass kicking rabbit lady.  She's got an athletic build with toned muscles, washboard abs, and a fluffy cotton tail to go with her ears.

Personality: Kanina loves to fight, to fuck, to have fun, and is very energetic.  She's also a little coarse, using rough language habitually, because quote "the world is fucked up, so why shouldn't I tell it like it is?"  She's not afraid to speak her mind, well, most of the time.  Damn conditioning.  She clams right up around humans, especially if they hold high positions of authority, otherwise she's fairly outgoing.  She's also competitive, enjoying a good challenge, whether it's in a fight or playing sports.  Heck, she even enjoys video games, though she prefers ones that she can go head to head with someone else in.

She prefers the simpler things in life, from clothes to accessories, which is good, because zerons don't get paid for shit.  The only "fancy" things she owns are her TV, after having scavenged and fixed the stupid thing, and her game system, which is only a single generation behind the modern consoles.  With the Wi-Fi she's st—borrowing she can even watch movies and stuff on it without having to buy them.  Neat, right?

Her taste in music leans mostly to rock, though there are songs she likes from other genres as well.  She likes spicy food, hard liquor, is addicted to pepperoni and beef jerky, and loves pasta.  She just can't get enough of the stuff.  She'll say she has no real dreams, not seeing the point when she's not likely to live to see even twenty years of service, but that's mostly bluster.  She actually wants to be a dancer and is quite good at it, not that she's ever shown anyone.  She's afraid of what they'd say or that they'd laugh at her.  Stupid, she knows, but she can't help herself.  Humans have it so good and they don't even seem to know it sometimes.

Biography: Kanina was created in the Valor branch of Zeron Genetics, subjected to some of the worst humiliations that you can imagine in their efforts to make her a good little girl and behave for them like some trained pet.  There were the beatings, the sexual assaults, the mental anguish, and so much else that she had to endure as a result.  She was conditioned to obey without question, under fear of punishments that were always painful and designed to shame her into compliance.  The worst of it, though, was how they took advantage of her... unique issues thanks to her animal characteristics.  She's part rabbit, you do the math.  Still, she did her best to survive it, but she has more than her fair share of scars from the experience.  She was also forced to stay for an extra year, as she wasn't the most cooperative "student" and the "teachers" felt the need to keep her for longer in order to "straighten her out".

Kanina went on to "graduate" from Valor's hellish training, glad to be free of the place.  The Academy, by comparison, was a cakewalk.  As long as she kept her head down humans didn't bother her, for the most part anyway.  Things were awkward at first, her interactions with others having been fairly limited outside of her "education", and sadly she hadn't been able to keep in touch with her "graduating class".  She then spent the next three years serving in the Defense Corps where they could keep an eye on her due to her reckless tendencies, hoping to curb them as much as possible.  Still, it wasn't all bad.  The place the military gave her was better than the bunks she and the other zerons were forced to share, and with the items she managed to salvage and repair it has become a comfortable set up for her purposes, especially with the Wi-Fi she's st—borrowing from a helpful neighbor.  Life could always be worse and nothing could ever top her first two years in Valor, so her future is potentially bright.  If she manages to stay alive, that is.

Advantages: Legs of Fury - Kanina's legs are stronger than any human's, even compared to those of her fellow zerons.  She can kick hard enough to put a good dent in plate steel, though it doesn't exactly feel good to kick something that hard.  This also means she can jump higher and run faster than others, too, which can be a wonderful advantage in battle to say the least.

Hardware - Kanina has, through a combination of electives she took in the Academy and books she spent long hours studying, learned how to repair electronics.  Heck, it's how she has a decent TV, a radio, and even an older PC that, while it can't do anything really fancy like play games, allows her access the internet and stuff.

Weaknesses: Sex Drive - She's part rabbit.  If that's not enough to get the problem across to you, then listen close.  Something the "teachers" at Valor had never been able to "fix" is Kanina's sexual urges and her vulnerability to stimulation, even when forced on her.  They sure as hell took advantage of it, though, you can count on that, and used her sensitivity to such advances to make her compliant on many occasions.  If it were to happen during a fight, somehow, well, it would leave her vulnerable and unable to resist.  It could even get her killed.

Reckless - Kanina, thanks to her conditioning, holds no value towards her own life.  She will gladly leap headfirst into danger whatever the circumstances may be.  She loves to fight and injury doesn't scare her in the slightest.  Such heedless bravery can be good, but it has mostly gotten her into trouble, with only the fact she's a zeron having allowed her to survive.  "Plans don't matter!  You can only rely on your grit, determination, and strength when the metal hits the meat!"  What trouble this attitude will get her into in the future remains to be seen, and one can only hope it won't put any of her comrades in danger when they try to pull her ass out of whatever fire she decided to shove it into as a result.

Roleplay O&Os: Almost anything, as long as it doesn't hit on any of the offs from the link below.  As it says, if you have any questions, just ask.
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Nico is accepted.

You can post the sheet here, start posting here and go vote for uniforms here.

We will fill you in on what have happened so far in Discord.


Kanina is accepted.

You can post the sheet here, start posting here and go vote for uniforms here.

We will fill you in on what have happened so far in Discord.


Name: Azael, ‘Hawk’
Type: Stoier Hawk
Years in service: 6 years
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A large, brutal greatsword, resembling a bastardized version between a claymore and a more barbaric concept of it.

Zero trait: Fly - As a Hawk Stoier, Azael has a pair of large, powerful wings at his back, allowing him to take flight and undertake the fight to the enemies on the skies, or make devastating maneuvers of pick-and-destroy from above.

Night hunter skill package - Every Night hunter has the Zero power. By using the power the hunter can enhance their speed, strength and mobility, use Zero abilities, regenerate their wounds and manifest their Auras. With the Zero come the negative side of the power too, which means that using the power will cause strain or corruption. In addition the zerons have some inhuman physical traits. As every hunter has had to graduate from a Military academy, they are all at least sufficient in driving a land vehicle, marksmanship and hand to hand combat.


Flash - Azael can focus his zero energy, allowing him to acquire match speeds on flight or on ground, giving him an enormous mobility, even leaving an after image that can confuse enemies. However, this is very straining.

Death From Above - Surging an enormous amount of energy in the blade of his Aura Weapon, Azael dives from the skies, slamming the ground with it and cracking the very earth with the powerful weapon. As he does that, the earth around him shatters, loaded with zero energy and creating large spikes of rock that impales his enemies, as well as creating a shrapnel shower. This is a very straining skill.

Appearance: Azael is a young looking male who stands at 1,90 m of height (6,2 ft), powerfully built, but decently compact for a flying stoier. Of blonde hair, which contrasts with his hawk-like wings at his back, he bears with a pair of grey eyes, resembling to the same bird he inherited his traits while giving him the look of a bird of prey.

However, as much as he has plentiful brawn, his constitution is not as powerful, as his position as hawk stoier has been as well affected by the fact his bones are way more frail than other types or even humans, in exchange of giving him a faster frame at the hour of fighting and flying.

Personality: Azael is a rather serious looking fellow, even though he is not by any means of the brooding type. Unintendingly looking like such due to the bird-of-prey features he has inherited, truth is that Azael is a good talker, having quite some love for interesting conversations and topics, albeit sometimes he suffers from social awkwardness, making him say something unfortunate, or being unnecessarily blunt.

Azael has a big love for all sorts of fighting, sometimes being accused of being an adrenaline junkie, as well as he seems to be extremely competitive at some matters, such as at sparring, where he can go to dangerous lengths to himself, many times ending up hurt due to the intensity he shows at the hour of training or showing off.

Despite everything, is a serviceable stoier, someone who would put his life on the line for other stoiers if needed, and of course, humans.

Biography: Azael had the disgrace of being born at Valor factory. This has shaped him as a true fighter, albeit one who has acquired plenty unhealthy customs from the education there. From his batch of zerons, he was definitely one of the most qualified ones, having a knack for fighting, seeming to be ruthless in fights, although being able to hold himself back from the brutal beatings he got several times throughout the time he was prepared there.

In the Academy, he earned the ‘Hawk’ nickname above his actual name, due to the accuracy of his melee skills and his particular fighting style. Despite of having an oversized greatsword, he was a swift attacker, using cleaves and quickly retreating, most of the times employing his wings as a method to escape and disengage, and come back to the fight.

Due to his training at Valor, he was definitely an absolute tryhard on everything, forcing himself to excel on all what he did, even if that would get nasty consequences to his own physical health. Those who trained him, made their best effort to slam a mantra inside his head: “Don’t bother in coming alive if the mission is not a success.”

After he graduated, he was incorporated to SRU-3, where he would be often used as a counterstrike assault unit, reconnaisance scout and air support soldier, as his flying abilities gives him an unique approach to the efforts of the Special Response Unit, both at scouting the terrain and fighting against the Sins.


-Master of Two Handed Weapons: The bigger, the better! Azael is an absolute savage beast who enjoys putting his muscles at work, and as such he has developed an exceptional skill at using two handed weapons of most kinds, especially his aura.

-Swift and smart: Despite having that much brawn, Azael’s lighter frame allows him to acquire a smarter approach to fighting, giving him an extremely unpredictable fighting style.

-Air Support: Azael is not only a notable melee fighter, but as well thanks to his wings, he has become an important air support enforcer for the deployed teams. As such, he can carry with supplies for long distances, or even act as a bombarding unit, if he’s given the explosives.


-Big wings: In exchange of having such an unique feature as his, Azael has a big issue. Two, big issues actually: While his wings can be very useful for certain maneuvers and even mix them in aerial combat, truth is they are really big, and an easy target for those who fight him. They can be crippled and broken, so he has to take an especial care about them to not be hit.

-Socially Awkward: While he’s not exactly an introvert, Azael has some trouble at communicate with people, especially when he gets frustrated, making very obvious about his discomfort, or he might even use an unadequate tone of voice while replying to someone.

-Victory or Death!: Valor might be inhuman, but one cannot deny something; they are damn good at slapping a mantra on the heads of their zerons. As such, Azael has become a ruthless, unstoppable asset who won’t stop chasing its objective like a bird of prey until it is dead, restrained or ordered to stop directly from a Charon. This makes him very prone to be injured, or even heavily strained and in need of resets rather often.

Roleplay ONs:Communicate with me when we want to set up an scene, please. Fighting scenes, missions, personal talks and overall building nice character relationships.
OFFs:Forcing things when they don’t work out. If a scene doesn’t work out, we can continue it naturally, or we can outright cancel it and start something new, but forcing something rarely works with me -or anyone that I know. It is better allowing things to happen naturally -even awkward situations!- than forcing a result within the writing.
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Night Hunters is a Free Form Roleplay, set in an alternate future reality where monsters have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Humanity's remaining bastions stand as massive walled fortress-cities. To fight against the creatures, scientists have resorted to creating a means of fighting back against them: Super soldiers both human and not, living weapons that turn aspects of their very enemies against them.

We are welcoming new players in Night Hunters : ) The main story lines haven't properly started yet, so it's a good spot to jump in. We have friendly players and active GM.

If you have any questions, I will happily answer them.

Wilderness Soul

My my this is a massive read, you have my interest though.

Are there any roles that need filling in the cast so far?

This is my hot take interest drop mind you, I will do my best to read everything before too long XD.


Yea. It's a lot. Downside of original setting. It’s even longer than it was before because I have been making small additions now and then when I notice there is something that needs more explaining. The Survey Corp text is something that can be left to read for later, as it’s more of background/worldbuilding and most of the time it’s enough to know the Survey Corp is the worst possible place to be assigned because the risk of dying there is so big.

One thing you might want to take a look at is the first post in the introduction scene. It gives information about the NPCs of the squad house and how their daily life is supposed to go.

At the moment we don’t have many stoiers, but I wouldn’t go as far as to try to shove you in some role. It’s way more important that you play something you are going to like playing : )  But I can tell something about the existing chars. Maybe that will help you brainstorming something.

Alyse (charon) is our medic in training. She is a daughter of James Bennett, CEO of  Bennett Biochemistry Labs. She is caring and friendly person.

Daniel (charon) has bit of temper, is seriously frustrated with the system and haunted by his past. I would say he has a severe depression and his dark secret is that he worked in Reapers (people who come get zerons and charons when they are going to be punished severely for something and/or it’s assumed they won’t come willingly.) Most of the zeron would probably hate him if they knew about his past.

Maximilian (charon) is a calm and reliable person. As he is one with a child in his civil life and has kind of that daddy energy around him, he has become the person who navigates among his squad mates and tries to keep them in order and away from trouble.

Nicolas (charon) has an upper class upbringing. He has knowledge of mechanical and electromechanical devices. He is a smart guy and I would go as far as saying he is aware of his looks and not afraid to use it to his advantage.

Rayner (charon) is an easygoing and cheerful person. Fun loving and social, but doesn’t like big groups. Like many others, he has problems with the way things work, especially with the treatment of the zerons, but he hides all his dark thoughts behind a happy go lucky facade.

Trish (charon) for some reason Trish became a team mom. Her personality is quite similar to Alyse, but she is easier to persuade/manipulate than Alyse. Trish has her own weak moments and might crumble sometimes. She bakes which makes zerons like her.

Fresia (equine charite) is a true soldier. She will do what she is told to do and won’t cause trouble. Fresia is intelligent and tough, as one might expect from someone who is from Valor and served in Survey Corp. Life in SRU is much more pleasant and easier than in Survey Corp, so Fresia is trying to adjust to her new life.

Kanina (rabbit charite) is tech savvy and she can be outspoken, but as a smart bunny she knows when to be quiet and when to voice her opinions aloud. She is cautious about humans and charons because of bad experiences with them before and likes to give people nicknames. Under the tough surface she is quite soft.

Mimi (wolf charite) is hyperactive and somewhat simple. Like younger zerons often do, she has a problem understanding words that aren’t meant to be taken literally. Although she sometimes fakes ignorance to benefit from it or for her own amusement. Her personality is quite similar with Rayner’s as she keeps up a happy appearance but has darker thoughts behind it. Likes pets and sweets.

Nocri (dragon charite) is a newbie. She is a Hope charite, straight from the Academy so Nocri has her own challenges in adapting to world outside the Zeron factory. She is incredibly friendly and quick to help others. Well meaning Nocri is naive and she gets skittish when people become angry around her, especially if she believes she is the cause to their anger. 

We have Azael (hawk stoier) and fox girls Wisp and Jindira too, but the foxes are new and Azael hasn’t been in play enough for me to form an opinion about them. The descriptions above are my personal opinions, so others might or might not have different views on them. All accepted chars are here.

Wilderness Soul

*Takes notes* Alrighty then, good to know will just need to get a better handle on what the difference between the charons, charites, zerons, and stoiers are.

Also I've no problem getting pointed towards a role, I'm usually pretty good about making a char I'm gonna like no matter where I get pointed to.

Seems the only character trope missing is the gentle giant whose capable of terrible destruction, but does his best to keep it under control. I'll do some more reading and see what idea comes to me.


I can give short explanation : )

Zero - Unnatural power that is used to create super soldiers (Night Hunters). Enables use of Aura weapons and special abilities.
Night Hunters - Enhanced super soldier capable of using Zero.
Charon - Human Hunter, who is made into a Hunter by implanting Zero chips.
Zeron - Means both charites and stoiers
Charite - Female zeron, artificially made super soldier with some animalistic traits.
Stoier - Same as above but male.

Wilderness Soul

Kool, so how does this sound?

A first gen or new gen Stoier mixed with a bull and armed with a big tower shield who has taken a vow to no longer kill as his early life was non stop killing. But while he won't kill he'll have no problem busting someone up enough to maim or cripple them until someone else comes to make the kill?

He'll be the gentle giant constantly trying to keep himself in check so as not to crush anyone accidentally. But also like an old bomb one slip away from going off.

Should be a good addition and it's a trope I have a lot of experience in and actually enjoy playing.


First generation stoiers were made in 2017 and it’s 2081 in game now, so there are no first generation stoiers left. A bull stoier with a shield sounds good. However, he can’t take vow not to kill, because he is made to kill sins and protect humans and when he stops being useful, he is going to be sent back to the factory for termination. So considering that, it would be better not to have such vow because I would like the chars to not die : p

The gentle giant concept is welcome. I must stress at this point that the zerons are under strict scrutiny, and if they seem unreliable or disobey - back to the factory time. It’s a dark and cruel world under the surface (which is probs why all chars are somehow crazy). Because there were problems with the first stoiers and some people are afraid or hate the zerons, there is very little tolerance for their mistakes.

When I think about the gentle giant concept and how it could be implemented in the setting, the first options that come to mind are that he is altruistic, meaning he is ready to suffer in order to protect others, whether it’s taking the blame or being a meatshield. Or he is somewhat insecure because he is a big guy and feels clumsy, however his fighting style is brutal and aggressive. There can’t be berserker chars though because the military won’t tolerate people who won’t disobey orders. Or then the bull guy does everything he is told to do and seems strong and collected, but when he is alone he cries cos he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone and life is rough for stoiers. Just throwing ideas here. 

Wilderness Soul

Duly noted and all good ideas. He would be altruistic and protective, but not stupid about it. Nor would he be insecure and cry to himself. I just don't make chars like that. They bottle it up until it becomes too much and even then they wouldn't do it easily.

As for the rest he would still protect and the damage he does would eventually kill his opponent if no one came along for the finishing blow or to heal them. But I get how an open vow to not kill would backfire. He'll have a reputation in his early life for being a mindless killing machine, but changed after some kind of event makes him question it all. So reluctant to kill but will do it if needed, that work?


Player zerons service years are between 3 and 17. Only a few zerons ever make it past 20 years. So, your stoier can have a reputation in his past, but that past won’t be as far away in the past like it might be if he was a human.

I’m not sure what you mean with ‘mindless’ in this context. If it means he kills everything around and has problems controlling himself or disobeys orders, then it’s not good because he most likely wouldn’t be among the living anymore. If it means that when told to kill a target, he will keep attacking the target, ignoring his own safety, until it's 110% sure dead. That’s completely alright.

Pacifist in the traditional sense probably won’t work, because the player characters are all soldiers and it’s their job to kill monsters. A zeron who has problems killing the sin is useless. In addition, there is no good reason not to want to kill the monsters. For example if a sin had appeared in a mall and already killed dozens of people, it would be odd if a Hunter comes there and wants to spare the monster’s life, especially when it’s rare they capture the sins alive. Because the city has limited space, they don’t even have many human prisoners, because most of criminals are banished out of the city.

SRU does work together with the Police sometimes, and then they might be put in a situation where they have to hurt/kill a human, so when dealing with the humans the pacifism works well. Especially for a stoier because they aren’t allowed to attack a human without a direct order.   

Wilderness Soul

Ok with Kissa's help and patience hopefully this is Wallace's properly edited sheet. Ready for final inspection.

Wallace's edited sheet

Name: Wallace
Type: Stoier Crocodile
Years in service: 16 years
Sexual orientation: Straight

Aura: Two-handed Steel bar mace

Zero trait: Tremendous Bite Force: While somewhat restricted by the shape of his mouth and head, Wallace's bite force is able to easily snap bones and rend weak metal with a bit of twisting.

Night hunter skill package - Every Night hunter has the Zero power. By using the power the hunter can enhance their speed, strength and mobility, use Zero abilities, regenerate their wounds and manifest their Auras. With the Zero come the negative side of the power too, which means that using the power will cause strain or corruption. In addition the zerons have some inhuman physical traits. As every hunter has had to graduate from a Military academy, they are all at least sufficient in driving a land vehicle, marksmanship and hand to hand combat.

Abilities: Hardening - Wallace can harden parts of his body so it will function as natural armor. The hardening is tough enough to protect from firearms and most of the physical attacks of the sins. The hardening won’t affect mobility almost at all. Using hardening is strain expensive.

Shatter: As his Aura weapon is for all intents and purposes a giant bar of solid steel he can pour his aura into it and can decimate earth, parts of buildings and body parts with a couple of swings. Shatter is strain heavy ability at max he can swing three times, but generally he keeps it at one or two.

Appearance: Wallace is a very large man being 6'8 and weighing a whopping 300lbds of heavy muscle this also being reflected in his wider than normal head and jaw. Like some other reptilian Zerons, Wallace's upper body and arms are scaled and gives the appearance of being armored owing to his Armored Skin Ability. His scales are mix of burnish gold and brown making him look somewhat metallic. His hair and beard are longer than most soldiers, but still within military regs. The above image is what he looked like after a particularly long stint out harvesting.

But he likes how it adds to his intimidation factor as while he cannot fight an uppity human who tries to mess with him he has found that most humans outside of the military are utter cowards so can be easily scared away. His eyes are called black and lifeless much like a normal crocs, but a quiet coiled rage burns behind them like a saltie waiting in the shallows of a beach for a deer to come close enough for him to snatch it up and death roll it.

Personality: Wallace was a born killer, where others in the Valor facility needed lashings and beatings to get ready to fight. Wallace was created using the genes of one of nature's meanest and most aggressive predators, the Saltwater Crocodile. He was eager to fight fresh out of the jar, what he needed training in though was learning who to bite and who not to bite. He they all learned though this naturally tough skin did mean it took longer. Still once it was learned he never strayed, but a predator's mind never stops hunting and it holds grudges.

He took each and every beating to heart and will remember it when the time comes to teach some things of his own. But in his time fighting Sins he has learned to temper himself by simply bottling it all up feeding his Hate Fire until it burns him by forcing him him to lash out either verbally at his teammates or facing down a Sin on his own. Still if someone were to dig deep enough down they would see the beaten and frightened child locked inside the man's body. Though first they would need to dig through the classic Alpha Male who takes advantage of any opportunity presented to him damn the consequences with an appetite for life and intimacy that is quite large.

Biography: Created in the hellscape that is the Valor Facility, Wallace cares not for weakness nor does he care to think on his time there. It was a blur while it was happening and will remain as such until he decides to die. His batch were born for Aquatic Warfare and placed in the Berkton Navy, which he served faithfully in for three years. And while Sins did sometimes show up in the big waters and sewers. They were more glorified pest controllers in his opinion, spending more time rooting out rats on their way to the Sin than fighting the Sin itself. They were created from Alligators, Monitor Lizards, Sharks, Orcas, Barracudas, and of course Crocodiles. Given underwater adaptation and the raw tenacity to dare the depths and whatever might meet them there. But on some of Wallace's occasional "vacation days" he was cleaned up and dragged to the inner city to compete in bloodsports for all the the powdered wigs of Paradise City. Luckily he wasn't pretty enough to partake in the orgies. So that's one advantage to being covered in scales and having skin like sandpaper. He never lost, but he was also threatened with death if he ever whispered a word about the pitfights or those who attended them to anyone.

While likely not in the blueprints for what went into making him he did find he was good at another type of job... Harvesting Duty and the Survey Corp which he spent a full ten years of his life doing. His batch helped them with a Sin attack once, and he soon found that wandering into almost certain death every day suited him just fine. As soon as he was able he put in to be placed in the Survey Corp and spend more time on dry land than in the water, his superiors seemed glad to be rid of him actually. His natural armor and the inherent ferocity of his forebear allowing him to stand a chance against these nightmarish freaks quite often. While not their sole job his group in the Survey Crop was sent out more often than not for Harvesting. Wallace thinks he's spent more time outside Berkton than in it, but he never much cared to count. He had grown quite close to his group and would've stayed in with them had they all not been wiped out in a botched Harvesting Job.

Intel had said it was just a B Class Sin, but someone screwed the pine pony on that one. He and his comrades or the "Mariners" as they liked to call themselves when the Brass wasn't listening, were sent against a big damn A Class, and they were terribly ill-equipped to face it down. Obviously they managed to defeat it, but Wallace was the only one left standing. It was this event that brought about his transfer to SRU-3, he's heard things about his new squad mates. Mostly Charons and Zerons created in Valor, so at least he wouldn't have to hear a lot of touchy-feely shit from a bunch of fluffy Hope Zerons. Would just need to worry about someone trying to kill him for not being a popping and clicking tin solider all the time.


Armored Skin: As much a physical advantage as a mental one. Wallace takes what comes his way and uses it to fuel his hate fire and desire to fight. His scales, while not as powerful without his Hardening ability backing them can still deflect most bladed or blunt weapons and absorb damage from punches and kicks well.

Powerful: In part due to his genetics, but Wallace also dedicates much of his time lifting weights and physical training. He is stronger than your average solider, but not to an unattainable level. It also helps him control his vengeful tendencies.

Heavy Endurance Lifestyle: Much like lifting weights Wallace does a great deal of endurance and general power training able to run and fight for a long time. This has given him an interest in heavy combat sports like Pankration as well as a form of martial arts training called Breaker Training where he sculpts himself into something powerful, durable, and hard to stop.


Vengeful: While he would never act against a human, he does remember their misdeeds and transgression against him. This clouds his thoughts when not fighting or distracting himself. And if he could get away with it he would act against a human. He calls this all consuming feeling his Hate Fire.

Wrathful: While never able to act against humans he has been known to verbally vent some his anger on smaller and/or weaker Zerons when he can no longer keep it in check. When he does this he says the Hate Fire Burns green like an emerald in his eyes. Luckily for him and his new squadmates he's learned to put this frustration to work lifting weights or practicing his heavy martial arts on his own, doesn't always work, but it works well enough to keep him from the Crusher.

Opportunistic hypercarnivorous apex predator: A long descriptor for a simple fact of life. Wallace can only eat meat and he must eat a lot of it. Anything else will make him sick and this extends to how he interacts with the world around him and the people in it. They are either food, an enemy, or a fuck toy. While he would never eat anyone he views the world in colors of Predator and Prey.

Bite First: While rarely resulting in actual biting. Wallace is a very reactionary individual he has only a fight instinct never flight. Going with his gut unless going against an order even if that means facing down a Sin on his own.

Roleplay ONs: Drama, friction, depth, loads of dark and gritty action and dedicated character interaction and discovery.

OFFs: Stagnation, lose-lose situations, cliques, character exclusion, fluff for the sake of fluff.

Sexy ONs/OFFS: My and Wallace's ON/OFF kinks
Though Wallace does have a particular taste for Charite from the "Prey" species. Horses, Rabbits, Bovines etc. He's a natural Dom when given the chance. This could also extend to females he deems "fluffy".


Wallace is accepted. You can post the sheet here, join OOC conversation here and all information about the game is here in Information thread. Welcome : )

Wilderness Soul

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Will post today.


Hello everyone! I'd like to ask if I can join, with the character I prepared in the tag below:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
× Name: Léa Couture
× Rank: First class private
× Age: 21 
× Years in service: 2
× Sexual orientation: Bisexual

"Slashing Spear"

Zero traits:

Resilient Senses - whereas most people would be debilitated for five to ten seconds by a flashbang, a lound sound or gut-wrenching stenches, her senses are very resilient and recover much faster.

Night hunter skill package - By using the power the hunter can enhance their speed, strength and mobility, use Zero abilities, regenerate their wounds and manifest their Auras. With the Zero come the negative side of the power too, which means that using the power will cause strain or corruption. In addition the zerons have some inhuman physical traits. As every hunter has had to graduate from a Military academy, they are all at least sufficient in driving a land vehicle, marksmanship and hand to hand combat.


~ Shocking Swings - A non-lethal attack where a Hunter charges her Aura with Zero and releases the energy through direct contact. The attack will release a powerful shock, which will drop humans and weaker sins unconscious. For stronger sins it will cause only local numbness around the hit area and some might be even immune. When hitting a biotech type sins, the attack might disable their mechanical parts. This ability is heavily straining!

~ Cauterizing Cuts - Léa renders the blade of her voulge incredibly hot, so much so that regular steel would become hot red. The unnatural heat sears the wounds of enemies struck and negates regeneration as it very messily chars and cauterizes the organic material. Wounds inflicted with this ability take much, much longer and require much more effort to heal. Medium Strain.

Appearance: Standing at around 5'5", Léa is pretty short for a military woman. Her skin is a healthy pink and her long, black hair is usually kept natural or in a ponytail while she is out on a task. She has a tattoo of butterflies on her left shoulder, which is usually visible while she wears tank tops or very short-sleeved tops. Her breasts are perky and proportionately average, for a woman her size. Her dark eyes glint with a flash of danger.


Deceitful: to lie and deceive is Léa's true nature. Not that too many know about this, obviously.

Vengeful: slow to forget a slight or someone who wrongs her, Léa will plot an... appropriare reparation from whoever earns her ire.


Léa was born in Dogtown by a lucky prostitute who got pregnant from a dalliance with someone in Paradise City. Her mother was then targeted by the mother of the father, who wanted to kill her and Léa to 'remove the stain of dishonour' on her son's reputation. Léa's mother survived two accidents which could have been fatal, while Léa was a child and then died at the hands of a burglar who had been paid handsomely to dispose of Léa and her mother. Thankfully, Léa managed to survive the murderer and forced him to flee after she went and got help from the friendly neighbor, who had always been a father figure for her. The man, a butcher, took her in and adopted her for the last three years it took for her to reach the age of eighteen, at which point she joined the military.


+ Unassuming: her small stature, rather withdrawn nature and usual demure demeanor means she often gets overlooked when things are dicey.

+ Stickyfingers: Léa is very good at grabbing stuff no one will miss while no one's looking. A consummate scrounger.

+ I-know-a-Guy: making connections comes easy for her, especially the underhanded, seedier type.


- Profligate: Léa often wastes money on unneccessary purchases, when stressed.

- Comfort Eater: when overwhelmed with stress, Léa often tries to smother the empty void by indulging in luxury food.

- Craven: if a situation seems screwed, there aren't orders to follow to the letter and there is a good chance to make it out alive to fight another day... that is the choice that Léa will go with.

Roleplay ONs: Communication is key, so let's keep in touch if anything is iffy! OFFs: Please check my O/O thread and ask if you're unsure. There's no dumb questions.
Sexy ONs and OFFs:

I should definitely preface that my character's klepto tendencies will not affect other PCs without their consent, because that would not be fun for anyone.


I just automatically assumed it requires consent of PC players : p People are usually very strict about interfering with autocracy of their chars, so it's always good to check with anything that might be considered auto-hitting. I read the sheet through and it looks good. I will PM you the edit suggestions of the first draft.


Sounds good! I am open to change and to make my character more in line with the setting.

Edit: I decided to go with Shocking Swings in the end!


Quote from: inkybus on March 08, 2022, 06:13:17 AM
Sounds good! I am open to change and to make my character more in line with the setting.

Edit: I decided to go with Shocking Swings in the end!

Add 'Heavy strain' at end of Shocking Swings and it's ready for posting in Char thread. Lea is accepted : )

OOC thread is here and Info thread here. You can find all IC thread links there and other important info about the roleplay.


Quote from: Kissa on March 08, 2022, 09:32:20 AM
Add 'Heavy strain' at end of Shocking Swings and it's ready for posting in Char thread. Lea is accepted : )

OOC thread is here and Info thread here. You can find all IC thread links there and other important info about the roleplay.

Thank you Kissa. I bookmarked the threads and I'll make sure to catch up on what's been going on so far!


Name: Gavin Timbrecott
Rank: First Class Private
Age: 21         Years in service: 2
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Gav’s Gloves
are a pair of what appear to be a pair of thick gauntlets that travel up to just below his elbows.

Zero trait - Sure Footing: As long as there’s something beneath his feet, even as little as the head of a bowling pin, Gavin can still run, jump, and fight as if on the most solid of ground.

Night Hunter Skill Package: - Every Night hunter has the Zero power. By using the power the hunter can enhance their speed, strength and mobility, use Zero abilities, regenerate their wounds and manifest their Auras. With the Zero come the negative side of the power too, which means that using the power will cause strain or corruption. In addition the zerons have some inhuman physical traits. As every hunter has had to graduate from a Military academy, they are all at least sufficient in driving a land vehicle, marksmanship and hand to hand combat.

Pressure Surge: With a distortion of light resembling peering through ripples of thick curved glass, Gavin’s aura can exert a surge of exceptional force at the weapon’s point of contact. This can be used offensively to push his target in the direction of his attack, or defensively to push himself or an ally backwards. Those caught in the attack might describe it as being caught in a tidal wave, inoffensive on its own, but deadly should the subject be slammed into something. The strain cost of this ability is heavy.

Wall of Earth: With greater strain than is used in his pressure surge, Gavin can change the direction of the force exerted from his attack, allowing him to raise a wall from the ground by punching downwards into it. Currently this is limited to surfaces as hard as rocky earth.

Appearance:  Standing at 5’11”, one could barely find a man more closely resembling the idealized figures of Berkton propaganda than Gavin Timbrecott. With a face ever conveying approachability and friendliness framed by a strong jaw and unkempt golden hair, one could hardly be blamed for almost finding the man’s visage to be somewhat repulsive in its uncanny representation of classical good looks. However, even someone so cynical might not help but find boundless fountains of warmth in his wide deep blue eyes that seem to constantly exert a concern and willingness to help.
Below that immaculate jaw is a broad shouldered and muscular body honed in a variety of sports and incessant physical activity. Solidifying the image of the active outdoorsman, Gavin can’t recall a time when his skin didn’t sport a deep and even tan, the utter absence of his natural peach skin tone possibly speaking volumes regarding an exhibitionist streak in the physically irrepressible young man.

Personality:  Impressive physique and remarkable good looks aside, Gavin’s gentle demeanor and charitable spirit towards most are what truly cemented him as one of Paradise City’s social darlings. Never shy to offer a hand, even when it may be seen as being nosy; and never too proud to internalize the opinions of others, even when they might be grotesque; there are many who find the aristocrat’s presence to be unfailingly comforting. For some this warm glow is somewhat tarnished on realization that Gavin’s easily earned trust has placed him in the company of Berkton’s more reprehensible individuals, but it’s hard to attribute this to maliciousness rather than the pursuit of company of a naïve and social animal.

Interest wise, Gavin is open to trying most things as often as someone says it takes for the task to become enjoyable, but his personal passions are more in line with socialization and sport. In regard to the latter, it is not the competition he finds enjoyable, but rather the surge of adrenaline that comes either with winning or losing. To the contrary, he’s been known to be just as amiable with those that beat him than those that don’t, as those that see him to his limits are more often than not those that make him feel the most excitement.

Unfortunately, from Gavin’s naivety was born a rather dehumanizing view of Zerons and their place in Berkton society. While he’s as outwardly friendly to them as he would be towards what he perceives as a real person, he can’t help but hear the words of those sheltered within the perceived safety Paradise City echoing throughout his mind as he interacts with them. They are not people. They are not even animals. They are machines with a desire to serve and no aspirations beyond that. Any feelings a human may have towards them are the same feelings a driver might have for his vehicle, or a soldier for his weapon, anything beyond that is unnatural.

Biography: Born to a family of wealth and privilege, Gavin has never known anything but luxury and security. Of course, the Sins were an unavoidable threat, but as a youth it only ever sounded like a threat so remote and removed from his life, that it was hardly worth thinking about compared to attending parties, boxing, and experiencing all his family’s fortune had to offer. Life was perfect, boring on occasion, but a passion for trying new things rarely left the young man feeling an absence in his life. Almost.

While his parents were ever kind and supportive of the young Gavin, he couldn’t help but feel unworthy of their affection at times. Unlike his father and siblings who had all taken up and admirably performed in roles at their family’s company, Gavin was absolutely absent any talent at all in the field of business. Fooled at every turn and unable to convince another of even the slightest mistruth, Gavin caused more harm than otherwise to the business, and was eventually given a role that was more in name than requiring any sort of performance on his part. While this was done with the softest touch from his father, Gavin could never from that time on shake the thought that he had squandered all the time, attention, and love that his family had heaped on him.

Sulking was never a part of the young man’s nature however, and rather than dwell on his failings, he instead turned his attention to other ways in which he might make his family proud. It was then that he truly started to take notice of the Berkton State propaganda efforts. From the short advertising films that preceded movies at the Paradise City theaters, to the dramatic radio drama recreations of those fighting against the Sins, it soon became obvious to Having that the way to make his family proud and bring them their deserved prestige was to enlist. His family, though concerned to the point of tears for the danger he planned to put himself in, supported his decision with obvious apprehension but outward displays of pride so that he didn’t leave them with his last image of them being one of dread.

Now, fresh out of the academy with uniform pressed and duty in mind, Gavin is ready to fight alongside his fellow hunters in their noble crusade against the sins.

Unavoidable Charm: Between his looks and his genuine good nature, it is very difficult for even the dumbest things that Gavin says to not be either convincing or at least endearing.

Sportsman: While favoring boxing, Gavin has experience in a wide range of sports that have left him physically strong with bountiful stamina and endurance.

Born in the Purple: Gavin was born to wealth and position, while he typically doesn’t draw on it, he is still exceedingly wealthy and in contact with many of Paradise City’s powerful scions.

Devastating Gullibility: Unless someone has been proven completely untrustworthy through what can only be called a Herculean effort on the part of those around Gavin, the young soldier is almost willing to believe anything that is even remotely possible. While he’ll tend to give more weight to those whose company he prefers, he can’t help but lend an open mind to even the least meritorious of ideas.

Academically Uninterested: While he has the utmost respect for people who have achieved higher learning, Gavin absolutely has never found the patience to further his own studies. While capable of learning things in practice, he typically takes poorly to anything discussed in theory.

Bound in the Purple: It is not often that someone from Paradise City with a good homelife and no troubles finds themselves volunteering to put their lives on the line for Berkton, especially one so handsome and likable. As a result, Gavin has become something of a celebrity, drawing interest from both publications with an interest in stardom, and the ever-present attention of the Propaganda Office (working title) and their desire to make Gavin’s classical good looks the new face of recruitment. As a result of this, Gavin finds himself far more in the public eye than his comrades, his actions often romanticized and setting a bar for himself that becomes increasingly hard to meet.

Thrillseeker: Gavin’s search for adrenaline might not be all consuming, but it can lead to him making the wrong decision when the correct choice between caution and action is somewhat muddled.

O&Os This is completely optional. You can do only roleplay O&os, or sexy, or both, or neither.
Roleplay ONs: It’s definitely a cliche, but communication is key. While I love unexpected twists and thoroughly planned scenes in equal measure, I appreciate discussion on anything that might take agency away from my characters, at least until I’m very familiar with a player. Also, while it can be super nerve wracking to do, I greatly appreciate being told if I am making a player uncomfortable, or if there’s something I could do to make the scene more enjoyable for others.
OFFs: Silence or an unstated lack of interest. If you aren’t enjoying a scene with me, please let me know outright. If we can’t fix it, we can wrap the scene up so that we can both either try something else, or just decide we aren’t compatible scene partners. There’s nothing wrong with that, and apart from a ding to my pride, I’ll have no negative feelings about anyone being honest with me.

Sexy ONs: OFFs: I’m pretty open for most things outside of bathroom play. As long as what happens feels natural for the characters, I couldn’t be happier.



Gavin is accepted. You can post the sheet here and join others in Discord : )