The Queendom of Jewels (Accepting!)

Started by Tokyorose627, November 22, 2019, 01:55:30 AM

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I’ll need to read a bit more when I’m more awake, but I wouldn’t mind throwing in both a goodie and a badie :)

Tentatively claiming moonstone and garnet.


Name: Ambrose Locke

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Cambion Halfling (Human for public purposes)

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): As seen in images

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): In the face of combat and danger Ambrose is the very picture of calm, cool, collected and confident. He fights with the confidence of a man incapable of defeat. That confidence in battle follows him everywhere even in the most peaceful times and couples perfectly with his soft spoken charisma. He very much comes across a man wise beyond his years. Understanding, patience, and the honorable behavior one would expect of the captain of the guard come to him as second nature.

Beneath the visage he puts forth for the public is a coiled snake poised and ready to strike. Within him burns the hatred of injustice and years of torment. A man so talented as he ought not serve but rule if not for the birthright of women otherwise too weak to defend themselves. Ambrose contains the will to use, manipulate, and even kill those that stand in the way of his quest for not only power but nobility. He seeks one day to rule these lands by faith or by force. Whatsoever proves necessesary.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): Ambrose himself possesses little ability in expediently casting any sort of magic. Though his sword and shield, with great care and many hours, adorn various runes carved into their surfaces to aid in lessening the impact of spells used against him. The weapon and shield themselves having been passed down from his father have long served Lesallum. Effectively the shield can save him from what would otherwise be a fatal elemental attack such as a fire ball via deflection though it CANNOT reflect such attacks. The sword, and his ability, give him the capability to cut down lesser magical attacks. These attacks must be quickly formed and of lesser power for the sword to be useful as the shield is his primary defense.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?):
Ambrose Locke was born the son of the former Captain of the Guard Jarren Hess and former renowned jewel maiden Seraphine Locke. Together his parents formed the sword and the shield Lesallum for years on end and together they made both quite the couple and spectacle. By all outward accounts they were the perfect couple. A fairytale of sorts come true. Yet within the walls of their own dwelling many things differed from the public understanding.

His mother always treated him with the greatest depths of her love, if a bit doting, and saw to his every need as best she could. Both publicly and privately that could little be denied. Unfortunately during the period in which she was incapable of fulfilling her duties while she carried Ambrose to term Jarren suffered an injury that cost him an eye due to the mistake of his wife's stand in. Though this wasn't where certain behavior began it surely was the moment an uptick could be noted.

In private Jarren was always something of a cruel man toward his Ambrose. Strict, quick to temper, and often just as quick to easily disguised acts of violence. He seemed rarely, if ever, to have a kind word for Ambrose. Following the loss of his eye, and some diminish in his capabilities because of it, this behavior only intensified. All the while his mother stood idly by and offered only comfort following the damage he inflicted. As powerful as she may be, as much as he knew she loved him, eventually he came to realize she merely soothed the wounds she could so easily have prevented.

This realization created within him a growing resentment even from a very young age. Magically speaking  he could do little more than start a fire to keep himself warm without hours of runic scribing. The resentment he had for his mother only intensified when coupled with jealousy for something granted to her by happenstance rather than hard work and determination. Through the years of training and forced discipline that followed he became a marvel to behold with both sword and shield proving to have even more natural talent than Jarren.

By fourteen he'd won his first tournament. A full fledged member of the guard at sixteen he accompanied his mother, father, and their chosen soldiers on outward missions. By seventeen he stopped participating in them lest the competitions be unfair and lack entertainment for their people and their queen. At nineteen an incident occured that altered his fate and forever set the course for his path. A disturbance was reported on the boarders of their land, as told by his father and the guard captain, which required the particularly skilled talents of their group.

None could have expected what transpired next. Deep within a system of caverns beneath a mountain did the group encounter a great serpent. One of such power and speed that not even the likes of Seraphine Locke and her jewel were able to lay the beast low without taking half the mountain down atop of them. Ambrose himself was injured and only one of their additional guards lived to tell the tale. It was enough, though, to prove his mettle. One year to the day following the incident that took his parents was he risen to the station of Captain of the Guard and presented with his father's sword and shield.

For seven years he has served as the Captain of the Guard dutifully and with honor... so far as anyone knows.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): The Shadows (Primarily himself)

Sexual Preferences: Ambrose prefers women and is typically a more dominant partner. While a more aggressive female would certainly interest him, at least in the moment, he takes a good deal of gratification in controlling the "fairer sex". When interacting with men it is, most often, both as simple as blowing off steam and establishing some form of dominance.

Likes: Attention, recognition, adoration, humility, control, and his own prowess. Beneath his honorable visage he's quite the narcisist. Additionally he is quite fond of showing off his talents in combat. Outside combat Ambrose enjoys the serenity of nature, fine wines with good meals, and soothing music are among some of the simpler things he enjoys.

Dislikes: Losing, being condescended to, obeying any will beyond his own, the scar on his lip in all forms from the feel of it to the mere notice of it, his origins, and hiding whom he really is for so long as it's necessary.

ONs and Offs: Ambrose enjoys.. no... prefers to be worshipped. Submission is nearly a must. What he prefers most is what is offered freely and simply what he takes. Far more one to take than give under most circumstances. Some degree of private humiliation of his partner is far from off the table though he does make a point not to take his desires far enough that they become public knowledge. (From a writing standpoint I'll write most anything apart from watersports, vore (outside vampire games and in the feeding sense during sex), gore, that sort of "extreme". It's generally easier to ask if I'm ok with something or not rather than a list of O/O's)

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: While I am open to essentially all potential plots his primary focuses will be gaining the adoration and support of all he can to one day make his eventual grab for power. Playing both sides will certainly be a great risk but the potential reward could be a crown and to stand atop all others just as he deserves. Though he does, underneath all of it, care for the Kingdom and hope one day to find a wife to take her place beside him as he rules.

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three):
Raw physical and Mental combat capabilities: When it comes to strategy in combat and physical combat itself he is thought to be second to none.
Respect and Loyalty: In his years as Captain of the city's guard he has garnered a great deal of trust and respect among his people and his men. Trust can and often is quite easily manipulated and he has every intention of using his every advantage.
Gaze: Ambrose has what is best described as unnatural charisma. So much so that meeting eyes with him can often enthrall them to some degree. Often this depends on the duration and intensity of their eyes having met and the personal constitution of the target.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three):
Arrogance:  Arrogance is most certainly Ambrose's greatest disadvantage. His skill is such that he can sometimes toy with his opponents enough that a second opportunity can be found in the fight against him. On occasion he's even found himself daydreaming of moments that he manages to pry a jewel from the cold fingers of various potential victims.
Magically Inept: Despite being very much capable of defending against magic, to an extent that is, his ability to actually utilize magic himself is wanting. While he is capable of casting harmless spells, like starting a campfire, the time it takes him to sketch the appropriate runes deems the "skill" quite useless to him.
Double Agent: Living two lives, especially two so entirely different from one another, has consequences. His words need be thought out carefully, his actions precise, and not a whisper of his betrayal can escape any lips to meet the open air. One mistake in either direction and it all topples down. His ambitions, his life within and without the walls of their great city. He must live on the razor's edge.
Trust: Though he has the trust and loyalty of a great many there isn't a sole living whom he actually trusts with what and who he is. He is entirely alone by that way of thinking and the idea of sharing himself and risking it all is perhaps the one thing that terrifies him. He lives on the edge of a blade treading carefully so as not to be cut.

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?)
Extra Info:
Ambrose is a Cambion which is what empowers his gaze to be so captivating. This information would not be known by your characters.
Feel free to contact me for any plots you may have in mind :)
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Accepted! Feel free to post them in the character thread!


Been eyeing on this thread for a while...

Do you need villains? I can play a baddie and let my dark side come out to play.
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Quote from: himawari on February 29, 2020, 06:57:09 PM
Been eyeing on this thread for a while...

Do you need villains? I can play a baddie and let my dark side come out to play.

E could possibly use more. If you have ideas please send them to me and we can discuss!


As of now, there will be no more characters that can have Gemstones.


Bumping for interest! Opening this back up in case people would like to take a crack at joining! I’m hoping to get more male characters into this game, but if you have an interesting idea for a villain as well, please PM me! :D


I would totally love to join with a male character if you would have me?


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I would totally love to join with a male character if you would have me?

Hello! Please PM me and we may speak together!




Heya! I’m hoping to potential revive and reboot this game, so I wanted to see if anyone was interested in the idea! Please let me know and we can get discussing! If you have any questions, please post them here!


Hi there! I'm interested!

Would previously accepted characters be welcomed as is or are there changes in this reincarnation that might require them to be changed?

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Quote from: Tokyorose627 on March 12, 2021, 12:46:26 AM
Heya! I’m hoping to potential revive and reboot this game, so I wanted to see if anyone was interested in the idea! Please let me know and we can get discussing! If you have any questions, please post them here!

A reboot you say? This passed my interest previously as I was busy at the time. But I have a clean slate so this reboot might eb a good starting point.



Quote from: TinCanTalos on March 12, 2021, 05:16:04 PM
Hi there! I'm interested!

Would previously accepted characters be welcomed as is or are there changes in this reincarnation that might require them to be changed?

No I don’t believe so. I’m thinking of keeping my characters and the story from what I’ve set so far, so if anyone from the previous game would like to come back and use those characters, they are free to!


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My fairy is still someone I wanna play.

Good to see you again Joanie! Yeah feel free if you want :D



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Great! I'll just throw Serafina back in the mix then

Yay best Wyspmorian friend! X3


I’ll be making a more detailed post later today regarding what the rules and what not are, as well as what types of characters and what not we would like to have (males and females are ok)!

I have two old character concept ideas for two male characters in mind, so if anyone is interested, please let me know!


Still looking for more interest so feel free to come on by!



Looking for people interested in a reboot of this RP!


Beautiful world building and chars so far, both your npcs and the pcs

Tempted to join, will be thinking about a good char to fit the setting

Possible avatar

Or maybe