The Queendom of Jewels (Accepting!)

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No worries Joanie, take your time. o= I eagerly await what kind of sheet you turn up with someone who will probably also engaging in small or otherwise tiny-size shenanigan. xD


By the way everyone, I’ve created a discord server for the Game! Please feel free to join when you can, as this will be the main form of communication between players and myself for events and plots, as well as general plot ideas and chatting!


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And then family was here and I am reminded of the date.
She'll be done sometime this week, I think.

And Joanie don’t worry, take your time. I’m only getting so many sheets out because I have to. Lol

Still gotta make two more!


And here's my char

Name:Serafina Willowe



Race: Human

Appearance: Serafina is neither slim nor voluptuous, hovering right in the middle. She stands at 5’7” and weighs 127 lbs. She possesses deep hazel eyes and a pale complexion with just a touch of color when she becomes angry or agitated. Her limbs are slender and delicate. Her most noticeable feature is her hair – it is streaked practically to white and flows down to her shoulders.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Like most residents of Wyspmoor, Serafina is quiet and solitary. She maintains an outward demeanor of amused defiance and heavy if almost playful snark, like how a cat plays with a canary, but underneath, one can find the results of years of mental scars and self-doubt. In the end, she is much like the stone that chose her, difficult to find, hard to pin down, and clouded by something within.

Weapon/Magic: She wields a knife. Her magic, however, emanates straight from her body and the jewel she keeps on her at all times.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): From birth to this day, Serafina has been a resident of Wyspmoor, a small secluded region bordering the Wilds surrounded by mists with a village and the castle. Most residents are members of an extended family, with the senior branch installed in the Castle born to rule, and the junior branch, Serafina included, living in the Village where they are expected to serve. There is a sense of noblesse oblige with regards to how the castle folk treat the Villagers, but life in the Village is still hard, and many struggle just to survive.

Serafina was no different. It was expected for her to enter service in the Castle, to the point that it was considered a privilege that she be allowed to do so; and that is what she did, working as a scullery maid largely invisible to everyone. She accepted her fate as all did, and no one thought any better of it. This is how life is near the Wilds, and one learns to accept one’s place. When she almost lost her life in service to the Mistress of the House and Bearer of the Stone, no one thought twice about it. Except the one visiting lass from another village who saved her. From that day forward, Serafina and Greta have been fast friends, despite their differences of opinion. The people of Wyspmoor, however, generally roll their eyes and make comments about That Foreign Girl when they speak of the incident, or Greta in general.

The last Mistress of the Stone passed but six months ago, and after the usual three week mourning period, the Great Hunt commenced as those who aspired to become the next Mistress, consisting exclusively of Palace scions, set out to find and capture the Stone and claim the mantle and the powers that came with it. The last ten were residents of the Castle, scions of the House of Mehste, and no one gave any consideration to the possibility that things may go differently this time around. The good money was on Driana, the first daughter, but the other four had their proponents as well, along with a few people considering contenders on junior noble branches.

But they forgot the most important rule. You does not find the Stone. The Stone finds you. And the stone found Serafina.

From that day, her life has changed irreparably. Those that looked down upon her now call her Mistress – at least to her face. Behind her back, they do not forget, and they do not forgive. And Serafina is all too aware of this.
In addition to all the other pressures that came from her unexpected ascension, the disappearances into the Wilds have increased in magnitude. While the residents of Wyspmoor have traditionally been more resistant to the pull than outsiders, it has taken its toll, and Serafina has shouldered the blame. In response, Serafina has asked for aid from an unlikely source – that of the residents of Lesallum. She does not trust the outsiders with the lone exception of Greta, but she has little choice.

Alignment: Serafina is a freelancer. She can usually be persuaded to do the right thing, but she isn’t comfortable working with The Order, and doesn’t give a whole lot of reason for them to be comfortable with her.

Sexual Preferences: In Wyspmoor, no one ever sleeps alone. While this has some explanation in that people living the harsh lives in the mists take their pleasures where they can, much of it is simply self-preservation. When two people share a bed for the night, they are far less likely to be missing come morning.

Likes: Serafina likes quiet areas, misty environments, and secluded corners.

Dislikes: She dislikes bright lights, loud sounds, and boastful individuals

ONs and Offs: When it comes to sex, Serafina is simply looking to be with someone – to exist in the moment. She will come off as darkly playful, but in many ways, this is just a ruse. What she really craves is the comfort that comes from another’s presence. She is going to be turned off by someone who is too cheerful and excited about it, and the usual offs about fluids and the like apply.

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: I see Serafina as being difficult to deal with, so many of her plotlines will probably involve working towards a modus vivendi with the other characters. I also see Wyspmoor as a major setting, populated largely with people cursed with Sera’s attitude problems, only moreso.

Serafina’s first advantage is that she is hardly noticeable. This comes in very handy when one is trying to find things out, or engage in covert behavior.

The second is that she has a deeper understanding of the Wilds than most people – although this is a double-edged sword, it does make her useful in the coming conflict.

Thirdly, her hardscrabble life has given her strong survival instincts and a natural resourcefulness in being able to scrounge what is needed.

Living near the Wilds taints one seriously. There will always be a certain draw of the Wilds on her soul, and though she has experience and skills in resisting it, she does run the risk of being overwhelmed.

Secondly, her origin renders her suspect in places like Lusuallum – and her demeanor does not help her win any friends.

Finally, she has trust issues which makes it difficult for her to help enact plans or generally cooperate with people.

Theme: Here

Extra Info:

(Please note that only female characters can have a Jewel)

Are you a Chosen?: Yes

If yes, what jewel type?: Smoky Quartz

How did you acquire your jewel?: The Bearer of the Stone is selected in a traditional search for it known as The Hunt.

Semblance (Your unique power that comes from the jewel. What power does it grant you?): Mistmaiden. The jewel allows the bearer to transfer herself from

Mark of the Jewel (A mark that appears on the body when chosen. What does it look like? Where is it located?): The Stone changes the hair of the bearer to the color of ash.

How long have you been a Chosen?: Five months


Oho! I always enjoy the use of AL girls as FCs. <3

Also, happy holidays everyone!


Name: Sirion Avertyse

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf

Appearance:  Sirion is a handsome, very youthful looking man. His dark grey skin-tone gives away his heritage as a halfblood with dark elf parentage, which is reinforced by his long silver-white hair and shining purple eyes. He sometimes disguises his heritage with a bird-like mask, though this rarely works out for anything but looking dramatic and almost stylish. On the job and adventures, he wears typical light armor, usually leather reinforced with metal in dark colors.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference towards women

Personality: Sirion is a suave, rugged young man with a bad boy streak. Or at least, that's how he sells himself. He's actually just a really fun-loving guy with way too much time spent thinking about his image, thinking that as a mercenary and duelist, he's expected to be someone with a rougher exterior. Once past that exterior, Sirion is actually a very affectionate and friendly man, always ready to get into mischief and disrupt the order of just about everything. He's also very kind - even when keeping up his image, he stands up for the defenseless and innocent, even facing down better armed and armored opponents for what he considers just and right.

His dislike for organization means he tends to stay away from becoming the member of any group or larger gathering for long, feeling that it ties him down too much. He is very focused on freedom - both his own, and that of others around him. He has no trouble telling a noble just where to stick their attitude towards their own servants, right before stealing that noble's coin purse and fleeing into the night. He has no patience for people being torn between duty, and what they want to do - he'll always encourage for them to follow their own hearts, even going so far as to accept when this makes someone his enemy. So long as someone is true to themselves, Sirion will support that decision - even if he then has to fight the person he just helped to maintain his own morals.

Weapon/Magic: Sirion is an expert duelist and swordsman, using a dual-wielding style he developed himself. He uses shorter blades usually, but can wield longer one-handed swords as well. His talent for magic is nearly non-existent, barely capable of using even the simplest of scrolls without the attempt blowing up in his face. Often, literally.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Sirion is the descendant of a former jewel holder - his grandmother on his father's side having been a chosen one. Her old drive for both adventure and justice transcended her death, and Sirion's father became a mercenary himself - something of a local hero, his rugged and charismatic ways eventually lead to him leading his own band of mercenary adventurers, taking care of smaller troubles of villages and the usual guard jobs expected of their profession.

How exactly he managed to catch the eye of a dark elf warrior isn't known, but the result of that was Sirion - a halfblood inheriting the clear marks of his ancestry. Whatever his father and mother had, didn't last - she was gone before he could even form clear memories of her. Raised by his mercenary father alone, an injury eventually caused him to retire from that life, and instead to buy and operate a small caravan business himself. Still, he recognized the adventurer's spirit in his son, and thus, taught him the ways of the sword - and of "panache", as he called it. To keep up one's tough image, to project strength, as a mercenary's name needed to be worth its weight in gold.

Alignment: Independent - member of the Mercenary's Guild of Lesullum

Sexual Preferences: Sirion is a man of contrasts. He has two sides to him: on the one hand, he is often someone who prefers being gentle, romantic, and passionate. However, perhaps thanks to his dark-elf heritage, he's also got a thing for more dominant or commandeering women who know exactly what they want. He doesn't have a lot of experience either way, though you won't catch him admitting that easily.

Likes: Sirion can charitably be described as an adrenaline junkie. He loves to travel, is always up for a fight or ten, and constantly willing to party as well. Despite being a lightweight, he has a certain love for hard drinks as well.

Dislikes: Sirion doesn't dislike many things, but he despises boredom itself. He needs for his life to move forward and change, constantly, as complacency and monotony are things he fears more than the most ferocious of magical beasts.

ONs and Offs: The usual - no pain, no watersports/scat. Yes to more dominant partners for Sirion usually, though really, anything works in that regard.

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: I think it'd be really fun if Sirion ended up with a bodyguarding job or something similar towards someone far more powerful than himself (not necessarily a Jewel holder but certainly a possibility), confronting him with having to hold on to his goals and desires despite being overshadowed. Would give him a good chance to grow as both a character and a fighter, if need be. Alternatively, getting a job to assassinate someone stronger than himself, leading to the same realizations. Romance with either target-types highly encouraged for that, cause it ads so much delicious drama potential!

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three): Courage. Sirion isn't fearless, for only a fool is fearless - he has the courage to fight on despite his fear. Even when faced with horrifying monsters, he'll calmly draw his blade and stand against it.

Dueling Champion. Sirion, in single close-range combat, is a dervish of ceaseless offense and flawless defense. He can beat a trained opponent with nothing but a pair of sticks if he has to.

Magnetic Kindness. Sirion shows a constant image to the world, but through it pretty much everyone can see and feel how much he really does care. He's not someone with a pure heart or soul, but his kindness is the real deal, and it has a tendency to draw people to him.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three): Useless with magic. Truly, utterly helpless with it - every incantation, scroll, enchanted item, inscription, etc that he tries to use will, inevitably, fail. Even when it looks like it has worked, it'll backfire the second after, often with disastrous (and potentially hilarious) results. Every piece of magic around him might as well be a cursed item. This does absolutely nothing to protect him from the negative effects of magic used ON him, mind.

Inept at ranged combat. Sirion can barely aim a bow or crossbow, and has a better chance of dropping a knife into his own foot than he has of hitting someone across the room when throwing it.

Singular focus on maintaining his "rugged, cool guy" image means that Sirion is actually supremely inept in any social interaction where he can't do that. He becomes a blubbering mess, especially around those with more domineering personalities, if they deflect his bravado.

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?)

Slightly More Fitting Theme:

Extra Info: Sirion is slightly below average in height and weight.

(Please note that only female characters can have a Jewel)

Are you a Chosen?: (If not, please skip all) No


My third character, and my second NPC. The resident healer of the Order of the Jewels, and to the Kingdom of Lesallum; meet Charlotte. :3

Name: Charlotte Fleuraux

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): With flowing, violet purple locks, and a full, voluptuous hourglass figure, Charlotte is a woman that is quite hard to miss, with eyes usually locked onto her the moment she enters a room. Standing at 5’6 without heels, 5’8 with, Charlotte is a beautiful, and rather imposing figure when you first meet her. With perfect posture, an air of confidence, and a body that could nearly have been blessed by the gods themselves, Charlotte knows how beautiful she is, and doesn’t shy away when others give her their undivided attention.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): Charlotte is a woman that loves to be at the attention of others, but rather then crave it and wish for it to only be on her, she simply loves to have fun, and the life of the party, even if those around her are too shy to go along with her. Inviting to talk with others, being friendly to those that are in the corner by themselves, she does her best to chat and converse with those that may be lonesome, and always has a quip or some line to say after something juicy or exciting happens. Seemingly always in the know about the goings-on in Lesallum, she’s the go to when you want to know information about a certain market seller, location of interest, or simply where to go to have a good drink among the many taverns littered around the Kingdom.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): Healing Tome

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Charlotte had been amongst the rabble of travelers as a young girl, going from place to place, seeing the sights and trying to find her place in the world. With healing magic, she came close to finding those that would give her a permanent home, but when it came to choose, Charlotte could not, and would leave the next night with inly a few medicines left behind. After a close encounter with a monster near Lesallum, she helped the sick and injured, and was given a spot to join the Order of the Jewels, at the request of Queen Freyja herself.

Not much is known about Charlotte’s full past, but she never wishes to speak of it, saying that it is too painful to recount such a thing...

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): Order of the Jewels

Sexual Preferences: Charlotte has had a few partners in her life, and she tends to like whatever she likes, whenever the mood strikes her. If she would like to be dominated, that is simply as fine as her doing the dominating.

Likes: Tea, walking along the castle gardens, small talk with the Jewel Holders

Dislikes: Eavesdroppers, situations that call for no fun or leniency, people not heeding her advice when it comes to her healing magic

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?) N/A

Extra Info: -Charlotte is voided by Miyuki Sawashiro


And my final sheet, hopefully. ;;

Meet our main baddie of the Game, Blackfire. ;3

Name: Blackfire

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Half-Elf

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): Blackfire is a half-elf staying at 6’3, with one of his most notable features being his purple skin; a skin color that is rare, or rather, near impossible to be born with. Quite toned, with an athletic build, Blackfire has a rather composed attitude, with a body language that shows an air superiority. Perfect posture, and haunting golden eyes that never seem to leave their intended target, you would believe that he either came from some place of nobility. Long, flowing white hair frames his handsome features, making him appear to be friendly and inviting, with a gaze that charms and entrances those watching him. However, there seems to be a hint of darkness beneath his stare, and those unable to see it early enough may very well meet their end sooner, rather then later. Sharp, pointed canine-like fangs are noticeable in his smirks, and bring unease to those that get too close to him.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): Blackfire is an individual that will follow your every move, a invite you with open arms; just don’t think he trusts you from the very moment you set foot in his abode however. Calculating, sharp, witty, and an eye for planning, Blackfire is one that knows how to talk his way through about anything, and have the tact and grace to entrance those around to believe anything he wishes. With a alluring charm that entraps and seduces, and a mind that is sharp and tactical, Blackfire is a dangerous opponent, in both mind and matter. His skill at deceiving with well placed lies and trust has gotten him far over the years, however don’t get too attached to him, as his temper can flare when one simply looks at him the wrong way. He expects those beneath him to follow his every word, and he doesn’t take kindly to those that oppose him; don’t expect leniency when it comes to his wrath, as those that beg only fuel his sadistic personality.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): Blackfire is known for wielding a sharp, shining long sword, the hilt of the blade carved from a black metal, creating an intricate curved design. The half-elf male is also versed in some ways of magic, mostly in ways of ice to entrap and block his opponents from escaping.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Callum was once a halfling, just like many that had come before him, living in the outskirts miles away from the nearest kingdom. Off in the outskirts, life was hard, where hunting and foraging for food and supplies was much more difficult, noting that others would either trick you, or murder you for your supplies. He grew up with almost nothing, but as he worked and slaved to keep himself alive, he found a group of others similar to him, and found a home in a small village known as Ostgard. Working as a hunter to gather supplies and carcasses for food and goods, he found himself a friend in the form of another half-elf surprisingly, by the name of Sirion. Somewhat dark skinned like he was, and with similar feelings of wanting to find their place in the world, the two became friends, traveling when they could, and hoping to find a calling.

However, it all changed when one night, late in hour, Callum caught glimpse of a shining object, falling from the sky. With an aura that flowed an eerie purple, and hellish black flames that surrounded the falling object, Callum couldn’t help but leave his bed, quickly alerting Sirion of what he had seen. The two ventured off, and together, they came across a meteor, smoking within the crater it created. It’s dark glow illuminated the forests and trees nearby, yet Callum was wholly entranced by what he had found, never in his life finding such an object as wondrous as this.

It cracked, and in moments, the rock broke revealing it to be a shell, for what it held inside; a dark, shining jewel, colored ebony like nightfall. It pulsed to life, feeling a presence, and before the two half elves could even blink, the black crackles of energy broke from the gem, streaking within the air, before both were consumed. Like flames burning within his body, Callum felt himself change, physically, mentally; his fears, his anger, his doubts, they all began to bubble to the surface, began to consume him. His muscles pulsed, and soon found himself being dragged in by the jewels hold, its tether in Sirion having been broken after the other male elf fell unconscious. It had all happened so fast, and to Callum, he found himself unable to break free.

A flash, and then nothing.

The jewel had vanished, as did Callum, who left no trace behind of his whereabouts, or what happened to him.

Now, however, lurking in the shadows, was a being that held a magic indescribable. Powerful dark magic, that stemmed from corruption, hatred, and greed, a new being was born that night.

Callum was no longer alive, and in his ashes rose a figure born anew; Blackfire.

Those who who deal in the darkest of trades, the shadiest of business only know of the group of individuals known as
Those the Lurk Shadows, a band of spies and warriors that have been held to possess otherworldly abilities, even rivaling that of the worlds known relics and magicks of old. Their leader, a mystery to the ages, has plans for those that he finds that have outstayed their welcome, and kept what rightfully belongs to him; the Order of the Jewels within Lesallum.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): Leader of Those Who Lurk in the Shadows

Sexual Preferences: Blackfire likes to be the dominant, the one in control, and those that try to defy him will only know a much rougher time then they originally intended. Those that beg usually bring something within him, yet he finds it all the more sweeter to find those that he can break down to nothing, ones that have that spark that they believe will never die. He doesn’t shy away from one nights stands and quick services from those that throw themselves at him, merely finding it a way to sexually gratify himself. His mind is warped and twisted, and he can’t help if he happens to get too rough with someone he’s bedding, and those he tortures know just how rough he can be. While sex isn’t at the forefront of his mind, he can’t help but use it as ways of a means to information, if he has to.

Likes: Power, domination over those below him, getting the upper hand in his enemy

Dislikes: Self righteous heroes, the Order of the Jewels, those that support Lesallum and their wishes

ONs and Offs:

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?:

-A Dedicated Follower: Blackfire needs a band of people that know what he wants, and are willing to be as dark as he is in what they need to accomplish. Either someone that can be his right hand, or another that would be willing to be taken to the darker side by means of manipulation, or simple persuasion, would be interesting to see!

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three):

-Blackfire’s magnetic charm and allure makes him a dangerous adversary, both in and off the battle field. Those that walk in his path should be wary of him, because he has a way with words, and those that hear of him are more then willing to agree with him, with enough charm and persuasion of course.

-His proficiency with dark magic has become a new favorite of his, and the Obsidan Jewel has granted him more strength and endurance than that of an average male human.

-Blackfire’s knowledge of the forests make its easier him to know his territory, and where guards and bandits lurk. He’s a master of escape, and those that even hear of him, cannot find a way to capture him so simply.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three):

-Blackfire’s anger is something to be seen, as those who have born witness cower at the sight. However, it is a double edged sword, as Blackfires fury makes him sloppy, and when he’s angry, be aware that he will hunt you down until he squeezes out your last breath, as painfully, and slowly as possible.

-His appearance has caused some stares in the past when he first came to the world anew, and he finds himself at the midst of a battle brewing with his group, and that of Lesallum. Forced to hide in the shadows for the time being, Blackfire is unable to show himself to the world as of yet, wanting to savor the moment until he reveals himself, especially when the time is right.

-The Obsidian gives him immense power, but at the cost of his sanity. Blackfire is prone to outbursts and fits of rage on some occasions, and at times, he can be unpredictable. Bringing him to near madness in some cases, Blackfire is having trouble keeping himself under control, yet the jewel within him only spurs him on towards his maddening victory, even at the cost of his life.

Extra Info: -Blackfire is voiced by A.J. LoCascio

-The Obsidian Jewel that Blackfire wields is not that of the main group of gems; in fact, it is the first of its kind, and has seemingly come from nowhere, just as the jewels before it had. It is unknown if there are more like it in existence, but as of now, Blackfire is the only individual alive with what he calls a ‘Corrupt Gem’.


Name: Huld Eos Kyra

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: A young woman barely breaking five feet in height, Huld is a rather slender young woman, lacking much more than subtle curves to her form. Her face, though, is definitely a pretty one, marginally less pale than the snow of her homeland with rich dark blue eyes, framed by the dark locks that spill out from beneath the large white hat that she always seems to wear. Similarly, it is extremely hard to find her without a pair of white gloves on her hand, the rest of her wardrobe often matching this colour although she does, at least, vary her way into deep blues and blacks at times.

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Personality: Huld is a quiet young woman, the exact nature of her silence depending heavily on the nature of those around her. She knows very well that she both lacks much interest in men at all, and that she is rather poor at hiding this, so she stays quiet around them to avoid saying something she knows she should not. Around women the exact opposite is the problem, combined with a nervous shyness. Her habit of daydreaming doesn't especially help, although if matters of history, music or gunsmithing come up then she suddenly comes alive with eagerness and a drive to fully explore the topic, often to far greater depths than those around her might have wanted.

Weapon/Magic: At least one flintlock pistol is on her person somewhere, as is befitting the daughter of the first noble family to embrace the new weapons. A studious and intelligent young woman with her own interest in such things, she tends to make modifications to her weapons as she goes, and has practiced quite extensively with their use.

Background: The eldest daughter of the Kyros family, Huld was born into the higher end of Lesallum's social order, as well as in it's most northern holdings. The family home is rather isolated in the snowy outskirts of the nation and she grew up without much outside contact at all, amusing herself by supplementing the already extensive education that she was provided with further studies in, essentially, whatever she could find books on in the library, her expertise ranging through several languages and into some obscure subjects such as the care and handling of rabbits, including the relative advantages and disadvantages of coneygarths versus rabbit courts, the Lesallum tax reforms of around a century ago and, of course, the rather extensive documentation on the development, maintenance and use of firearms, kept there due to the heavy support of her family in the development of such weapons.
Other than that, her days were spent singing to herself and watching the birds outside.
At least until she grew old enough for her family to start considering marriage.
That did not go well for anyone involved, as she discovered that her best response to the young men was utter indifference, and often worse.
Before things could continue too long, however, Huld was Chosen, waking up with the symbol of an eye on her hand and far more information on the nature of her conception when she wanted, although she was slightly impressed, despite herself, by her mother's use of the library shelves.
Leaving her sister to continue the family, she promptly made sure that the Order was made aware of her nature and tried not to think too hard about the idea of serving strong, mature female knights in ways that she knew wouldn't happen in reality, even though they were quite nice to think about.

Alignment: The Order of Jewels

Sexual Preferences: Huld has no experience whatsoever, her main interactions having been either with men, who she lacks interest in, or women working for her family, who it would be improper to approach for such things. While 'woman' is generally good enough to attract her interest, she does feel a stronger pull to women who are older, more experienced, more powerful or more confident than she is and very much pictures herself as the one being swept off of her feet than the one doing the sweeping.

Likes: Huld greatly enjoys peace and quiet, cold weather, reading, the company of other women and birds and, although she is somewhat shy about it, singing, maintaining and practicing with her guns and writing enjoyable but highly inappropriate stories about female nobles and/or knights and innocent servant girls.

Dislikes: Huld does not appreciate the attention of men, strong smells, loud people and crowds, spicy food, cats, insects of basically any kind, hot weather

ONs and Offs: I'm okay with many things as long as I'm asked in advance. But, for Huld, submission, lesbianism, elaborate costumes, bondage and such are very much welcome. Dub con and non-con (the latter including male partners, but only in that case)
But as far as offs go, scat, snuff/gore, vore, stuff like that are very much hard 'No's' for me.

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: TBA

- Well Educated - Huld's family is, of course, not on the same level as the Caelum, but they are still fairly high in the hierarchy of Lesallum and were very capable of providing their eldest daughter with an extensive education, Huld especially excelling in matters historical and linguistic.
- Stubborn - As much of a hindrance as a help, Huld is extremely hard to talk into doing something that she does not wish to do. Add in a firm moral center and it would be exceedingly difficult to talk, bribe or threaten her into doing anything at all wrong. Her stubbornness persists to the level that, while it won't stop magic from affecting her mind, it will make it a bit harder to influence her, even in such a way.
- Attentive - One thing that Huld learned in her studies is the importance of small details and paying attention to such things. Small oddities in her surroundings and the behaviour of those around her tend to be noticed easily and remembered in case of future relevance.

Naive - Educated, Intelligent and attentive, Huld is still lacking in knowledge of how to deal with people that she isn't either related to or employing and it shows. Not having had much exposure to people who would lie to her she isn't too great at picking up on dishonesty without something to confirm untruths and tends towards just believing what she is told.
Stubborn - As much of a hindrance as a help, Huld is extremely hard to talk out of doing something once she has decided that it is the right thing to do. At best she might listen to someone who can pull rank on her, most likely in the Order of the Jewel, but typically once she decides on a course she follows it to the end, for good or ill. If someone manages to talk her into something, good luck having someone else talk her out of it.
Easily Distracted - Between her keen interest in women and her habit of paying close attention to everything around her, Huld can be distracted by attractive women fairly easily. Birds, music and guns have a similar effect on her, as well.

Extra Info: You will have to pry her hat out of her cold, dead fingers. She doesn't sleep or wash in it, but otherwise it always seems to be on her head.

(Please note that only female characters can have a Jewel)

Are you a Chosen?: (If not, please skip all) Yes

If yes, what jewel type? (No duplicates. They don’t have to connect with your character’s personality, feel free to choose whichever gem you enjoy): Kyanite

How did you acquire your jewel? (Was it passed down from the previous owner? Were you suddenly chosen?): Suddenly Chosen

Semblance (Your unique power that comes from the jewel. What power does it grant you?): Psychometry. Upon touching an object, can choose a period of time in the past and see/hear/experience all that could be seen/heard/otherwise experienced from where that object had been during that period.

Mark of the Jewel (A mark that appears on the body when chosen. What does it look like? Where is it located?): Left palm

How long have you been a Chosen?: 3 weeks


Here's Tez! Greetings from scenic Uruk!

Name: 'Tez' Tez'taka of Outer Uruk

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Goblin

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): Tez stands tall for a goblin at a towering 3'5” built of sinewy well defined pale green skinned muscle. Like most goblins, Tez has sharply defined cheek bones over somewhat rosy and freckled cheeks beneath a prominent brow. Below her cheeks is a wide set mouth with two rows of large and sharp teeth that her thin lips often have difficulty completely concealing, much to the discomfort of those around her, at both corners of her mouth protrude a short tusk ornamented with iron rings. Even among goblins Tez's ears are particularly large, each roughly the length of her face and proudly adorned in a series of iron rings and studs. Her ears are framed by, often unkempt, green ombre hair that falls just past her shoulders where it appears to meet a rough knife shorn end. All of this frames around a pair of enormous gleaming citrus eyes that often display a rather contagious eager energy and ceaseless curiosity.

Typically Tez wears an ensemble of darkly colored rags, shawls, and cloaks, to better facilitate her night time strolls. The most outstanding features of her outfit are a pair of leather and glass goggles that she often either wears around her forehead or dangling from her neck, along with large leather flaps that extend from the bottom of her wrists to the top of her hips. Tez's body and face are also often covered with somewhat haphazardly applied bandages, sometimes this is done as a mild attempt at concealing her identity, but more often than not its a novice's attempt at treating the various bumps and scratches accrued from falling off of buildings.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): Tez is an unrelenting whirlwind of ill thought out action whose desires largely revolve around satisfying her own personal curiosity, and helping those who seem to need it. While there can be no denying her irresponsible and devil may care attitude during calmer times of plenty, there are few quicker to react or more willing to risk their life for the sake of others than Uruk's infamous rooftop thief, the fearless Tez'taka. Unfortunately, growing up Uruk's goblin shanty, located deep within the shadow of Uruk's mighty eastern wall, has given Tez a deep distrust of any form of nobility or those born into wealth.   

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): Tez relies on a combination of her citrine's control over the wind, a hand crossbow, and a pair of bolas. More often than not she uses these weapons as a way of escaping pursuers without causing to much harm, whether it be through the use of a grappling hook bolt to pull herself to safety, or using the bolas to tie up a sentry long enough to escape a dangerous situation.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Tez's tribe were once a nomadic people, moving from settlement to settlement, trading crafted goods and animal pelts to provide for themselves until an opportunity for permanent residence presented itself in the Uruk coup. At the time, many in Uruk were afraid to fight against the considerable forces of those seeking to overthrow the royal family, as it was not uncommon for those loyal to the crown to be found dead during the night. Coincidentally, during the royal family's most dire hour, Tez's people were passing through the region, and the royalty were quick to offer them a trade, the goblins' loyalty and alliance in exchange for a small section of the kingdom to call their own.

With the coup defeated at the cost of many loyalist and goblin lives, the newly crowned King Set honored his family's agreement with Tez's tribe. At the furthest reaches of Uruk, pressed up against the nation's immense Eastern border wall, the goblins were allowed to cultivate a new home, eager to trade with their new countrymen for the supplies they would need to make a community of their own.

However, there was a great deal of spite held for the goblin's among many who resided in Uruk. The thought that a horde of filthy goblins could possibly seize a portion of their nation would have been impossible without resorting to some sort of despicable deception. There was no way the royal family would stoop so low as to consort with the foul creatures, even if officials claimed, often in irritated tones, that such a deal was exactly what happened. As a result of this prejudice for the newly settled goblins, there were few who would have any sort of dealings with the goblin commune, and the lack of trade and fresh resources slowly morphed the hopeful goblin society into a withdrawn and bitter shanty, its people scraping to get by.

This was the life Tez was born into, and it was one that she vowed early in her life to change, not just for her, but for all of her kind huddled in the far reaches of Uruk. To this end, she reasoned that if the rest of Uruk would not give her people what they needed, that she would either take it without permission or offer such wealth that only a fool would refuse her. With this idea, Tez used her considerable dexterity and natural aptitude for acrobatics to rob those that had so cruelly shunned her people.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): Currently an independent citizen of Uruk, but growing up with stories of the Order of Jewels has made her enamored with the organization.

Sexual Preferences: Tez grew up with a rather casual view of sex, viewing the act itself as a pleasant activity more akin to eating a potentially pleasant meal rather than any sort of special occasion. This being said, she often fantasizes about being romanced by the sort of charismatic heroes that make up the casts of her favorite stories. While an absolute novice to the dance, she'd be more than eager in attempting and failing at the sort of coy back and forth that always seems to accompany romantic endeavors.

Likes: While Tez was brought up in a state of near constant poverty, she was able to, albeit briefly, raise herself from the drudgery of her life through three avenues: sneaking into the parts of Uruk typically reserved for the nobility, sharing pilfered sweets with her myriad siblings, and hearing stories about the fantastical adventures of those heroes that made up the Order of Jewels. As a child she would often frame her expeditions past the locked doors of Uruk's highest towers as a quest akin to those undergone by the members of Order to retrieve what her people needed to survive from the tyrants that needlessly hoarded them. More often than not, the young goblin would pretend to be Aranea herself, claiming that whatever mundane shiny rock she picked up out of the dirty street granted her some form of magical powers.

Dislikes: More than anything, Tez finds herself angered by those who believe themselves better than others for something as irrelevant as birthright, especially when those making the claims utterly drain the hope for a better life out of those with no further left to fall. The way she sees it, such arrogance is largely responsible for her tribe's ill treatment, and she has little restraint when it comes to expressing her opinions to those that would dismiss her people out of hand.

ONs and Offs: Tez is open to a large variety of experiences, with the exception of anything involving restraints, domineering, or bathroom play.

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: I would love to see Tez become involved with and eventually a member of the Order of Jewels. While she wouldn't leave her people in their current state, new trade between Uruk and Lesallum might lead to a new source of stability for Uruk's goblins.

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three): A lifetime of sneaking into and over the ancient architecture of Uruk has built up a talent for sneaking and acrobatics within Tez. She's also become fairly talented in using the powers of her gem to redirect her projectiles in mid-flight, along with making her otherwise useless wingsuit grant her the ability to quickly and nimbly glide from perch to perch.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three): Tez's largest weaknesses are her size, her lack of a formal education, and her fiery temper. While large for a goblin, Tez is still smaller than most, and physically weaker than the larger races of her world. She doesn't like to discuss it and her sensitivity to the subject will often make her unnecessarily combative, but Tez's education growing up largely only covered what her people considered practical knowledge, not unnecessary information such as proper linguistic skills, higher mathematics, and reading. This combativeness is not just limited to her feelings regarding her upbringing however, as any form of sincerely  arrogance is usually enough to respond a seemingly disproportionate response from the fiery goblin.

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?) Onward and Upward

Extra Info:

(Please note that only female characters can have a Jewel)

Are you a Chosen?: (If not, please skip all) Yes

If yes, what jewel type? (No duplicates. They don’t have to connect with your character’s personality, feel free to choose whichever gem you enjoy): Citrine

How did you acquire your jewel? (Was it passed down from the previous owner? Were you suddenly chosen?): One of Tez's first heists was of a exceedingly small chest of uncut semi-precious gemstones. Ugliest among these was the worn citrine, its luster largely faded, and its wear far exceeding that of its neighbors. Regardless of its somber appearance, Tez felt herself strangely attracted to the stone, and as she laid her fingers on it, the hot desert wind roared to life around her. When the mighty gust finally settled, she could see the mark of the citrine drawn into her palm, and the wind itself sharply reacting to her desire.

Semblance (Your unique power that comes from the jewel. What power does it grant you?): Tez can control the wind in short but powerful bursts. Whether or not the jewel has powers beyond what she can accomplish, she does not know, but currently she is able to use it to redirect her projectiles, and provide sustained gliding with the use of her goblin wingsuit. She can also use it to put pressure against most things in an outdoor environment, although the fickle nature of wind often makes such force unsustainable.

Mark of the Jewel (A mark that appears on the body when chosen. What does it look like? Where is it located?): Palm of the left hand
The Citrine Mark

How long have you been a Chosen?: Three years


I hoped she turned out to be a tiny cutie and I was not disappointed!  ;D (Actually I'm just happy to see some more nonhuman races. =p)

Ivory Dawn

Sorry it took so long! The holidays really messed up my timetables! Let me know if she needs any edits :D

Name: Lumiona “Iona” Lovelyglade

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Fairy

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): Iona is a larger specimen of fairy from the Wilds, and normally stands between 12 and 14” tall, but can change (as only a few fairy species can) to short-human height when needed; she is between 5’ and 5’3” when she changes. Iona has long green hair and eyes the color of ripe cherries. Her skin is pale, due to the heavy shadows in the Wilds, and her wings are similar to dragonfly wings – colorless gossamer with delicate veining through. She normally wears a short black-and-white dress and tall boots, and carries a harp.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): Iona presents herself as overwhelmingly positive. She is a booster, and thinks the best of everyone, and wants to give people a chance. She is categorically certain that they will disappoint her in the end. She feels pretty sure that nothing people can do can really surprise her anymore. Deep down, she dislikes letting people get close to her, and has a wicked, vicious side to her - a little bit of the dark side of the fairies. Her music is her passion, and she practices frequently.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): Short sword, weaponized music via the harp, and her jewel’s magic.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Iona spent most of her life working and playing with the rest of her clan of fairies. They were known for their musical skill and their general fondness for pranks and mischief – some of the less scrupulous members of the clan would trick people into following their songs and lead them into danger to take their valuables. Iona spent some time on the ‘forest protection squad’, which was in charge of misleading and stopping people who entered the Wilds to cause damage or with other ill-intent. She was usually responsible for following them and determining what they were planning, but she had a talent for lullabies as well, putting more than a few loggers to sleep so her family and friends could neutralize the problem.

One day, an old woman with green hair entered their part of the forest. Most older people were little danger to the Wilds, but Iona followed her anyway. The woman, after several hours of being followed, stopped and rested against a tree, taking out three things: A large wedge of cheese, a knife, and an opaque green stone. She called out to Iona, who cautiously flew down and spoke with her. The woman revealed that she was a Jewel Holder, and that the stone she carried was a Jewel. She shared her food with the fairy, and told her that her life was at an end, and that the Jewel wanted to pass from her hands. She was choosing Iona to bear it next.

Even a fairy clan in the middle of the woods knew of the Order of Jewels, and Iona, who was getting bored with her normal life, thought only a moment before agreeing. The woman picked up the Jewel in one hand, telling Iona to take it, and the fairy did so, wrapping both arms around the stone and holding it to her.

She could feel the power, which flowed through her, turning her pale blonde hair the green of the stone. Iona fluttered her wings, flying up in excitement. When she came back down, she noticed the old woman had aged, her hair going white and deep wrinkles appearing on her face in just the few seconds the fairy had held the stone. The woman picked up the knife and placed it to her wrist, but Iona stopped her. There were things in the Wilds which would be drawn by the blood, and it would hurt her heart to know one of her sisters had died like that.

Instead, she tucked the Jewel into her belt and pulled out her harp. The song she played was better, more lovely, than any she’d ever played, and lulled the old woman to sleep, and then into the next world. Iona made her tearful way back to her clan and explained what had happened. She packed her things, over their protests, and headed out to join the Order of Jewels. It was her duty, she told them, and she refused to shirk it.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): Order of Jewels

Sexual Preferences: Flexible. Iona is willing to try anything twice, and she enjoys making other people happy. If that means she’s dominating, she’s down for it. If it means pretending to be an innocent fairy trapped in a villain’s web, she’s down for that too.

Likes: Sweets, flying, music, people who are nice, foggy days, and full moons.

Dislikes: Cats, rain, people who deliberately hurt other beings, liars, and cold iron.

ONs and Offs: O/Os

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: She’s small, so she’s suited for intrigue and sneaking. More of a support character (see her Jewel power), so she’s happy to tag along on anything with others.

Perfect Pitch: Not only does this enhance her playing, Iona has a talent for recognizing people by the sound of their footsteps, and has a great sense of hearing overall.

Small: Iona is (or can be) very small, making her hard to spot. She is also adept at sneaking into places unseen, or into places where others might not be able to get into.

Flight: Iona’s wings scale with her when she shrinks or grows, enabling her to fly, giving her tactical usefulness and the ability to escape if needed.

Iron Allergy: Iona, like most fairies, has an extreme allergic reaction to cold iron. Even casual contact can leave painful welts or sores.

Trusting Nature: Iona is willing to give everyone a chance. She trusts people to keep their word, to tell the truth, and act in earnest.

Small: Being a fairy, Iona is not physically powerful. Even when she is human-sized, she is not strong.

Mummer's Dance by Loreena McKennitt

Extra Info: Iona is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

(Please note that only female characters can have a Jewel)

Are you a Chosen?: (If not, please skip all) Yes

If yes, what jewel type? (No duplicates. They don’t have to connect with your character’s personality, feel free to choose whichever gem you enjoy): Malachite

How did you acquire your jewel? (Was it passed down from the previous owner? Were you suddenly chosen?): Passed from previous owner

Semblance (Your unique power that comes from the jewel. What power does it grant you?): Musical Protection. Malachite gives Iona the power to create protective barriers against a variety of things, from evil spirits to elemental damage from magic. She frequently uses her harp to augment it, but can perform the magic with just her voice if needed.

Mark of the Jewel (A mark that appears on the body when chosen. What does it look like? Where is it located?): Malachite turns the bearer’s hair green.

How long have you been a Chosen?: 9 months


As of now, anyone that is still creating a character that has a Jewel, and is approved by me to do make, is ok! Anyone after this post that is created will be denied. The cap is set now; thank you for your interest! :D

Please feel free to create magic or sword users, and villains as well however!


Holy carp, I was not expecting another fairy, but wow! I guess that makes three... Or at least two and a half. xD


Quote from: Gardsorm on December 27, 2019, 08:32:20 PM
Holy carp, I was not expecting another fairy, but wow! I guess that makes three... Or at least two and a half. xD

I know it’s super exciting! :D


Hey, I'll put interest here because I love the concept and I'd love to add to the villains side, but I'd have to see if it would pan out with my wierd schedule! ^^'
If sex was a roller-coaster, I'd ride it over and over again.



Quote from: catherinehellfire on January 07, 2020, 12:50:16 PM
Hey, I'll put interest here because I love the concept and I'd love to add to the villains side, but I'd have to see if it would pan out with my wierd schedule! ^^'

Awesome, thank you for th interest!


Quote from: Tokyorose627 on January 07, 2020, 01:42:29 PM
Awesome, thank you for th interest!
No problem! Would It be alright if I pmed you questions and such?
If sex was a roller-coaster, I'd ride it over and over again.



Quote from: catherinehellfire on January 07, 2020, 10:00:05 PM
No problem! Would It be alright if I pmed you questions and such?

Yeah no problem! Feel free!


Hello again! We’re still looking for players who are interested in the Game! Villains are ideal at the moment but feel free to put down interest in case you wanted to try another role, such as a hero, or even a mercenary!

I personally have a character idea that connects to mine as well, so if anyone would be interested, please feel free to contact me! :D

Darrow Huck

I might have an idea for a fae villain. Let me know what that character idea is and I'll see if I can work it in.


Quote from: Darrow Huck on February 08, 2020, 08:43:32 AM
I might have an idea for a fae villain. Let me know what that character idea is and I'll see if I can work it in.

Thank you for the interest! I have sent you a message!


Representing the Knights of Lesallum, it's the countryside hero himself: Eric Deagro!

Name: Eric Deagro

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): Eric stands at 5'7” with a lean but well defined and athletic build. His sleek raven hair frames a face of a sharp and well defined features which often is frozen in a expression of what mistakenly appears to be a look of perpetual disinterest. Lacking a preference for apparel, Eric's garb is usually defined solely by its function. In formal occasions he's most often adorned in the bright silver plate armor of the Knights of Lesallum, and in more casual environs he usually wears a set of loosely fitting darkly toned attire that allows for a free range of motion.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): An unshakable devotion to those under his care only matched by the passion with which he seeks to make himself a better protector of that which is important to him, above all that is what makes Eric Deagro. While first impressions often lead people to believe that Eric is standoffish, the reality is that he is simply lacking in the social confidence necessary to establish relationships through more conventional means. Contrary to how this paints him, Eric has a deep caring for those who he has affection for to the point where he put every ounce of focus he has towards addressing what he perceives as being the problems of his charges. Despite his best intentions this all consuming focus often leaves him blind to all but what he is attempting to resolve in the moment, even if it means failing to see what is happening in the world around him, and what else might be causing torment in the lives of those he seeks to defend.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?):
Due to his desire to defend those around him, Eric has taken to fighting with a sword and shield. At the moment, neither of these are particularly remarkable items, and among the knights of Lesallum, his skill barely surpasses that of a novice.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?): Eric's story begins before his birth, with the legend of his father, Vallance Deagro. Vallance was a man with a storied career as a soldier in the Vesallum army, tales of his unbelievable accomplishments reaching beyond the kingdom's borders. Eric had never known this legendary hero, only the drunken lout who coasted on the goodwill earned by his name, the foul individual who ceaselessly abused him and his mother and disgustingly declared that his son would only ever be a disappointment in his eyes.

What stung beyond the blows of his father was the constant mewling he'd heard levied towards his tormentor by those who only new the stories of him. “How glad you must be to have such a great father!” Strangers would tell him with disgusting sycophancy. “You certainly have some large shoes to fill young man!” They'd laugh as if knowing what a joke such a statement was.

Despite his loathing for his father, this constant pressure drove him to ceaselessly better himself. If he was anything less than amazing, he would always be reminded of how he should aspire to be as great a hero as his father. If he ever took a moment to himself, he would be reminded that such laziness did not befit the progeny of the kingdom's finest. Under such constant berating by the adults in his life, Eric became convinced that perhaps they were right in the greatness of his father and his own inadequacy.

There was only one person who seemed to seem him as anything other than the son of a hero, and that was the girl who grew up in the house next to his, a kindly soul by the name of Greta. She was the only one who ever treated him as his own person, as someone who saw that he was struggling every day under the weight of his name. She offered him solace in allowing him the occasional chance to be the child that he was, to eat pastries, to lay among fields of flowers, to wonder at the world around them.

Yet Eric was unable to keep this joy in his life from being consumed by his burdens, eventually seeing Greta as being the sort of wonderful person that needed to be protected by a hero. To this end he became even more driven to improve himself, eventually becoming skilled enough to earn himself the title of local hero as he was able to defend his town and his sole friend from the monsters that threatened their village. Despite telling himself that this had all been for others, Eric couldn't help but find the recognition to be somewhat intoxicating. Finally he was being seen as someone in his own right, finally he could be mentioned separately from the monster whose name he shared.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): Eric is an ally of the Order of Jewels in service to the Knights of Lesallum.

Sexual Preferences: Eric is largely inexperienced in matters of sex, with only a few experimental moments in his home village keeping him from being a complete neophyte. While he is loath to admit it due to the way he defines his role in life as that of a protector, Eric finds a secret fascination in the concept of a domineering relationship. He continuously tells himself that this would only extend to the concept of a protective husband and a doting wife, but on occasions his mind cant help but traverse beyond the lines of social acceptability.

Likes: Eric has never been the most particularly happy individual, but he does have a few things that elevate his spirit. Beyond anything, the sight of appreciation for his efforts in the eyes of others gives him a sense of accomplishment that he constantly strives for. However he also has a nostalgic appreciation for the taste of baked goods and the aroma of flowers, less because of how they please the senses, and more because it reminds him of the few times where he felt as if he felt happy without necessitating the approval of others, something he feels he only had because of the dear friend he had to share those moments with.

Dislikes: Eric views life as a constant struggle, if not against the threats surrounding a man and their charges, than against oneself and a desire for complacency.  As a result of this, Eric can't help but view what he believes to be an excess of frivolities to be both irresponsible and immoral. A person must fight for the sake of the people they want to protect, otherwise they do a disservice to those they might have the gall to claim to care for. An extension of this is a severe distaste for those who have found themselves in a place of privilege and power, not for their own efforts, but from others granting them these things when they were undeserved.

ONs and Offs: In his inexperience and withheld desires, Eric is willing to try most things at least once, however he has a longing for dominance that he doesn't know how to act upon. Due to player preferences, this openness does not extend to bathroom play.

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three):

Unyielding Resolve: While he is still able to lift his shield in defense of others, he will do so without a second thought. While consciousness remains with him, Eric will throw himself into whatever danger might harm others without a thought to his own pain or peril.

Unbridled Focus: Once Eric has set his mind to do something, he will do everything in his power to see it through. If this means anything from learning a new martial maneuver to learning how to bake the perfect pastry for someone he cares for, he will see it done.

Rookie Combatant: While considered by the Knights of Lesallum to be a rookie in their ranks due to his self teaching, Eric's discipline has still allowed him to become an undeniably talented warrior in the use of sword and shield.

Baking Savant Although he considers it to be somewhat shameful for the son of a hero aspiring to great deeds himself, Eric has always had a unbelievable aptitude for creating and perfecting baked goods. Unfortunately as this came so easy to him, he can't help but feel as if it is an undeserved talent, and rarely uses it save for at Greta's request.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three):
Stubbornness: Once Eric has set his mind to do something, he will do everything in his power to see it through. This often leads to him becoming completely detached from the world around him, from the feelings of others, and even his own welfare.

Pride Due to his lineage and the thrill he receives from the recognition of his efforts, Eric can't help but be an extremely proud individual. Without hesitation he will seek to defend his name by putting his own life on the line, and on occasion he will even find a measure of pleasure in the harming of others who turn their noses up at him.

Rookie Combatant: Despite all his efforts to the contrary, Eric is still both a young man, and one who is self taught. His martial prowess is largely limited by lack of proper instruction in the ways of swordplay. Even now in his role as a knight, many of the instructors refuse to offer him the same tutelage they would to other knights due to what they view as a nepotistic relationship with the royal family.

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?)
Chrono Cross OST - Departed Souls
Chrono Cross OST - People Imprisoned by Destiny



Name: Rakan Al-Nasir

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Rakan stands at a height of 5'8, sporting a toned physique leaning closer to the lithe spectrum. His hair is a rather simple shade of brown, often seen messy due to his daily activities. While most of his appearance would not warrant a second glance by anyone, his most striking features are the pair of light-piercing blue eyes, and the presence of markings on his left arm.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Despite being a hardworking, adventurous sort, Rakan is as solitary an individual as many of Wyspmoor's residents, perhaps moreso due to the schism between classes. Few folks far inbetween have ever been able to see anything more than a determined face grace his features, to the point where one would be forgiven for assuming he's forgotten how to smile. However, were one to meet with him in a tavern, they would find this is very much not the case, as he greatly enjoys the atmosphere of individuals after a hard day drinking away their worries in the presence of one another.

However, deeply rooted in his being is an obvious resentment for the elite class in Wyspmoor, who can gleefully look down upon him and others that toil for much of their lives in the service of those that potentially perceive themselves better. More often than not, he's forced to keep these opinions to himself, as there are many worse things Wyspmoor must deal with than internal conflicts, as the very world around them seems to try for their sanity and well being. All in all, Rakan struggles to stumble through life, seeking the means to reverse the fortunes of himself and his people any way he can... Or failing that, to carve an existence out away from the reaches of royalty and elitism.

Weapon/Magic: Rakan wields Paired Daggers, nothing terribly special about them. As for magic, well... No, he has none. He's just rather adept physically.

Background: Many wish to be born with the hope or knowledge that they were connected to some grand lineage, destined for greatness... Rakan, however, was not. Little more than a peasant born into the lowly working class of Wyspmoor, he has had the privilege of toiling under the watchful gaze of the elites, safe and secure in their homes while the citizens outside were always in danger posed from The Wilds. A few lucky folks were often plucked from the working class to go work in the castle, but such a lucky break was never afforded to the man. Nevertheless, he often did not envy those who went to work for those above them, as the less he needed to see of them, the better.

However, everything was shaken up when a new Jewel bearer was chosen... And it was not someone of the high class. Talk at the local tavern had gone to great lengths about how the Bearer was now someone from the low class, a one Seraphina Willowe. To Rakan, this woman was a hero among the people, unaware of just how much grief the stone would go on to cause its newfound wielder. It wasn't until later that he heard the scathing whispers, of hopes dashed, others questioning if they would be punished by the elites for a lowborn obtaining the stone, and more. Many had even gone on to blame the woman for troubles that seemed to rapidly increase for the village, and soon Rakan grew disgusted of it. Only a few seemed to continue to hold her in high regard, himself one such person among his associates.

Despite their new Jewel Bearer, life had not changed in the slightest for Rakan, though he often found more reason to go about it with more positivity in his life knowing someone like her would hopefully use the power rightfully. Often times, he even hoped that if he could better himself in the way of combat, he might even be able to join her, to help any way he could. However, his method of training included the use of The Wilds via short jaunts, only going far enough to test against the creatures close to home, the ones that posed the greatest danger of barreling into the village to cause trouble. A lifetime growing up near The Wilds had helped to afford the young man enough resistance to do what he could without needing to venture too deep.

Over time, however, he would come to feel increasingly in need of new experiences, such as the sort that he would not find chained to Wyspmoor for the rest of his life, and so when he felt good and ready, he bade friends and family farewell to pursue new horizons. Now, the world as a whole was to be his new home, and he would have to make a new living any way he could, much like how Seraphina was no doubt doing as well. Highway robbery would go on to serve his needs for a time, stealing from wealthy mercantile caravans some of their coins and a small portion of their food to survive, his own capabilities keeping average protectors at bay long enough to secure something to live off of. Within the following months, he has since set himself up for Mercenary work, though he still performs thievery on the side if only to satisfy old habits. After all, the rich surely won't miss a negligible portion of their riches... And if so, few were brazen enough to resist and risk punishment via public embarassment.

Yet with each passing day he keeps in mind the fact that, sooner or later, he would draw the attention of more determined Knights and peacekeepers to stop him... Maybe even one day he woukd need to fight the very Jewel Wielders themselves. Though he dreads such a day, he also looks forward to it as a test of how far along he has come.
Alignment: Mercenary/Bandit

Sexual Preferences: Rakan likes wild, raunchy sex!... But no, not really. To Rakan, Sexual experience matters very little in the grand scheme compared to finding the right person you jive with. The talks of one night stands, having multiple partners, 'conquests' and the like do not appeal to the man, whereas simple companionship and presence has served more than well enough. Many a night has Rakan spent time with one lady or another, less out of interest and more out of necessity, and rarely have these encounters turned sexual. At most, kissing, embracing, and other physical exchanges are most common in Wyspmoor's more dangerous areas. Does that mean he's a virgin? He would certainly never tell a soul.

Likes: In Rakan's life, he appreciates effort; Those who work hard to better themselves, achieve some goal, or fight to resist a fate that would otherwise see them dead. The drove to survive, as he prefers to call it. In less abstract matters, Rakan has a fondness for sweets rarely seen among other Wyspmoori residents. Finally, he enjoys peace and quiet, usually alone but at times this can include the presence of another.

Dislikes: Rakan has a notable dislike for loud, boastful individuals, either of their own merits, their skill in battle, their latest lay, and more. To him, if one must be so loud about their accomplishments, there must exist some manner of insecurity that plagues their being so deeply that they must announce something with pride to keep it at bay. Among other things, Rakan has a dislike of utterly bitter vegetables, and unless they possess some manner of sweetness or measure of taste, he will greatly resist them with the same tenacity a child might. Finally, as mentioned above, he has a great dislike of nobility of all shapes, sizes, and sorts. No matter how benevolent your rule, how pure your intentions, how fair your beauty may be, his view of nobility has long since been been dead and buried thanks to the elites of Wyspmoor, and he wants nothing to do with them anymore in any region, on any continent of the world.

ONs and Offs: I'm okay with many things as long as I'm asked in advance.
But as far as offs go, scat, snuff/gore, vore, stuff like that are very much hard 'No's' for me.

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?:


Tenacity - Rakan is a hardy individual, even if his overall build may not seem like it. From trying to eke out a living in dangerous territory, to fighting a daunting opponent, Rakan will adamantly refuse to call it quits until all possibility seems moot.

Lithesome - To Rakan, being able to stand there and soak up damage is not worth being able to flank, evade, and ambush an opponent when they least expect it. To that end, his physical training has gone to great lengths to improve his movement, footwork, and sense of balance to adeptly engage opponents and retreat through difficult paths to follow.

Good Company - Any good Wyspmoori knows better than to trust just anyone on the outside. His actions have, nevertheless, drawn something of a following of associates and friends, some Wyspmoori and others looking for a slice of the pies he likes to cut from the world. More often than not it's a little disorganized, but when motivated, he can lead a group like a proper bandit clan.


Self-Imposed Exile - It may be his home, but Rakan was happy to leave it to gaze upon a bigger world. Since leaving, he has sworn off returning home until he can change the status quo, one way or another. Mayhaps it's a fool's errand. Perhaps he'll never see the illusory majesty of Wyspmoor ever again. How this tale ends, no one knows,  but rarely do they end happily.

Easily Tired - Whether due to how often he labors, or just in general a very sleepy person, Rakan is nevertheless often capable of finding himself easily exhausted. Years of training have slowly enhanced his ability to stay active longer, but he has not the reserves necessary to stay active a full day. More often than not he spends more of a day sleeping than awake, and usually finds himself more active during the evening hours.

Untrusting - This seems to be a Wyspmoori standard, but Rakan rarely trusts anyone, or anything, enough to be near them for any longer than necessary, unless they themselves are Wyspmoori. He has made some exceptions (especially when bars and taverns are concerned), but much of his company is rarely spent by himself, and he's known to have a friend or three nearby to ensure nothing too drastic occurs.


Extra Info:



Name: Vergil ‘V’ Porter

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human

Appearance (Anime pictures preferred, or detailed description): Vergil is a tall man standing at 6’2, and weighing around 200 pounds. With blueish gray eyes that seem to shine in the darkest places, and short onyx black hair, he has been used to being stared at by those who are around him, either out of intrigue or wary concern as to who he is. With most of his body covered by dark tattoos, it’s hard to tell that Vergil is a somewhat lithe and lanky individual, not much in consideration when it comes to strength and muscle. Despite this, Vergil lives for his own needs and wellbeing, and considers himself confidant in what he does. Though people notice, they often not ask why he walks with a cane, something he is used to carrying with him.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality (Please be descriptive): Vergil is someone who at first glance would seem like the type to be cold and distant, and for Vergil, he believed that at times as well. One to be off on his own, to get what he wants at his own discretion, he didn’t seem to find time in teaming with others; however, his participation in their little group all but called for it. Very much in tune with inspecting and gauging people’s true emotions and intentions, Vergil is quite the inquisitive person, one that doesn’t blatantly insult, however, he can be blunt at times. He doesn’t sugarcoat things when they need to be heard, and finds that telling the truth is the easier way to getting people to talk, even if he himself is not truthful.

Though, his lies are all but to keep people away from who he really is, or rather, from who he once was. Not wanting to be weak, not wanting to be compared to his past self, he strives to be confidant in his abilities, but not a show off. He’s surprisingly a good listener, and is inquisitive when it comes to giving advice, and rather oddly, is good at understanding the emotions of others. Empathetic during quieter moments, people find Vergil to almost be like a source of comfort, for he does not judge those he doesn’t know personally.

Weapon/Magic (What weapon do you wield? Can you cast magic?): The cane that Vergil possess may look like an ordinary cane, shining silver hilt and all, however looks cqn be deceiving. Hidden within the cane is a sharp blade, a sword concealed.

Despite having this weapon he only uses it for close combat situations, as his magic is what is truly the deadliest. Seemingly something out of nightmares, Vergil summons and manifests his own shadow to become a being for which he uses. Usually in the form of an animal as a familiar, he uses it to fight the battles he finds himself in, as well as for gathering information he seeks. Almost as if he lives vicariously through his shadow, his commands for it are direct, with concentration being key to keeping its shape.

Background (What has lead you to where you are today?):

Vergil had been born to a kind mother within the village of Etrigan, near the outskirts of Lesallum, settled nearby a riverbank. The village only held a small hundred or so, as the villagers within survived in trading goods and selling of lumber. Vergil was much too busy with helping his sickly mother, as his father was no where to be found, having left them when he was not yet even born. Resentment and confusion as to why he would leave, Vergil found himself having to grow fast, as his mother could only do so much before he would tire herself. He grew only seeing very few people, as those began to feel that his mothers illness could be deadly, and Vergil was soon left to fend for the entire household.

Despite this, he was still a curious young boy, wishing to go out into the world, and to find his father. From what he could gather from the villagers much older then him, he was a soldier of some sort that would roam villages to fight monsters for coin. With the information he had, he set off on a short journey at the age of 13, leaving his mother in the hands of a couple who he trusted, only being gone for a short few days. The journey was long, but as he passed each village, more information came to him about his father:p; he was getting closer, he knew it.

It wasn’t much longer before he found himself at the outskirts of a village by the name of Montreaux, and hidden from view, Vergil could hear the village’s blacksmith speak to a man; the same features he’d been told about, the same black hair, it was him...

Though Vergil’s happiness soon died, for not even taking one step to finally introduce himself to his father, that a younger boy came rushing over to him. The same colored hair as him, and the way he followed his father like a lost dog; no...there was no way, could there?

Another child, another son?

...he had a brother. One that his father loved more than him.

The mere thought angered him, blood boiling as Vergil left the village, not even one step towards his father he had been searching for all this time. Seething with rage over what he had witnessed, the thought couldn’t leave his mind of the boy that his father left him for. He was younger, but much more lively then Vergil ever had been at that age. Was his mother as sick as his way, or was she free of such a burden that bore so much responsibility? Did his new son give him more joy then the task of taking care of a frail woman and her child?

It wasn’t but a day later that Vergil began to feel unwell, as if there was an ache in his heart, his entire body. His joints became somewhat stiff, and as the energy from his body had been drained, he struggled to return to his home. The illness that his mother had been suffering from, was hereditary it seemed...

The return to his home was difficult, but Vergil had made it back, but it seemed the Gods did not wish to give him but an ounce of happiness, as he was told that his mothers condition worsened while he was away. Both of them suffering, the village’s doctor spoke of a rumor, of a plant that grew in the fabled Wilds that could cure any disease. With a rage burning within him, Vergil willed himself to continue on to such a destination, all for the will of his mother, the only person he had left in the world.

It took him days, and the dangers were present as the people of Wyspmoor were there to guard the entrance, but being one who was not easily swayed by the dangers, Vergil pursued. The Wyspmoorian guards all but gave no remorse to the human boy who was off to set his own fate, and with as much a haste as he could muster, Vergil set himself inside. Despite his bravery, The Wilds were a place that none could ever seem to grasp, as it circled and entrapped you within a maze of fog. Not knowing if he’d been out there for days, or mere hours, Vergil found himself frail, and more so, an easy target.

The rage and fury he felt over everything came to a boiling point, as he clawed at the ground beneath him. He knew that the journey to the Wilds was all for not, as he had already been informed of his mothers passing. The grief of it all still willed him to go, even if his reason for doing so was gone.

It all seemed to be lost, his will to live most of all, when something whispered in the fog. A voice, low, intriguing, echoed through the forest. Vergil’s frail body lifted itself, and in front of him stood a man, a dark elf by the name of Blackfire.

You wish to bring revenge to those that have wronged you, he asked.

His thoughts scattered and jumbled, the questions was but clear in his mind.

Yes, he wanted revenge, he would do whatever it took to get his revenge on those that wronged him, for abandoning him for the weak body he possessed. Like the blackest night he had ever witnessed, a shard of a jewel gleamed within the man’s fingertips. The power he sought was at hand, and soon found that coursing through him was a power that could give him what he wanted, all at the leadership of the man named Blackfire.

Alignment (Do you work alongside Lesullum’s Order of Jewels? An Independent group?): A member of Those Who Lurk in the Shadows

Sexual Preferences: Vergil is a man that doesn’t try to interfere with his work, and because is being in such an important mission, one for his own sake, flings and nights with strangers is hardly something he finds himself in need of. Due to his own personal hardships, and because of the life he has found himself with now, he doesn’t have time to seek after someone who will get him distracted. There have been times where he wonders what his life would be like if he were to go about staying as he were before all of this, but finds that his goals for revenge outway his need for physical or emotional connections.

Though, that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who could change his ways of thinking...

Likes: Literature and Poetry (something his mother loved), walks at night, getting what he wants easily, conversation with others, quiet says where he can be with himself and think

Dislikes: His father, the circumstances that lead to his mothers death, who he used to be and what will happen if he fails his mission, trivial matters that could distract him

ONs and Offs: PM for details!

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: Would love to see what would happen if Vergil were to begin seeing the error of his ways, that, or possibly someone being there to help him see the side of good.

As well, can’t wait for Vergil to come torment his poor unsuspecting half-brother. ;3

Strengths/Advantages (Please have at least three):

-Magic: Vergil’s Magic, though supplied by Blackfire’s generosity, is something that he has gotten control over quite easily. It has been a life save for him to use, and enabling him to be much more then he once was.

-Mystery: Vergil keeps to himself, and the information he holds is even more important (to some they would even say the info he has is more important than his own life, and he couldn’t help but agree). He’s easily able to keep a shroud of mystery around who he is, usually his tracks nice and tidy so that no one were to snoop on his business. As well, this makes him especially confidant at tracking information, for those that do not notice him easily say things that they only hope people do not eavesdrop on.

-Ingenuity: Vergil is one that uses brains rather then brawn. Despite knowing how to fight, he knows when something is pointless or too strong for even himself, and knowing when to run is always the best route. Just because I’ve leaves a battle does not mean they are cowardly, not when there is more at stake when you are alive. Vergil uses his planning to keep himself, and the group he works for, steady for the upcoming battle, as those who do not meet the measure that their leader wishes find themselves at a sudden end.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages (Please have at least three):

-Frailty: Despite the piece of the Obsidian Jewel coursing through his body, the jewel can only do so much of the work. Vergil has to be careful with his he proceeds with keeping his energy, both in battle and out, as he begins to feel the effects that the jewel has on him. Physically weakening and becoming the frail man he once was, he has to conserve his energy, lest the foolish heroes get the better of him.

-Weak Heart: More mentally then in the physical sense, Vergil has been told by many, including Blackfire, that he was born with a weak heart. Born a man that held morals, emotions that could hold you back, Vergil keeps his emotions in line when business is at hand, yet there are moments where he can’t seem to shake his resolve and leave it alone. Passive aggressively helping others without a word most of the time, he doesn’t do it out of the goodness of his win heart, or even to those that need it, but simply because whoever he’s helping is in his way, and it’s simply the fastest solution.

-Turmoil: Vergil is a man that has had many obstacles in his life, and they just keep leeching into him even years later. With the death of his mother, and to then find that his father who had abandoned him has another son, he finds himself feeling as if his entire existence was pointless. With no one close to speak with, and to have no compassions other then the familiars he creates, Vergil finds that he is lacking in some form of connection with others. Feeling truly alone, he finds that there is no hope for someone like him, as he has already committed many sins for the group he works with.

Theme: N/A

Extra Info: The piece of Obsidian jewel that Blackfire gave Vergil is but temporary. At any moment that Blackfire is displeased, he could rip the jewel from his body, leaving him the frail man he once was.