The Queendom of Jewels (Accepting!)

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After I finish aquamarine, I do have a villain idea as well for when/if we need one


Quote from: Peytapiper on August 15, 2023, 06:14:02 PM
After I finish aquamarine, I do have a villain idea as well for when/if we need one

Gotcha! I will say it might be best to wait on it if you are already making a character. Get used to playing your first one, and then later down the line you could most likely make another!


Quote from: Tokyorose627 on August 15, 2023, 06:23:49 PM
Gotcha! I will say it might be best to wait on it if you are already making a character. Get used to playing your first one, and then later down the line you could most likely make another!

Sounds good to me


Due to some thinking on it, I will be allowing everyone to make a second character if they would like to. If you would rather wait until the games starts, that is alright as well. No one has to bring both characters into the fray right away when the game starts, so keep this in mind. If anyone would like more than that however, it would need to be on a special case by case basis.

Thank you for your patience.


Name: Nikita

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human

Appearance: Nikita is 5'8 with an athletic build built to easily navigate the forresty terrain of Wyspmoor. Her silvery-white hair (commonplace in her village) goes past her waist and she usually keeps it tame using a multitude of different braids and styles. The people of Wyspmoor hold tattoos sacred, each being adorned with a meaning and even mere villagers adorning a few. Nikita has two full tattoo sleeves that even start to go up her neck, plus one on her cheek. They signify the power and respect she earned...or at least had earned before she left.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality (Must be at least two Paragraphs in Length): Nikitia has always been an enforcer of sorts for the people of Wyspmoor, she's not quite quick to trust, a little jumpy at seeing things as a threat and tends to like animals more than people. Despite being in this guardian-like role for most of her life...she's also a young adult, one that's never gotten to properly see the world. One would think she was extremely prejudice against outsiders and everything the world had to offer like she was raised to be. But those intense teachings only spurred her curiosity for all the things she'd never experienced. She's not just curious but easily excitable when it comes to new things and very open and accepting of things she hasn't seen before. After all, she was kept sheltered from a lot in the outside world so she's facing it with a grain of salt and having fun doing so.

Weapon: Chainblade

Background: The people of Wyspmoor have always been isolated, even before the wilds popped up. They had their own way of life and they were not looking for change. They had to adapt when the wilds appeared and moved quickly to become the gatekeepers of this mysterious and strange land. They had been able to keep it decently contained but had to adapt to the odd mist that covered their lands, blocking the sun from them and forcing them to change. When Nikita was born and she was recognized as a jewel from the mere age of 5 the entire village rejoiced. They felt they'd been sent a blessing, a gift from the heavens above.

Nikita was revered as a guardian, almost as a deity, trained and given her duties to join the rest of the forces that protected the village from outsiders and the wild itself. Then there was her most important duty...clearing the mist. This was a daily task for Nikita as the mist was persistent and seemed to be imbued with a strange foreign aura that liked to fight back against her own, but in the end it was still water and she could manipulate it. The people were happier, getting sunshine during the day though the mist would return each night, they were happy to have their guardian. But Nikita wasn't happy, all she'd ever known was duty and protection and to be wary of everything new but that's not how she felt. While she was honored to be a part of protecting her people -and was good at it too- the thought of being a glorified weather girl for the rest of her life was suffocating. She could do so much more and there was so much more out there.

So Nikita did what nobody has done at Wyspmoor before. She left...more like ran away as she couldn't have just waltzed out the front gate, not while her role was so important. It was selfish, sure but the village got along just fine without her before right? What was the point of this power if she were to remain trapped in that village?

What she didn't know was since her leave, not only did the mist return to Wyspmoor. But people have been going missing, disappearing into the wilds it seems. Maybe the timing is a coincidence, maybe it isn't.

Alignment: (Do you hail from a certain group of a Kingdom or City? An Independent group?) Wyspmoor/independent

Likes: New things, banter, sunshine, stars, being outside, cute things, rain, animals, nature

Dislikes: Being told what to do, confining clothing, spicy foods, spoiled/entitled people, being confined, crowds

ONs and Offs:

Potential plots involving your character?: (What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?) Being of help if someone needs to pass through Wyspmoor?

Strengths/Advantages: (Please have at least three)
-Bearer from a young age: She has fairly good understanding and grasp on her abilities and has grown her stamina since she has been using it for so long
-Wilderness Specialist: Due to the forest integration of her village into the forest she has developed the skills to run and climb around ever changing terrain. You could call her a bit of a free runner. Combine that with some other basic wilderness skills such as hunting and creating fire.
-Intensive training: Coming from a village that's primary duty is serving as a border between a dangerous unknown and the dangerous knowns that are humans. Nikita has been combat trained.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages: (Please have at least three)
-Sheltered: She hadn't left Wyspmoor before now and isn't always all there about how the world works outside of the secluded village
-Brazen: Despite water being related to peace and calmness, she has a temper on her
-Curiosity: We all know it killed the cat...except maybe Nikita

Theme: TBD

Extra Info:

Are you a Bearer?: Yes

If yes, what Jewel?: Aquamarine

When did you discover you possessed a Jewel?: At around 5 years old

-Drawing: While she can't just produce water out of thin air, Nikita can pull water from the things around her such as trees and grass. When in her awakened state she can pull water out of the air itself.
-Manipulation: Water listens to her beck and call, whether it's creating/stilling waves, floating around her or slashing at her enemies
-Heightened sense of others: People are 60% water right? There is no hiding/sneaking up on her once you're in her range as she can sense a water source. However crowds can mess with these senses.

Semblance: Water Dragon: Water is pulled from seemingly everywhere to create a sort of cyclone that takes shape of a long dragon. The water rotates fast enough to cut even on the outside and, if eaten, the vortex inside decimates.

How long have you been a Bearer?: Since birth

Partnered Chevalier: None

Weakness: Lack of water, she does not create it she only manipulates. If she runs out she's SOL. She also can't exactly freeze water, in the end it slows stuff down and throws stuff off but it's a pretty shit shield


Ooo Nikita sounds awesome! I’m curious to see what her water moves will do to help the party!

She’s accepted! Please make sure to add her to the accepted character sheets!


Here’s my submission for a villainy boy.

Name: Bhandro "The Crusher"

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human

Appearance: (Detailed description, at least one paragraph) Bhandro is impressively tall, standing at 6'4", and has a muscular build. He sports quite the number of scars all around his body, most prominently a gnarly one from the left side of his neck all the way up to his cheek. He has medium length black hair and tan skin.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality (Must be at least two Paragraphs in Length): Bhandro is a very self-interested and arrogant person. He calls it pride but it sometimes borders on arrogance. He argues that it is only arrogance if he can't back it up and he knows that he has the abilities to back up his boasting. This points towards his immense confidence in his own capabilities.

He's quite greedy as well. Growing up with nothing and as an orphan, he learned that the most important thing in the world is material wealth. The more of it he has, the better his life. Bhandro also enjoys to indulge in more "carnal" pleasures. He also enjoys grotesque violence.

Weapon: Lance

Background: Born in the Wilds, Bhandro has always had to experience quite the harsh life. He grew up every day fending for his life. He was an orphan, so he didn't know his family and he ran around with a band of delinquents made up of other orphans.

Pranks and misdemeanours turned into major crimes and full-blown felonies as their band of delinquents grew up. Bhandro was known as a cleaner, better known as the guy who shows up at a messy situation and deals with it. Whether it is stealing or killing, he has no qualms with either. However, there is a strict code their band follows that prevents them from doing certain crimes.

Alignment: (Do you hail from a certain group of a Kingdom or City? An Independent group?) Yasasha Crime Family

Likes: Violence, money, food, sex, women, risky situations

Dislikes: boring people, overbearing people, disrespect, spicy food

ONs and Offs:
Ons: Vaginal, Oral, Anal, risky sex, touching, kissing, breasts, nipple play, ass touching, rimming, passionate sex, messy sloppy sex, squirting/gushing
Offs: Scat, snuff, abuse, pain for the sake of hurting

Potential plots involving your character?: (What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?) General villain shenanigans (don't have much planned atm)

Strengths/Advantages: (Please have at least three)
-Impressive Strength
-Impressive Stamina
-Strong mental fortitude

Weaknesses/Disadvantages: (Please have at least three)
-Prone to Anger
-Prone to Overconfidence

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?)
Alternative Theme
Battle Theme

Extra Info:
My Request Thread + info about me!
My O/O's ~ AidenWhite O/Os - UPDATED: 12/15/2018
My availability for One on One's (Solos): Available! PM at your own risk.


Bhandro sounds so menacing! I'm excited to hear more about the Yasasha Crime Family as well, and their lore of how they operate!

He is accepted!


Would love to add to the side of the Villains. I kind of have two ideas first I wanted to know if the Obsidian was taken and also if dark magic also encompasses  necromancy (well that is kind of relevant to both ideas). If the gem is taken then I have an idea for kind of a town of sorts or safe haven for villains near where the Obsidian crashed with my character  being a key figure in said town (own the mine where obsidian shards (crystal's) are mined. Either way my character would be a villain.
There is no Order only Chaos and all the joys that it brings. 
This way too On's and Off's


Quote from: Chaosfox on August 16, 2023, 11:49:32 PM
Would love to add to the side of the Villains. I kind of have two ideas first I wanted to know if the Obsidian was taken and also if dark magic also encompasses  necromancy (well that is kind of relevant to both ideas). If the gem is taken then I have an idea for kind of a town of sorts or safe haven for villains near where the Obsidian crashed with my character  being a key figure in said town (own the mine where obsidian shards (crystal's) are mined. Either way my character would be a villain.

Hello, thank you for the interest!

At the moment, the Obsidian Jewel is On Hold for a player as they’re making their sheet currently. We are more than happy to have more people join to either have villains, anti heroes, characters that could join and switch sides, all kinds to be honest!

As for your idea, that also sounds very interesting! I would say you might wish to speak to th e player that has the Obsidian Jewel on hold, as you two might have some common ideas that could lead to some fun ideas or interactions! If you would like, please PM for the link to our accompanying Dsiscord!


All of the Jewels have been taken currently by players. There are still openings available to play normal characters that can use magic, or villains, or any other type!

As well , a summary of the beginning plot for the game start will be posted here. For all players involved, please make sure to review the information, and any questions or concerns may be sent by PM if needed, or sent here! Thank you!

Beginning Plot for the Game
"It is the Year 700, the century marking the 7th Dawn of the Bearers arrival to the Earth. The world has see many incarnations of Bearers across the ages, certain territories praising them for their service and abilities that have blessed the world while just as many tarnish their name. Bearers of the Jewels have been spread far and wide across the country of Illuna, with no clear distinction of where they’ll appear within the next cycle, despite many a citizen claiming divination of their next appearance or location. Many territories within Illuna have begun to grow restless over the potential ownership of the massive crystal mountains, known as The Crystal Towers, due to their bountiful gift of magic crystals that have been privatized by separate Kingdoms.

During the turn of the new century, The Queendom of Lesallum, a neutral haven hailing within the central heart of Illuna, gained notice when their Queen, Aranea Chamillet, was revealed to be the Bearer of the Sapphire Jewel. Those who doubted her claim were made aware by her immense prowess in powerful ice magic, unfortunately at the same time, placing a target on her back. Many have tried to cross Lesallum’s borders to do harm to the Queen, resulting in Lesallum to post a permanent detachment of her soldiers to the border for protection. While many a man have fallen to the deathly battles of potential war along the front lines, Lesallum has continue to proper with it’s Queen at the helm.

Things have changed however, with but a week prior causing a massive storm of uncertainty to befall the Queendom. A display which no guard has bore witness to before, a beast of fire and rage had consumed the area nearest the border. Decimating the entire battalion of mercenaries and loyal Queendom guards alike, the few of the Lesallum guard who survived watched as the monster caved in on itself, shattering away to reveal a lone man. Unconscious yet breathing, the remaining Lesallum guard hurried to shackle the soldier in chains, trekking the 5 day long trip to return to the motherland, sending news of the impending arrival.

Presently, Lesallum has had no need to recoup the loss of a maintained border, as the single souls left to tell the tale had begun to spread word back to their leaders of the incident. While none are certain of what exactly the monster was, Aranea has had plenty of time to contemplate over the situation, as the lone soldier deemed responsible for the incident has remained locked and shackled within the dungeons. Kept closely guarded, Aranea has begun speaking to the man in question of the incident that had happened at the border, unsure of what she has been told is truthful. Worried this could be a curse made by dark magic to infect her people, as some have begun to grow ill from dark afflictions, Aranea tasks the lone soldier, and the Princess of Lesallum, to set on a journey to find the Bearer of The Pearl Jewel, known for her powerful magic in healing and casting away dark magic."


Two new locations have been added for the game, The Dragon Moors, and The Queendom of Valdenheim! If anyone has any questions about the area, please ask either myself, or SilkenVenom, as they helped create the area!



Name: Amilyn Deschantes

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Vulpi

Appearance: Ami is about 171cm (5’7) tall, excluding her ears. She has a feminine figure and looks softer than one might expect of a knight. Her eyes are a bright aquamarine blue and her long flowy hair is royal silver. Her tail is the same hue of silver, expect the very tip of the tail that is closer to a cold pale blue.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: On the surface Amilyn appears to be a basic good girl; friendly and considerate. She aims to be a good person and make the right choices in life. For a vulpi, Ami is still young so she is learning about the wide gap between ideals and reality. All at the same time as she tries to balance between fulfilling her duties and relaxing and enjoying the little pleasures of life. Amilyn may appear as sweet and innocent, but she, like many others, has her darker side too. One of her uglier sides is her bad habit of resorting to manipulating when possible.

Weapon: Sword

Background: Amilyn’s childhood was something one could consider as happy and peaceful. She lived with her family in a remote location in Izora, near the base of the mountains. Being the youngest child and the only girl in her family guaranteed that Ami was quite spoiled by her parents. Inspired by knights and heroes in fairy tales and feeling somewhat duty bound by being a jewel bearer Amilyn decided she would become a knight so she could do something in order to make the world a better place, which led her to join the Order of the Silver Knights, a local organization that works to keep lands of Izora safe to live for everyone.

Amilyn’s parents warned her of people who would wish to harm her if they knew about her powers and told her to keep them as a secret, so there are only a few people who know that she is the pearl bearer. To hide her secret Amilyn poses as just an Invoker.

Alignment: Order of the Silver Knights

Likes: Winter and snow, sweet desserts, generous people, performance arts, positive attention.

Dislikes: Rainy seasons, mushrooms, incompetent people in high places, being restricted by rules.

ONs and Offs:
Roleplay ONs: Enthusiasm, Metric system, working together, brainstorming scene ideas, keeping me updated (telling me about breaks or quitting before they happen).
OFFs: OOC drama, my way or highway attitude, whatever attitude, leaving me hanging.
Sexy ONs:Exciting dynamic between the chars, D/S dynamic, MMF, rough sex, good girl play, risk of being caught, creativity, cockteasing, cuddling. My likes aren’t set on stone and they keep changing with time, so if unsure, ask.
OFFs: Passive chars, cheating, extremes, hairy guys.

Potential plots involving your character?: Removing her curse

-Silver Knight - As a knight of the Order of the Silver Knights Amilyn has received necessary training. She is skilled both in melee and unarmed combat and even capable of wearing armor and doing mounted combat.
-Magical afflictions knowledge - Amilyn’s interest in arcane knowledge isn’t just idle curiosity. Her will to avoid the final phase of her curse has urged her to study all the texts she can find of magical afflictions. For someone as young as she is, Ami has a vast knowledge of magical afflictions.
-Vulpi senses - In both humanoid and fox form Amilyn has keen senses. Her hearing and sense of smell are significantly better than what humans have.

-Obligated to help - If there is someone in need of help and the cause feels just, Amilyn feels like she is obligated to help. For her it’s hard, if not impossible, to ignore pleas of help from those who are in no position to help themselves.
-Kleptomania - It’s a compulsion. She steals things, things she can afford to buy and things she doesn’t even need. Later Amilyn feels huge guilt and tries to either return whatever she took or leave a payment.
-Big secret - Being a jewel bearer comes with its disadvantages. There are people who want to benefit from jewel bearers or kill them for one or another reason, and it js because of that Amilyn does her best to keep her being a jewel bearer as a secret from everyone.

Theme: -

Extra Info: Transformation - Like most of the vulpis, Amilyn can shapeshift into a full fox form. In her case her fox form is royal silver.

Are you a Bearer?: Yes

Jewel: Pearl

When did you discover you possessed a Jewel?: At age of 10.

-Divine Armament - Amilyn can create a divine replicant of whatever weapon she is holding. The copy of her weapon will be many times larger than the original weapon and it will follow movements of her weapon.
-Radiant Blessing - As a bearer of Pearl, Amilyn has powerful healing abilities. She can heal even grave wounds and injuries, as well as cure various diseases and magical afflictions.
-Hallowed Bladerain - Amilyn can invoke a small range of falling blades of light from above in a localized area.

Semblance: Holy Nova - Amilyn will create a strong wave of divine energy around her and spread it around like a tidal wave. The Holy Nova will heal and cleanse those who are injured or corrupted in some way as well as massively damaging undead and other dark creatures, instantly killing the weakest of them.

How long have you been a Blessed?: 14 years.

Partnered Chevalier: -

Weakness: Using the Holy Nova will quickly drain Amilyn and leaves her exhausted, to the point she may fall into a deep sleep.



Name: Alren Velrande

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Hybrid (Lupine-Vulpi)

Appearance: Standing at 6'4 (193cm), from ear tips to feet, Alren is considerably tall for his species. Fairly well built and maintained through active training for most of his later life, time recently spent in servitude in Uruk has done little to diminish what he's built up, but he's gained noticeably more scars for it. His hair, as well as the furry tail he has, are a dark color and something he inherited from his Lupine father more than his Vulpi mother, save for the tail tip with is a bit lighter in color.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Though part Lupine and part Vulpi, his temperament is more ruled by his Lupine half. He's a bit more grouchy and confrontational, even without accounting for his weaknesses, but he understands when hard work and respect are to be recognized. Likewise, the Vulpi side of him helps him understand humility and deference to those more capable, even if he doesn't always agree with it. Often times this means he can flip from being nice and well-mannered in some moments to being touchy and hostile in another, according to his interactions.

Weapon/Magic: A pair of Steel Halberd-style Boarding Axes, ideal for fighting up close or hurling at a distance. In addition, he possesses qualities of an Invoker from one of his parents, adopting the element of Light to augment his skill set, preferring to use it in unorthodoxed ways.

Background: Alren Velrande was born, unfortunately, to a father he never got to know as the man left shortly before he was born in the care of his mother. Instead, for as long as he could remember, another man raised him alongside his mother. For the early years of his life, this didn't concern him, happily living his best life within the comfort and confines of his parents' home.

However, as he grew up, he began to feel distant from his family, realizing how little he resembled anyone in the household, among other things. Confronting his mother about this brought the truth that his father left early on in life before he could remember, slowly causing him to feel more like an outsider in the family, even though his mother tried to make him feel included.

Once he became of age, he chose to leave his home behind to seek a life of his own, to learn how difficult the world was on his own. Wandering around in search of the purpose and respect he desired, the few places he tried to set roots down in did not openly accept him for a variety of reasons, and so he continued to wander. Eventually, he opted to take up life doing risky adventurer and mercenary work in settlements and cities throughout the continent to make a life for himself. In following this life, he taught himself how to properly defend himself and fight, and built himself to be someone capable and reliable.

Unfortunately, life did not always work out the way he hoped, and one of his first forays into Uruk instead ended with him being dragged into slavery for some time, seemingly putting a swift end to any aspirations he may have had… Until he was turned free by request of another visitor to Uruk. Though he was thankful for this outcome, the person involved was someone from his past that he did not enjoy being assisted by, but he could not deny the second chance at life he was given. Since then, he's worked his tail off to pay back his rescuer so he can follow his life as he wished to once more.

Alignment: Independent

Likes: Bettering himself, Exploring, Self-sufficiency, Cooking, Hunting, Foraging, Being free

Dislikes: Feeling ridiculed or weak, Half-hearted effort, Empty sympathy, Feelings of insecurity or incapability, Losing

ONs and Offs:
Ons: Large breasts, Breastplay, Rough play, Foreplay, Cuddling, Oral (giving and receiving), Anal (giving), Ear-and-Tail petting (giving and receiving), Biting, Scratching, Size differences

Offs: Blood play, Gore, Scat, Smelly partners, Mutilation/Maiming, and more

Potential plots involving your character? What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?: Discovering the true nature of his father

1- Foraging Expert - Alren is exceptionally good at scouting around for edible or other useful materials in the wilderness, as well as his ability to safely identify good ones from the bad.
2- Keen Eyes - Alren has very good eyesight, able to spot small objects or enemies in the distance. This also allows him to land a thrown axe attack from further off with ease.
3- Defensive Fighter - As opposed to being outright offensive, Alren has a more cautious and guarded fighting style that allows him to pick out and expose weaknesses in an enemy's fighting style while trying to minimize his own.

1- Inferiority Complex - Alren has a very big chip on his shoulder at being made to feel mediocre in many situations. Once triggered, he usually goes overboard with trying to achieve betterment, which can often make him fail worse due to rushing.
2- Hot Weather - Alren has an intense hatred of hot, dry weather. It makes him feel itchy and quickly leaves him feeling tired and unmotivated. Normally he needs to have a lot of cool water on hand in order to get around issues with heat.
3- Impatient - Alren is the kind of person who cannot sit still for very long waiting for deliberations or a situation change. Usually he has to try hard to keep from acting on impulse and jeopardizing any currently existing plans or courses of actions, as he believes the swiftest resolutions bring about the fastest change, irregardless if it's for better or worse.

Theme: (Do you have a character theme?)

Extra Info: A characteristic of species like his, Alren is able to shift into a smaller animal form, although his is much more lanky and reminiscent of a Maned Wolf.


Nice sheets, both characters are accepted.


Due to the length of time taken to send in a sheet, the Obsidian Jewel is up for grabs for any Male character. Please let me know if anyone would like it to for a character, as well as submitting the appropriate sheet for the hold. Thank you.


Name: “The Breathtaking” Bucca of Pararousi

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race (Human, Halfling, Orc, Fairy, etc.): Human Half Fae

Appearance: (Detailed description, at least one paragraph)
Even without his usually colorful attire and playful gait, Bucca naturally stands out in a crowd. Between his 6’1” standing and his wild, dark maroon, shoulder-length hair, and his lean yet muscular build, his is an appearance that tends to leave an impression. Above his sharp jaw and thin lips, more often curled into a smile than not, are a pair of travel-weary yet ever attentive amber eyes that one can’t help but feel they are the focus of, even in a crowd.

While his outfits have unfortunately been reduced to a single black tophat and a set of dark traveling clothes, Bucca hasn’t let that diminish his desire for flair. From the golden stitching riding the hem of his ankle length coat tails to the vivid scarlet scarf that resides beneath his high frilled collar, there are few areas on his attire where the primary color of his outfit are not loudly accented by heavily contrasting hues. Prime examples of this being a few locations symmetrically located on both the sleeves of his coat and pleated linen undershirt where sections of somewhat puffed out fabric have been sewn as to resemble tessellating red and white diamonds.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Personality (Must be at least two Paragraphs in Length):
A silver hearted liar with a taste for tales and a disdain for the mundane, that is Bucca. A wayfarer with charitable holes draining his pockets and many a pilfered hat on his rack, that is Bucca. A romantic ever in pursuit of a warm hand to hold and never without heart ache in his wake, that is The Breathtaking Bucca of Beautiful Pararousi, or at least, what he might tell you.

While many trying to know the perpetual performer on a personal level have found his constant falsehoods to be frustrating, it is not out of ill-will that Bucca deceives. To the contrary, Bucca finds few things more enjoyable than company, especially among the unacquainted or unfamiliar. It is difficult then to tell if this is a conscious tactic to other at arm’s length, a force of habit brought on by his upbringing, or some combination of the two. Many hardly even put that much thought into his mannerisms, as his portrayal of the fool is so convincing that many imagine him to be incapable of complexity.

Bucca has always made little attempt to clarify himself for the benefit of others, even to those few he might consider friends. In his mind the greatest compliment he can pay is to entertain, and there are few things as compelling as intrigue. Unfortunately, this is a poor way of telling Bucca’s affection for a person, as he finds equal value in remaining enigmatic in the eyes of those he would see undone.

Weapon: Bucca carries a rapier and throwing knives, both with what appears to be golden inlay and red sashes tied around the hilts.

Born with the strained groan of a coursing wagon wheel beneath him, Bucca was brought into the world by traveling parents whom he would never have the opportunity to know. His first memories were of his life in the Aranea’s Mercy convent, a well patronized orphanage in the Plutocracy of Pararousi, renowned for its production of some of the land’s most accomplished performers and artists. Never was a child so well fit for his education as Bucca who took to singing, reciting, tumbling, juggling and more as a bird to the sky. However, there is nothing notable that goes unnoticed in Pararousi, and young Bucca was no exception. So it was that a wealthy patron sponsored the then teenager’s entrance into the esteemed Troubadour’s Association of Pararousi. 

Following his apprenticeship and education with the Troubadour’s Association of Pararousi, young Bucca was welcomed as a full member among their prestigious ranks, and subsequently ushered from his home city. While some might find this cold, it was an integral part of his education, and one he had long been looking forward to. Every member of the Troubadour’s Association was required to go out into the wide world as something of a good will representative of Pararousi, while also observing and replicating the performance arts of even the most remote corners of the world for the inspiration of future Pararousian performers and their patrons.

For fourteen years Bucca has traveled and experienced all the world had to offer. From every town and village he became more immersed in the various cultures of the world, his collection of notes, costumes, instruments and other performance accoutrements growing with each new experience until his wagon was filled to the bursting. Begrudgingly, he left many of these items with the convent on his occasional trip home, but he could not bear to separate from those with the most sentimental value until they were torn from his blistering fingers with roaring and furious flame.

Alignment: (Do you hail from a certain group of a Kingdom or City? An Independent group?)
The Troubadour’s Association of Pararousi

Likes: Stories, Music, Art, Traveling, Meeting New People, Pararousi

Dislikes: Dull Individuals, Repetition, Routines, Lack of Appreciation, and Repetition.

ONs and Offs: Bucca is pretty open for most things outside of bathroom play. As long as what happens feels natural for the characters, I couldn’t be happier.

Potential plots involving your character?: (What would you like to see your character do, be involved in?)
Where interesting things occur, it is Bucca’s wish to be there. As he puts it, “No tall tale tickles the mind quite like one with a toe in truth.” In other words, he needs new material.

Apart from this, he was quite recently done what he views as an unforgivable wrong at Lesallum’s border, one he seems to relive every night. Can he live with such an injustice, or will a desire for revenge guide his hand?

Strengths/Advantages: (Please have at least three)
In the Know: Being as well travelled and social as he is, it’s impossible for Bucca not to be constantly aware of what is going on in the world. Whether it be from tavern boasts, a word shared on the road, or a escort’s tender whispers, Bucca remains ever abreast of affairs fair and scandalous.

Trades of the Traveler:At any given moment a careered traveler must know how to fix their wagon, mend their clothing, cook their meals, care for their animals, and, time permitting, get from one place to another.

Performance Professional: The troubadours of Pararousi often serve as goodwill ambassadors for their homeland in the farthest reaches of the explored world, and sometimes a bit beyond. With that being the case, the Academy for Traveling Arts insisted upon its graduates being deft jugglers, sonorous instrumentalists, and adept acrobats at the very least.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages: (Please have at least three)
Light Pursed: Despite rarely indulging in vice or luxury, outside of his costumes, Bucca is rarely without more than a few coins to his name. Fortunately, there are an abundance of those willing to lend to a charming bard, and most of them don’t hold grudges about unpaid debts.

Master of Few: Bucca might be able to keep his wagon held together and his costumes in pristine condition, but his talents as a craftsman don’t extend far beyond keeping things in working condition. While his skills in the performing arts are far more developed, he doesn’t quite compare with those who focus on a single act.

Starting Again: The horrific fire that blazed at Lesallum’s border did not just affect the fighter’s stationed there. While Bucca’s efforts saved his horses and more personal effects, there had been no time to save half a lifetime’s worth of instruments, costumes, sets and tomes of stories.

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Bucca’s Theme

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