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Author Topic: A return and a romance request thread  (Read 249 times)

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A return and a romance request thread
« on: May 18, 2014, 07:17:43 AM »
It has been a while sense I was here but I figured to five this a shot and here is my request thread

Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at this thread, this is a thread based on ideas which are romantic in nature. They are M/F ideas and all of them can be changed and or edited to fit the needs of the person who I am rping with. For my rps, I rp on thread or pm, that is all. I also don't do M/M. Anyhow here are some of my ideas. As a note, is very common for me to put up new ideas. I hope you enjoy and find something you like.

Current Cravings (or things I would so love to do at the moment, which of course chances with time
Anything that would have some type of fighting or action especially in like a tournament setting say with a fandom crossover of games and anime
- A Fire Emblem Awakening RP
- A UC M.S Gundam RP
-A Rune Factory 4 based RP
-A Dragonball (not Z) RP
-A grand cross over adventure/quest type rp with various games/anime characters in it
- A rp opposite a Yukionna which could be so much fun
- Perhaps a general comrade story with action and plot to it
-A Long term rp to use to develop and create a amazing OC with a great story and develop his character as the rp moves along
 Ideas 1,2,5,12, and 18 on this list[/size][/color]

1.Out of Place and Time:

Two people from two different points in time(could be various eras), who have two different roles in their societies are transported to a fantasy world. They are sent there to see how they would cope with what they face, a world of mystery, of adventure, one where the people are of all types of thought to be fantasy races, and where people think nothing of this. The two of them when they enter into the world are forced to help each other and told if they don't some unknown doom might happen

2. Maid/Cosplay Cafe

In a small city in Japan there is a place where the various people dress up as different characters or as maids, your character works there, the pay is good and the rules are that you are untouchable by customers and can't give your phone number out. Well one day my character comes to the café, and meets you, you find him tempting, but you know that you can break the rules. The Rp will be about how they go around the rules to find a way to get together

3.In the court of her majesty:

The Queen of Nabia is the most beautiful woman in all the kingdoms of the world(your character). She has to however get married, which isn't the easiest task given that there are 4 young men each wanting to win her hand in different ways. Each one is different with their own goals and ideals of what they are wanting but all four are head over heals for the Queen. When trouble comes to the land all of them will do whatever they can to help the Queen, even if it means giving her up to help the kingdom. The idea would be that the four would be working each to win the queen, but over time something would happen periodically to cut down the number of courters such as one might have to move, one falls for someone else, another might reveal an illness etc, and it is possible the number of her courters would grow as some drop off, changing as the rp moves along

4.A matter of Diplomacy and Love:

You live in a fantasy world, as the new Queen of the human lowland peoples. You are at peace with all you neighbors. Yet none of them are at peace, each of them is at war with each other. The demon tribes to your east, the northland humans, the elves of the great forest to the east, and neko tribes to the west. Each of the groups knows an alliance with you will tip the balance of power to their side, thus each kingdom sends a courtier to your court in their attempts to win the you over and gain you as an ally. I will rp as all four male courtiers for this rp

5.An Act of Kindness
a young man lives alone he comes from a well off family who is always away on trips to different places. He tends to spend most of his time alone, and is skilled in a number of things. As a senior in high school he is looking at going anywhere he wants to for college. Still the loneliness is hard for the young man but that changes when he finds a abandoned cat at his doorstep. He takes the cat in and gives it a home. Little does he know that the cat is really a Nero. The next morning he goes to feed the cat to find it transformed to a beautiful female neko.

6.mix-matched partners:

There as been a war between the Elf's and humans for generations! both sides have suffered greatly! Now with the arrival of the demons things change. The old enemies must work together to defeat the demons. As a result the sides pair up a elf and a human together on a mission deep into the demon territory on a mission to kill the leader of the demons. Will they be able to worked to gather and survive or will old hates and differences doom the mission and thus the alliance.

7.Enemies Unite:

Two enemies whom had been on different sides of a war, have been away from home for a long time. Each loyal to their own side. Yet, when they are engaged in a heated fight, they find themselves surrounded by a new enemy, one whom unknown to them has attacked each of their countries, and have targeted each of them as priority targets. Now these two former enemies will have to work together, against what could be a much more dangerous threat. Will they be able to, or will old hatreds flare up and the two kill each other.

8.Space Pirate Mathis:

In a world where the government is horribly corrupt, where trade goes between the stars and where humanity has become complacent and weak over the years. One man has become a living legend, Space Pirate Mathis, started out in the Earth Exploration Forces, but soon found it horribly corrupt, and only those whom had connections could get the most basic promotions. Over time, Mathis, found that the humans were doing nothing but controlling its own people, and destroying themselves.

 He soon after stole his ship, an advance prototype that was in development in secret, one to be used to destroy any group whom even thought of challenging the power of the government. He used that ship to counter the government and to fight, any one whom was a threat to his newly found freedom.

 The government has failed at every single attempt to get this man, his tactics, and his skills in and out of combat are just to good for them. They need to find a trap, and they decide to use a young woman, as the trigger promising her things, in return for the head of the great rebel space pirate as well as all the information that he has as well on groups that are rebellious towards the government. Will she be able to go and do what she has been promise, or after getting to know the man, will she change sides?

9. The Messenger of Bad News, and A New Home

A unknown new young man comes to a rural town, he is a solider from the war, he has come two reasons, first is to start a new life for himself, but secondly and more immediately is to tell a family about the death of one of their own, a person whom he had served with and worked with up till his death near the end of the war. As he goes, he meets someone close to his fallen friend whom wants to know more about the death of him and thus spends more time around him. I could be a sister, fiance, childhood friend, etc. As they spend time around each other, the two fall for each other.

10.A New World, A New Type of Fighting
You are a Warrior a rare female knight in the world that is constantly at war A war which has taken you from shore to shore fighting. Your very good at it as well, yet, one day you feel odd and pass out, and wake up somewhere very different. The world you wake up in, isn't one with any fighting at all, something different has taken its place, people on this world use these odd machines, mecha to fight in contest to win money, it is how they deal with pent up aggression between each other and win glory. The person stands in there machine and they move around as they would normally. This could go another of ways, from you ending up as a pilot to helping a team out, or just enjoying this world, and the peace, to finding out the always the peace isn't so lasting, it is a pretty open idea, which could be worked out before the rp Starts.

11.Deadly City
You are in the capital of Japan, things on the streets are getting crazy, they are fighting everyday and dying everyday all around you, the thick smell of blood is impossible to avoid and or forget when you see it. You need to learn how to defend yourself or at least have someone protect you, you find a ronin, one whom was kicked out of his own school of kinjutsu for unknown reasons. Yet, pickers can't be choosers, though he does seem dangerous, what will the reactions be like between you especially if you find out the school he went to, is mortal enemies with your family.

12.Sekirei RP:
You are one of the special Sekirei, there are 110 of you, each with your own special power that you can uses. Sadly, the power doesn't become active till you find your Ashikabi, a special male who is destined to bond with you. When you find him and kiss him your powers become active, and the stronger your connect the stronger your powers. You will need them cause you will be in a fight as all 110 of you fight it out to be the last one and have a prize said to of been directly from the gods. Could combine this idea with other fighting series if you want.

13.Japanese RP
You are a courtesan to the emperor of Japan, who wants to use you to keep track of potential enemies. As such he has sent you to a far flung land to the south, to keep on eye on one warlord. When you arrive you find the strong young lord is charismatic, working to help his people, it makes it harder to do what you were sent to do if he turned out to be strong, will you be able to slay the possible threat to your lord, or will you in time end up betraying your emperor and fighting with this new lord, he might give you a chance for greater glory, but at great risk, for challenging the emperor will be no small feat. The other possibility is, you are able to use your skills to keep him in the emperors camp and create peace between the two as the peace offering in a way.

14.Lost Neko rp:
Your character arrives at home to find a strange creature on your doorstep. He looks really beaten up and worn out. He also looks very human like though not quite human as it were. What will you do, take him in and help him or send him backing, the choice is up to you.

 Intro Post
 _______________ was alone, he had come to town looking for a way to start a new life, hoping for things to turn in a new and exciting direction, but it was less then one day in and they had taken a turn for what he was at this point worried were for the worse. It was not his fault, but it was the fact he was what he was. He was a neko, he had the ears and the tail to prove it, and it seemed that his kind was not welcomed by some people in this large city.

 ___________ had grown up alone, he had grown up in a small church orphanage outside of town, one where people would drop off the kids they didn't and let the place raise them. He grew up learning, reading at all possibilities. He worked very hard to do as well as he could. Perhaps because of his origins, he worked harder then most, pushing himself to try to prove that he was someone.

 His trip to town had been that goal, to go to school, to work hard, to find a productive job, and to improve his lot in life. Yet, when he arrived, he was jumped, by a group of anti-neko people, He tried to defend himself, but with so many people, and just him, it wasn't going to happen. He simply got his butt kicked, and now he was hurt, pretty badly, as he slipped across wherever he was, he looked around for a place to go to. His eyes found a house ahead, it could be the place where he could stay perhaps, the people inside would allow him to stay there, and help him. It wasn't like he had any choice, and even though he didn't know whom lived in the house he forced himself to move forward, on courage and guts alone. He made it to the house and knocked on the door before falling to the ground hoping someone happened to be inside.

15.The Widow King:
A young king is a widow, he is a good man and a good king, he lost his wife to illness a year prior, and has been in morning ever since. Everyone in town wants the king to improve but don't know how to help him. So they send for someone who agrees to help the King but can she help him move on, will she be able to connect his former love beyond death to convince him to move on, will she too have feelings for him.

 Intro Post
 The Kingdom was a interesting one but one that now most avoided, it was a kingdom that was covered in sadness and black. The Kingdom had been all black for a full two years at this point, everyone had to wear black, everyone kept the colors of most everything as black, it was a sign of the sadness and the grief of the leaeder of the king, and the power that the great king still had over his own people.

 The kingdom a good size on in the middle of the southern region was once a great trading empire, it had everything, all the goods that one could dream off, and a young leader. It was looking up, the young king and his wife were the promised ones whom would lead the kingdom to a glorious new age. They were suppose to lead the kingdom the glory of a new golden age. Yet, it obviously didn't happen.

 The King had lost his wife, the light, the color behind the king was gone. He lost his way when he lost his wife, he went into a great period of grieving. The king had once been a noble man, a warrior, a scholar, and a kind generous man. The last traits of the man were their still, but he was still a shadow of his former grand self, he was skinny now, and he looked almost as if he was getting a bit frail as well. He looked unfocused on his goals, though he helped, he was unable to help himself at all.

 Things were not good, things were as low as they could get for the people around the king knew this fact very well too. They in desperation send delegates to the kingdoms surrounding this one in hopes of finding someone with the right touch to come and help their kingdom and their king, for the two were interchangeably linked. 

16. Lost in Time
A young knight, one of the best in the whole history of his land has been lost to time, and now has woken up in the back ally of a street in the modern world. He walks into a local store looking for help and bumps into your character. Will you think this young man silly, or will you help him adjust to the new world around him. If you help will romance happen, or our your ways of thinking just to different.
 Intro Post
 He had been a knight for a good half a dozen years, he was trained along the front with the horrible Vikings, he had seen so much battle since he was young. He had grown up in Dark Ages England, a knight of the great Alfred, and a warrior in his army. He had spend so many nasty days in the swamps and backwoods during the Viking War against his homeland. He grew into a find warrior during this time though.

 He was a man of average height for his time, though small in comparison, being only five feet five inches, he was strong with light brown hair that was cut in a bowl cut to make it easier to fight when he had to, and light blue eyes.

 He advanced one night against a odd group of enemies, leading a group into attack, he worked his way farther and farther into the camp of heathen Vikings that he was soon at what they called a witch. He paused as she said some odd spell, and then everything turned black, and he was out of it.

 When he woke up he was in a some place very different, some place that didn't make sense, his eyes told him that the place he was in wasn't real at all. He looked round to see modern things and blinked trying to figure out what was going on. His eye saw cars, large buildings strange looking people and he almost fell from panic alone. He moved quickly out of the alley and didn't pay attention to where he was running and tripped falling right in to someone.

17. New Guest
A young woman has lost her whole family, with just a year left in school. The senior woman moves in with the friends of her family who figure they owe her late parents and take her in. When she moves in, she doesn't realize that her new family has three young men who also live in the family. How will she adapt to this, and how will life get crazy for her in her new life

18.The Odd Knight
A young man goes back into the past, and somehow makes his way to being a knight of the realm with his to them magic skills. He is given the assignment of guarding a beautiful princess as she is taken to be wed to the neighboring king, but he has serious reservations as the trip move along, as he falls for the woman

19. Swashbuckling Romance
A young man lived in the great castle of the north, he was a squire, who was of a low rank. He spent to much time in the castle as he fell for the princess. When it was found out, he was sent into exile, as the king figured that would solve the problem. Yet, in exile, the young man became a pirate, and a very good one at that. He now aims to kidnap the princess and help her remember who he is and have her fall for him all over again, as he avoids the traps and enemies that the king will no doubt send against him

20. Everyday Miracles
A newpaper reporter went on a small assignment about the sighting of some supernatural angel, he figured it was a hoax. As he searched the town for evidence, he found a woman who had no memory of who she was or where she was from. The reporter of course had to help and wanted to figure this case out finding far more interesting. Little did he know the sighting of the angel and this woman were directly connected

21. A new home
You have recently been orphaned, and you have been sent to the state orphanage, this place happens to be where all orphans are sent, it is run like a boarding school, you have to go to school there, live there and you have to find a way to get by in the place. The world is a dark place to you now, that you are alone, the orphanage might not be the most welcoming of place. My character finds yours, he is rather odd, no extremely odd and random, but he is also very kind and helpful. He helps you, having been there for much longer, he gives you help, and does what he can for your character to help her get by. Overtime the two will develop feelings and if goes on long enough the story will continue after they leave the orphanage and go into the real world attempting to make their way in it

21.The Musician
A great amount of composers live within the town, they work to make themselves the best in their fields of music. In fact, the great city, has become known as the City of Music. In its town, one of the most impressive writers has been unable to make any music, he has just lost his desire to write. Yet, one day when he meets a woman, on the street, he feels a new energy to write. He loses the woman in the crowd. He goes in search of her, not knowing, that she is a musician as well. Will he be able to find her, and what will happen when he finds out she is as good as him, will he be able to get her to help, or will his muse be lost for good. As she can eliminate her competition by avoiding the man.

22.The low birth Empress
The Emperor is traveling the land, looking over his great far flung lands, making sure to meet with the people who are important in every area of his kingdom. He would enjoy the customs of each and every area, and make sure to get to know the people. When he comes to the area, a beautiful get the honor of entertaining the emperor, and she make a impression upon him, he wants her to come with him back home, will she take the chance, and where will such a opportunity lead. Will she be able live with the dangerous and fast live of being possibly the Empress of the land or will it be to much for her.

23.In dreams
two people who have very different lives in various parts of the world, meet somehow when they dream, every dream they have is shared. What is the cause of the connect, will they ever meet in real life, and what about the types of dreams these two are having.

24.Travelers Delight[/color] ]You like to travel, as you do, you see various people from different places, but never for long. You are used to short relationship that end sadly for you. Yet now, on a trip you walk into a young man, who catches you attention, he is going home an wants to spend time with you. Can this young man convince you of giving up your ways, will you convince him to take up a live of travel, or will you go your different ways?

25. The countrygirl and the knight
You are a young woman who lives in the middle of nowhere you have nothing, and you find life extremely boring. You in short just want to get away and have an adventure. One day, a young knight comes threw your town, he is hurt, badly, and you help him till he wakes up. He is from a very famous family, and wants to take you on with him as his servant and personal medic, but your family is against it. Will you go or will you stay, and what type of adventures will you have if you go.

26.A Curious Treasure
A young man guards a great treasure for many years, after being asked to by a old wizard. He guards it and then passes down the assignment to his son, who passes it down to his son and so forth. Till one day, one son gets curious and opens the box, figuring that it is modern day and it is nothing but legend, only to find a strange female inside.

27.Dynasty Warrior Princess
You are a great princess of your kingdom, but you have much you want to protect, you are willing to fight for you home. When you go to the battleground, you find out it isn't so easy ,but then you are saved by a warrior, who protects you. How will you think this warrior, will you be able to improve, and will he continue to help you?

28.Sekirei Rp
You are one of the special Sekirei, there are 110 of you, each with your own special power that you can uses. Sadly, the power doesn't become active till you find your Ashikabi, a special male who is destined to bond with you. When you find him and kiss him your powers become active, and the stronger your connect the stronger your powers. You will need them cause you will be in a fight as all 110 of you fight it out to be the last one and have a prize said to of been directly from the gods. Could combine this idea with other fighting series if you want.

29.The workplace romance
You have had the same job since you got out of high school, the main reason is cause of your boss. you have had a crush on him since you started. He has been respectful and kind towards you, but has been married. Yet recently he has lost his wife. Will you be able to help him, and maybe even make your dreams of romance with him come true?

30.Lost goddess
you are a goddess, a minor one but still a goddess who was sent to earth by Zeus to see how human's lived for a single year. A conduction to the deal was that you lost all memories of who you were, that way you would think yourself truly human. You have been sent a small town, with little more then the clothes on your back. Now can you last a year on your own.

  31.Vampire story
An old house out a the end of town! it is said to be the most elegant home ever seen! Yet, no one has ever seen inside of it, no one knows how old it is, or even who owns it only that it someone unknown lives there. None are brave enough to enter, but what happens when you find a tone that calls your attention, do you wonder into the house. Do you find that the owner is more than he seems. For the home is owned my a recluse vampire who has shut himself off from the world, wise and still quite young in appended, he has many secrets himself which explain the reasons for his isolation from society.

32. Supernatural hunters
You are a Hunter of the supernatural demons, vampires, werewolves, you kill them all. Yet, little do you know that your partner is one of these supernatural creatures fighting with you for his own reasons. What will happen if you find out his true nature and learn that not all supernatural creatures are evil.

33.Lost Saiyian
a warrior of the elite Saiyan race had come to your planet! earth or any other planet! he is not there to kill not. He is in horrible shape, he just wants to find a new home where he can start over after his worlds end. He is found by you, who recuses him from death, as he recovers the two of you grow close and in time fall in love

34.Diplomatic Mission
The two of you have known each other for a long time working in the same ninja teams, but never been that close. Now though, you both have been given a mission to get information on a dangerous group under the guise of a married couple. Will the hidden attractions flame out in the true feelings over the course of the mission

By what seems like chance you end up waking up in a new world, where you know nothing about anything around you. You do find out your not alone in this, someone else is there and is knew. You soon find out this a dark world ruled by demons of all kinds, where people have been driven underground. You are forced to work with you new ally to change the course of the world.(this is a fandom crossover idea) places
a world away they have a serious issue, the males of e world have all died due to a genetic plague which wiped them out. They decide to send one woman to go search a world they found and as they transport her there she exchanges places with a male from that world. With this idea, both me and my partner would play multiple characters and each of us would play a harem for the other person

37. A new life
A man grew up in a poor situation, he never had anything, but he grew up well enough, as war broke out, he went to the front lines. He worked with a commander who looked rather similar to himself. The two grew closer over time, and became like brothers. Sadly, the commander died at the end of the war, on a secret mission. The commander told his friend that he wanted him to take his place, to return home after the war, and take his spot in society, knowing that the man had no future ahead of himself otherwise. It was a dying gift to his friend. Now the poor man, is now returning home, pretending to be his dead comrade, will he be able to pull it off, and if he can't what will happen. This can be done in a lot of settings and with a lot of possible plots to it too

38.a new creation
a young scientist creates a new bio android or creature! he gives the android all the knowledge to be independent on its own. It will though help the android learn and adapt, will the scientist over time fall for his creation will the creation have feelings for their creator, only time will tell. With this idea I can play the scientist or then bio android.

39. Team Doctor and the Team Star
A star sports player, has been hurt, he is a great talent, young and still up and coming. His injury is pretty serious, and with will come natural challenges he will have to pass to be able to play again. The young man is helped by a young woman a new doctor who has to help get the young man back on his feet. As the two spend more time around each other will romance bloosm between the doctor and the star



If you have an idea that you would like to try, go ahead and pm it to me, I am willing to listen to other peoples ideas. I would also very much be interested in something similar to a Rune Factory or Harvest Moon style RP, preferably Rune Factory style RP, if you know what that is, we can work and plan something out. I am also game for Naruto, Dragonball, Dynasty Warriors, Gundam UC, Samurai X, Tenchi Muyo, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest 8, and Star Ocean based RP as well, where I can play cannon or OC characters opposite Cannon or OC characters. I would also be up for working out ideas for GMing some rps with multiple characters or just one on one based. I am also open for any ideas others have and wanted to work with me.
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