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September 26, 2018, 05:33:18 AM

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Author Topic: Aercey's Few Loose Threads(F Looking for M)  (Read 331 times)

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Offline AerceyTopic starter

Aercey's Few Loose Threads(F Looking for M)
« on: April 28, 2013, 03:14:11 PM »

Hey everybody.  So I've been arrrround for a little bit now and I have some interesting threads going on, but I feel like I have room for more.  Two more, specifically.  And this time I have some specific ideas in mind.  Well.. generally specific.  I have an Ons and Offs page filled out for you to take a look at and get a better gauge on me- really should add a kink list one of these days, but for now you should be aware that I like most things that are not incredibly violent, disturbing, or bondage related.  Light force is okay, mild non-consensual (the one where she starts off not liking it but eventually gets into it), very light violence (slapping, choking, etc) and that sort of thing that toe the edge but don't go too far are all great.  Now then, I have two characters that I would like to get involved in things, one of which is Modern-Day Duperhero, and the other is Fantasy.

Victoria Jane Allison

The general description for the character can be found on my O/O page.  For some more specifics, Victoria is a British busty blonde ex-convict that used to be a sand based mutant known as Sandstorm.  While she was in the British military her mutation occured and she was sent to a school for mutants in America.  Increasing anger and unrest caused her to leave the school and turn to a life of crime.  She was mostly non-violent, her sand based powers making it easy to rob banks and create distractions to get away.  Something happened during her days as a criminal and she disappeared for a year.  During that year most of the money she had stolen was anonymously returned.  Now back in town, Tori has a new look, new powers, but most would assume the same bad attitude.  Calling herself Shatter, the authorities are still looking for her, and criminals are still looking for leverage on her.

What I'm looking for here is perhaps a series of flings- some casual, one maybe with a police officer that catches up to her (or a Mutant Enforcement officer, or both!), maybe some with her old criminal 'friends'.  There's a lot of possibilities for her to have fun while constantly trying to outmanuever and get ahead of everyone.

Alsaia Windrace

Alsaia has no picture.  Sadface.  Again, the general description is in the O/Os.  Sadly, due to the nature of the character it is hard to give a broader picture without ruining it.  She is mysterious, enigmatic, full of surprises and secrets.  Ideally either someone would look for her help, as she is a cleric, or someone might have heard rumors of this mysterious cleric and seek to look deeper in.  One could try to leverage her, or expose her, or any number of things.  I will say upfront that I'm not looking for anything romantic with the character, as with the way I play her it wouldn't work very well.

This would largely take place in a fantasy setting, naturally.  As far as using a 'stock' setting would go, Golarion (The Pathfinder Setting) would be the best bet as she was originally created as a Pathfinder character.  I do have a basic homebrew setting, but I don't have the information anywhere so using that would require one to roll with me a lot.

Like I always say while I do like using my original characters, as I am well familiar with them, I do not mind creating new characters for ideas.  So if you don't like what you see above, but still think I might be fun to RP with, please contact me regardless.  I just don't do any Fandom content.  I don't have anything against it, I just find it hard to get into and RP well established characters and I think I would be overly critical.  But I would love to sound out any ideas for original content.

Love, Aercey