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Author Topic: Princess Love - M seeking F  (Read 325 times)

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Princess Love - M seeking F
« on: April 27, 2013, 02:39:40 PM »

Hello there, fellow roleplayers.

Being a fan of princess love, and inspired by the famed Disney Princess, I came up with the following plot ideas:

[The Desires of Two Hearts - MxFxF, Medieval Fantasy]
Two beautiful, influencial princesses, each from a kingdom that neighbors each other, are set to marry the other's prince, thus cementing an alliance that is said to last a long time. Everything would be perfect for marriages...except that the princesses' hearts are not set on the princes nor their marriages to them. One princess has her mind set on matters outside of both kingdoms, such as poverty, the environment, and fighting evil, as per her family's legacy. The other simply wishes to find true love, to unleash her passion, to feel like a free woman and not a confined figure of royalty, being the result of her hot-blooded heritage. Neither believe that the prince's are capable of filling that emptiness in their lives.
When a noble arrives at the party via his invitation, the expressions of the princesses catches his eye, making him curious. Devising a plan to see the princesses alone in a secluded area outside, he talks with them to discover their emotional & heartfelt disturbances. Then he toys with the idea of escaping with them so that they can fulfill their dreams. All three know this is impossible without causing a serious stir in both kingdoms, but the thought is amusing nonetheless and they have a nice, uplifting conversation. It ends with a kiss of friendship from each of the princesses as they return to the main hall. Unfortunately, the princes happened to be eavesdropping, and they took it as quite the scar upon their hearts, having been prepared to give everything to their betroved. To further add to this, the young man dances with the princesses during the ball, and the princes a quick to become jealous at how happy they are with him. As the party ends, the princes confront the princesses on their behavior and let them know that they are not happy with it, however, the princesses lash back at how they are not yet wed and how they will choose whomever they desire to converse with.
As the eveving ends on a negative tone, the next day proves to be a bit of a shock as he meets two hooded women as he leaves, who are none other than the princesses. They wish to escape their kingdoms, and they want the young man to guide them to a hiding spot. At first, he he is conflicted with desire to help them and fear of being caught, but, as he looks in their eyes, he knows that something happened, so he agrees.

I'd love it if I could get someone to help me with this idea by playing the two princesses, as well as helping me with plot development.

[Lusty Lady - MxF, Modern]
I would like to play a modern scenario where my guy meets an heiress or wealthy woman who is unsettled in her life. As they meet in a secluded area, she confesses to him several sex-filled desires to him, arousing him and moving him to meet with her more and more often. Eventually, she invites him to her house for dinner and to stay for the night. Once he gets to her room, she is wearing sexy lingerie, saying she wants to explore the desires & kinks she told him about earlier.
I want to find someone to play the red-headed lady, who feels the fires in her intimates but haven't found the right man to deal with them, until she meets my guy during one of her walks. She loves to finger herself, try on different, sexy clothes, and admire herself in the mirror as she rubs her hands all over her body, imagining that man who would satisfy her day & night.

[She Loves Me, She Hates Me, She Fucks Me - MxF, Modern, Arranged Marriage]
This idea involves more of the idea for Tsundere, Kamidere, and Himedere in an arranged marriage setting. A wealthy couple is set to become married as part of an agreement by both families. However, as they meet, the male sees the lady as sassy, arrogant, haughty, and bossy. He tries hard to become friendly & romantic with her, but she seems to reject his advances as if he's a bother to her in her life. The whole exeprience begins to stress him out, until he invades his room one day and begins to molest & rape him. Her audacity breaking the straw on the camel's back, he turns the tables on her and vents his frustration on making love to her. After the two make steaming love,  the man wonders what just happened, while the woman pokes at him with another insult. The man is left bewildered, but decides that he's made a breakthrough and decides to roll with it for now. Sure enough, every time they are alone, she makes sexual advances on him that usually end in heated, rough sex.

So the idea is that the woman is not crazy about this arranged marriage at first, and believes the guy to be money-grubbing & selfish. Of course, she has a case of Tsundere personality on top of this. However, as she sees his advances as genuine, she warms up to him, though she never shows it. It isn't until she ravishes him that the ice finally breaks, and since becomes close to him. She then makes lewd sexual advances like humping, grinding, assjobs, rough kissing & groping, and even handjobs. This looks like she's being the dominant, but I would call it more of her being a top sub.

[Rival Hearts - Multiple MxF, Modern Fantasy, Gifted University]
This one has been a litle harder to get people for due to its number of characters. The setting revolves around a school that trains young adults with special skills, abilities, and powers, while often selecting partners & groups to go on missions. However, there is often a battle of the sexes, pitting male and female students against each other. I would play one of the main focus males, thinking that the whole "battle of the sexes" is stupid, believing both genders to have strengths and for both to work together to become strong. As a result, he distances himself from male and female. The other instructors notice this and try to involve & encourage him to cooperate with other students. However, the males try to get him to side with them while the females believe him to be just another one of the boys.

I'm looking for someone to mainly play a female student who tries to get closer to this male student, realizing that there is more to him than meets the eye, which includes a temper that could prove to be violent, while at the same time, discovering that he only desires unconditional love & friendship.
Some help in making this setting would be greatly appreciated.

Please PM me if interested!