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October 15, 2018, 06:02:45 AM

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Author Topic: A journey on the Ark ( Ark Noah's Requests ) updated frequently.  (Read 322 times)

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Offline FormlessTopic starter

Greetings , and welcome aboard my Ark.

It is delightful to know you had some interest to check through my requests. Perhaps you'll find something you'll like.

But first , Please refer to my ONs & OFFs page to see if we're compatible.

Also , the ideas posted here are preferably done within a Forum.

If you find anything interesting , Please Send me a PM and we can discuss it. Please do not post in the thread. Thank you :)

Keep in mind I mostly do Consensual. So most of my requests would rarely if ever contain any non-con elements.

Your sins lay heavy upon you. ( M/F ) Modern/supernatural - currently available.

A stray bullet can kill a bystander. An innocent bystander. But what if that bystander was a person who deserved to bathe in Hell's inferno? Tim Hansen got shot when he was standing to cross the street to get some groceries. It was a stray bullet. But it lunged into his beating heart. As he fell to the concrete ground , his soul slowly detaching from his flesh. An Angel stands before him. The angel reminded him of his sins , His betrayals , cheating , thievery . He was reminded what a lowly soul he was , and he should be ready for his judgement. In a sheer protest from the dying man. The Angel reconsiders, but only when he proves he is worthy to get back his soul. What does the Angel have in store for him?

I need a Lady for this story who can play the role of a judgemental character. This roleplay can go anywhere the possibilities are limitless. Sexual or nonsexual even. I find this kind of situation interesting recently and I'd like to try it.

RX tension, twice daily. ( M/F ) Modern - currently available.

Zack Sinder is a 28 years old Pharmacist who is best known for his sarcastic remarks while dealing with patients. Excellent in his job , loved by his colleagues and family , but only when they got used to his sharp tongue. The day his life turned around when he met a patient who didn't let his rude behavior slip by. Causing a fuss during work , putting him under the disciplinary scope for such a simple reason. But with another encounter , how sharp would Zack's tongue be?

Basically This story can be a vanilla romance with too much tension to begin with. Or it can be an ongoing battle between a snarky person and an uptight woman. If you have any elements or plots to add into it , you are very welcome.

~ more updates to come ~
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Re: A journey on the Ark ( Ark Noah's Requests ) updated frequently.
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2013, 07:20:45 AM »
Nehmt mich mit. ( M/F ) Alternate History - Under discussion.

What if Napoleon was not dissuaded to invade Britain? The great French Imperial Army marches towards the twin isles of Britain , and the Coalition forces of Europe succumbed long before. 1808AD when the Spanish Emperor signed a treaty with Napoleon. A treaty that greatly empowered Napoleon's thirst to conquer Britain.

The bells echoed the London skies to announce the dire terror that approached it's walls. Jacques Dies , the Spanish Ambassador in London was trying to maintain the relationships between his country and the British , however his country left him stranded as a scape goat in the hands of the British. Lady Nirvana Elle , Sister to the German Ambassador was the only one he could turn to at such times. Nirvana would often come to visit her older brother. To enjoy and have a taste of a British life style from time to time , but since the war started , she was trapped in London , with no choice to leave as her brother chose to protect her. He prepared for her safe transportation from London back to Berlin. Jacques was familiar with her , but to a minor extent. But such times calls for desperate measures. All he needs a way to flee the capital. But what would become of Nirvana if she chose to aid him against her father's discretion? Would she throw herself into the mayhem of war for a single man?

I am looking for a lady to play the role of Nirvana Elle. It's an alternate history story so many elements can be explored in our own ways.