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January 16, 2019, 06:16:54 AM

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Author Topic: Ming's RP Inspirations (EX, TF, NC)  (Read 588 times)

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Offline MingMingTopic starter

Ming's RP Inspirations (EX, TF, NC)
« on: March 30, 2011, 12:43:49 PM »
I am making this thread to gather together and detail some of my loose ends and RP ideas.  It's going to be slowly added to over time, so please be patient and please be aware that most of the stuff I am putting up here are loose ends from games I have been in that fell into limbo, so I am primarily looking for people willing to GM or at least cooperatively RP while trying to find a willing GM.

All the following are considered Extreme scenarios and readers are warned.

*********************************THE GUILD BANQUET*************************************
An oppressed slave overthrew and murdered the decadent thieves' guild masters who tortured and enslaved her.  However in taking her vengeance, she becomes an even more terrifying monster than the original masters, remaking the entire guild into a monstrous self-consuming pyramid.  All surviving members must swear loyalty to her, and only female members are allowed to survive the purges that follow.  Any males that wish to live and advance in the guild must allow themselves to be magically transformed into females and start at the bottom of the organization.  The same holds true for new guild members. 

Heightening the eccentricities of the guild is their yearly festival of rank.  Every year the limited number of guild leadership roles are 'up for challenge' in a series of randomly matched death challenges that range from pure physical ferocity to fiendish puzzle matches of wits and intelligence.  Ambitious youngbloods every year vie and challenge for the rank of established guild members, and some are found worthy while many others fail.  And failure is particularly horrific as the winners (and the rest of the guild) literally consume the losers at the ending festival banquet celebrating the contests' outcomes, with the bodies of the fallen spitted, roasted, and barbequed in a comestible orgy of flesh. 

The advantages of wealth and magical items, as well as resurrection magic means that the most senior and influential officers see themselves as having less to risk and lose than the hungry street operatives.  They can afford to be brought back and try again next year even if they lose.  And many of the incumbents often enjoy their positions for years.  But the Guildmistress enjoys enormous popularity within the ranks for her 'egalitarian' system of advancement, especially because she chooses to take part in the challenges herself, declaring that no guild officer is exempt.  And due to her great riches, unmatched beauty, and luscious body, there are many hungry eyes within the guild that plan each year to be the ones to feast upon her position and her flesh.  But so far after many a contest, the Guildmistress still rules and dines upon her many enemies and rivals who would plot against her.

Now then- I was the player of the enslaved guildmistress character, and I (re)built the guild up from scratch during roleplaying of a slave revolt in a D&D game years ago.  I organized the basic structure of the guild contest, and got to play through it once, but the roleplay died when the GM had RL issues that ended the game.  I was thinking if I could find a GM willing to pick up the reins of this chronicle, it could be revived either as a solo game again with my character (the Guildmistress) testing her wits and abilities against the many challengers and enjoying watching the infighting as it occurs, or as a group game with PC's versus NPC's and each other, maybe plotting to find their 'sweet spot' in the elimination challenges, or maybe plotting to take the prize of leadership. 


   (More to come)