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July 26, 2021, 09:26:23 am

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Author Topic: Up for anything*, with anyone, playing as anything*  (Read 740 times)

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Up for anything*, with anyone, playing as anything*
« on: December 06, 2019, 06:12:12 pm »
Note that this post was done in a slight hurry, and since it was done in a separate program, lacks formatting.
The basic idea is in the title. I'm willing to do almost any scenario you can imagine (following the guidelines below), with whoever you may be, as whomever I deem fit according to any guidelines you may provide. If you have a scenario that does not conflict with any of the guidelines below, you are free to assume that I am willing to participate; HOWEVER, do note that I may turn down ideas based on their delivery. I don't mind a first message saying "Hello, I'd like to play", but as soon as you present your idea, present it the best you can, and make it count. There's no harm in trying, and most likely, I will not turn you down.

First off: Some limitations.
   I will NOT be WILLING to do scenarios where:
   My character is a dom.
   I am required to use picture illustrations (personal preference: Leaving things up to fantasy makes everything more ideal).
   The plot is too open (E.g. plots akin to "The situation is... and we'll build onto that). I don't request that you plan an introduction, main body and conclusion. What I would appreciate is to at least have a starting conflict to build off of. Instead of "Our characters are adventurers who have to defeat a dragon", go for "Our characters are adventurers who find themselves needing to defeat a dragon. The adventure starts with a bar fight where our characters meet and find that they share a common goal: Lower tax rates". The example, although underdeveloped, presents a world, a starting point, and a conflict to build onto.
   I will NOT be CAPABLE of providing vivid descriptions for scenarios where:
   Somewhat abnormal fetishes are incorporated. This includes, but is not limited to, scat, watersports, and foot fetish. This is not necessarily due to a personal dislike of the fetishes, but rather because they often require extensive description to be satisfying. It is additionally because physical descriptions are not necessarily my forté, as will be discussed further down.
   My character is not of my choosing. As will also be discussed further down, I NEED a character that I have created myself with my own insights. This, sadly, excludes any fandom characters.

Important things to note:
   I'm not picky on gender; I play anything, with anything. I'm not writing for smutty sex scenes. I write for the sake of writing. I do not mind sex scenes, I do not mind writing for them, and most importantly, I do not mind how they play out, be it hetero or homo or anything else. I do not discourage sex scenes wherever you deem them fit. I do, however, encourage sex scenes where they may have a significant impact on character development. This includes cases where strong emotions are present, for instance, scenes where characters share a close moment, or scenes where there is significant fear or aggression (for non-consensual scenes, typically).
   I do not write my characters. I live them. My love for roleplaying does not stem from a plot, or from the worldbuilding itself, although I like both of those aspects. Nay, it comes from the experience of, not developing a character, but living the life of the character. Believe me when I say that I have suffered a lot from this, at one point getting depression and trauma from events that I personally never experienced. I beg of you to keep this in mind if you write a story with me: Although I love the feeling of pain and suffering, it does exact a mental toll. I don't ask of you to sacrifice "fun" elements of the story for my sake, just make sure that you check in with me at times and make sure that I am alright whenever the story becomes, for the lack of a better term, difficult.
   The above point also brings forth a very important aspect: I cannot do multiple stories at once. I have to live into my character, and if I have multiple characters, I not only lose my enjoyment of the story, but I also underperform. This means that it's a first come first served scenario. I don't check my messages every day, but know that I do prioritise accepting the first offer if there are several.
   Psychological aspects of characters are where I shine: Whilst I know many descriptions for physical sensations of pain, I entangle myself in descriptions of trauma, of love, of uncertainty, of freedom, of imprisonment. I love experiencing the development of the mind into intelligence and warmth, the decay of the mind into madness and emptiness. Keep in mind that although I can't provide descriptions of many physical experiences, I can convey the psychological impact of said experiences and develop a character based on them, so don't be shy in hurt or hugs; Any action has an equal and opposite reaction.

No more information is needed, but in case you are wondering what anything may entail:
   Anything from no harm (slice of life) to no arms (dismemberment and snuff).
   Anything from perfectly grounded realism (Ordinary humans with ordinary lives; Half of the library) to fantasy realism (Extraordinary beings with ordinary lives; Hard to find in the library) to mile-high-club fantasy (Extraordinary beings with extraordinary lives; Typical fantasy, also half the library) to Sci-Fi (You don't need an example of this one; Half of popular movies), and so on.
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Re: Masochist Seeking Abuse (but also wholesome roleplays)
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 04:33:22 pm »
Just a slight bump. I've made quite a few changes since I first posted this, so hopefully, this bump is "justifiable".

Edit: Should probably mention where the changes have been, and it's mostly been additions of desires, as well as changing some formatting to make the post easier to skim.
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Re: Masochist Seeking Abuse (but also wholesome roleplays)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2021, 06:46:00 pm »
Half a year worth of bumps, in addition to replacing everything in the post. If this isn't justifiable, then what is?