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Author Topic: Resident Evil: Stranded [Adventure, Extreme, Horror, Mystery, Survival]  (Read 449 times)

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Offline Tieshaunn TannerTopic starter

Looking for someone to play the female protagonist in a Resident Evil RP.

The premise is that you are single person, stranded on a beautiful tropical island with no means to contact the outside world, after your boat got into a storm and was attacked by a strange creature on top of that, capsizing and sinking.
As if that was not enough, it soon becomes clear that there are strange, monstrous threats on this island, as well as other survivors, few of whom are likely to be on your side... or even willing to ignore you.

On the island, anything goes - you could be a hero, you could be a villain or you could just try to survive and escape - or maybe you'll end up just a helpless victim or even infected and mutated into a monster... if not worse.

Some of the main groups and persons are:

Olufemi's Revolutionaries

These men from West Africa are lead by the cruel, if amicable warlord Olufemi, who lead them on an exodus from their home country in search of a weapon that would allow him to fulfill his dreams of conquest.

Size: Large
Equipment: Average
Teamwork: Lacking, but functional
Threat Level: Big

Code Orpheus

An elite group of mercenaries specializing in retrieving valuable packages of all kinds from B.O.W. infested territory. They are led by Agent Sigma, a near-emotionless woman of nearly superhuman skill and drive.

Size: Very Small
Equipment: Exceptional
Teamwork: Flawless
Threat Level: Extreme


A French pharmaceutical company, they have set up a laboratory on this island. Their designs are unclear, as is their role in the current happenings on this island.

Size: Very Large
Equipment: Above Average
Teamwork: Average
Threat Level: Unknown


Several small groups of survivors of various origins, these are less of an organized group and more of several independants with no other allegiance.

Size: Very Large
Equipment: Below Average, if not Non-Existent
Teamwork: Very Little
Threat Level: Small


The victims of this virus mutate in the most various ways, though it usually involves some manner of animalistic aspect entering their physiology. The origin and purpose of this virus, if any, is unknown; nor does anyone know if it was created on this island or simply unearthed. Its victims roam the island, attacking any and all who are not yet infected.

Size: Unknown
Equipment: None
Teamwork: None Known
Threat Level: Ultimate

Laughin' Jack

This person - it's not clear whether it's a man or a woman, it's "name" is merely a nickname given to it by the other occupants of the village - roams the island dressed in a floor-length red raincoat with a deep hood and a gas mask. He usually only observes others, often from very nearby without being noticed until very late - at which point he gives off a mad, inhuman laugh (to which he owes his nickname) and flees faster than anyone can pursue.
Some of the survivors believe that there is more than one Laughin' Jack, as the creature moves would need to move at beyond human speeds to appear in all the locations it does over such a short time as it usually does (once, it was observed by a group on the North East end of the island, while another allied group saw it at the very opposite end of the island mere minutes later).

Size: One (?)
Equipment: Simple Cloathes (?)
Teamwork: -
Threat Level: Unknown

And beyond even that lies the great mystery of this island, which has drawn so many different people onto it.

As for the protagonist, please choose one of the following base archetypes to play:

BSAA Agent

Sent by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, you and your partner were supposed to investigate sightings of B.O.W. on several Indonesian islands. While en route to one of your targets, you got into a storm and your boat sank. You find yourself on the shore of the island, with only your most basic equipment and no sign of your partner.

Aspects: First Mission, Trained For This, Respectable

Difficulty: High

Combat Training: High

Survival Training: Above Average

Starting Equipment:
  • Handgun (10 shots)
  • Handgun Ammo (30)
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • BSAA Uniform
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Combat Knife
  • Basic Survival Kit
  • Satellite Phone

Extreme "Adventurer"

You're an utter addict to new experiences, especially the most extreme ones - like scuba diving in the middle of nowhere with barely any equipment, or climbing dangerous cliffsides and mountains without aid; if it's dangerous, you love it - some might call you a slut for danger, and they wouldn't be too far off, as the promise of such is enough to get you to do pretty much anything.
A short while ago, you were shark diving without any protective gear apart from your wetsuit and a taser - but suddenly, all the sharks fled. As you returned to your boat, you found it in the throws of a storm, with your two crewmates fighting to keep it afloat. Before you knew it, something big hit the boat and it sank along with the three of you, only for you to wake alone on the shore of a strange island.

Aspects: Willing Whore For Danger, Survive No Matter What, Magnetic Personality

Difficulty: High

Combat Training: Inadequate

Survival Training: High

Starting Equipment:
  • Survival Knife
  • Shark Taser
  • Wetsuit

NEO Operative

You're a member of the Bioterrorist organization NEO, sent onto the island with a team to retrieve a sample, if not the source, of the E-Virus your group somehow became aware of. Unfortunately, the plan was foiled when, on the way, your boat was attacked by something huge during a storm and the boat sank. You wake up alone, with no sign or signal of your team of five.

Aspects: Cold-Blooded Sadist, When She Smiles, Outcast

Difficulty: Average

Combat Training: Exceptional

Survival Training: Average

Starting Equipment:
  • Assault Rifle (20 shots)
  • Assault Rifle Ammo (120)
  • NEO Combat Suit
  • Plastic Explosive (2 charges)
  • Basic Survival Kit

Rich Party Girl

You're the daughter of a billionaire businessman, and you have never wanted for anything. You have it all, looks, brains, riches, friends - only nothing that really matters to you, which is why you drown yourself in parties, alcohol, harder drugs and meaningless sex. Before ending up on the island, you were on a jacht your father gave you for your twenty-first birthday, along with all your "friends" enjoying the good life - in fact, you were in the middle of a drug- and sex-orgy when something hit your boat, capsizing it. You fell and hit your head, bad, blacking out.
An indeterminate amount of time later, you wake up alone, naked and dizzy from a headwound and the last remnants of the drugs you took before.

Aspects: So Beautiful It Hurts, Looking For A Purpose In Life, Easily Tempted

Difficulty: Ultimate

Combat Training: None

Survival Training: None

Starting Equipment:
  • None


You once worked for Umbrella on their BOW research, and though not as prominent as the likes of Birkin or Wesker, your work was invaluable to them - having started out very young, you were often called the next rising star of Umbrella, after your mentors. After Umbrella's collapse, you were hired by Wesker's Organization and continued work on Uroboros. Now, after Albert Wesker's death, you find yourself unprotected, with the whole world after you either for punishment or to gain access to the secrets you hold. Whether or not you feel remorsefull for the atrocities you've comitted, you chose to flee from those who would take you - unfortunately, as you were on a smuggler's boat on the way to Australia, a storm and an attack from something big sank your boat. You find yourself on the shores of an unknown island, armed only with the knowledge you gathered over nearly a decade of service.

Aspects: I Know Things Humans Are Not Meant To Know, Mad (?) Scientist, Everyone Wants a Piece of Me

Difficulty: Very High

Combat Training: Basic

Survival Training: Basic

Starting Equipment:
  • Travel Clothes
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella E-Pad

Lost Girl

You were on a cruise ship with your whole family, celebrating your sixteenth birthday out at see. When you'd just gotten your presents, a storm and something else as well hit the ship out of nowhere, and the cruise liner sank after an hour-long fight against nature... and other things. You find yourself alone on the shores of a strange island.

Aspects: Too Cute To Kill, Open Minded, Born Lucky

Difficulty: Ultimate

Combat Training: Casual

Survival Training: Casual

Starting Equipment:
  • Party Dress
  • 3 Wrapped Presents
  • Heirloom Amulett


If you'd like to play, choose one of the Archetypes and send me a Private Message - do not answer in this thread, I would like to keep it tidy - with a character profile based on one of the Archetypes, including at least a basic personality and appearance. Please tell me where you'd like to take the game, any specific likes or dislikes and how often you can post.
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Offline Tieshaunn TannerTopic starter

Re: Resident Evil: Stranded [Adventure, Extreme, Horror, Mystery, Survival]
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Added Scientist and Lost Girl archetypes

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Re: Resident Evil: Stranded [Adventure, Extreme, Horror, Mystery, Survival]
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Players found, game in progress