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Author Topic: THE RED LADY CLUB - Demon storyline: The Club  (Read 4231 times)

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Online Tokyorose627

Re: THE RED LADY CLUB - Demon storyline: The Club
« Reply #50 on: June 24, 2016, 05:49:28 PM »
Yup, totally fine! Just fill out the application form and post it either here or the application thread :3 looking forwards to seeing him


Offline Karasu

Re: THE RED LADY CLUB - Demon storyline: The Club
« Reply #51 on: July 01, 2016, 05:36:57 PM »
Name: Aster
Age: Looks roughly 25, age is approx. 250 years.
Gender: Male, Effeminate
Race: DEMON, Soul Fox, has 3 tails [A mostly unknown offshoot to Kitsunes]
Job Role: Personal Assistant to Avaline, entertains clients when it suits him.
Description: Aster stands 5'11" tall, with a lithe build that screams androgynous or feminine. He has long, soft, white hair with silver highlights and piercing ice blue eyes that hold an almost hypnotic amethyst hue to them in the right light. When working at the bar and brothel, Aster wears his uniform, a pale blue button down collar shirt, with black overcoat and matching black dress pants and shoes.

In his more natural form, he has three lovely white tails, tipped light purple, light blue, and green, with large foxy ears, otherwise he looks like his human form, he also goes without clothes in this form.

Helping Hands (Allows Aster to summon up to 3 sets of hands, copies of his own that may travel up to 20 ft from him, these vary in opacity, Unique to Aster and his eldest sibling)
Soul Trace & Mark (Allows the soul fox to track and mark a target soul given full name and image)
Shapeshift (Human and Natural forms unlocked, Unlocks up to two other forms, at 5 and 7 tails)
Background: [Paragraphs]

The Serif family was comprised of 4 siblings. There was Genjin, the eldest, who held 7 tails at 715 years old.. Shinay, the second born, with 4 tales at 465 years old, Aster, the third born, with 2 tales at 250 years old, and Paeri, the youngest, who was only 72 years old.. Since their parent's mysterious death, Genjin had taken care of his siblings, working with Shinay on projects Aster was kept mostly out of the loop in, the thirdborn watching over their youngest sibling.

All of the Serif family had one great thing in common, all were damned smart in certain ways, Genjin was amazing with inventions, Shinay was resourceful and quick, Aster could find a pattern and entrance souls like no Reaper had ever seen, and the youngest was the best Tracker of their family. Of course in their family it seemed there held a shadow, their family had been haunted by it for as long as they coudl remember.. Every so often members of their family would go missing without a trace, and it boggled Genjin that there seemed to be no reason.

Shortly before Genjin, Shinay, and Paeri went missing, Genjin and Shinay seemed more nervous, like something spooked them, then one night Shinay woke Aster, motioning for him to be silent before hiding him away, he would have hidden Paeri away with him, but they were caught by whatever had spooked them, and Set their small home ablaze.. By the time Aster managed to get away from the blaze, they were long gone, and all Aster had left was a picture in his coat pocket..
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