Do-Gooders Ruined By Ravenloft

Started by RequiemGurl, June 11, 2024, 01:18:06 AM

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Just a quick bit of background, my cousin was recently showing me the 3rd Edition Ravenloft books and I immediately fell in love with the idea of how the classes and mechanics were reworked to see PCs become corrupted by commonplace adventuring behaviour.

With that in mind, I’d love to take part in a Ravenloft campaign (using D&D 3.5/5th or Pathfinder 1st) that sees our characters slowly warped from heroes to monsters, be it by becoming werecreatures, undead, mutants, demons/devils and/or just your garden variety murder hobos, who are protected against infighting by some sort of shared curse or delusion.

So who else would be up for seeing themselves fall from grace or else be the architect of our wicked makeovers?


I tentatively raise my hand.  :)  

If we play this "straight" it's just something I wouldn't have fun with.  A raw slide into murderous corruption.  It's just something I'd rather do as a DM and don't have fun with as a player.  

If we play this purely, decadently perverse, I'd have fun with it, but it would kind of be missing out on the potential.  It would be a fun pornographic comedy but would only realize about 1/10th the epic scope of what this story could be.  


If these two could meet in the middle?  

If we could balance the perversion with the corruption so that it was more serious than a comedy, but more lighthearted than a lone wolf writing the epic poem of his own damnation as they walk the boulevard of broken bodies? 

If something could bind these misfits together in a mutual cause?  Gods forbid, if they could still care about each other even when their original goals became twisted by perversion and lust?  

*Cheff's kiss*  


My dear Requiem Girl, we see perfectly eye to eye here.  
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Unfortunately I'm not a good enough GM to run such a game, but I'm enough of a nerd to already have a character in mind for it, lol


Corruption always sees my interest. I'd definitely be interesting in playing something like that.


Could be a ton of fun if that balance was done right. Though a focus on non-perverse corruption is an option... wrath, sloth, pride, and envy are sins too. Not just lust, greed, and gluttony.

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