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Author Topic: Under the City Streets [Scifi Dystopian RPG] (EX-Strange Situations)  (Read 621 times)

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Concept by Linna
Undercity Concept Sketch by Kyomu

Eau Claire, the world of Oceans.  Once a beautiful colony world that relied upon fishing, the world was transformed when a disaster on a nearby colony forced refugees to take up residence upon the world.  The city of Colline Verte, heart of the colony and only major hub, was soon overwhelmed, forcing them to build up and up.  After centuries of growth, the city no longer resembles the lush green island it was originally, but rather a cancerous growth of grey upon the otherwise glassy blue surface of the ocean world.

The city stretches almost three kilometers straight up, past the point that people can breathe outside without oxygen masks.  Level upon level stretches below, capped off every few centuries by an almost solid layer of catwalks that has long ago blocked off natural light to the levels below.  The surface is completely dark constantly, and very few have the heart to venture below without heavy weapons, yet still people live there, trying to carve out a living.

The police force of Colline Verte rarely travels below the sixth level, preferring everything from level six to the tenth.  Anyone who ventures below is warned that they'll be on their own, for better or for worse.  Some go to escape their lives, while others go in search of treasure.  Regardless of reason, they go, and time and again almost never come back.  Most of the citizens just ignore the underworld, except when given a really good reason.

Such a reason would be when the richest business man on Eau Claire, Fredrick Norse, offers a three million Crowne reward for anyone who can retrieve his daughter, who retreated into the underworld to escape her parents.  Three million Crowne was enough to guarantee travel to anywhere in Human space, even Earth, or to live comfortably forever on Eau Claire.  So the race is on to get enough equipment and supplies and strike out for the undercity, before the girl ends up dead or worse.

I'm looking for four players willing to play in a dystopian undercity where you'll encounter mutants, robots, crime and much more.  I will be playing the GM and guiding you along, and you'll have the chance to interact with various NPCs along the way.  I'd prefer realistic characters from various backgrounds, though if everyone just ends up with a military vet, that's fine too.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name (Given or Birth name) [/b]
[b]Age (Min. 18) [/b]
[b]Gender (Male, Female, Other) [/b]
[b]Equipment (50lb max) (No grenades, only three packs of explosives) [/b]
[b]Brief Bio[/b]

Offline Chrystal

Re: Under the City Streets [Scifi Dystopian RPG] (EX-Strange Situations)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2011, 05:39:01 PM »
This looks fun.

Are you accepting aliens or does everyone have to be human?

If aliens are allowed, may I suggest you expand the character profile a little to include that detail?

Obviously, this is going in Exotic, because there are mutants... Is it going to be N/C? Or possibly even EX?

Definitely interested!

Online Akumamika

Re: Under the City Streets [Scifi Dystopian RPG] (EX-Strange Situations)
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2011, 04:11:06 PM »
Woot sign me up! and I have a plot twisty in mind if you will allow me to voice it later.

Picture  ( mutant ) (human)
Name (Given or Birth name) Scruff
Age (Min. 18) 19
Gender (Male, Female, Other) Male
Equipment (50lb max) (No grenades, only three packs of explosives) Switch blade, old card key (works on some doors) grappeling hook and rope, old handgun with limited ammo.
Brief Bio Scruffy was born in the underground to one of the few remaining families that live there, he patrolls the streets and walkways finding items of value or use and brings them back to the city. He often did this with his dad while growing up but he went missing by the time scruffy was twelve. He continued to scavange and spends most of his time alone, since he is now the last remaining member of his family, he still however provides aid to the others in the city. He overheared the patrol gaurds on the higher levels talking about a reward for some girl and he plans to hand her over to pay for a way out of the underground for his people, or at least make their lives easier.

Not sure if we're allowed mutant characters if not I can be human no problem.