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Author Topic: Mix and Match!: master and slave style [MUL] [UN]  (Read 806 times)

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Mix and Match!: master and slave style [MUL] [UN]
« on: December 04, 2008, 09:38:12 PM »
Upon realizing that I have a consistent craving for the master x slave scene in general, I'm setting this thread up with a variety of characters, scenarios, settings and likewise in which to explore the different combinations and let potential partners pick and choose what they would like to play most. Scenarios can be embellished if wished, or simply taken from there and developed in-story. If any of the things below pique your interest, or even if you want to play only one specific setting or such, do not hesitate to contact me!  :D


Mjrn ;; A half desert-elf, half-human slave whose vibrant red hair reflects her quick and sometimes unreasonable temper. Though she has a sharp tongue and is known to speak inappropriately, say impolite things, and be a general hell-kitten, her short stature (around five foot even) makes her easy to handle physically. Despite her occasional outbreaks, she is intelligence and will straighten up with mild physical punishments. Slightly stubborn, but a fast and thorough worker, she's just right for someone who enjoys a bit of bite in a cute, almost juvenile package.
    Notes ;; Less sexual focus is preferred for this character, but not disallowed. Does better in a medieval-fantasy setting and is familiar, though not intimately, of the slave scene.

Clara Timpton ;; A young woman accustomed to the life of a slave. Her body is in fair enough shape, though riddled by scars from past masters that were harsh on her; in result, she is a respectful slave and causes little trouble, though she exhibits no real fear of being harmed. The young lady is coming out of her teens, and as such has a body caught between a woman and a girl. Generally speaking, unremarkable but well behaved. Good for those that prefer to keep the training to the slave traders.
    Notes ;; General appearance and species is negotiable.

Luciana Starr ;; An untrained slave recently introduced to the slave markets who, though frightened and contrary, makes a big deal about wanting to resist every order that's given to her. Given to fits of rebellion and instantaneous submission at any sign of physical harm, she is noisy and boisterous but very easy to handle. She is a bit disobedient if she is unwatched for an extended period of time, but in close surveillance, the young woman is very agreeable. A childish mind in a more mature body.
    Notes ;; General appearance and species is negotiable.

Melaina Hickory ;; Damaged and older but well-learned of the world for a slave. Having been in the military of her country for a decade and a half, then sold into slavery when captured by enemies, she makes a good body guard. Rather than lash out at her masters openly, she keeps quiet and rarely speaks, seemingly content with her existence, as things could have been much worse for her.  She is knowledgeable and strong for a woman, though riddled with many and varied scars from battle.
    Notes ;; General appearance and species is negotiable. May fit better in a setting that uses none-firearm weaponry.

Custom! ;; Like a certain type of slave that you can't find above? Simply let me know what you're looking for and I'll come up with the rest!


Historical medieval
Dystopian society
Reverse Amazonian society


;; A member of the royal/noble blood is kidnapped by a slaver working for the owner or by the owner himself to get back at the family for revenge. Rather than returning her after training her obedience, he decides to keep her, even with threat of death of being found.

;; An old, wise and crazed warlock- presumedly dead - disappears from his castle, leaving his slave to be sold off after a month of living in an abandoned castle. It is assumed she knows some of the warlock's magic; hearing of this, a man comes by and makes the top bid for her to serve as a travel companion and use her apparent magics for his travels and, ultimately, his goal (whatever that may be).

;; A black knight of a great and terrible power crosses the land, defeating kingdoms and killing hundreds at a time. When he comes upon the next country with the mind to capture it too, he decides to sweeten the deal for himself and makes a barter with the king that, if he will give his kingdom willingly with the most beautiful virgin in the land included, he will spare the kingdom's people.

;; A war has been waging for decades between two planets half a galaxy across from one another. Visiting a neutral planet on the way to battle, a galactic ship's crew collectively purchases a girl-turned-cybernetic-being. It isn't until well into the cruise towards impending doom that they consider using the girl to reach high-up people and assassinate them.

As a note, I may be willing to try playing a male slave or play with a mistress if given an exciting enough idea to try it out with. I might also play a master or mistress myself, but be expected to really convince me.

Thank you for your time! I would very much appreciate a message or a post, so feel free to contact me!

Note: As I think of them, I will add scenarios, characters and settings. If you have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them!