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August 15, 2018, 11:49:08 PM

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Author Topic: Re: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW (will do sep post with inspiration) MEN WANTED  (Read 365 times)

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Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

(this bored is under construction with plots with thoughts)

First off a few things about myself, things I enjoy, things I am willing which is nearly everything anyways. Just ask. And things that I am not into. Other words don't bother asking about these things. It wont roll with me.

Here's a small tidbit : I have Carpel tunnel in both wrists and with my work, there will be times I am in to much pain to write. So Please bare with me.

I do two ways of role-play. Forums and or email

Also you see a picture that sparks  your interest please link it to me. I do post links a lot, I may get mixed up.

Some things I am looking for as in pairings.
MC FIRST YC SECOND in pairing group
human/elfX Feral
Wife X Husbands Bestfriend
Sister X Brother
Daughter X Father
Girl X Dads Friend
Feral X Feral
Girl/daughter of a god X Monsters
Prey X Predator


-I WILL NOT play underage characters. Unless its a flashback of some memory of my character. Other then that absolutely not. All and I mean all characters I play are eighteen or older.
-I like to think I am pretty easy to get along and work with.I do the whole, I give what I get. I always try to give my partner my best. I hope the same.
-I am not a grammar Nazi. But please make it make sense. And do your best. Considering I know I am not perfect.
-I prefer the minimum of 3 paragraphs... No not 2- or-3 sentences.. I don't ask you to write 10 paragraphs or anything.

-Please limit playing my  character. As to character play. I am best at playing one personally. Especially if its a main character. I can do minors however.

I struggle playing multiples.
Things that make me squirm, and bite my lip:
I wanna try Birthing and egg laying...
Fantasy- Anything fantasy related. Settings.
Dragons,Griffon, things that go bump, inhuman and human. you name it I love it. furry as well. Also common large animals...Feral, and other four legged  creatures.
Large, unique cocks.
Cervical penetration
cum inflation
size difference in partners. with me playing a smaller female.
Detailed posts

No Goes
one liners-one paragraphs
extreme modifications
If I do not respond to a pm right away or have responded then go quiet, I may have miss looked over my pms. Just shoot me another one. And please.. be polite.

Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

A Farm in Trouble NSFW
(legal age, just under-endowed))

Inheriting a farm from her late aunt was more then she could bargain for. Especially since a stack of bills came along with it, and a threatening letter stating she could possibly lose the land. She had only a few short weeks to start making payments, but what was she to do? It isn't just her aunts land in trouble but those who called this place home.

Seeing her stressful situation a Stallion new to the farm offers to help her, win races, and offers up other ideas to help her get the money she needs. But there is a price for it all.

(open to ideas.)
Protecting Peace NSFW

A small kingdom is plagued by attacks. The creatures vary, never a true pattern, but one thing they do know is something is sending them. A Dark Lord is bored, his last toy finally giving up, and now he wants a new one. This time the price is a bit higher than the King wants to give into. She is his youngest daughter, a sweet innocent yet strong. And the Lord has his eyes set on her. And he won't stop his minions from raiding and raping the people of the small kingdom till he has her. Leaving the king no choice. But to give him his little girl who just reached her eighteenth summer.
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