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Author Topic: Tales of Far Off Lands, of heros, weapons, and romance. Any gender welcome.  (Read 2265 times)

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Hi! So I am super craving a sprawling epic fantasy type of roleplay with lots of planning to go along wih it. I'd like a lot of world building too, and politics, and betrayal, and love, and war, and well you get the point. For this, I would like a lot of characters for the both of us, and possibly multiple plots going on at once.

Here's some other things I'm wanting.

setting: This is heavily taking from Ooku by Fumi Yoshinaga, and other in the same vein. What happens when seventy five percent of the male population dies off from some reason? And the male population stays at a low percentage of the population, even five generations later?  How will gender roles change? How would society change? I'm thinking this could be an alternate history starting from some point in history. Maybe eighteenth century Europe or something. Orrr it could just be a totally different and made up society. Also there could be a lot of playing with gender roles. So, instead of women showing wealth through clothing and jewelry, it would be the men. Men would also take care of children, the rich perhaps could afford husbands, and the poorer folks would have to visit brothels or something, or just not have marriages at all. Families could rent out sons, etc.

Plot: So, I imagine that  after a couple of decades of normalization has permanently changed society. Marriage, still a thing of business, has evolved into the union of two women and one man, to produce children, unite businesses, etc.  So, we could start with a marriage or whatever, and deal with a character based plot.As for a bigger overarching plot, there could be a lot of dissatisfaction due to taxes, along with a shortage of men. Revolution could be in the air. Or perhaps a civil war, or an international war? Or, whatever.

Requirements: I want a lot of plotting, and world building, and exploring, and character development, and plot. What kind of relationship will the three characters have? What about sexuality? What happens when children are taken into consideration?  If there is a war, how will it affect the marriage/family/whatever?

So yeah. If this interests you, just send me a PM. :)

this is kinda based on an idea i had a long time ago. anyway. so, in some metropolis on a far away planet, based on Victorian England/nineteenth century Europe, some people are rather distraught with the social order. So yeah. anarchists. xD Anyway, I'm hoping for multiple characters, lots of civil disobedience, backstabbing, class conflicts, high acidic rain, tea parties, etc.

Orrrr something else I'm really been craving- something maybe with werewolves or something. I dunno. I think it'd be fun to try.

It's all fun at the circus So, I thought up an interesting character for a.. circus type thing. I'm picturing a traveling circus where not everything is as it seems. So like supernatural/magical. Anyway, my character is a lady magician(think stabbing a box) who has two quiet assistants.. Anyway, your character could be another member of the circus or the ring master. This could be Fxf or FxM or whatever. I could adjust the gender of miss magician as well. I am not looking for someone to play her assistants though.

Another idea I really want! Something with bored 50s housewives. Maybe two form a relationship to fight the boredom of raising kids and being the perfect wife. Maybe one starts to mess around with the salesman who comes round. Or one starts to be involved with the beatnik movement. The ideas are endless :D

yet another idea I really want: something in an Italian city during the Renaissance, with assassins, family rivalries, courtesans, women's roles, etc.

See second post for other things I'm interested in. :D
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New Plots are added to the bottom of this post!

Hello! I restructured this to make more sense to me. So, my name is xiaomei, and I am looking for a roleplay, as many of you reading this are.  Please read my ons and offs for important information. I would prefer if you did this before messaging me. That basically explains everything I want, from posting dynamics, to characters, to sexual things.

So it's almost summer vacation, so that means I am going to be free for a ton of roleplays. :D Feel free to suggest things to me!

So! To my ideas, in no specific order, bold is what I really want at the moment:

This can be partially a fandom roleplay. I dunno. Or it could not. So, I've been reading Ooku: The Inner Chambers, which reminds me a lot of Y: The Last Man and A Brother's Price, meaning a world where the male population is almost entirely wiped out. I want to mess with this idea, whether we have a roleplay set in the world of Ooku, or create a world like in A Brother's Price, or have a disaster like in Y: The Last Man. This could easily be set in a made up world, the past, the future, on another planet, etc. The genre can vary a lot, I think. Haha, and I'd like this to be more plot driven. Like... I'd like to work on creating a world and have your effort in it instead of something like "guy fucks around".
See above.

Arranged Marriage: When I mean arranged marriage, I do not mean 'oh I don't want to marry him, oh my life isn't fair!' angst crap. I want characters who either want to have an arranged marriage because of their culture, or they can pull up their diapers and set up a deal (as in, they'll devote themselves to their new business, have children to placate society, have their own lovers). Um, so basically I'm looking for a political arranged marriage or whatever. And the couple may not love each other at first, but either learn to or learn to respect each other, or make a deal. I would like to combine this with other ideas. Perhaps they are two scions to big trading companies or something. I dunno why but I kinda want an intergalactic setting for this.

Some nation in whatever type of setting is invaded. The Crown Prince(ss)/duchess/duke/whatever escapes due to the help of a guard/soldier/ general (any gender). They run off and start La Resistance and work on getting their country back. Only, the people seem to like their invaders over the now dead ruling family

So, this is kinda of an expansion of the harem idea. So a newcomer to an emir's harem (your character) befriends a favorite (my character) and they decide they'd rather leave than continue to live the harem life, for various reasons. I would like a willingness in exploring Ottoman/Arabic cultures/etc. Also this goes well with some magic thrown in, or even clock punk. I'd like to stay away from stereotypes here though. [I have a premade intro for this. If you're interested, please ask.

Sooo. I am cravings something set in the 20s. Maybe something with gangsters in New York/Shanghai/what have you a la Boardwalk Empire. Or rich people being rich and scandalous with movie stars. Or people dealing with colonialism/imperialism along with the need to modernise. (That would be my favourite).

I'm craving a fantasy type roleplay. A silly one, even. Perhaps a group/duo/whatever of adventurers go out to find some holy/magical relic and get into all sorts of fun on the way: pirates, bandits, mermaids, packs of wizards or wolfmen, etc. I would like this to be very comedic. Or light hearted.

Soo. I've been hearing a lot about like cop dramas or detective themed urban fantasy, which is intriguing me. So, I'm kinda in the mood for something like that. Maybe a serial killer or something? The catch though, is I'd like it set in the 70s or 80s.

Humans have long been enslaved by [pick your supernatural humanoids/vampires/elves/whatever], and naturally they didn't like it. After several bloody uprisings, [whatever was chosen] expel the humans (because they are too numerous to kill off), to leave civilization, figuring that they'd die off anyway due to not being smart enough to fend for themselves. Fast forward a few decades later. Turns out the humans didn't kill each other in an act of stupidity, because now trading caravans, merchants, and the ilk are being attacked, with the very few survivors mentioning that groups of humans were coordinating the attacks. So a party is sent to see them, where one is captured and the rest killed. An act of war... There's more to this and it can eventually end up being a masterxslave kind of thing (sort of).

So, if you have any general fantasy, historical, sci fi, or any other sort of plot, feel free to PM me with your offer.
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Update: Idea
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I'm not familiar with that world unfortunately, but maybe we could work something out?

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Update: Plots
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Update: Ideas and reformatting.
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Re: Looking for some plot heavy roleplays!
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2011, 07:37:30 am »
Update: Idea

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Re: Summer vacation= more time for more roleplays.
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2011, 03:33:24 am »
Updated: two more ideas!

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Re: Summer vacation= more time for more roleplays.
« Reply #8 on: May 15, 2011, 07:46:32 pm »
New Idea: Thirteen

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Re: Summer vacation= more time for more roleplays.
« Reply #9 on: May 17, 2011, 08:16:22 am »
Updated with Arranged marriage idea.

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Re: In a world where the male population has heavily decreased...
« Reply #10 on: May 27, 2011, 06:48:45 pm »
update: plot expansion/addition

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Re: In a world where the male population has heavily decreased...
« Reply #11 on: May 30, 2011, 11:21:34 pm »
update: chobits/doll rip off plot. (see bottom of first post)

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Re: Always looking for stories! Adaptable to any pairing.
« Reply #12 on: June 14, 2011, 09:01:37 am »
update: add a plot, took away another.

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Re: Always looking for stories! Adaptable to any pairing.
« Reply #13 on: June 20, 2011, 03:26:51 am »
added a bunch (like two; circus and neovictorian) plots and took some away

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added: a plot