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November 18, 2018, 06:47:04 PM

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Author Topic: Seedling Ideas (MxM One-shot or possibly longer)  (Read 523 times)

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Seedling Ideas (MxM One-shot or possibly longer)
« on: March 24, 2011, 10:46:49 AM »

A little about me:

Hello and thank you for viewing my thread. I've been out of the RP loop for a while so I was hoping to get a few small games started to play around with and get back into the swing of things. I am a 23 year old gay male so don't even think about asking me to play a het pairing. It's just not my thing. I'm also of a submissive nature so I'll play either a submissive or (rarely) a switch. I currently have no job and am waiting for this fall to finally start college so if at any point you feel I'm not responding fast enough, you have my full permission, and even encouragement, to yell at me. I prefer to hash out game details with my partner so as to satisfy the both of us, so I'm afraid I don't have any complete ideas. read on if you'd like to see them anyway.~

My cravings/ideas:

Enchanted Forest:

Deep in the magical forest of Tylia, where no man has ever poisoned the land with his presence, lives a colorful community of faeries. Curious in nature and about the size of dragonflies, they find themselves dwindling in number. Lives lost to predators and accidents alike. With reproduction being of great importance, those who swing a little differently are looked down upon and often pushed to the dangerous edges of faerie society.

Zyffa, a young male who couldn't keep his attractions quiet, is one such faerie. After a shy and heartfelt confession of love for his best friend he was cruelly rejected and labeled an abomination by his people. No faerie that cares for their people would have such tendencies, they reasoned. Now, Zyffa lives apart from his family and friends by himself on the outskirts of the faerie haven where even the bravest of faeries rarely venture. Heartbroken and disgusted with himself, he resolves never to let himself fall in love again. when would he ever have the chance anyway?

There are, however, other colonies of faeries, pixies, and sprites. Those who've learned how to move in the forest without care to frogs, birds, and other creatures who find them to be tasty. There comes a day when Zyffa meets one of these fae, and on that day his life will change. Be it for better or for worse...


Luca is you average teenage girl. She goes shopping, wears only the cutest clothes, and gossips about boys with her girlfriends. There's only one thing that sets her apart from the rest. A secret that none but her mother knows. She is actually a he.

Luca's mother, Gloria, had always wanted a little girl. A child whom she could pamper and dress in beautiful clothes. When she finally gave birth and that baby was a boy she had somewhat of a psychotic break. She delusioned herself into beleiving her son was her daughter. Her husband, though he loved her, could not bring himself to go along with it and left her. After years of custody battles Gloria finally managed to get sole custody. By this time, Luca was five.

Now deep in her delusion, she won't even consider her son's growing concerns. He's a girl, right? Then why is he so different? Sure he's just as pretty as the other girls. Just as average as any of them. Except, he has a penis, and according to his health and biology classes that's not how it's supposed to be. While his friends are developing curves and breasts, he stays the same. Sure his voice is going a little squeaky from time to time, but he'd always had a bit of a high voice and the squeaks went mostly unnoticed.

On top of all this confusion, he's also got to deal with the usual high school drama. Too unnerved by his strange body, he can never keep a boyfriend for long. He builds a reputation for himself, though not intentionally, of being hard to get and even harder to get into bed. being as beautiful as he is, however, with his father's golden hair and blue eyes and his mothers soft features and short stature, he has no shortage of guys out for his heart, and his virginity.

(I know the high school thing suggests he's under the age of 18. We'd either have to tweak the story to make him the proper age of consent or hold off on the more adult situations. I'm up for changing things if necessary.)

Other pairings I'm willing to try:


Rivals turned lovers
Best friends


Naruto (only the Akatsuki)
Gundam Wing (Heero/Duo)
Fairy Tail (Just started watching it recently. Throw me some ideas. ^_^)

I am very open to any ideas you may have as well. Please keep in mind that I'm looking for a one shot. I will only consider something longer if the game we're playing becomes too wonderful and too interesting to put down. To get a better idea of what I like to do or how I play, please check out my On/Offs. Feel free to PM me or post if you're interested in starting a game with me. ^_^