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Author Topic: Sexy storytellers ideas for RP  (Read 924 times)

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Offline XanthamTopic starter

Sexy storytellers ideas for RP
« on: December 09, 2010, 02:53:12 PM »
The Story Vault

constantly under construction

Currently:  Open for one more 1on1

Story Ideas:  If I want to play a certain character I will mention it.  If it is not mentioned, I will play either/any

Relax, It's all Good - MF/MF, MC & SciFi (sorta), Cheat, Others poss. (see end)
Dr. Todd Thornton had created a marvel of science.  He was employed as a Marriage counselor, but he was a part-time inventor as well.  He had been playing around with effects of sonic frequencies and he stumbled onto a machine that seemed to create an ultrahigh frequency sound that created in nearby people a feeling of openness, a willingness to listen, and general harmony.  His entirely unscientific testing placed its limits at about 15ft.  For him as a marriage counselor, it was genius.  Sessions became much more fruitful.  What he didn't know was that the machine was working on a deeper level as well.  It also removed almost all inhibitions when active.  It was like a switch that turned off the brain's self-editing capabilities.  This did not matter much during strictly controlled sessions, but recently he had built a second small version that he was going to give to troubled patients on a short term basis to help them away from the office.  He had simple instructions:  Pick a spot in the house, call it your talking zone.  Turn this machine on and leave it there.  Anytime the two of you feel the need to fight, go to your talking zone, breath deep and talk, instead.  This is the story of one of those couples.  They took the machine home, picked the living room, and then remembered that they were entertaining that night.  What could possibly occur when four people got together with no inhibitions.  What happens if someone left the circle of sound?  And when they came back?  Options include: Light D/S (machine soothes, reduces Dom tendencies), Incest (Other couple can be anyone), and Fetishes (no inhibitions).  I would like to play this with one other person.  Each of us having a couple or a gender pair.  But if three people want to join in, I can do that, too.

Saving the Store - MF, Van, Rom, Inc, other possibilities

The girl owned a small boutique in a up and coming part of town.  She specialized in ladies clothing (or whatever) and was close to breaking it big when the economy tanked.  She has borrowed all she can from small business loans and has sunk her own money into it as well.  Time was running out on her being able to pay off her loans and she was desperate enough to call her brother.  Her brother was 8-10 years older than her and had left home when she was a kid.  He had gotten in with some bad people and ended up just barely staying out of jail.  He was trying to get clean and had stashed away a good chunk of money from his earlier bad deeds.  This was his chance to help run an honest business, but he hasn't seen his sister in years and she has grown up.  Add in a few obstacles they must work together to conquer and they grow very close.

Stuck in the Sims Very varied

A pair, or group of people are somehow transported into a modded Sims game.  Somehow they must keep their legacy alive and figure out a way to get out of the game.  The obstacle being that the characters are somewhat constrained to acting like they are in the game.  I have a few ideas on how they got in and what they must do to get out, but I am also open to more suggestions.  This could be a one on one with each player having multiple characters or it could be a group game.

Something different on your mind, but you think I might be interested?  Send a PM, I'm fairly flexible.

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Offline XanthamTopic starter

Re: Sexy storytellers ideas for RP
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 10:59:22 AM »
A list of RPs that I am currently engaged in and can be perused for style.

One on Ones
Group Games
Completed Games

Gone Bi with my Brother's Wife with saphireMarie - MFF, inc, modern, romance
Young wife discovers her bi side with her husband's sister.  Then she brings her lovers together.

Surviving the Virus with blackcatotaku - Post-Apoc, MC, Multi, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Inc


Saved by My Sister's Divorce with SecretWriter - Modern, MF, Inc, Rom
A man on the edge of financial ruin takes in a roommate.
Finished - Well, sort of. 

Stranded GM'd by lovelygirl
Four men stranded on an island for two years are joined by three girls when their boat runs aground on a reef.
Finished - Those that survived anyway.

One Uninhibited Night - Old Friends GM'd by Me!
A couple hosts some old friends.  What can a machine that removes inhibitions do to make the evening pass more smoothly?
Finished - Though it screams for a sequel.

Blackmail or something else with Deli - Modern, MF, Inc, Rom
A sister in trouble hopes her brother can save her from herself, by any means possible.


The Princess' servant with Chime - MF, Fantasy/Historical, NC/light BDSM
A servant with fairy tales in his head ends up with a petulant princess and a pernicious problem.

Finding Musical Harmony with Pixilicious - Modern, MF, Rom, Inc
A brother and sister in the music industry try to fool the world, but are they fooling themselves?

A Daughter's Rebellion with GrapeTootsiePop - Modern, MF, Inc, Other
A daughter escapes from her mother's overbearing family to find the father she never met.

Diuinitati GM'd by Lady Nitrate
Harry Potter lived in England - these magical students are All-Americans.  Welcome to the American School of Magic, Diuinitati.

St Catherine's School for S.L.U.T.S. GM'd by lovelygirl & others
Like a good '70's French Sexploitation film, young girls with attitude problems are made into something much more pleasing.

In Her Shadow GM'd by lovelygirl
Two good friends nearly destroy their friendship when boys and a secret history enter the picture.

Archaeology can be Fun! with GaGa88 - Modern, Adventure, MF, Inc, Rom, Magic
A father and daughter investigate a newly discovered temple to Aphrodite, Indiana Jones style.

The Beauty of the Beast with Poisin - Fantasy, MF, Adventure, Magic, Rom, Anthropomorphic Animal
A tale as old as time, the Beast must be rescued by the Beauty.  What if he doesn't want the Beauty?

End of Days? with Neysha - Post-Apoc, MC, Multi, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Inc

Perils of Elaine with Syene - Victorian, Multi, Adventure, Magic
Opening a secret Egyptian sarcophagus unleashes a powerful ancient creature.  Can Elaine stop it before it takes over the world?

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