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March 28, 2023, 06:36:42 am

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Author Topic: Us Against the World (Renrac & BRS)  (Read 1332 times)

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Re: Us Against the World (Renrac & BRS)
« Reply #25 on: February 25, 2023, 05:42:02 am »
Callahan had just finished his side of the fort near the window and he stepped back to nod to himself in satisfaction. It was coming along nicely. The sound he had heard outside the window had already nearly faded from his memory, replaced with new and sudden excitement at Lynde's idea. "That's a great idea! Let's do it!" He didn't need to be told twice and he took off in the opposite direction from Lynde so that they could pilfer every scrap of toilet paper they could find in the apartment. Bathrooms, closets, under the sink, they got it all.

Hurrying back he started to set up what they had gotten but it was obviously not enough. "Ok! That sounds like fun." Shifting one or two more things till it was how he liked it he turned to find that Lynde was already almost to the top of the bookshelf already. Cal wasn't crazy about this part but its not like he hadn't been up there before. Steeling himself he began to climb, excepting Lynde's hand when she offered it to him. "Thanks. Lets go!"

Since they had already been through this part of the ducts before it was much easier to find their way. Cal remembered seeing a ground level vent and after a bit of looking they found a section that slanted down wards a bit. Sliding down he could see the light coming through the grate and he grinned. "This'll make it a lot easier to get back." he turned to Lynde. "There should be some plastic bags in the janitors closet. We can fill up the bags and come back to dump them in the room before coming back for more." A few moments later they had the grate off and were free. "I think it was over this way!"

Over the course of the next hour or two both Cal and Lynde snatched up every toilet paper roll and paper hand towel pack they could find. Three floors up and three floors down, they brought it all back into the play room. It was a bit hard at first but they got used to it and before long they had completely barricaded themselves inside the room.

Jericho loved the feel of the wind whipping past his face. It always gave him such a rush. Landing not far from where Jurgen came down in the trees Jericho wound up his parachute loosely and lifted his hand to call in for a pick up from the company. If was just finishing up the call when he heard Jurgen mutter a name and he arched a brow, pressing a button that would open his master channel to his friends radio set. "Who's Mr. Cluckers?" he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. "Our pick up should arrive soon. Just hang out for a bit." he couldn't help adding that last part, since he knew his friend was literally doing just that.

"Ha Ha.. very funny Jericho.... now are you going to help me down or what?" Jurgen asked his boss.

"Just be thankful your not hanging upside down. Been there, done that." With his gear wound up as best he could he pulled off his wing suit and added that to the pile on the grass in front of him. "On my way.. keep your pants on." It only took a few minutes to reach the tree he was hanging from since he jogged it. "There ya are! So... how'd you like your first experience? Ready for another go?" he asked with a grin.

"Are you kidding me!? I barely survived the first time!" Jurgen yelled down at him.

"There you go being dramatic again. You weren't in any real danger." he paused and thought about that. "Well.. not really any... anyway.. lets get you down." pulling out a knife he put it between his teeth and started to climb the tree.

Looking down Jurgen saw what Jericho was doing and his eyes went a bit wide. "You are NOT doing what I think your doing, are you?"

Once he found a place he could safely pause in his climb he looked up at Jurgen who was partly obscured by the sunlight that was behind him. "How else are you going to get down? Now bend your knees. Its a bit of a fall." lifting the knife he began to cut away at the cables.


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Re: Us Against the World (Renrac & BRS)
« Reply #26 on: February 28, 2023, 05:48:39 pm »
The toilet paper in the apartment was clearly working just how she had thought. Lynde was excited with the progress, but quickly realized something was off. They didn't have anywhere near enough to finish the job. They would either have make a tall but not long wall, a short but long wall or gather more toilet paper. It was quickly clear which she was going for. Lynde looked at what they accomplished and while it was impressive she was far from satisfied.

"We need more!" That was all it took to set them off on their journey thoughout the building to get as many rolls as possible. It would be an unfortunate day for anyone trying to use the bathroom on a floor near these two children. The plan was quickly set, Lynde would gather through the three floors below this, Callahan the three floors above and both would share in stripping any other sign of any more on the current floor. They'd meet back in the play room with their bounty when they were finished and drop all they needed to there and make more trips out as necessary. Needless to say they had a surprisingly elaborate plan.

As soon as they had escaped the apartment the two of them split up, their plan entering it's first phase. The first stop was simple. Just as Callahan had suggested they stopped by the janitor's closet, gathering armloads of giant trash bags to carry the precious rolls. The two children easily looked like they were scavenging for the apocalypse but for now it was only toilet paper they targeted.

The first floor was easy. Lynde didn't run into another soul and made a trip back to the play room to drop her load. The second was similar but with a few people roaming the floor she had to sneak around like the Grinch stealing Christmas presents. It didn't present too many problems for her and before long there was a second drop in the play room. She noted Callahan was doing the same as she noticed another large bag there. The whole way she was practically giggling, calling Callahan over their watches like they were super secret spy communicators. To be fair they weren't that far off.

It was the third floor that she had any problems. Lynde had already stripped three staff bathrooms of their toilet paper and was working on the fourth when someone came in and started to make their way to one of the stalls. Her eyes widened. All she could do was quickly close the door to the stall she was currently pilfering and try to stay quiet.

"Hey! Who forgot to replace the toilet paper again?!" A voice echoed in the bathroom. Lynde quickly tossed the meager roll she had in the stall over the wall, hoping it went to the poor trapped person before dashing out with her large sack of stolen rolls. That had been too close. It was time to get back to the play room and start building their impressive wall.

After the final mad dash back to the play room Lynde and Callahan had started to build their wall of epic proportions. It said a lot of the company and the amount of bathrooms it stocked to see them quite literally build a near ceiling high wall of just toilet paper around their little fort and the smaller offshoot one they had designed.

"No one will get in now!!" Lynde proclaimed in victory of their mission.

Jurgen kicked as if it would do anything to free him from his current predicament. There was nothing he could do from here. He was tangled and given he had no idea what he was going to be in for today he had nothing to cut himself loose. With a sigh he finally resigned to his fate, surely he was going to die up here. That was when he heard Jericho on the radio.

He resigned himself to be stuck in the tree until Jericho arrived to get him down. It was better than his previous conclusion. Jericho would come into view and before long it was clear just what his plan was to get him down. Cut him down?! Oh no! No! No! No! Jurgen began to kick and struggle harder. "No! No! You're not just going to cut me down and let me fall. That's going to hurt!" Jurgen protested as if he had any choice in the matter.

"And just how do you think you're getting down otherwise?" Jericho countered.

"Well can't you just untangle me?" Jurgen asked.

"From this whole mess? We'd be here a week!" Jericho exclaimed, partially exaggerating to get his friend on board easier.

"Just... At least don't let me fall."

Jericho took that quick second of resignation as a yes and sliced through as many of the cords as possible before his friend could say any more. "No promises!" He yelled as the ropes began to give way, Jurgen tipping forward and starting to slip from his perch.

"I said don't let me fall!" He yelled back after him as gravity took it's toll and let Jurgen fall to the earth. Just like during the skydiving exercise he flailed, trying to catch any bit of wind under him to make his landing softer, clearly it wasn't working. As he finally made it to solid ground he planted face first into the dirt, receiving a mouthful of said dirt.

"I told you to tuck your knees." Jericho said as he climbed down and walked over to help his friend back up.

"I told you not to let me fall." Jurgen responded as he spit the dirt out of his mouth. He forced himself back to his feet and started brushing the dirt off his body. "Are you trying to kill me? If I knew you were going to kick me off a building I would have stayed back with the kids."

"See? That's why I didn't tell you. You need some adrenalin in your life."

"I'd rather not get it falling to my doom. Now how are we getting home."

"Oh that's the easy part. The boys should be here any time with the helicopter."

"And you're not going to make me jump out of that right?" Jurgen eyed his friend suspiciously.

"Of course not! No tricks this time!" Jericho assured him as the rotors of the helicopter could be heard approaching. They would need to move to the small clearing Jericho seemed to have had set just for these pickups, making Jurgen suspicious this was a common occurence with his friend.

"Let's just get back. I need to find a bathroom before I piss myself." He grumbled as the chopper got close enough to start landing. It wouldn't take more than just a moment for Jurgen to clamber on in and start buckling himself in for the flight ahead.

"Fine fine. Next time we'll do something you want. Maybe we'll invite that Mr. Cluckers you mentioned." Jericho teased, following his friend's lead and climbing into the helicopter with his gear. He'd send someone to retrieve what remained of Jurgen's later. For now it was time to let his friend relax before he exploded.