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Author Topic: Lets Get Ready To Rumble!  (Read 1006 times)

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Lets Get Ready To Rumble!
« on: June 14, 2007, 01:41:06 AM »
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Re: Lets Get Ready To Rumble!
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2007, 11:57:48 PM »

Do you have what it takes?

             The ring of the bell, the roar of the crowd, these are the things we live for in this industry.  The flash of the bulbs, the chants and the boos, all of these are fuel for the burning fire within our modern day gladiators.  Welcome to Series Erotic eXtreme Championship Wrestling
             Taboo is not a term it’s our lifestyle, as we go the limits others dare to cross.  We break the bodies, minds, and souls while exposing the forbidden fruits of entertainment all in the same night.  Our hunger to compete is only second to voice of the fans.  For they are the lords and ladies we train to please on a daily basis, for no bump is too hard, no exposure too much, and not limit and border we cant cross, and trust me we will all in the name of fame, fortune, and glory inside the squared circle. 

           Welcome all big and small, the beautiful and the bold, this is the gem of professional wrestling, this is Series Erotic eXtreme Championship Wrestling.

In this game nothing is too extreme or too taboo for the audience to see.  Employed at this organization will feature, Powerhouses, High flyers, Technical, Erotic, and Diva Wrestlers.  Be a heel and go for the crowds boos with your infamy or become the shining superstar with the baby face and live for the crowds cheers. 

I came up with an idea for a simple wrestling game using a systems formula that i found and then had redone by Asherah that i feel shows simplicity of a system with a high fun factor value that allows the players to truely be creative with the characters both inside and outside of the ring. The game mechanics is based on a bell curve of 3d6, with 11 being the base target number.

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Re: Lets Get Ready To Rumble!
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2007, 01:30:08 AM »
This is the rules and set up of the game:

                                                                                                                                                                               S.E.X. Championship Wrestling

This is not your daddy’s or momma’s wrestling that they would watch every week.   For Series Erotic eXtreme championship, wrestling takes wrestling to a completely different level of extreme.

For here you get the power slams, the pile drivers and acrobatic aerial high flyers to the grappling craftsman that take things down to the matt.  However, in additional such moves as the ball buster and muff dive will bring you to a whole new experience of arousal.

This is a adult orientated role play dice based game system.  Mist be 18 years or older to play.


The game mechanics is based on a bell curve of 3d6, with 11 being the base target number.

First covered will be attributes both primary and secondary.  Next, character creation.  Then the skill sets, followed by game mechanics and heat. 

Heat being the added push of power used, due to ones fame or infamy.  Later explained in its section.

Finally, how experience is gained in game.

Primary Attributes

The following are the prime attributes that make up a character physical make up. 

Strength- Str
Agility- Agi
Stamina – Sta
Body- Body

Strength; how strong a character is.

Agility; the agile and grace of a character.

Stamina; how long a character can go for before making a roll for tiring or losing a action.

Body; is the amount of punishment you can take.  Being physical or erotic in nature a characters hit points. 

Libido; your sexual prowess and nature in both giving and resisting.

Comeliness; this stat affects your erotic attack, for looks is everything

Secondary Attributes

Attack- (Str+Agi/2+skill mod)

Defense- (Agi+Sta/2+skill mod)

Eros Attack-  (Lib+Com/2+skill mod)

Eros Defense- (Lib+Body/2+skill mod)

Hit Points- (Body x 10 = hit points)

Endurance- (Stamina X10 = endurance)


Power moves

Aerial moves


Submission moves

Karma sutra


Dirty tactics


Strongman- damage is doubled in power attacks.   Cost 10 exp

High flyer- attacks  1 ½ x damage in aerial attacks  Cost 5 exp

Technician- 1 ½  x damage in grapple moves  Cost 5 exp

Submission Expert- 2 x damage with submission holds.  Cost 10 exp

Karma sutra specialist- 2 x heat gained with erotic attacks.  Cost 10 exp

Cheater- Dirty tactics cause 1 ½ x dam Cost  3 exp (Only once purchased)

Resilient- damage reduction 25% Cost 5 exp

High resiliency- damage reduction 50% Cost 10 exp

Good girl/boy- hard to arouse or embarrass 25% heat loss reduction.  Cost 5 exp

Dead fish- hard to arouse or embarrass 50% heat loss reduction Cost 10 exp

Hard Headed- can’t be stunned unless blow does x2 body score
Cost 10 exp

Flurry- +2 to dam rolled Cost 3 exp

Roll with the Blow- -2 to dam Cost 3 exp
Sex bomb/hunk- +2 to heat rolls for Eros attacks Cost 3 exp

Willpower- -2 heat of loss of heat from Eros attack Cost 3 exp

Stage presence-  1 re-roll per match.  Cost 15 pts

All 3 exp cost advantages can be purchased twice each.   

Stage presence re-rolls  number of re-rolls  is based on number of victories.
3 victories – 1 re-roll
6 victories – 2 re-rolls
9 victories – 3 re-rolls

3 is the maximum a wrestler can have.

Character Creation

Primary Attributes- 15 freebie points  1 for 1 cost, 1 stat allowed at 4 .  (Every stat must have at least.)

Secondary Attributes ( determined by the Primary Attributes associated)

Skills – 15 freebie points  1st time 1 pt then 2nd  then 2 pts  and so on up to max of 5 pts for the next level of that skill.

Starting rounding out freebie points - 8pts

(Primary attributes to rise cost current score.   To raise secondary attributes cost 2 x current score with freebie or experience points.)

Initative-is your AGI score adjusted by STR/2 minus from AGI.

Game Mechanics:

Turn – 12 seconds each wrestler 6 second

Standard match is 3 minutes of a time limit of 15 turns

Initiative rolled once at the beginning of the match.

Heat – Generated by either hit point loss every 2 loss generates 1 Heat.  Eros generates 1 for 1 on Heat.  10 Heat earned the character may do their finishing move. 

Finishing move – does 2 x damage on top of any other modifiers.  But costs 10 Heat to do.  Then resets and must earn 10 more heat.

Face or Heal:  A face automatically gets a free stage presence re-roll but cannot use Dirty tactics.  A heel can use Dirty tactics

Wrestling Mechanics:

Is straight forward, the attacker references the Attack or Eros Attack vs the corresponding Defense. 

Wrestler A has a attack 5, Wrestler B has a Defense of 6.  The base average is 11 on 3d6, since one difference in favor of the wrestler B the score is adjusted to 10.   Wrestler A rolls 3d6, if rolls 9 or less he scores that in that amount of damage.  If ties or rolls above he does no damage.

Each move costs 3 stamina points.  To recover stamina  at 2 x stamina score if forego attack for round.
Stun loose your next turn if you take damage equally or exceeding your body score.

Note the grappling and submission moves must be first established, regardless of success of roll first turn applied no damage is done. 


Match 1 exp for just participating regardless of outcome.

Tie each wrestler gets 1 additional exp awarded.

Win the winning wrestler gets 2 additional exp awarded.

Costs with experience points.

Prime attributes - current score

Secondary Attributes – current score x2

Skills – current score

Advantages – As listed.

Character Sheet

Name:_____________________________  Player:_____________________________

Face or Heel:__________________  Finishing Move:__________________________

Primary Attributes:                                 Secondary Attributes

STR_____                                                  Attack_______(Str+Agi/2+skill mod)

AGI_____                                                 Defense_______(Agi+Sta/2+skill mod)

STA_____                                                 Eros Attack____(Lib+Com/2+skill mod)

BODY____                                               Eros Defense____(Lib+Body/2+skill mod)

LIB_____                                              Hit Points ___  (Body x 10) 
COM_____                                           Endurance____(Stamina x 10)

                                                                  Initiative____ (Agi score –Str/2 round up)

Skills:  Power moves____ Aerial moves____ Grappling_____ Submission moves____ Karma sutra_____ Dodge/escape_____ Dirty tactics_____



Brief Bio:


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Re: Lets Get Ready To Rumble!
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2007, 12:21:22 AM »
Rule amendments:

* Initiative is rolled with 3d6 add Init mod;

* Dodge/escape is used to avert damage.  Must roll equal                  or under the roll that was made to hit and damage you.  This is in place of making your attack that round.   (Attacks are skill on skill.  ex grappling vs grappling for initial defense)

* Hit point recovery- full round action no attacks nor defense (skill) recover twice your body score if not take damage

* Also when rolling if the roll is a three it is always a critical hit which does double the damage, while a eighteen is a botch and the attacker suffers a 1D6 damage for missing the attack badly, as well as your next attack is negated to get your wits about you once more.
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