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Author Topic: The Dread Mistresses' thread. (Mostly M/M some F/M)  (Read 1362 times)

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The Dread Mistresses' thread. (Mostly M/M some F/M)
« on: August 20, 2009, 02:48:03 pm »
Usually I am looking for m/m games but you may find some f/m here from time to time. F/M though is not my usual preference so know I'm pretty picky about starting one.

I am very much a dominate and enjoy BDSM. Look at my off's and on's for more. Also feel free to suggest variations of plots or unique plots.

+++ : Very desired plot.
What Makes a Man? +++ (low fantasy, historical setting)
Interested in playing Guy1. I Might play Guy2 if asked
Inspired by a game mod made by a talented writer. Guy1 was raised by his noble and virtuous father but has always been a bit of a black sheep. To teach him humility and honor his father sent him to assist the war effort in the far north. With him went his fathers friend and Guy1's caretaker a rather pious but unjudgemental knight. As well as Guy1's best friend Fatima who may be the most vice ridden and sadistic bard ever. With her came Guy2 who is an escaped slave with a tragic past.

Guy2 was trained from birth as a type of elite slave-warrior. Aside from the strict "obedience and death" motto the slave-warriors followed they were also castrated after maturing as it was believed to foster discipline. Guy2 has gone for many years with the belief that because of that he will never find anyone who could love him or if he could even still be considered a man. Fatima is the only one of the 4 who knows this about Guy2 and constantly mocks him for it.

Guy1 and Guy2 however do fall in love with each other but have many issues to deal with. Guy1 must ether work around his social expectations or abandon them as well as his title for   their relationship. Guy2 has to let himself be open emotionally even if he fears rejection. With support from his lover Guy2 leans that a man is greater then the sum of his parts and that physical intimacy can be fulfilling even if he can only give.

The Spider Kisser (Moderate fantasy level, any time frame)
I am only interested in playing the Dom
More a theme then a story: Tachi and I were talking about having a large and strong sub with a smaller dom. This involved some typical roles reversed. The large sub is very physically strong and aggressive. In most ways he is a total alpha male and is very protective of his mate. He could be anything from a gang leader to a barbarian warrior or even a very brutal vampire.

The dom is in no way girly, but is more reserved then his partner. He possesses a cold intellect and malevolent personality in his small body. Though not very large his muscles are well defined. I really wanted to have him arachnid themes in some way. Dark elf would be great if the setting is right.

Also I wanted them to be public about their relationship. At least after a while. Just because the biggest dog on the block now has a leash and collar doesn't mean he can't still bite your head off.
(This plot could work for F/M too, but as usual be prepared to negotiate for it.)

The Hive
(Modern setting with sci-fi elements. )
!Warning Extreme Content!

Inspired by the rather strange biology video that was posted in one of our general chat sections. Now I have an excuse for an RP with mostly just a mot of kinky mansex. Guy2 had a rather normal childhood until puberty threw him a a bazaar curve. While he matured into a very fine and intelligent young man his genitals grew to proportions that should have been impossible. Even odder he seemed to grow small feathery wings that give him amazing balance at least compensating for the unwieldiness between his legs) He has been completely unable to live a normal life because of it since he cant run and it's nearly impossible to cover up. At least he can support himself through posting dirty pictures of himself on-line. It hardly fills the void that being so alone brings.

Neither he nor anyone he knows is aware that his condition serves a very distinct purpose.  A small group of all male aliens is trying to start a colony and he serves the distinct role of being their drone. They need his semen to operate their bio-organic spawning chambers (pregnancy is a bit of a turn off for me so they use spawning chambers) Just knowing that you might think he is special but all it really means is that he is the breeding slave of the leader of the colony: Guy1 who is referred to as the queen but is totally male. What makes Guy1 so unique is he is the only one who can produce the pheromones that control the others.

His entrance into the Hive could be through seduction by the queen, by abduction, or by the queen's pheromones. His life goes from abnormal to a living nightmare as he had his wings removed and made a slave to the colony and the queen in every aspect. Still the combination of the pheromones the queen excretes and the attention he gets causes him to have some feelings for his tormentor.

Unfortunately while drones natural life is very long they have an upper limit to the amount of viable semen they can produce before all that comes out is genetically human. If someone is not looking for a endless game this event could be a very dramatic (and very brutal) ending to the game, or it could start a new plot hook where the queen refuses to give up his drone for another.

(if i really really like you I might be willing to do this with a female queen. There will be no pregnancy still and the queen will be the only female. You might still have to service the soldiers while the queen watches however...)

Fandom Pairings:
(the character listed first is the dom and the one I wish to play)

Soul Callibur:

Marvel Comics:
I would love to play The Black Queen (Selene) in something. A reverse gender clone of her works too.

Warcraft: (Feel free to mix and match here)
Mother Sharaz x Illidan
Kael x Cenarius
Azshara x Arthas

Forgotten Realms War of the Spider Queen.
Phaeraeun x Ryld
Dyrr x Gromph
Quenthiel x Phaeraeun
Syzren x Phaeraeun
Kiaransalee x Vhaeraun

Final Fantasy:
Sorceress Adel
Maybe Others
too many to name.

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Re: The Dread Mistresses' thread. (Mostly M/M some F/M)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2009, 05:22:47 pm »
i would be interested in the spider kisser and with drow that a good idea to play since they are already close to that.

Pm me if you are interested.

Also i am a french base player, so its possible that my post look wierd sometime if there is anything just let me know and ill try to correct.

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Re: The Dread Mistresses' thread. (Mostly M/M some F/M)
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2011, 07:27:04 am »
I'd be itnerested in doing any of your plots, holy crap are they hot <3