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December 15, 2018, 05:46:23 PM

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Author Topic: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)  (Read 354 times)

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Online MissRozielTopic starter

A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« on: February 27, 2018, 02:59:15 PM »
It was bright.

That was one of the things that annoyed her about the city the brightness, so much that you almost couldn't tell the difference between night and day, with light and noise and people who milled about at all hours so that no matter what time it was things never closed.  No one ever stopped.

Coming into the city was something she liked to avoid when she could.  She tended to live in outer towns getting work where she could. farms and such didn't care about gender as long as you had a strong back and good work ethic, she had both.  Though her leg wasn't what it had been when she was younger.  in her yout she'd been a promising gymnast with Olympic aspirations, all it took was a plane crash to shatter those dreams.  She was grateful she survived.  many others hadn't including her older brother, but the damage had been extensive and she'd lost her leg.

Thankfully the cybernetic replacements where almost indistinguishable from a normal leg, Unfortunately Cybernetic replacements where Illegal for Olympic athletes, so she'd lost her chance.

The money she'd earned in local competitions and as a settlement from the airline had paid for her hospital stay and the replacement.  She only came into the cities when she had to, and unfortunately she had to.  something had happened to her leg during her last job, it had worked enough for her to finish the season but now the knee was being finicky either stiff or locking completely.  there where mechanics out of the city but apparently the damage was beyond where she'd been and to be frank the mechanics in the city had access to better tools for the kind of fine repair work she needed done.

Leaning on an old cane the farmer she'd been working for had given her she made her way along the street pressing the corner of her glasses to pull up the digital display of the directions to the clinic she had been recommended.

Offline Verdian

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 04:28:43 PM »
The lights were on.

He took a deep breath of crisp afternoon air and gently allowed his eyes to flutter closed. He took in the sounds. The soft breeze from the west bringing with it a warmth the likes of which heated the very soul of his being. He was standing at the far East entrance to the park, leaving it for the day. His right sleeve dangling loosely while the other was rolled up on his arm, a simple old watch adorning his wrist. He'd spent the past few hours goofing around at the pond, messing with the ducks there and skipping small rocks he'd found around the water to pass the time. Letting the world pass by while he took life easy.

But after so much time had passed and the alarm ticked over on his watch, he remembered he needed to head to his mechanic for a quick tune up. It wasn't anything big in his mind. Losing the arm.

It had happened when he was little. A tree had fallen over and crushed the limb. Didn't even get to feel the pain of it was how sudden things had happened. He just blacked out and when he woke up he was in the hospital, options being explained to his pops about what could be done for his future. It didn't bother him that his arm was gone today, but back then he'd been a real mess. Started screaming. Freaked out. It seemed. So far away now six years later. But he supposed that was what happened when you had something like that occur at sixteen.

But through science, he was better now. He felt at the metal disk that composed his shoulder, twisting a small switch on the underside of the plating and then pushing back until heard a clicking sound. And then his arm flashed to life.

Atoms slowed in the air, photons gathering along them and then becoming denser, shaping themselves into a limb. Five fingers, elbow. All in a neon blue glow. Hard light projection. A somewhat cheaper alternative to the normal cybernetics. It functioned for all that he needed it to, and he didn't ever really need to get it examined for anything besides calibrating the "nerves" that ran to the generator. Still, that didn't exactly come for free and doing it by oneself without the proper knowledge could be dangerous.

Not to mention it was frowned upon due to hard light limbs being a very easy thing to weaponize. He hadn't done it himself, but there we're stories about folks who had altered their own to produce bladed weapons and even one who had managed to create some sort of luminescent firearm. Truly, the things science had given them.

But as he walked down the street to the clinic, he knew that without such advances he may well have not gotten to the hospital at all. After all, was a hard light field that had stopped him from bleeding out on the way there.

Online MissRozielTopic starter

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2018, 04:42:51 PM »
The clinic was a nice place, clean and friendly, but not... hoity.  She liked this kind of middle ground, the place didn't look cheap but it wasn't the kind of place where doctors where aloof and nurses practically charged you for their attention,  she'd been in that kind of hospital, she'd hated it.  She glanced over as someone else walked up to the clinic door, he was a little younger then her, maybe a year or so but not much.

She was pretty impressed by the hard light arm, that had been an option she'd considered but Ultimately she preferred the cybernetics, she liked the tactile.  She knew people liked the hard light, and criminals did to for that matter and she saw the benefits of it but for her, it just wasn't what she'd wanted.  Slipping off her glasses and folding them sliding them into the pocket of her shirt she looked at the man and lifted a hand in greeting

"This is the Hardsol clinic right?" she asked clarifying, yeah the gear had led her here but she was never fully trusting of tech, it never hurt to ask and make sure. "I don't come into the city often so I'm not sure I'm in the right place." she explained easily offering a casual if tired smile.  The walk had been a bit tiring with her knee acting up the way it was.

Offline Verdian

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2018, 05:35:14 PM »
He always enjoyed coming here. Mostly for the atmosphere, but also because of the quiet. There were no phones ringing off the wall, no nurses, doctors, and patients roaming the room like they were on fire and ready to beat the next person that asked them a simple question like, "where's room 302" or "how do I get to the burn ward from here". Just a simple front office with maybe two or three other people and a pair of resident doctors. Small staff of nurse's and other techies. And the mechanic. She was small, a little old school and grey around the head, but always played things straight. Last time he was in here she'd threatened to beat him within an inch of his life.

Of course, last time he'd been in here his projector was practically smoking due to him trying to poke around at it himself. Almost set himself on fire and actually did cook the circuits in one side of it. Still, since then all had been good.

He waved back to the woman who had paid him the greeting, his flesh arm raising and wrist bending to and fro in a sort of awkward motion. The differences between his limbs always lended itself toward some... strange motions with either of them. Still, he figured it hadn't bothered anyone since none had ever mentioned it. Or perhaps they just understood and didn't want to make him feel more odd than he already did. "Yep, Hardsol at five and Morris." He confirmed, reciting the street names as though routine.

She was his age, or at least, very close to it. "Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure I was in the right place first time I got here either. Had this mental image of what medical centers were like, hustle and bustle. Smell a bit like frustrated staff and forced dreams. Loud as all get out. But I can confirm you're in the right place. The receptionist will hopefully tell you the same." He waved to Clarise behind the desk, noting that she gave him a short nod in response.

"Names Gabriel, pleased to meet ya." He returned the tired womans smile with a more energetic one of his own, he was happy to be here, and glad for the new company.

Online MissRozielTopic starter

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2018, 04:43:32 PM »
She nodded following him inside the clinic  it was a nice calm atmosphere not quiet like the clinic outside the city but nice enough that she felt comfortable.  when the kid gave his name her smile warmed a bit "Caroline, Nice to meet you to." she said easily.

"Yeah I don't like having to come in to get to one, but the town I was in didn't have a clinic capable of the finer work I need done." she said casually as she made her way to the front desk pulling out the glasses she slid them on reading the display that came up she reached out selecting the presented options she needed then moved drawing out a note "I was told to see, a ... Cline, Dr. Cline?" she said glancing at the note then passing it to the receptionist.

"This is from Dr. Calloway out in Verda a referral." she explained the woman looked it over before looking up something in the system then smiled

"Alright then please have a seat You'll be called when their ready for you."

Offline Verdian

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2018, 11:59:52 AM »
Gabriel was happy to have gotten a name in return. Always felt nice knowing you could call someone by name rather than having to go without one. Felt more personal to him. And personal felt good.

He fell behind her as she went up to the desk, trying to think up a solid response to her statement, but not finding one. He didn't really think it demanded one actually. Was just kinda one of those empty social cues more than anything else. Which meant there was an opening for different conversation. Or, probably was. As he took a seat and waited for Caroline to finish her business at the desk he took a moment to look her over, his dark hair being brushed away from his brown eyes, observing her movements and listening to her voice. Verda.

He'd been there once, for an assignment during school. One of the students had lived there at the time and he'd had to go there to study and work with them on a big project. Got into a spot of trouble though, causing mischief and other such things as was probably expected of a freshman, but his dad had told him he wasn't allowed to go back, instead insisting that the other kid come to the city. He wound up failing that project due to schedules not being able to align in such a way for them to really meet up again to work more.

"So, how's Verda doing? Any big events coming up? I know they had some sort of harvest festival a few years back, that still a thing they do?" He had to ask more out of curiosity than anything else. He hadn't really left the city since the accident. Better to stay in the area so he could get repairs and such whenever they were needed and not have to make any sort of strenuous trip. It was a pain somedays, when he looked out at the horizon and imagined the adventures out there that just hadn't been had.

But he knew he'd get there someday. Just had to bide his time and keep that spirit of his burning.

Online MissRozielTopic starter

Re: A world of metal and lights (Roz, Ver)
« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2018, 06:25:48 AM »
Once she was checked in Caroline hobbled over to the chairs and sat letting out a long sigh ah it felt good to sit.  she wasn't out of shape but the malfunction in her leg was causing some pain and relying on her real leg was tiring and made her hip ache.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, In fact the festival just passed.  That's why I was there I work as a laborer I was helping bring in the harvest when My knee joint went I finished the season and enjoyed the festival but I can't put the repair off any longer." she said leaning back "You been there? I'll be heading back,  I didn't think I'd settle but I like Verda, people are friendly the works steady it's not to big." she seemed to be partially musing to herself then just talking to him

it was strange how easily she'd mixed with Verda.  she'd grown up in the cities her whole life had been so devoted to gymnastics, and then, in one hit, it wasn't.  She'd been wandering going from town to town but Verda was different.


I was offered winter season work last year and turned them down, but I might stay on this year." she said his interest caught her attention so she casually said "They'll still be looking for help if you need work."