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Author Topic: Inperfect Killer  (Read 407 times)

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Inperfect Killer
« on: February 12, 2010, 12:08:57 PM »
The collaboration of four different space faring races, and over 150 years of their combined research... the search for perfection. 150 years ago, humans were gifted certain technologies that llowed them to'grow humans'. From the womb, a childs developement was pre-programmed. Scientists would not need years of schooling, and soldiers would already possess the mental and physical conditioning for combat.

Two more worlds joined. They thought that they could pool their efforts together, find a better way. Instead of pre-programmed templates, could it be possible to create something... adaptive? Something that wasn't just a set of parameters, but an actually superior being?

Many prototypes were created. None were deemed a success. Finally, one child was born... a hybrid of all four species DNA, resembling a normal human child. His mind was sharp, cold, calculating... he was more intelligent then any man in recorded history. His physical state was also just as impressive, and rapidly improving. It was calculated that he would only improve with time.

The Project was called Check Mate. They weren't just playing God... they were beating him at his own game.

Something went wrong. The ship transporting him was lost in an attack. The ship drifted derelict, for an unknown amount of time... possibly hundreds of years, and all the while, he was in stasis. Such a long time, left to grow...

You will be a God among Man...

Slavers awoke him. He did not resist at first. He was... wrong. Confused, he did not know who he was, or how he came to be here.

The irony... 150 years to create the perfect killer, and he had forgotten how to kill. Slowly, his iron clad instincts would return, and when slavers could not contain him, his price skyrocketed. The curiosity of the cruel and unchartered universe he found himself in prodded and poked, like antagonizing a grumpy cat, wanting it to lash out. He did, and each time was swift, decisive, brutal... fatal.

He saw weaknesses that he shouldn't have, analyzed tactics and predicted attacks almost before they happened. His mind ran so fast, he found that if he tried to figure out a way to escape, he would only confuse himself... but to commit his actions to instincts, to simply let the mind take over for him, he could find his way out of anything.

Finally, he was caged. Such a stir had been caused, that several buyers invested in his life and state of the art methods for his holding. He was now their main attraction.

Thrown into an arena, before thousands of onlookers howling for blood, they threw all they had at him, pushing him to the brink... and when he reached it, it was the wish of every off worlder to come and see the spectacle.

The foriegner, a human boy with no name, no past... a God to those that knew the word. Everyone wanted to see the fights, and he was not given the option of disappointing.

Will his implanted instincts resurface in force, and change him into a willing combatant, ruthless and devestating, living only for the kill? Or will he fight to preserve whats left of the humanity he's not sure he was even born with?

Two players, one will control "Mate" and the other has absolute freedom over the arena and its combatants. It could start with his buyers observing him, testing him and getting a sense of his abilities, then tossing him in.

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Re: Inperfect Killer
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 06:03:20 AM »
Okay, making a major change to the story.

Long ago, humans reached what is known as a Level 2 Existance. They had transcended war and desease and were accepted into the community of other species that had reached such a level. Once this happens, and a species is 'welcomed' they all but disappear from Level 1 space.

The humans first noteable contact with such a race were the Grays. Thousands of years later, they exist side by side, in the unknowable reaches of Level 2 space.

Earth has obviously been abandoned, and in the humans absense, refugee's, war victims, deserters and criminals of all different races flocked to the dead planet. Life struggled, but commerce and order returned, somewhat, and Earth was officially registered once again on the Star Maps as 'inhabited' though not many went there if they had a choice in the matter.

What was once the 'Superbowl' is now known as "The Cage", converted into a brutal death arena to become the crux of gamblers everywhere. The bloodsport was Earth's main attraction.

Somewhere out in Level 2 space, humans create a 'perfect being'. They no longer resemble, or feel as their older selves do, much like the fate of the Grays, and wished to create something that embodied their past selves.

The description and skills of the kid are identical to the last intro. He will still be found and awakened with amnesia and slowly returning skill, and a series of events has him forced to fight in The Cage.