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May 26, 2018, 01:01:03 PM

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Author Topic: Shemale/Trap/Femboy Seeking Slimy Monsters, Hideous Aliens & Tentacles Galore!  (Read 243 times)

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Greetings dear reader, hopefully if the title caught your eye enough to read the thread we are already off to a good start!

Now I'll try and explain roughly what I am after and provide a list of points that should help you decide if we are compatible writers. I am seeking someone who loves the idea of playing as a whole host of inhuman monsters, tentacle beasts, slimy annelids, sea monsters, aliens and other utterly inhuman beings, whereas I play my character as either a trap, femboy or shemale trying to escape the unwanted sexual attentions of said creatures or pursuing some kind of objective that puts her in their sights.

I will go into the specifics of the kinds of monsters and creatures I am after in it's own section but in a nutshell I am after the utterly alien and completely non-human, no anthropomorphic creatures, no orcs or elves, no vulcans or asari.

I am also after someone who can effectively write somewhat darker themes and scenes given most of the creatures you would be playing aren't things most people would willing want to be anywhere near much less engaged in sex with willingly.

Here are links to a couple of other similar plays I have done, NSFW Warning:

Now the following is a list of general points for you to see if we match up enough so that we both enjoy writing with one another before reading the rest of the thread:
  • You are open to roleplaying/writing via emails, PM's, threads, IM's such as Discord/Skype are a last resort but possible so don't be afraid to ask (this is also my order of preference.)
  • I can generally with some certainty post at least once or twice a week (Upwards of once every other day at present!) That may or may not change over time, so long as you are capable of matching that we are good!
  • Post length can vary wildly, some posts can be very long especially if a lot of exposition and world building is taking place but I don't expect every post to be like that. Though I expect a couple of detailed paragraphs minimum, the more you give me the more I can give in kind.
  • My slower pace is generally because I like to mull over a post and then write it with as much detail as I can, if you can give me a lot to work with I can give more back!
  • My only mandatory kink is that you really love sucking cock, that's the only one, everything else is negotiable.
  • You won't pressure for replies and likewise I won't pressure you. The real world gets in the way a lot so don't worry if it does, just extend the same courtesy to me.
  • You enjoy writing darker themed roleplays that involve non-con and dub-con with monsters and aliens!
  • You love the idea of playing hordes of hideous and unique monsters!
  • You love shemales and traps and are alright with me just playing a single character!
  • You will read my kink list, I know this one sounds odd but it's become clear some people don't so please read it as it makes setting things up much easier!
  • No one line PM's in reply to this, as that would tell me you just didn't read the thread fully. Come to me with your ideas, what inspired you and questions you might have!
  • Long-term plays are preferred, I want to not only have this story go on and on for a long time but also lets be friends along with it!
  • Short-term plays are an option for those who just either want to do short one shot scenes, we can do more than one of these or you can test to see whether our writing styles gel together!
  • Smut to story ratio, this will be inherently quite a smutty play but I do want some kind of story or plot, a reason to keep going be it simple survival or escape to an actual quest even if it's just hunting the magical plot McGuffin.
  • I do expect some initial world building and in-depth discussion as to the set-up which is why some of the scenario's and ideas will be fairly bare bones.

Scenario Openings and Writing Samples

Take these more as inspirations and writing samples than set in stone scenario's hopefully it will give you an idea of the kinds of thing I am after, these should be safe for work I hope. I'll be adding more of these over time maybe one or two a week til I have a decent selection so if there is nothing here that inspires you now, bookmark it and check again in a week or two!

Marooned (Fantasy Setting)

They had left her here, at first she thought she had returned to the beach in the wrong place but her sense of direction was pretty sound given her enhanced senses and training. However there wasn't enough beach front to mix it up as what wasn't cliff-face was easily in sight from one pebble strewn end to the other, the only sign of anything ever being here was a small piece of wood, something that had chipped off one of the oars when they had approached the shore with the long-boat. It was at this point she turned her gaze back out to sea but it likewise proved fruitless, they were just simply gone making her feel someone fortunate she'd opted to bring her pack and equipment, carrying what meager supplies they did was some small comfort.

"Well, no way back now.." She said a mix of emotions in her voice and within her expression as she tried to take stock of her situation. Fresh water aside she had enough food in her pack to last her two weeks, longer if she rationed them frugally which would allow her plenty of time to find or hunt something edible to supplement that. Turning her attention back inland and the largest reason this place remained uncharted, most of it's coastline was naught but a sheer cliff-face with some occasional pebble or sand strewn bays like the one she was standing in. What made this one a little different was a short cave tunnel which seemingly allowed access to this new lands interior, she'd gone on ahead to check it as she had done with the few they had found so far which is when they had seemingly decided to leave her behind, likely believing charting this place was no longer worth the risk.

With some anxious excitement she had found light at the other end and had quickly made her way back to shore to share the good news but now it was her only chance of survival instead. Any kind of boat she might build would never make it back to the known world anyway, so taking a deep breath and checking her equipment, weapons and pack were all secure about her person she took one last look in the direction of home before turning toward the cave. The spray of salt water and smell of the ocean began to diminish as she entered the cave once again and headed for the other end the sounds of the sea reverberating around the water smoothed stone as she pushed seemingly uphill toward that bright slat of light in the distance.

It felt like it took longer than it actually did to the ranger but when she had reached the end more familiar sounds of the wild greeted her along with some very unfamiliar ones. She stepped out into a forest not so far removed from those she had roamed whilst performing her trials as a ranger initiate but to her this felt far different something she couldn't quite put her finger on. The very feel of this place set her on edge for some reason but she dismissed it as simply dealing with the fact she'd just been abandoned here, her former life effectively out of reach short of divine intervention.

What the ranger did not know was that some sinister presence had took note of her arrival and she was something deliciously new to it..

Smugglers Due (Science Fiction)

Being fired at some uncharted planet in what was essentially a missile was not how she'd imagined this day ending but it had been a very bad day. A very, very bad day. She wasn't even sure which of her clients it had been there were a few dozen who might have enough of a grudge against her to sent bounty hunters but assassins as well? Of course she had planned for this contingency too. Mostly.

This escape pod was no ordinary one, it was completely invisible to star-ship sensors and it had everything she'd need to survive for a year or two on an exotic paradise world to drop off the radar before returning to the galaxy at large under a new identity or at least that was the plan she had when she first bought this thing. However she hadn't planned for half the criminal underworld to to be out for her hide and her ships navigational computer had been damaged badly enough for it to jump into hyperspace at a randomly selected 'habitable planet' to which she was hurtling toward right now.

As if to make matters worth a bright orange plume filled her suts reflective plexiglass visor as she peered out of the small porthole in the pod. Her ship had just exploded spectacularly only juxtaposed by the ominous silence of space. All she could do now was hope nothing else went wrong or this escape pod would just be a million credit coffin as it plunged steeply into this unknown planets atmosphere, the heat became almost unbearable as the pod burnt across the sky, it's onboard computer guiding it's descent as best it could to what she hoped was a safe landing.

Then she landed. Hard. The impact even despite the pods advanced protective systems knocked her out cold leaving the pod buried several feet, end first in a bank of near black mud. When she came to the pod had released her harness and opened seemingly intact although much to her annoyance, upside down leaving her to topple out awkwardly to get her first look at her surroundings. It looked like a jungle world of some kind only everything was far larger than most similar plants and trees she had ever seen in colours as varied and vibrant as the most psychedelic artworks, the wildlife, what little of it she could see was much less endearing to her eyes however.

A pair of slugs easily half her size and coloured bright orange looked at her from three eye-stalks, six eyes held her in their alien gaze before the mollusks continued on their glistening slime trailed way. A vast writhing carpet of hideous black worms crawled and toppled over one another before seemingly stopping and regarding her or at least that's how it felt before they moved on.

What she did not realise however was this may be the last place anyone would ever look for her, a certain part of her body held a particular interest to every single slimy critter on this world. A certain sticky fluid they had never encountered before would become more sought after than she would like, for now though she moved back to her pod, unaware of the feeding frenzy she would cause.

Lost Temple (Modern)

Above the ambiance of the jungle, the rustle of leaves from humid air could be heard the barely audible curses she was making as she tromped around back and forth around the same rock formation. The crude map in her hands twisted and tilted this way and that as if it would suddenly shake some meaning from it as perspiration beaded across her bare arms and legs, trickling down her face in the stifling tropical heat and humidity.

"I can't believe I paid a thousand dollars for this.." She muttered thinking she fell into some kind of crude con from locals trying to make a quick buck from wealthy foreigners exploring the jungle. The symbols scrawled upon it at first she thought were some lost language, pointing out the entrance to some vast underground city or temple from a culture that few seldom believe ever existed at all, a fairy tale. She believed though, she glared at the rock formation in front of her she guessed it looked like some kind of alien creature opening a huge maw, if you squinted but it was hard to tell if it had ever been worked into such a shape or it had just been weathered into a such a shape by sheer chance.

She rolled up the map and pushed it into the back pocket of her hiking shorts as she examined every angle of the rock formation. It was about four times her height, with an alcove within it that went some ten or fifteen feet inward and down at a slight angle. It was certainly a dark enough colour that it might be obsidian but it could just be plain old rock lurking beneath years of erosion and then the build up of debris and dirt on the outside. She moved into the little alcove next, flicking on her wrist flashlight and examining the interior more closely, the floor itself looked to be almost unnaturally smooth rock but it's downward incline meant that could be chalked up to water erosion during the rainy season.

As far as she could tell it was just a curious rocky alcove in the middle of the jungle there were no signs of anything else around that might give a hint to more. Nothing that resembled a structure, no remnants of tools nor anyone travelling a lot to or from it not even a solitary trail. Cursing under her breath once more she slumped down against the far end of the alcove, using the shade as a reprieve from the sun and heat as she closed her eyes to gather her thoughts and calm down and attempted to think of her next move, fate however had a different plan for her.

A loud crack filled the air causing her eyes to fly open as it sounded as if it were right in front of her, vibrations shook through the rock beneath her rump and before she could even vocalise any kind of surprise she plunged downwards. It may have been a short fall into the cavern below but the impact knocked her out cold leaving her face-down in the dark for several hours before her body finally recovered.

Pulling herself groggily onto all fours she pointed her wrist-light upward to see a fairly crude kind of trap door which was of course now shut and out of her reach meaning she'd have to hope there was another way out of, wherever here was. The beam of light swept around what she could only guess was some kind of antechamber, ancient braziers stood along the walls filled with ash of whatever burned within them long ago. A single archway and a long tunnel appeared to be the only way out so she shrugged, one arm extended forwards to illuminate her path the other nursing the throbbing lump on her head as she trod where she presumed no living thing had been for centuries if not longer from the look of things.

What she didn't know however was that much of what was down here meant she'd be walking into a hideous nightmare, the beings that lurked within the shadows, slithered beneath the rocks and squirmed in every nook and cranny hungered. Though it wasn't for flesh in the strictest sense of the word and they had sensed her presence and begun to wake, drawn to her body, her scent and a particular fluid they craved above all else to survive. Cum.

Basic Scenario Ideas

These are just ideas I have that I haven't made an opening/writing sample for:
  • Monster Under the Bed - Modern Setting: The monster under her bed was all too real and it was very very hungry.
  • Haunted/Infested House - Modern Setting: A haunted or infested house or something similar that hungers in a very special way.
  • Unwitting Sacrifice - Fantasy Setting: She gets sacrificed for the greater good and thrown through a portal to a twisted alternate realm where sex pervades everything
  • Erotic Horror Dungeon Crawl - Fantasy Setting: A journey through a dungeon filled with all kinds of craven sexual monsters.
  • Alien Invasion - Modern Setting: Aliens invade Earth intent on milking it dry!
  • Glory-hole Menagerie - Science Fiction: On a planet without rules, someone has a virtually unlimited selection of alien beasts and creatures whose only purpose is to suck cock.
  • -Reserved for Future Ideas-

My Character

For my basic character template please see my O&O thread linked in the kinks section below. She is not set in stone and can be changed and tweaked depending on the setting, world and your own personal preferences for a 'victim' as it were. Other than that if you do not like Kessaria's template I generally work within the following ranges if you'd rather me create a new character for the roleplay:

  • Genders: Shemale - Trap - Femboy
  • Races for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Settings: I generally stick to humans but may go near human such as a half elf if preferred.
  • Ages: 17-30
  • Heights: Most anything.
  • Physiques: Anything from moderately muscled to slim and slender but fairly flexible with this otherwise.
  • Hair Colours/Styles: Anything
  • Complexion/Skin Colour: Again, anything!
  • Bust: Anything from flat chested up to about a D-cup but no higher.
  • Genitals: I tend to stick within a realistic range so 4-9 inches.
  • Other Hair: I usually keep my characters shaven/waxed but I can have them with a neatly trimmed bush if that is your thing.
  • Personalities: In general I play the shy/inexperienced types up to the quietly confident types (but not arrogant)

The Monstrous, Alien and Inhuman Hordes (The Things You Will Be Playing!)

Take these as rough ideas to give you some clue as to the kinds of monster and creatures I have in mind for this, the more creative you are the more I will love it! Now you don't have to spoil all the mystery if you don't wish to before we start but one or two examples of what you have in mind in the initial PM would be greatly appreciated. The sky is very much the limit! So without further ado:

  • Tentacle Monsters: The almost infamous shambling mass of tentacles. Tentacles of various shapes sizes and functions, can also be of various sizes to the size of houses down to the size of an apple that just happens to find itself into an adventurers panties in her pack and makes itself known when she puts them on.
  • Slugs, Snails, Leeches, Worms, Annelids: From vast swarms of small or regular sized ones to giant ones the side of dogs or cows for example.
  • Squid, Octopi, Cephalopods: Similar to tentacle monsters in a way, though potentially greater variety of abilities and physical traits to play with, mouths and such.
  • Giant Toads, Frogs, Snakes: The tongues alone make them a tempting inclusion but don't feel restricted to that.
  • Goo's, Slime's, Amorphous Beings: Things have have no pre-defined shape or form be it a mass of slime or latex or even just pure energy.
  • Predatory Plants: Pitcher Plants, venus fly traps or 'hungrier' variants of regular plants.
  • Invisible, Non-Corporeal Beings, Ghosts, Poltergeists etc: It's hard to concentrate on what that king is saying when something you can't see starts manipulating your cock in a variety of ways. Better not cum!
  • Possessed Inanimate Objects: A rug that moves? What about a set of underwear that is more alive than most people would enjoy? Just an idea!
  • Fungal Plants or Other Darkness Dwelling Fauna: Similar to predatory plants above only focused on plants and beings that aren't known to dwell in the sunlight.
  • Ancient Horrors, Eldritch Beings or Lovecraft Mythos Beings: If that elder god wants you to cum, there's little a mere mortal can do to resist it, or is there?
  • Hideous Alien Creatures: Pretty much anything that falls into the realms of some kind of slimy, drooling, gribbly alien horror is fair game so long as you describe it to me first!
  • Have an idea for a monstrous cock milker that isn't in this list but you think should be? Then just suggest it nothing is more fun than hearing an idea that sounds awesome that I didn't think of!

NSFW Visual Inspirations!


Kinks are handled by my O&O thread linked here, do also please read the F-lists contained therein as it will likely answer a lot of kink related questions: O&O Thread with F-List within

The Big No's

Under no circumstances ask for these things:
  • Dismembering My Character: Wounds and such for plot, yes but ripping her limbs off or worse is a no.
  • Transformation of my Character: I will accept minor things such as being made more sensitive, made to cum harder or more often but otherwise transformation of my character is strictly off limits.
  • Asking me to play a futa or herm character: Sorry, this does nothing for me, cock, balls and ass only (And breasts if shemale.)

The End!
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Update bump:
  • Changed thread title to include femboys as well.
  • Added in a new scenario opening/writing sample - The Lost Temple.
  • Added three new basic scenario ideas.
  • Added another link to a NSFW comic.
  • Minor tweaks throughout.

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