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January 23, 2019, 10:46:42 AM

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Author Topic: Linna's Big Collection of Stories [Seeking everyone and everything]  (Read 360 times)

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Hi everyone!  So I figured since I wasn't getting any looks on my stuff no mores, I'd try and create one super big post to encompass all of my ideas, good and bad, and let you rummage around through them.  I'm going to try and keep them in order but there's just too much stuff!  Don't see something you like?  PM me and ask away!

Alone with Myself tags: Darkness, Horror, Supernatural Available roles: GM, Female (any pref)
Finding herself alone in a cabin, a young woman sets about trying to entertain herself.  She was alone here while waiting on her family to arrive and join her for a vacation, but they weren't due for yet a week.  Boredom sets in, even after cleaning and dusting and making sure all the beds are neatly made.  Television reception is spotty here in the mountains, so it's down to watching DVDs brought with her and available in the cabin already, the largest selection being horror movies.  With plenty of popcorn and nothing else to do, our young lady finds herself drifting off to sleep while watching these movies, only to be awoken by a sound.  Surely it's just her imagination playing with her.  Or is it?

Beyond Distant Shores tags: Horror, Nightmare Vacation Available roles: GM, Male or Female (any pref)
For most Americans, Europe is a strange place, where a mix of different cultures, customs and traditions make for a bizarre twist on what they're used to.  Backpacking through Europe, our young friend has decided to start in England and slowly work his way east, through France, Germany and beyond, heading for Russia.  With a few hundred euro to survive the trip, it starts off pleasantly, meeting lots of people and learning lots of new things.  However, at a stop in Belarus, our friend has their wallet nicked, and is now in a spot of trouble.  Without any money, it's difficult to try and explain to the police or get a place to stay, and it turns out that this is the least of their problems.

Confidence Man tags: Drama, Insanity, Stalker Available Roles: Dominant Male
A young woman receives a lottery ticket for her birthday.  Normally not a gambler, she decides to at least make a go of it, and watches to see what the winning numbers are.  Surprisingly, she won, netting $20 million in a single day.  With all that money expected to come in, she proceeds to start wondering what she wants to do with the money.  It just so happens that a gentleman shows up to help her, offering her the best solutions to keep her wealth for a long time without spending it all on frivolous things.  However, there's a catch to his generosity, and it becomes obvious when he starts to try and manipulate her, wanting to turn her into a slave while he controls the money.

Damnable Demons tags: Church, Supernatural Available Roles: GM
Inside a small Catholic church resides a sister, freshly ordained with her simple vows, who is working out of the church to assist the local community.  She is very pretty by all accounts, and often does everything she can to help others.  Unfortunately, there is a reason this area requires so much aid, and it has little to do with the people there.  Demons, hell bent on grinding the souls of the people into the dust, see this young sister and decide that they are going to destroy her and her wretched church.  They cannot attack it directly, but devils are cunning creatures, and are always watching, waiting for anything they can do to cause mischief and chaos.

Explosive Decompression tags: Aliens, Exploration, Scifi Available Roles: GM
The year is 2355, and Earth is now the center of a vast interstellar empire.  12 planets are strung out like pearls, each one growing stronger by the day.  With high hopes and eager ambition, Earth is churning out survey vessels to chart new paths into the frontier, through the tumultuous chain of jump points linking the stars.  One such vessel, the Heart of Discovery, is captained by a young woman who had served as a fighter pilot during the Titan Rebellion just a few years prior.  With a natural feel for how space works, she has pushed her crew farther than anyone else, charting more worlds than dared hoped.  However, upon arrival into a new star system, she learns she may have pushed too far.

For the Glory of Rome tags: Barbarians, Romans, Soldier Available Roles: Dominant Male
The Roman Empire is at its height.  Stretching from Alexandria to Britannia, the Empire fields numerous legions, all of whom march in the name of the Emperor to do battle.  Stationed in Britannia is a single soldier, a young man who has seen combat for years.  Stationed along Hadrian's Wall, the massive wall separating Britannia from the barbarian tribes of the north country, he finds himself growing restless.  With a force of 30 men on horseback, he rides out into the north country to scout the terrain and find out what there is to see.  There, however, he finds himself captured by one of the tribes, who try to decide what to do with him.  Can he escape back to the wall?  Or is he to remain at the mercy of barbarians?

Global Conspiracy Theory tags: Detective, Government, Reporter Available Roles: GM, Male or Female (No pref)
The governments of the world are out to get us!  At least, that's what conspiracy theorists want you to believe, anyway.  No one really pays these nuts any mind, but as a starting reporter or as a detective investigating a crime, it's sometimes necessary to listen to them, even if their 'witness statements' wind up in the bottom of the report, if there.  However, while interviewing one of these nuts, our young friend gathers a piece of evidence that at first sounds ridiculous... until investigating later and it turns out that the information he provided was in fact a gem of truth.  Curiosity sparked, more interviews are conducted, more research is done, until one day the source winds up dead at the hands of a bullet.

More to come later :D

They both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost nevar turned the wrong way front.