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Author Topic: Kismet — on the prowl for fellow storytellers (M/F, M/M, F/F)  (Read 1525 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

Kismet is currently looking for writing partners.

More than anything else, I'm looking to write a good story. If sex and smut happens, that's the cherry on top of the sundae for me, but it's definitely not the main focus of what I want to do. I want a partner who is creative, imaginative, and will help me carry the plot along. Not only that, but I hope my partner is just as excited about roleplaying and writing as a whole as I am. I want to tell stories with someone who is in this for the long haul - communication is wholly the key with me, and as long as we do plenty of that, I'm sure we'll be fine.

Writing, for me, is one of my biggest passions — if not the biggest passion of mine. I put a lot of time, effort, and detail into my posts, and I want my partner to be just thoughtful as I try to be when crafting a story with others. If you are passionate about writing — about the story, the plot, the characters, the setting — then read on. I have some plot ideas and blurbs details below, but if you have any other ideas you'd like to throw my way, let me know, and I'm sure we can come up with something together.

UPDATE! Currently, I'm looking to play either male and female characters, and I'm up for doing any pairing - M/F, M/M or F/F. In my plot ideas, almost every plot (save one) can be adjusted so that the story can be either M/F or M/M (if I want to play a male) or F/F or F/M (if I want to play a female). In general, the elements introduced in the plots are negotiable and can be talked about, so if things seem vague to you, or if you have an idea for tweaking a plot, we can definitely discuss them!

PM me to discuss things further. Don't reply to this thread.
To see if we're compatible, I'd recommend reading my ons & offs.

In which Kismet plays a male character.
All ideas can be either M/M or M/F unless otherwise stated.


He is the god, made by human hands — you are his Heir or Heiress.

DYSTOPIA | M/M or M/F | In a bleak, dystopian world, one ruled by one supreme dictator, the people have lost all hope. One organization, a team of scientists, researchers, and scholars, decides that in order to instil hope in the world again, they need to create a tangible god, one that can be seen, felt, and touched — Project Heirloom. They kidnap a young man off the streets, erase all of his memories and augment his body until he has all the abilities that any god should have. He can hear the prayers of people, can heal the sick and the wounded, can help bring hope to the world again. To accompany him on his journey to revitalize the people’s hopes, Deusmech chooses a girl to act as his priestess, one who the Heirloom will be entrusted to — the Heiress/Heir (this role can be either male or female). However, Deusmech’s creation of the Heirloom was not for such altruistic reasons, no — the Heirloom is also Deusmech’s tool to use, to put “blasphemers” who worship other gods in place, to stop “rebels” from mounting insurrections, for anyone who steps up to the dictator surely must be blasphemers, insulting their god. But when the Heirloom’s memories begin to return, he and his Heiress/Heir will have to make a choice that may end up shaking the world.

He is the poet, the philosopher who spills bitter blood by moonlight — and you are his captive.

MEDIEVAL(ESQUE) | NON or DUB-CON (in the beginning) | LIGHT BON | M/M or M/F | He is a poet, a philosopher, and a man well learned and read, but he only dreams in one color — ruby red. He is a murderer, a slaver, a rapist, someone who takes pleasure in spilling crimson blood from veins. But one has to make a living, so on nights when the midnight sky is extinguished from stars, he takes men and women off the streets and sells them for profit — hell only knows what happens to the lot of them, or where they go. One night, he decides snatch someone up, as usual, and it is the usual song and dance, perhaps — but he has so much time before he has to turn this person in. Eventually, he gets to know this person, and something about them is... different. He has always believed that the world is so very black and white, that the only color he can rely on his ruby red, and that he is the only actor in this hell, cursed to coexist with ‘extras.’ But this person is different. And while he owes the slaver a body... he won’t let the slaver take this person away. I want this to eventually be non or dub-con, and eventually grow into something more — romantic, a twisted addiction to this person, what have you. It’s up to you what kind of character you’d want to play for this — as long as it’s someone you think can entertain a beast, we should be in the clear.

He is more animal than man — but he’s your only protection, adventurer, explorer, lurker of forests.

SURVIVAL, ADVENTURE | M/M or M/F | Someone who is more animal than man lurks these forests — they call him the ‘Daggerhound,’ for people have claimed they’ve seen someone who looks human running on all fours through the forest, with a dagger clenched in his teeth. The rumors scare even the most hardy adventurers and explorers from trekking through these woods, but one explorer decides that the forest may have hidden treasures or secrets hidden in its depths, and journeys out to it, despite the rumors. While travelling, the explorer realizes that it’s not the rumors of the Daggerhound that people should fear, but the drow — a vicious race that lurk the forests, coming up from their underground homes and slaughtering or imprisoning anyone who steps on their sacred land.

It is the Daggerhound who rescues you from a close encounter with the drow, and upon meeting him, you realize that he is not so scary — if not... primitive. He is able to communicate with you, however, and tells you that you are correct, that there is actually an ancient city buried deep in the wood’s depths. He has been protecting those who dare to travel in this forest for some time, and agrees to help you look for the ancient city. You may get your wish, and you may find what’s been cloistered, but the journey is dangerous and harrowing. The drow fill this forest, and they will not hesitate to punish you should they snatch you up in your depths. Can you trust the Daggerhound to keep your safe, when he’s naught but a wildman himself?

He is the once-shining knight, now labeled ‘invalid’ — and you, his light in bitter darkness.

MEDIEVAL | POSSIBLE INCEST | M/M or M/F | A young lord, the second born to his father, was critically injured while leading the charge against a group of rowdy barbarians that sought to ravage the province. After an attack, the young lord walks with a limp, and has been deemed useless by his father, despite the fact that he can still ride and fight, albeit not as well as he used to. He is sent into the countryside to another lord’s manor — an old friend of the family —  to ‘recover,’ but the young lord knows it is an exile. Depending on whether you’d like for this plot to have incest or not, a younger sibling (male or female, it does not matter) could insist on accompanying him there. However, if not, he could meet the son or daughter of the lord’s manor he is staying at, who helps him recover and deal with the loss of his family, his province, and his people. Eventually, however, as soon as the young lord has begun to adjust to the idea of never returning home, a letter is brought from his old province — the barbarians have invaded it, taken over, and may have killed his remaining family. The young lord and his companion — be it his sibling or the befriended son or daughter of the lord’s manor he is staying at — realize that they are the only hope for the province, and journey forth to gather allies and take back the ravaged land.

In which Kismet plays a female character.
All ideas can be either F/M or F/F unless otherwise stated.

She is the scholar, in need of a knight to see her to her research.

MEDIEVAL(ESQUE), ADVENTURE | POSSIBLE INCEST  | F/F or F/M | One of the world’s brightest scholars has died in a mysterious father, leaving all of his research with his youngest daughter, the most intelligent of his children. Before he died, he was working on a formula to cure a spreading disease that plagues the country, perhaps the nation — something that ravages the land mysteriously, targeting only the lower class, never reaching the lords and ladies of the country. In order to better understand the illness and discover where he went wrong, the scholar needs to travel, but needs a knight to accompany her. The knight could be a sibling that also survived the fire, preferably an older one (if you’d like this to have incest, which is what I was imagining most for this), or it can be a hired knight. Perhaps the knight knew her father and realizes the gravity of the work that has to be done, or maybe they have lost their family to the mysterious plague. The two set off, dodging mysterious hitmen who are out to extinguish her, to put an end to her father’s work, unravelling a mystery and becoming closer as a whole, in this world that has seemed to slowly deteriorate.

Her devotion is unending, she is the spirit mage — and you are her charismatic big brother.

MEDIEVAL | INCEST | STRICTLY M/F | POSSIBLE (LIGHT) BON | Her family is the head of one of the biggest magic guilds in the nation — but recently, both her mother and father have died, making her brother head of the house. She has a suspicion that it was him, and can even prove it. You know the magic he uses, found remnants of his mana on their clothes, embedded in their hair, in their very souls... As a spirit mage, she is attune to these sorts of things, and could easily oust him as a murder to the rest of your clan. But that’s not her intention at all. She has always adored her big brother since she was little, and as she aged, that adoration turned to a burning love for him. She will do anything for him, and wants to be at his side while he unfolds his plan — to slowly ursurp the rest of the magic guilds in the nation. She will be his soldier, his right hand, and more than anything, she wants to be his lover. It doesn’t matter if she agrees with his actions or not. All that matters is her unending devotion to her one, her only. I love you, big brother. This could go a lot of ways — the character I want to do with this is completely loyal but will be extremely jealous if her elder brother takes up any other women; she wants him to herself and would do absolutely anything to prove it.

She is the noblewoman with a demonic secret — and you may be her only hope.

MEDIEVAL-ESQUE | F/F or F/M | The lord and lady of a well-to-do province keep their youngest daughter cloistered from the rest of society. Most people think it is because of her stutter and her gripping shyness, but the real reason is far more severe. Their youngest daughter is half-demon — as the lady of the house was forcibly taken by a demon during a raid on their province. This daughter’s demonic side can take over at random, and she frequently has the urge to feed on souls and cause havoc and spill blood. Fed up, the lord decides to hire a specialist to see to the problem. Covering as her speech therapist by morning, this hired professional has been tasked with either completely expelling or extracting the young noblewoman’s demonic side, but that is easier said than done. Perhaps this hired professional is someone who’s had to deal with demons before, or is an alchemist, an apothecary, something that labels him as a ‘professional.’ This is a scrapling of a plot and may need a bit more fleshing out with a partner, but it’s an idea that’s been buzzing around my head for a while.

She wants desperately to disappear, to become invisible — and she’s employed you to help her.

MODERN-FANT or MEDIEVAL(ESQUE) SETTING | VERY LOW FANTASY | F/F or F/M | Her greatest wish was to disappear completely — or at the very least, become invisible. Orphaned and seemingly abandoned by her two older sisters, she has lead a life that has only caused her to want to vanish. Disappearing, or the art becoming invisible, is one that can only be learned to those desperate enough to truly try it, and she has learned it in a dream. To vanish completely, she must become one with the earth — that is, she must see all there is to see in this world. With her share of her dead parent’s inheritance, she hires someone willing to take her to see the world and all of its sights. It is tough and expensive, and sometimes they have to take odd jobs to rake up enough cash to get to one place to another — sometimes the trip will not be glamorous, and it will have its ups and downs, but she is determined to go through with this. Along the way, she becomes closer to this stranger she hired, and the more things she sees, the more greatness she is exposed to, the more she wonders... if becoming invisible is really the solution. Looking for someone to play the hired stranger — why they decide to help her can be discussed, if we need to toss ideas around, or if you’ve ideas of your own that you want to add on.

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Re: Kismet's Story Ideas (M/M, F/M, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2012, 11:55:23 PM »

Plots and ideas that strike my fancy, but don't have an articulated plot.
I do have small ideas for each, so I'd love to discuss them with a partner.

UPDATE! Currently not looking to fleshing out any story snippets until my other plots are taken. This may change in the future.

A sci-fi survival story. Two people are the only survivors when their ship crash lands on an alien planet, thus they are forced to rely on each other to survival. I'd love to play the pilot of a ship, perhaps the one who had to witness the ship spiraling out of her control. Maybe your character is a fellow crew member on the ship? Or maybe you'd rather them be a simple passenger, or maybe they were a prominent figure on the ship, due to somewhere important.

I want to play a character who grants wishes, but for a price. I've tried to implement this idea before and it hasn't worked, but it's always a favorite of mine. My character is someone who acts as your "good luck charm" as sorts and can grant you any wish - but perhaps, for a price. (This price is normally something sexually, as this is one of my more smut-inclusive ideas, but it is definitely changable.) How does the power warp your character? This can be done in any setting - present day, sci-fi, medieval, etc. I've found it more fun when done in a sci-fi setting, but again, it's all up to you.

• A roleplay that takes place in a dreamscape. The characters are asleep for whatever reason - maybe they are just naturally sleeping, or perhaps they're in cryogenically frozen, or maybe they're in a coma. Whatever the reason is, whenever they're asleep, they can access the dreamscape. This is a scope that is completely sculpted by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the people inside it, but it can be willfully shaped by the dreamer through force of will. But what seems like an innocent lucid dream must have a darker intent to it. Perhaps the dreamscape wants to keep them trapped in its scope forever - if so, how do our characters escape? Do they even want to? Does their time in the dreamscape effect them negatively in real life?

Other plots, settings, or scenarios I want to do but have no solid ideas attached to them are — sky pirates in a steampunk setting, something involving gangs and gang rivalries, any medieval-styled quest that is low fantasy, a plot where I can play as a succubus, anything involving assassins, settings with magic universities... and the cravings go on, and on.
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Re: Kismet — on the prowl for partners (F looking for F or M)
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2012, 05:27:27 PM »
( thanks to the lovely partners I've found! )

PAIRINGS: M/M (maybe M/F)
GENRE: Victorian Fantasy
INCLUDES: Mage academy, school life, possible dark elements (mage experimentation, dark rituals, etc.)

"You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes" Plot & Possibilities"

PLOT: In an esteemed mage’s academy, he’s a special addition to their ranks— a mage who has the ability to control astral power, the power of the stars. His kind is a rarity, beings thought not to exist, but he has been brought here to be studied, as well as play the part of student. You are drawn to him, at first by his ability, but then by something else, a feeling stronger than you can describe. But the professors’ curiosity about the astral mage’s abilities soon turn from curious to cunning, to crafty, until one wonders if their experiments are truly for benevolent purposes. The school is bright and vibrant, but with every light, there must be a shadow, and there are secrets this school is covering up that uglier than the catacombs within.

POSSIBILITIES: I’d absolutely love to go for an old-fashioned mage academy feeling here— where students wear robes, where magic experimentations are done, to have light-hearted fun as well as throw in dark themes in the mix. I’m thinking there will be school field trips to ancient magic sites, school festivals, galas and balls, but there will also be experimentations on my character as well, along with some other dark arts, if we can think of them. This is a plot I’d really want a creative, imaginative partner for— it’s a craving I’m dying to fill, but I’d need your help to make it great!

PAIRINGS: M/M, solely
GENRE: Medieval Fantasy
INCLUDES: A cat-eared boy (my character), blackmail, possible light bondage, dub-con?

"Storms Bring Strange Loyalties" Plot & Possibilities"

PLOT: Despite how short he is, despite how young he looks — eighteen, at the most — he’s a mercenary, hardened by the streets. For whatever reason, you have something he needs to complete a mission — either an item he needs, or information that’ll point him in the right direction— but you decide to be a pain, to not give him what he’s after. He is, after all, so young and so serious, but near adorable when teased; shouldn’t he lighten up a little?

You flip off the hood he’s wearing, and find that he’s sporting a pair of cat ears. His eyes widen, and he pulls the hood back over his cat ears, shaking his head. You can’t tell anyone, he pleads. This is a secret, you hear me?

POSSIBILITIES: The character I want to use for this is closeted — that is, he’s gay, but has a hard time coming to terms with it. I was hoping if someone wanted to use their knowledge of his cat ears as leverage to keep him around; as blackmail. I don’t want this to tread into non-con, but dub-con would work well (dubious consent — it starting off as forced but with my character enjoying it) if you wished.

I’d like for the character who he needs information from to decide to “keep him around” for whatever reason, maybe as his personal mercenary, doing odd jobs for him, or what have you. Eventually, my character would start to open up to his feelings for his “keeper” of sorts. The character who “keeps” him would have to be charismatic, forward, and open about their sexuality for mine to respond to his. This could also, potentially, involve light bondage elements done towards my character - blindfolds, gags, leashes, collars, what have you. In any case, this is a huge craving of mine, so I hope someone wants to pick it up!

GENRE: Sci-fi, Futuristic
INCLUDES: Action, adventure, space pirating

"I've Always Said God is an Astronaut" Plot & Possibilities

PLOT: In a world where many have left Earth to live on space stations— one where space travel and exploration is commonplace for trained pilots— my character and yours have gone through pilot training together, hoping to explore the stars. For whatever reason, however, your character decided to quit the program before finishing and leave mine behind— breaking not only a friendship, but a crush harbored since the two of you have met. After a year has passed, my character is a full-fledged pilot, fit to travel space. However, he finally comes across yours— only to be surprised that…

POSSIBILITIES: This is just a plot blurb, and isn’t a fleshed out idea, which is why I need your help! Why did your character leave, what is he doing now? I was hoping this could be sort of a space pirates sort of story, where the two of them decide to go rogue and act on their own, but I’m not sure… Either way, it’s something I really want to do, but just need more ideas for. If you want to plot this out, let me know!

GENRE: Modern Fantasy OR Medieval Fantasy
ADDED NOTE: For this plot, I could play either the teacher or the student.
* This could also be modified so that the focus would be on a student and a student.

"O, Dear Rival" Plot & Possibilities
BREAKDOWN: In an all-boys academy, where students who are adept with magic attend—nestled deep in the rolling countryside, where the next town is a train ride away— a student has struggled with his lust to learn more magic. He is an adept mage, the best in his class, and rivals even the teachers’ abilities. There are some who are afraid of his power, but why he takes his studies deathly serious is a mystery to all, even his peers. He has absolutely no rival… except for one teacher (* or student).

This teacher/student is the only one who challenges him, who pushes him to the next level, who goes the next step and even offers to teach him forbidden spells—because how can anyone truly be the best, if they don’t ascend to new heights? The rival only asks one thing of the student— no matter where you go, I must always follow, as your right hand. His strength only ostracizes him from his peers, until not even the school can contain his power.

You are someone to be feared, his rival tells him softly. The world of magic has a new king.

POSSIBILITIES: I’m interested in either playing out the student who seeks a rival, or the teacher/student who becomes his rival… For the rival-seeking student, I think it’d be interesting to see a slow change of him becoming an innocent, hard-working kid, to someone who seeks to be challenged, to someone who becomes an entity to be feared. The rival, in turn, becomes someone who is interested in his ambition, and wants to see how far he can rise— almost like it’s a game, to him.

Their relationship would be sort of snarky, filled with wit and sarcasm, but a slow accepting of one another, if not sometimes begrudgingly. What happens as they attempt to take the magical world by storm, amass followers, and become a ruler, is something we’ll work out as we go along— but I think it has a lot of potential!

GENRE: Medieval Fantasy

"Beloved Tryst" Plot & Possibilities
BREAKDOWN: She’s a noblewoman of a far-off estate, and you’re smitten with her. She’s shy and timid, but lights up every time you come around her manor for tea and cakes; she’s the light of your life, someone you can’t help but love to look forward to seeing. When you hear that she’s set to be married— to a nobleman of higher birth than you— it breaks your heart; but does it break hers? You have to let her know your feelings— and even though it’s wrong, the two of you can’t stay away from each other. She is the light of your world, but one day, if you are found out, it will be the death of you both.

POSSIBILITIES: Pretty self-explanatory! I was hoping to write a heart-breaking love story, filled with forbidden love, the possibility of being found out… I imagine the affair would continue after she was married as well— but if they are found out, well, it can only get more interesting from there!

( in case I should find inspiration for them again )

GENRE: Post-apocalyptic

"Havoc in Hell" Plot & Possibilities
BREAKDOWN: You died, and now you’re in hell. You’re not really sure what you did to deserve this. You weren’t the best person, probably, but you certainly weren’t the worst. Or maybe you really were a scumbag— perhaps this is a fitting punishment for you. Or hell, maybe you really did go out of your way to live a good life. Whatever type of person you were doesn’t seem to matter. You’re dead, and you’re trapped in Hell.

Hell is not full of flames and lava— it is merely a dark, mountainous landscape, where the sun never shines, where light never peaks. It is here you meet a mysterious figure— a woman that other residents of hell call the Harbinger. She says that there is no such thing as Heaven, that everything you were ever told was a lie. There was never any hope for the salvation of human souls. The god, or gods, that lord over the human realm indiscriminately send all human souls to Hell.

She is mounting a resurgence, and wants you to join. Together, along with her band of misfits, she plans to take their fight to the gods, to bring hope to all of the human souls trapped in the pit of despair. She intends to kill the gods— and wants you to fight at her side.

POSSIBILITIES: Self-explanatory, I think! There’d be room for action, adventure, romance— the works! A good plot for someone who likes action as well as a sprinkle of romance— we can work out the plot details as we plot together, I’d say.

GENRE: Medieval Fantasy

"Swan Songs" Plot & Possibilities
BREAKDOWN: The swan prince, eldest of the royal family, was slated to be crowned as the next rightful king of Norosor— a country in the clouds, a world on another plane, separate from human society.

In ancient times, the swan people were beloved by humans, revered for their singing voices and for the healing properties of their feathers that make up their wings. However, a war broke out between humans and the swankin— in which they were enslaved and treated as pets— forcing the swan people to relocate and move their kingdom, Norosor, on a separate plane, to escape from the humans’ wrath and preserve their race.

On the day before his coronation, he woke up mysteriously in the second realm— the realm of humans. He has no idea how to return, and is not used to human customs in the slightest. How will he return home? How will he adapt? How will humans react to seeing a winged man walking in their midst?

POSSIBILITIES: This plot can be light hearted or dark, depending on the character you’d like to play with my swan prince. Perhaps your character is a kind hearted soul who decides to take him in, teach him human customs, and help him get back home? Or perhaps your character wants to keep him as a songbird, or sell him off for money? Maybe they do, and have a change of heart? Maybe the two of them have to go into hiding, because people are after the swan prince— which is why he was cast down into the human realm?

GENRE: Medieval Fantasy OR Modern Fantasy

"My Time of Dying" Plot & Possibilities
BREAKDOWN: They call him the Morning Star— a spirit with fox-ears that approaches you during your final moments in life, holding a lantern out to you, welcoming you to your death. The spirit has helped many dying souls find peace in their final moments, ushering them on to a life so much better than this one. But this time, there is a mistake.

You were never supposed to die. For what reason or another, your death was of the most unjust caliber. You have a destiny ahead of you that the world needs you to fulfill— for whatever reason, the world needs you to survive. Somebody wanted to see you go— someone wanted to stop you from taking in another breath, and maybe they would have succeeded, if not for the Morning Star.

You are trapped, in a dreamlike state, hovering between life and death. In the real world, you are in a coma, but in your mind, you struggle against death, despite the odds. The Morning Star is your only guide through your own psyche, and it is he who will help you find the way out— back to life, back to the world of the living.

POSSIBILITIES: This is a roleplay that I’d love for someone to use a character that they’ve always wanted to develop a bit more— we’d literally be exploring their psyche! I’ve left the terms vague so any character can be used— for whatever reason, they are important to the world, have a task they have to accomplish, and the Morning Star will help them face their fears and doubts, navigating them through a dreamscape. Even if they manage to get out of the dreamscape, it’d still be a great roleplay to continue from there— with the Morning Star helping them accomplish whatever goal they need to complete.

GENRE: Medieval Fantasy

"Ravlement of Royalty" Plot & Possibilities
  BREAKDOWN: He was the most beloved member of a neighboring king’s harem. He plays a heavenly tune on a flute, is talented at painting, and can sing you a hymn slated to make angels cry. When you— the queen/king— crushed the neighboring kingdom in a war that was waged for ten long years, he joined your court, teasing you with his enigmatic smile.

You do not have a harem, and are loyal to your partner— even if your marriage is not out of love, as most royal marriages are— but you could not help but keep him amongst your castle, to spite the neighboring king, the last act of revenge against that damned troublesome country, now a suzerain state, under your control.

The life of a queen/king is terribly stressful, though, so you go to him— find that he makes for great company. Your rival king did not keep him just for his looks or his talent, but he is quite the charm as well— talkative, funny, a lot better company than your spouse is, and wittier as well. You find yourself going to him after a long day at court— to talk, and chat, to have him play his flute and paint portraits.

But you’ve also learned of another reason why the neighboring king kept him at his side. One day, he tells you that a great and terrible fate will befall your people— the neighboring kingdom will rise up, and take back their freedom once more. He can see the future in glimpses—it is how that king avoided defeat in battle for ten long years—and the future looks grim for you, unless you can win this war again.

POSSIBILITIES: I love the idea of adding intrigue— of the queen or king cheating on their spouse, who probably loves them so— along with the idea that, somehow along the line, they’ll be fighting a war as well. There’s a lot of possibilities here, I think, but it’s totally open for discussion. I’d absolutely love if someone took this one up!

GENRE: Medieval(ish) Fantasy

"The Bandit King" Plot & Possibilities
  BREAKDOWN: The Bandit King is a free soul, someone who— along with his band of Misfits— takes what he wants and lives a life free from the rules and laws of society. He’s clever, crafty, and known throughout the land as the menace that no guard can ever catch. Despite this, he’s always lived a simple life on the road; but one day, he decides that he and his Misfits are going to make it big.

The Bandit King kidnap the prince/princess of this realm and requests a hefty ransom from the King and Queen. However, come to the King’s surprise, the King and Queen don’t want their son/daughter to return. They refuse to pay the ransom, and are glad to be rid of their child, leaving the kidnapped royal in the hands of the Bandit King. The prince/princess has nowhere else to go, and has never left the safety of their castle, so they become a Misfit, and learn the ways of the world.

POSSIBILITIES: I would absolutely love if the reason why the King and Queen didn’t want to pay the ransom was because the prince/princess was a nuisance and didn’t share their ideals or values. Perhaps the kingdom is corrupt, perhaps they oppress and undermine their people, and the prince/princess tried to put a stop to it various times. Then the Bandit King and the royal could work together to regain control of the kingdom— an interesting twist, I’d say, but of course, I’m always up for suggestions!
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Re: Kismet — on the prowl for fellow storytellers (M/F, M/M, F/F)
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NOV. 24, '12

- Added new plot ideas and plot snippets.
- Took down taken Demons dance in dark dance halls... plot.