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September 20, 2021, 12:55:07 pm

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Author Topic: Sub Male with Femdom plots -- Looking for a Dom F  (Read 499 times)

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Sub Male with Femdom plots -- Looking for a Dom F
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:13:21 pm »
Hi, I'm the hack fraud-- I mean, guy who made this thing.​

So I wanna try being a sub in an RP. I don't get to do it often, and I wanna try it out for the sake of curiosity. Almost all my ideas are basically giving you the chance to be as abusive, or sadistic, or dominant, or crazed as you wanna be with it, they're all about putting you in the power seat, and seeing where we go with it.

I'm looking for people who wanna tell a character driven story, that's usually my focus when it comes to RP'ing,. I like giving characters depth, complex personalities, backgrounds that explain how they ended up like this, and telling a story of where they'll go from here, but above all else, besides having a partner interested in making fun characters to write, I want ones that show they'll add to the story. Interest is great, but if I'm the only one making the plot decisions, it won't be too fun. I want to feel like we're both contributing to something, that while you do enjoy the idea and wanna play it out, you also have an idea of where to go as well, and what little twists you wanna give. It might not work, but it shows you like the plot enough. Also, I like good, long posts, I enjoy making nice lengthy stuff to sink my teeth into. Nothing crazy like 10 paragraphs, but obviously not one liners or single paragraphs.

I also hate PMs that start with, 'Hey, I like this idea, can we do it?'

That makes me petty as fuck, I'll admit, maybe even snobbish, but if you PM me about wanting to do an idea below, or trying out an idea of your own that fits with what I have in mind, then don't start with, 'Hi, I like this,' or, 'Wanna RP?'

We write here, don't we? Explain what you have in mind for plot elements, characters, even a world to play in, give me an idea of what you want to do. Not a vague PM that probably won't go anywhere. Tell me why you like this plot and what you feel we can do with it, or if you have your own idea that fits with what I'm trying here, be creative in how you discuss it, and give me an idea that I feel isn't played out or is too cliche we can't have fun with it.

Anyway, I've talked to long, and I think I have enough filler for this, so now I should discuss my ideas. Keep in mind, I am open to suggestions to any ideas you may have, but my main thing for this thread is exploring subjects and characters, sometimes with dark themes and idea, others with me just going, 'this is fun and weird, and I wanna try it.'

Sex plays a part in a lot of my ideas, but I don't consider any of them sex oriented mainly. It's just there, not the big focus.

Big no's are:


Rape (at least rape on females, I'm willing to do rape on males for this.)



That's it, outside of that, I'm pretty much open to a lot of kinks and fetishes, so go crazy. Oh, and I don't do PMs, thread man myself.

Onto the plots

My Perfect Pet
(Torture, manipulation, pet-play, femdom, slavery)

So this one's a lot more femdom heavy, as I said above, so I doubt anyone will like this plot, but I'll say it anyway.

MC is a sailor on a ship, and one night, that ship sinks during a storm. He makes a break for the waters in a life raft, but the raft gets capsized. He manages to keep himself from drowning, washing ashore some sort of island, but he is weak and injured by his fight to survive. Thankfully though, someone comes to get him. A woman, who drags him back to her home and nurses him back to health. The twist? Think Misery, but a lot more torture heavy. She breaks him down mentally until he's nothing more than an empty human husk, but once he's at his lowest moment, she again nurses him back to health. This time though, she molds him in her image.

Her perfect pet.

So yeah, you got torture, gaslighting, breaking a human down into nothing, then rebuilding him into your own image. We could even do experiments on him if you want, but when she rebuilds him, I want there to be a focus on their strange relationship. Even though she has made this man go through hell, once he is completely under her wing, she loves her 'pet' with all her heart, and wishes to take good care of him. Let's go dubcon with this, like pure weird shit, I want MC to be ruined. Lol.

Wickedness From Nobody
(Occult, maybe magic, manipulation, corruption of a human being)

MC is a loser, no doubt about it. He's anti-social, very awkward around people, has a bit of a stutter, and while he's not half bad looking, (he could be very cute if he actually took care of his personal appearance a little better,) no one ever really talks to him because he's almost like a ghost. I might even have him wear braces and is embarrassed about that, really depends to be honest.

Yet, somehow YC suddenly appears in his life. She's a fairly social girl, is well known, top of her class. She finds MC, and decides to befriend him. Before long, she even starts asking him out to dates. This takes MC aback, and even stranger, she's willing to even sleep with him. God damn, his luck changed fast!

Problem though: First time they have sex, she's a bit...... Well, BDSM is a good word for it, another is 'rape.' Because she ties up MC, and psychically manhandles him in bed. This experience is a lot more than MC was able to handle, and is quite shaken in the morning, but YC convinces him that it was all okay. As their relationship develops, things get progressively worse, because it turns out, YC is very much into the occult.

She is not mentally sound at all, wanting to have a child with MC, believing the child will be given the powers of a God. MC wants to break things up, but she constantly convinces him otherwise, and starts forcing him to do things that are pretty unethical. She breaks him down mentally, and MC starts going insane as well, enjoying their more evil acts together, and in turn, she loves him more as he becomes more psychotic.

Two normal people are not so normal, and begin corrupting each other to the point of no return. And they love each other more for it. Maybe she kills him after she give birth to the baby, and the baby is all Cthulhu like, there's some HP Lovecraft stuff happening in this idea.

Thy Kingdom:
(Medieval, maybe fantasy, power-couple)

This is an idea I have tried to do in the past, but it never gets off the ground. MC is the prince to a small kingdom that leads in coastal trading. The time period is medieval, and possibly there's magic, depends on if you wanna go that route, but MC's kingdom is corrupt as hell. Black markets, sex trafficking of women and children, and the king is all the more oblivious to it, because the man sexually abuses his kids, forcing them to do acts that are disgusting and mentally scaring. Their mother does nothing but support their father in doing these heinous acts. Eventually, MC runs off and joins a gang, wanting to be as far away from his father as possible.

YC is the daughter to a king that runs the most militarily powerful kingdom in all the lands. Problem is, while her father is dying, she has no right to the throne, being the youngest in the family, and there's quite a lot of family politicking and infighting. She needs an edge. MC is eventually caught and dragged to YC's kingdom to be executed, but YC manages to figure out who MC actually. Knowing his kingdom has the best trading ports, which would impress her family to no end, as well give her an edge in getting the throne, YC convinces MC to help her not only take over the throne in a coup, but also marry her so she can inherit the land.

What follows is a Game of Thrones style plot, where MC and YC want power in the throne, yet as time goes on, you guessed it, they get progressively more evil and darker the more they're around each other.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT GAME OF THRONES. I LISTED IT AS AN EXAMPLE, IT'S NOT GAME OF THRONES. EVERYBODY THINKS THAT, BUT IT'S NOT. I don't do fandoms for one on one RPs, so I'm not gonna do Game of Thrones. Don't watch the show, interested in doing an original idea, wanna develop it with you, NOT GAME OF THRONES.

I realize I say that in all caps, but I want the message clear.​

Loyal Mutt
(Pet-play, age difference)

MC is a runaway, he has no where else to go, and hates his family, so he's off to find a new life for himself. He lives in a motel, with unwashed clothes, works odd jobs here and there, and can't find his way out of town. He's far enough away from his family, but not far enough away from the state he was born in, so here he sits, trying to make enough to get out of here. He's also a bit of a peeping time, as near him is a house in the middle of the woods. In that house is a lovely woman, YC, who's clearly older than him, by around ten years or so. She's beautiful, and MC can't help but watch her from her window every now and again. Then one night, he makes a noise by accident, and YC catches him in the act. Begging not to be taken by the police, he promises never to do it again, and will do anything for her.

She takes that offer by saying she's been looking to get a new pet. And she wouldn't mind practice. With a collar around his neck, YC makes MC act like a dog, and slowly makes MC her.... Well, bitch. It's a bit like the perfect pet idea, just in a more realistic setting..... Well, small town setting really, but no mad scientist, 'gonna brainwash you,' type stuff going on. Where do we go? I'll let us discuss it, if you fancy the idea.

That's all I got. If you have any ideas yourself, lemme know and we'll talk about them.
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