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Author Topic: CuriousEyes is a M lf F to help him get started on this site!  (Read 292 times)

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Offline CuriousEyesTopic starter

So let me start off by saying "hello" to you - whoever you are, and thanks for reading!

The (very) brief about me is that I'm a new member of Elliquiy and looking to gain some acquaintances with which to RP. I've RPed across a few 'verses over the last decade plus, mostly in MMO gaming but also Forum RP, Google Docs, etc. as well as some standalone fanfic-esque writing.

The big difference in communities from where I've been and Elliquiy would likely be the allowance/interest in smut - many of the communities I've been part of have incorporated "adult" elements (violence, profanity, drug use, etc.), but most frank depictions of sex have happened "off-screen." That's one of the things that caused me to seek out this site - curiosity (as the name implies) about an area of RP I've not been part of, and if I could actually adapt to such a style.

Who I'm Looking For:

Despite what the Subject Line implies, I'm not definitively looking only for female characters, or female players. I am a heterosexual male and will be playing male characters, so I wouldn't be interested in a M/M sexual RP. And my strong preference if I were to have a M/F sexual RP would be for the player I'm working with to be female, although as I become more comfortable with the form that might become less important. However, I'm here to RP in general, and if someone wants to RP with me who is male, or is male playing female without actual sexual interaction with characters I'm happy to hear from you!

My writing tends to be more freeform vs. traditional PnP-type with dice rolls, skill points, etc. - but I think I could be adaptable. The main thing I'd look for from you would be reliability (being available to post maybe 1 - 2x a week), legible writing (I don't hold a grammar hammer over you, but seeing simple mistakes repeated again and again gets tired), and open communication behind the scenes on what you like, don't like, or think should be worked on (especially valuable to me if there is a sexual element to the RP).

The most important thing I'm looking for though, really, is that we have fun!


I need to put more thought into this, but very quickly...


  • Rough Sex (scratching, biting, pulling, etc.)
  • Adultery
  • Exhibitionism
  • Non-con (to an extent)
  • Oral Sex (giving/receiving)
  • Etc...


  • Completely unrealistic characters/proportions
  • Romance (Sort of. I'm not totally against it, but "why do birds.... suddenly appear...?" type roleplay does very little for me)
  • Extreme violence
  • Excrement/bathroom related
  • Bestiality
  • Incest (blood relations - a "step"-relative story can be intriguing)
  • Someone who fails to separate me from my characters.

Current Cravings:

So... this section will be for RP ideas I'm most interested in exploring right now. Allow me to humor myself with a quote.

"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire."

Which is a silly way of saying that what I'm currently interested in is something... Post-Apocalyptic!

I'm a long-time fan of the genre - the idea of society ground down into nothing and the remnants of the world trying to rebuild. A life where the strong survive and the violent thrive. Some examples of the types of world I'd be interested in would be The Walking Dead, the Fallout games series (I would love to do anything set specifically in Fallout, or a 'verse heavily inspired/based off it), the world presented in the "future views" of the show Dollhouse, etc. etc.

I could do a variety of themes in this setting - a pair of adventurers scavenging the remnants of the old world, raiders pillaging their way along a wasteland, survivors thrust together by circumstnace, fleeing horror behind them, etc. At the moment I only have one idea that's vaguely established, and that's...


Nuclear apocalypse happened so long ago that your grandparents don't any memory of the way the world was. Humanity has managed to start to eke out a meager semblance of civilization, scavenging the remains of the Old World for technology, your homes built in the ruins of what came before. Despite the bleakness all around, you've actually lived a happy life - sheltered in a safe town anchored by the transport route your family owns. The dangers of the outside world always more ghost stories to you than anything else.

That all changed. You had thought this would be an easy job - going with your father on a convoy to trade with the next town over, start learning to run the trade routes when he retired. You had hired guards, but they couldn't stop what came. Raiders appear from nowhere, wiping out your group, seizing your convoy - and you along with it. You're presented to their leader, an outlaw dabbling in all the vices you never imagined.

And he plans to break you to his will.

I think this could be adapted to work in a few settings, although obviously it has more sexual elements so it would have to be heavily modified to work if there's no compatibility there.

General Knowledge:

Just a quick list of a few 'verses or settings I'm familiar with and could RP in easily if anyone is interested in me more than my current cravings!

  • Dollhouse
  • Firefly
  • Fallout
  • The Walking Dead (TV show - current. Comics - up to roughly the end of "All Out War"
  • The Secret World (Urban Fantasy MMO)
  • Warcraft (the RTS games all the way up to the "Cataclysm" expansion of WoW - I'd need a primer on what happened since then)
  • The 100
  • Assassin's Creed (haven't played the newest ones, but I'm up to Edward Kenway)
  • Dragon Age (a little shaky on fine points of lore, but can keep up)
  • Orphan Black
  • Lost Girl
  • Star Trek - most familiar with TNG, but could wing it with DS9 or Voyager. Out of my depth on TOS or the most recent one

General (if you want to use a generic 'verse for a one-off type thing - or do worldbuilding - these are the kinds of things I'm familiar with and could probably hold my own in)
  • Fantasy - I prefer low/mid fantasy, where "magic" isn't used to levitate cups of water for fun and things like Dragons aren't especially common, but I am adaptable
  • Urban fantasy - "monsters are real" type things.
  • Sci-Fi - like Fantasy I tend to prefer "lower" fantasy, where a setting is maybe only a little more advanced than our own. However, I can also do extreme technology jumps
  • Historical - I'm probably not going to be great here, but with the right partner I'm willing to do something set in the past in a real world.

So all I can say now is... thanks for reading! If you're interested in any of this (or just want to shoot the shit with me personally) please don't hesitate to PM me. My inbox is always open!
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