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Author Topic: The Lost Temple and other Ideas  (Read 567 times)

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The Lost Temple and other Ideas
« on: December 28, 2007, 12:31:26 PM »
The Lost Temple of the Sun

The Temple of the Sun has long been rumored to hold powers and wealth beyond reckoning. Many have entered the mountains of Bhutu seeking the Temple but none have returned. It as if the mountains have swallowed them up, much like it swallowed the Temple of the Sun. The mystery around the Temple of the Sun, who built it, why they built it, and when still remains despite the best efforts of Scholars to find its origins. The only thing that they know for certain is that it exists, as it is mentioned in the oldest of scrolls.

The King of Cutrol had decided that he wants to mount his own expedition to find the Temple. He does so out of greed and jealousy, as a neighboring King has also done the same but no word has reached them of the return of the expedition.

Villagers who live in the foothills of the Bhutu are very superstitious and speak of Demons and Witches and creatures of darkness. But the mountains, on the fringes of human existence in the North, are a harsh place even in the best of times, with storms materializing out of nothingness, often with deadly effect. Not to mention avalanches and rock slides and the other wild animals that inhabit the region.

King Cutrol is currently seeking some willing adventurers, people who know the region, archaeologists, and soldiers to travel into the mountains, using an ancient map, to discover the location of the Lost Temple of the Sun. Not only is the King going to finance the trip and reward all those that return, but he will also allow them to keep a portion of their findings. But the trip will not be an easy one, and only the most courageous or crazy people would dare sign up.

Player Wanted This could be a *small* group game, though ideally I am looking for one other player to take up the role of a female in any profession. There will be a little political intrigue thrown in too, and some other details that need to be worked out between me and the other player. I will play the leading role, driving the story forward through main points, but at other times I am willing to let you take the lead if you wish. Expect this to be a long running game as they travel into the Mountains in the North, and experience some, well, interesting scenarios. PM me if interested with brief idea of type of character you wish to play.

The Wanderer

Fifty years after Civilization ceased to exist, the newest generation has come of age. The only world they know of means that they will live a brutal existence, danger lurking around every corner, and a list of professions both absurd and unknown for years, until this time. Never before has survival of the fittest been more fitting. They are the children of those whose parents survived those first 20 years of mayhem, when millions died, when nature sought to balance itself out and destruction was widespread. Their parents had survived the aftermath, when petty rulers sprang up, villages and collectives were formed, when places like the North America started to see communities rise and prosper, other flail and die. There are those who work for the good of the people that have elected them, and there are those who rule with an iron fist.

Guns still exist, but cars and combustion do not. Horses are the main mode of transport and people are mostly famers or hunters, trying to provide enough to keep alive and trade with.

Player Wanted This 'idea' is more of a world background sketch then a plot. Think of the Wild West, only with more modern weapons, and more then just Native Americans to worry about. Heavily influenced by SM Sterlings series that starts with Dies the Fire - The Protectors War - A Meeting at Corvalis. I imagine something occuring around/in whatever town/village we start in that draws our characters together, and some sort of adventure/journey etc occurs.