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Author Topic: Multiple Ideas (M for F)  (Read 510 times)

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Multiple Ideas (M for F)
« on: June 12, 2016, 01:38:59 PM »
All images/links are to be considered NSFW in this thread.

Please PM me if any of these ideas or images are of interest to you.

Titles with '*' next to them indicate that I have specific plots in mind - send a PM and I will share!

Picture 1 NSFW
Idea 1: A Brother and his Twin Sisters*

Idea 2: A Brother and his Two Sisters*

Idea 3: A Boyfriend/Girlfriend and her best Friend

Idea 4: Three friends who start exploring with each other.

Picture 2 NSFW
Idea 1: Sinning with a Saint*

Picture 3 NSFW
Idea 1: A Sister and her Brothers

Idea 2: A Girl and her Cousins

Idea 3: The High-School Cum Queen

Idea 4: A Wife and her Husbands Friends/Coworkers

Idea 5: A Wife, her Husband, and his Brothers

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Re: Multiple Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2016, 01:39:34 PM »
Ideas with Plots

NSFW Breaking the Babysitter
Breaking the Babysitter ~ TLDR: A Teen Babysitter is caught having sex with her boyfriend and is blackmailed into having a sexual relationship with her employer.

Plot: Richard [MC] and his wife, Sarah [NPC], have sex once a month...when it fits Sarahs schedule best. He has noticed that she is spending a lot more time at work these days and has been going out at night with her girlfriends - to bars and clubs. To Richard, it seems like his wife is interested in younger men and not her husband anymore.

Things come to a head at a company party, when his wife disappears, returning 30 minutes later adjusting her skirt. A younger man soon appears from the same hallway and Richard is almost entirely certain she is cheating on him. He tells her he is not feeling well and needs to go home - which she encourages, while she plans on staying out at the party.

Richard returns home, more to get away from his wife and the party then anything, only to come home to find that the Babysitter [YC] naked, on her knees, sucking the cock of some Boy [NPC] in the middle of his living room. Richard chases the boy out, threatening to beat the shit out of him, while telling the Babysitter not to move. When he returns from chasing the boy, a short discussion leads him to taking out his sexual frustrations on the girl, showing a dominant side he had never known he had - a dominant side that quickly appeals to the secretly-submissive Babysitter, who has finally found the MAN - and not the BOY - who can treat her right.

NSFW Interviewing the Girlfriend
Interviewing the Girlfriend: TLDR: A father interviews his sons Girlfriend and makes an interesting proposition.

Plot: Andrew [MC] has never dated a girl for more than a month. No matter how good things seem to be going, something seems to snap inside of them. They break up with him or stop returning his calls. He hopes that his new girlfriend[YC] will be one who stays.

Richard[MC] is Andrews father. He is a rich, powerful, and influential man in the local society and he is the reason Andrews girlfriends leave him. Richard secretly interviews each girl, asking pressing questions, breaking them down. Very few have made it close to the end of his line of questions and they all end up leaving Andrew afterwards. The New Girlfriend [YC] is different. She makes it through to the end - where Richard makes an indecent proposal of her. Strong willed and attracted more to Richard than his son, the new Girlfriend does everything he asks of her, gaining his permission to continue dating his son, Andrew. But the new Girlfriend thinks she may be falling for her boyfriends dominant father more than her own boyfriend.

NSFW The Submissive Wife
The Submissive Wife TLDR: A newly-married woman finds the true dominant in her father-in-law and not her husband.

Naomi [YC] has recently married into a wealthy, white family. Her upbringing makes her well suited for being a house-wife, not expected to have a job, only to serve her husband any houseguests with the upmost respect. Naomi is a natural submissive and has always held a higher regard for the males in her family than for the females, who she thinks are all designed to serve.

This servitude, this submissiveness, extends to the bedroom where she is forced into boldness with her very vanilla husband. Upon discussing bondage and her desire to be bound and teased, etc, they transform a room in their home to a ‘bondage-themed’ room. Naomi is patient as her husband starts to learn what she wants, though he is clearly unsure of it himself.

One day, her Husband [MC] has her blindfolded and her arms bound behind her back, naked. A phonecall pulls him away and he leaves in a hurry, without saying anything to her. Naomi likes being bound like this, though, so has no complaints, a level of arousal constant with her. A half hour passes and she hears her husband return. He soon comes into the room and a wild session of sex and bondage takes place, with Naomi quickly realizing it is not her husband who is dominating her, but her father-in-law, Peter [MC].

Peter has long had a crush for Naomi and has long thought that his son was to weak and meek of a man for a woman like Naomi. Lingering touches and long glances have let her know for a while that he has been interested. As a man of wealth, the CEO of the company his son works in, his control is paramount and he uses a phonecall to get his son away from his wife - cameras planted in the house letting Peter know exactly what is going on. He gives Naomi the sort of sex and treatment that she has long been craving for from her husband - but being the good wife, she will never leave her husband, nor tell him of her affair with his father.

NSFW The Girl Next Door
The Girl Next Door TLDR: The Girl Next Door gets more then she bargained for whens he has an affair with her married Neighbor

Plot: Richard [MC] had watched Sarah[YC] grow up over the years. Richard, married and with his own children, had seen Sarah turn into a teen and a beautiful young woman. He found his eyes wandering over her body on occasion, his thoughts often wondering indecent things about her.

Sarah had grown up under the ever watchful and present eye of her neighbor, Mr. Simon - or Richard as he was called. Like most young girls, she had had a crush on the older man growing up - only for her, it never went away. Now that she was a teen and had a little experience with boys, understanding the power her body had over them, she brought the flirting to a whole new level.

Things come to a head when her family throws a neighborhood BBQ. Catching his eye she motions to the indoors before going there herself. No one else is inside her home, all out enjoying the sun and he soon joins her, taking her roughly as he lets out his pent up desire for her now that they are alone. Sarah had only had sex once before, slightly drunk at a party only a month ago with a nervous, fumbling boy. Richard was the complete opposite, surprising Sarah with his aggressiveness and leaving her sore afterwards. But they both know it won’t be the last time either - Sarah was good friends with his own daughter and there would be plenty of opportunity to flirt and tease before having some more fun.

NSFW The Girl of Summer
The Girl of Summer TLDR: A teenaged nudist helps a teen boy discover his sexuality

Plot: Richard didn’t mind spending the summer with his Aunt in California. She had a great house and the weather was warm without getting too hot or humid. She didn’t care if he spent all day inside playing video games or writing either. He was more like a fly on the wall to her - as long as he didnt get in her way, he was free to do what he wanted.

The room he stayed in overlooked the neighbors and he had often stared with envy at their pool. This year, however, a new family had moved in next door and the first thing he had thought was that they were pornstars - he had seen the whole family outside by the pool, completely naked, making him think it was some porn shoot. In reality, it was a family of nudists - they wore clothes when leaving their home but everything he had seen suggested that they were nudists the rest of the time, including the girl his age.

Sandy [YC] was very confident and comfortable being naked, living in a family of nudists. She was a bit bored in their house though, having left all her friends when the family had moved. She did notice the boy next door and when her family was out, invited him over to take a dip in her pool, giggling at his reaction to her fully naked form. [This will be slightly drawn out, teasing and teaching before things heat up.]

NSFW My Girlfriends Sister
My Girlfriends Sister A troubled relationship leads a boyfriend to fool around with his girlfriends sister.

Plot: Matt[MC] and Jennifer[YC/NPC] were both 20 and dating. They attended the same college and had been together for 2 years. It had not been an easy two years, Jennifer cheating on Matt with her ex, and things were still rocky in Matts opinion. Despite all the 'I love yous' from Jennifer, she often gave him the cold shoulder. When home during the summer, she was always too tired when he came down to visit, often going to bed at 10AM, while when he wasn't visiting she would stay out until 2AM in the morning with her other 'guy friends'. It was something that grated on Matt, coupled with the lack of sexual attention when he did visit.

Jennifer had two sisters, the youngest being Christine[YC aged 16 - 18]. If Matt was being truthful, he thought that Christine had gotten the best genes out of all three girls. She was tall and skinny for her age - his height, where as Jennifer was a few inches taller - with the slim, lanky body of a model. Despite the age difference, Matt did find her attractive due to her looks and could only imagine what she would look like when she was older. He would often drive her to band-practice when he visited and she always stayed up late when he was around, sitting on the couch watching TV while he did the same laying on the sofa-bed that had been prepared for him.

Staying with his girlfriends family for a week during the summer, Matt finds Christine flirting with him more and more, showing him that she was interested. With Matt growing more and more frustrated with his lack of attention from his girlfriend, he finds the flirting and interest to be more than tempting. Taking a bath one morning, Matt is shocked when Christine walks in naked, 'unaware' that he was in there. Its the first time he has seen her naked, noticing that her pussy was bald and the way she looked him over. He sprung am arousal and quickly got out of the bath....[more to be discussed with an interested person, involving fooling around in secret before finding the time and place to actually have sex]

NSFW The School Slut

Option 1: A nerdy-girl blossoms over the summer into a beautiful young girl looking to explore her sexuality. This will follow her quest as she goes from boy to boy, working up the popularity ladder.

Option 2: A horny, confidant girl decides that the best way for her to get 'A's in all her classes is to seduce and fuck all of her teachers.

NSFW Her New Master
TLDR: A Wife finds her Submissive side with her dominant Boss

Plot: Sarahs's husband was a pussy. He was a wimp. Weak willed. Sex was always with a condom, always missionary. It did next to nothing for her, especially since he only seemed to last a few minutes. Once he was done, he'd roll over and go to sleep. She only ever came when she was alone, using a toy.

Sarahs boss, on the other hand, was the kind of guy that most girls went weak in the knees for. He was a manly-man, tall and broad and muscled, good looking - and he was black. She'd never been attracted to a black man before, but something about her boss made her daydream. Despite his attractiveness, he remained single, never married. And he flirted right back with her...lingering touches, lingering gazes, and innuendo in her words. So Sarah decides to seduce him, pretending to forget a project they were working on together back home, so invites him to come with her so they can work on it over lunch.

She doesn't have to try very hard and quickly submits to her dominant boss, discovering her own submissive side that had been buried in her marriage to her husband.

NSFW Please Bang My Wife
TLDR: A Husband agrees to let his wife fuck other men as long as he gets to watch.

Plot: Richard had married about his weight. Richard was maybe a 6 on the 'looks scale' but his wife was easily a 10. He had been the one to tame her after her wild college years, the kind of guy that you took home to your parents compared to most of the guys she had dated in the past. For Richard, it was amazing - the sex was amazing and she was so beautiful. He saw the way people looked at them, saw the way girls looked at him - most likely wondering how rich he was or how big his dick was. He was not impressive in either category - just your plain old average joe, so to speak. It didn't get any better once they married either - guys would constantly hit on her in front of him, despite the marriage ring.

Richard also knew he was holding her back. He saw the way she looked at some of those guys, often leading to her jumping him - her pussy dripping wet - out of the blue on some occasions. He wasn't a very aggressive man sexually and usually let her take the lead. But he knew sooner or later she was going to cheat on it out of her own desperation. So, after a week or two of conversation, they decided that he would let her fuck other men - as long as he got to watch. He  reasoned it gave less chance of her falling in love with another man and, well, he had always fantasized about seeing her in her true form with other, good looking, well hung men.