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Author Topic: Mirari's Neapolitan Corner of Fantasies.  (Read 624 times)

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Mirari's Neapolitan Corner of Fantasies.
« on: July 11, 2014, 12:08:35 pm »
Hello and thank you for checking this thread out. My name is Mirari and here I will be sharing stories that I would like to play out. I will be updating this when I can since I have many prompts I'd like to share, so I hope you find something you like!

For those visiting this first post will be a sort of post with my kinks and whatnot. The second post will have my ideas that I would like to play out. I'm sorry for the poor organization, I will fix it when I can.

I'm sorry to say for the foreseeable future everything I do will be via my phone, so please bare with me on formatting and other such problems. Please refrain from posting in the thread and instead sending me a PM if you are interested.

Turn ons - First of all stocking, garters, thigh highs, stuff of that sort just absolutely gets to me. I appreciate all parts of a woman's body but legs is just that one thing that I will immediately notice.

Public situations is another of my big ones. It doesn't need to be sex exactly, it can be teasing or groping or naughty whispers. Just the fact that its in public and the risk of being seen or heard and caught is just so exciting!

Teasing and build up in general is another. I can fully appreciate building up and not rushing towards the sex immediately, it makes longer roleplays feel better when time is taken to build up sexual tension and tease one another. On this topic of teasing, yes I am generally open to denial.

Creampies is something I feel like I need to do in most roleplays, deep ones at that. I'm open to impregnation but it doesn't necessarily have to lead into it. Just the thought of pushing deep, following through with that carnal desire to fill her up with that pent up seed is so... hnnng.

Taboo is yet another thing that gets to me, the fact that I'm not supposed to just makes me want to do it so much more. The word taboo links together with so many things like public sex, but I mean this to include stuff like ageplay, incest, sex with your tutor/teacher, and some darker situations as well.

Those are some of my ons that I wanted to go into detail with. Other ones that I like and am open to include ageplay, sub/dom/switch (nothing extreme), and cosplay. Will add more as I think of them!

Turn offs - I don't really think explaining my turn offs is necessary so at the risk of sounding boring I will just list off the things that make ke go bleh. Golden showers, scat, gore, necrophilia, and godmodding. Pretty standard stuff I believe.

I find myself to be very open for the most part, of something isn't listed here and you would like to try or know more about it feel free to ask!

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Offline MirariTopic starter

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  • Location: Land of the pizza and sexy times.
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Re: Mirari's Neapolitan Corner of Fantasies
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2014, 12:24:28 pm »
Now that those things are over with, now onto the real reason you're here! If you've read everything thus far thank you for your time and sorry for all the poor formatting.

A Marriage in Need of Rekindling (Vanilla, romance) -

For this one, I want it to be a little different from your standard vanilla scene. I was thinking of being a young married couple, a pair who has gone through a lot together. Something is wrong though, the fire is gone between us. I've moved up from working 2 jobs and struggling, getting the job I've always dreamed of since before we got married. Finally able to move us out of the 1 bedroom apartment we struggled in for years. Getting us a new car, a new home, everything that on paper we should want.

Things aren't that simple though, and dreams sometimes aren't as good as you imagine it. The hours are tiring and I'm home even less now, and whenever I get home I turn out to be exhausted and just eat and sleep. You miss the days when I would sneak up on you making lunch and grab your ass, missing when you could wake me up in a special way without worrying about my sleep. You don't feel as attractive anymore, and you want to change it.

Those are the sorts of thoughts I kind of want to have in this sort of scene. The couple isn't as passionate towards each other, but the love is without a doubt very much there and they want to ignite a fire again.

Luring him home (Teasing, romance, vanilla) -

It’s the weekend and you’ve been aching for a chance to let out all of your frustrations from work. A chance to spend the entire evening with a hard cock inside of you in every room of the house, oh you get so wet just thinking about it. Not too much longer now.. just one more hour and you can go home. Everything is planned out inside of your head. You’re going to put on that new lingerie that you bought recently, garters, stockings, pulling out all the stops. Forget cooking, we’re going to order pizza and see how much fucking we can get in before the pizza boy gets here. All of that stress built up from work is going to go into tonight, you want to go to sleep drenched in sweat from what’s going to happen. You want to wake up in the morning with your entire body sore, your hips in particular... Nothing can possibly ruin things tonight.

Nothing can ruin the plans you laid out tonight, nothing…  or so you thought. When you come home from your long day of work you find a note on the dinner table. “Sam bought the fight so I’m going to watch it at his place with the guys, I’ll be back later.”

Completely unbelievable! Just when you thought nothing could go wrong, something did go wrong. You aren’t going to let this go, oh no… It’s time for you to fight for what you want, and defeat absolutely not an option. You take some time to freshen up in the shower, planning your attack deviously.

After your shower is done and you put on the most sexy set of lingerie you own, you pull out your phone and send me a text.

“Hey baby, I got your note. Just wanted to say that I miss you soo much..

PS: I’m typing out this text one handed ;)

A Foxy Tale (Fantasy, anthro) -

My village is in trouble, famine has been plaguing our land for years and it’s getting to the point where we can no longer survive. Our crops continually fail, and we don’t have the money to trade for food anymore. Unsure of what to do I set off to the mountains in search of the legendary nine-tailed fox. The village told me it’s a bad idea, she has only been known to do evil things. I know full well what she has been known to do, but if she were to use her magic for good… maybe just maybe our fields can be bountiful with crops once more.

The mountain trek is long and tiring, time is lost on me as I wander around aimlessly looking for something that might not even be here. The last of what little food I brought to eat has been eaten long ago, and the threat of starvation looms around me. Exhausted and hungry, I stumble into a cave in hopes of getting some rest. Something strikes me as odd though, each footstep I make echoes loudly throughout the small cave. A small cave shouldn’t make such sounds, and I wander deeper trying to feel my way around the darkness. What I thought should be a wall doesn’t appear to be as my hand passes right through it, stumbling over in my surprise. A grand room is revealed behind the illusion, revealing that which I had been searching for. The nine-tailed fox, sitting leisurely on a sofa as she smokes using a cigarette holder.

“Who are you and why have you come?” She gets straight to the point, the oppressive tone to her voice more than evident. “Humans only come for two reasons. Either to kill me, or ask something of me now which are you?”

I get down on my knees, respectfully bowing in the fox’s presence. “I’ve come to ask for your help, our crops continue to fail and my village is starving.”

“If I am to help you, I will require something in return.” The fox says as she releases a puff of smoke into the air.

Turning you into an Idol (forced, blackmail) -

I’ve been your manager for a while, and after many phone calls, favors, and auditions we’ve finally gotten you a name for yourself. I can’t say it was all bad though, there is always enjoyment in the journey after all. But that’s enough reminiscing, because tonight is the big night. Tonight is your first gig, and I’m through with waiting.

For months I’ve played the good guy, doing everything that I can for you. Getting you auditions, making phone calls, even driving you where you need to go. I should be glad that we’re making progress… but it isn’t enough, I’ve endured too long. Seeing you so close, all of that temptation at my fingertips. I’m surprised I’ve held out so long, especially after that one particular photoshoot. Oh man was that a hot one. Some of those photos we couldn’t even release to the public, but that didn’t stop me from keeping them for myself. I decide to make my move and walk into your dressing room..

Do you want to be my Disney Princess? (Cosplay) -

I wish to do a roleplay involving a Disney Princess. Keep in mind that I mean for this to be a cosplay based RP. So no I don't intend to be Prince Eric for your Ariel, Aladdin to your Jasmine, or Captain Li Sheng to your Mulan. Though this doesn't mean I won't sing some Disney songs with you (Mysterious as the dark side of the moooooon)

Again I am sorry for how terrible things look, I will format more when I am able to do so. Thank you for reading a few of the ideas that swim around inside of my head!
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