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Author Topic: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}  (Read 2719 times)

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....Not so Much!   Ideas which I am burnt out on or would need AMAZING story ideas to consider doing!

{Involves Work place drama, blackmail, coercion, potential romance or BDSM depending on writer}
~Office Tale~
A woman was caught by her bosses assistant stealing items from the office. Assistant decides to make her pay it back, in a non conventional way. For this rp I see blackmail and coercion starting over email. {Discuss details further later.}
Office Master

{Involves chatting through artificial emails, romance, could be BDSM, drugs/alcohol, what ever the secret ends up being}
~Online Meeting~
They form a romance on line and finally decide to meet up. What they don't know is that one of them has a secret. (Could be a stalker situation, non-con, whatever comes to mind)

{Involves teacher/student relations, potentials for BDSM or Romance, age play}
~Teachers Way~
  I am actually looking for two different stories with this one. Scenario One: I would be the teacher and the student has some kind of blackmail information to hold over the teacher, unless the teacher does whatever the student wants.
Scenario Two: Of course, a male Teacher takes advantage of a bad grade by one of his female students.

{Involves work place drama, coercion, blackmail, marriage, non con, etc}
~He's The Boss~
Boss man of a thriving business needs to make some cuts. Before cutting one employee he gives her the option to submit to his will. Perhaps forces her into some kind of position where he will end up having leverage on her to blackmail or give to her husband if she doesn't comply, or could simply just be to keep her job. Further details required with interested person

{Involves whatever details pertain to}
~Lost At Sea~
Cliche.. Shipwrecked on an island. Either the man was already there and captures the woman making her his slave, or the two find each other, survive together, fall in love etc.

Stories Started With Random Or Mixed Ideas
Hart Feeling {With SatanKlaus}
Training My Master {With Eiselmann}
Sky's Dilemma {With Kuje}
A Magical Awakening {With Elf}
A Better Life {With BigNRich}
Triad L'amore {With Atroxa}
Honorable Debts {With Darius}
Taken to a Foreign Land {With Ares}

Ended Stories

These stories below were ended either simply by my partner leaving E or the chemistry just wasn't right for us at the time. Some of these I would love to get restarted or continue!!

Wiked Queen

Bride of the Altaman

Dark Nights in San Diego

The Professors

Coming of Age

A Magical Awakening

What He Did

The Devil's New Game

Taking the Forbidden

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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 04:20:12 AM »
Eh Maybe's!!! These ideas are the ones I am not so much craving any more but have not completely lost interest in as of yet

{Involves possessiveness, obsessed, blackmail, coercion, etc} 
Looking for a stalker story, possessive, obsessed type of thing. With an element of danger, could lead to the stalker blackmailing to get his way. Perhaps he finds her cheating on her husband and threatens to tell? The movie Fear is a good example of what might be a basis here.

{Involves potential romance, or BDSM, Abuse, Kidnapping All potentials depends on partner}
~The Hitchhiker~
A young girl grows tired of getting abused by her father. She sneaks out of her home one night to run away and starts to hitch hike once she reached the highway. Little did she know the abuse from her father may be a welcomed gift after what he/she puts her through. {Details discussed later}

{Involves BDSM, D/s relationship, etc}
~Made A Mistress~
Her mother was a Mistress, who forced her to become one by hand selecting a slave for her. She will learn to mold and make him into what it is she yearns for. Many details need discussing for this. Please know for this story I will very picky choosing a writer because I have many ideas and not all will be able to give what I need for this story

{Potential not fully human, romance/ or slavery BDSM, etc}
~Princess Finds Her Way~
   Mia was the daughter of King Ronaldo, and in line to become the Queen of Selvid, once her father decided to step down. Mia's mother had died some years ago, overtaken by an incurable sickness. Mia had studied hard since her mother had died and readied herself to become the Queen every day since the death of her mother. Corinne however had other plans. Corinne was a woman only a few  years older than her and she somehow convinced Mia's father to marry her, making her the Queen. Even when he father stepped down she knew Corinne never would and she would take over the Kingdom she had fought so hard to get where it was today. Fed up with how things were going and her Father's stupidity, the Princess slipped unnoticed from the castle one night and got herself lost in the woods. She runs into a huntsman and her life is changed forever

~For the Huntsman character the idea I have in mind is a tall, muscled man with long blonde hair. 'Tough guy’ type. The huntsman could take her back to his home, a small village outside of the Kingdom where they connect and fall in love, or if the writer prefers he could abduct her take her to his home and turn her into his own personal slave. (Details to be discussed further with someone who is interested.)

{Involve marriage, BDSM, Cheating, etc}
~Cheating Husband~
I would like this story to be a woman who catches her husband cheating. She would exact her revenge by making him her sex slave, etc. {Details to be discussed further}

{Involves blackmail, BDSM, D/s relationship}
~Doctor's Way~
The main characters are in a symbiotic D/s relationship that starts out as a blackmail situation. The two are doctors who work  together. The submissive one is caught doing something she could get fired for. He forces her to become his slave in order to keep her secret. {Details to be discussed later}

{Involves multiple partners, romance,etc}
~Wife Swap~
Two married couples decide they need some excitement in their lives so they swap wives for a week, month, however long TBD. One or both would be involved with BDSM. Details to be panned out later. Lots of different ways this could go.

{Involves F/F, BDSM, D/s relationship, etc}
~Mistress Story~
My character would be someone always having been a submissive at heart. Especially towards men. However when it comes to women her submission ended there, mostly thinking no woman was worthy of her submission. Your character would be a Mistress who can prove to her how wrong she is and train her to be a good slave. {Sex of the partner does not matter as long as the character is a woman!}

{Involves potential romance, BDSM, Non-Con etc}
~Raffle Girl~
A woman agrees to be the prize of a raffle for charity. The winner who wins her could be a crazy man wanting to torment and 'rape' her or such or it could be a lighter story leading to love and romance, details discussed later.

{Involves prostitution, romance, possible drugs/ money whatever else we decide}
~Story of A Call Girl~
Very exquisite call girl who becomes a favorite of a certain client. After a time they start seeing each other, the thought of another man touching her drives him wild. Eventually she quits to be with him. {Details to be discussed further later}

{Involves partial non human, romance, action}
~Beast With the Beauty~
Based off the  TV show Beauty and the Beast. He was injected with something to give him super human like powers, shes a detective trying to protect him. They end up falling in love. I would like to come up with the story line with someone rather than using the shows exact line.

{Involves F/F, BDSM, D/s relationship, romance, etc}
~Mistress Story Twisted~
In this version of the story I would play the Mistress who would train your character to be a good slave. Opposite of Mistress Story.
New Horizons
Testing New Boundaries

{Involves kidnapping non con, etc depending on discussed details}
A woman is abducted and taken advantage of.. Place of abduction and details to be discussed further.

{Involves possessiveness, stalking, coercion, pretty much look for someone to play a rather crazy man}
~The Future's Captive~
A Women grew up in the small town of New Bern, NC. Everyone knew everyone in the town until the day a new man shows up. The woman works as a receptionist in a doctors office and meets the new man as he comes in to see the doctor just for a normal routine visit. They instantly connect, he asks the woman out and she surprisingly agrees. Things go great on their date, the woman just decides she does not want more with him. Soon after she starts seeing a local from the town. This is where the mans true side would come out. The person playing this man would be obsessive, and slightly crazy, stalking the woman taunting her, trying to will her back by any means necessary to have her. Details can be discussed further.

{Involves controlling another, age play maybe, etc depending on details}
~Ella Enchanted~
I think the actual story beyond this movie is kind of crap but the fact of the girl having to do everything that she is told to do could be a fun twisted story. Details to be discussed further!!
A Little Bird Upon Ones Shoulder

{Involves step father/daughter incest, potential BDSM, fantasy play, age play}
~Cinderella's Stepdad~
Cinderella stays out late, past midnight, gallivanting around with a Prince who lived nearby. Her evil stepdad would make her pay when she got home because she stayed out late and didn't do her chores. Cinderella is hoping her step father is sleeping when she gets home, but he is not and has been drinking all night with some of his naughty fantasies wanting to be explored.

{Involves potential non human, BDSM, slavery, romance, all potential according to details}
~Red Riding Hood~
A girl dressed similar to how red riding hood would be gets lost in the woods after wandering off from her group of friends on their camping trip. She is found by a man and who starts out as a nice gentleman, talking her into coming home and then his true colors out. (He could make her his slave, just rape her, etc. Details can be discussed.)

{Involves incest uncle/niece, BDSM, non con maybe, romance etc depending on details]
~He's My Uncle~
This is something I had put together with another writer and the story never made a life. I am interested in finding someone who might be interested in something like this. Let me know if so!!

Okay! I had to put my thinking cap on, but I think I could have the start of a decent incest story if you're open to an Uncle/Niece pairing.

It would be a mixture of your "Call Girl" story idea and the drug trafficking whore story idea. We could even put put in more elements of "Boss Man," if you'd like.

Basically, your character loses her job (and we could start here, if you'd like, with your character failing to submit to her boss and being fired for it - or we could work out a different outcome). Upon losing her job, she takes up a job working as a Call Girl/Stripper. What she doesn't know, however, is that her uncle is a very powerful Drug Lord/Mafia Boss/Sex Trafficker who owns the club she starts working at. So, upset at hearing that his niece has fallen so low, he decides to make her into a real whore.

I think there's a lot of potential for plot details, and with the Uncle/Niece pairing there would actually be some decent motivation for the character's actions. Maybe your character even asked her uncle for money, saying that it would be for school, but she lied and spent it on clothes or drugs or something, so when he finds out that she's working at one of his clubs, he becomes furious.

Down the line, he could even sell her off to a rich man to be his sex slave, where a romance might bloom.

I figure that your character was a secretary for an egotistical boss, hired entirely for her looks alone as she's still young and somewhat under-qualified for the position. She was harassed a lot and often made to wear revealing outfits to work that he would buy for her. One day she's forced to suck his dick but gets fired because she won't swallow his load - or something like that.

Basically, by the time she's fired she feels like a worthless slut, which is why she lies to her family about going back to school and ends up working at a strip club instead. She thinks that she's completely fallen from grace, but her uncle will show her that she can still fall much further.

And the pairing wouldn't be exclusively Uncle/Niece - she would be "trained" by various other captors that work for her uncle, and then put on display at underground auctions. Men will get to give her a "test ride," but it will take a long time before someone comes around that can actually afford the high price her uncle has set for her. Her old boss could even show up at one of the auctions to try her out - making it ironic that she's now a bigger slut than she ever would have to be if she kept her old job.

I was thinking that they could "first" meet when the club is preparing for a visit from its owner, who is known by its employees to be a powerful man in the underground, so your character is called upon to put on a special show for him, and it turns out to be her uncle.

~When the Husband is Away~
Your character: would be some how connected to my characters husband. Could be brother, best friend or whatever. Your character runs into hard times and needs to stay with MC and her husband for a bit. The husband ends up having to go out of town for work. What happens when the husband is away?

{Involves memory loss, romance, could be non con or trickery etc.}
~Forgetting You~
Based off the movie 50 first dates. The female character would have been in some kind of accident where she forgets the days events each night. She knows, who she is and everything just doesn't remember anything after the accident has happened. Could find someone she falls in love with or someone who takes advantage of her situation.

{Involves memory loss, romance or non con etc}
~The Accident~
Some form of accident occurs and one character ends up with amnesia. The other character could take advantage of that and make her do what they want or it could be a romance where the character makes the one with amnesia fall in love with the other again.

{Involves whatever we decide}
~The Ugly Duckling~
So for this story I thought about writing where an ugly woman and a handsome man falls in love. Kind of the opposite of beauty and the beast.
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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2013, 04:22:10 AM »
Cravings!!!!! Here you will find the story ideas that I am craving the most for the time being!

{Involves zombies, romance, depending on details}
~Not Just the Living~
A story about the world as it is or would be after zombies take over. This would involve multiple characters to be played at some parts I am sure or we could have them all set in the background whichever way works.

{Involves gang/mob affiliation, betrayal, supposed killing, action, etc}
~Don't Kill My Girl~
In this story I would like to play out the male character being some kind of gangster, in the mob whatever we decide. My character betrayed the group some how and a bounty has been put out on her head. Your character of course was the one chosen to 'rid' the group of their problem (killing her). My characters charm and seductive skills however turn the guy against his group and he ends up trying to protect her.

{Involves detective work, bribery maybe, framing, romance or BDSM, abuse etc}
Another story in the works to be discussed with potential writer. A woman is being framed for killing her husband. The cop who arrests her takes a liking to her for some reason and tries to help prove she is innocent. This could lead to a romance story or the cop could even take advantage of her once he helped clear here name whatever way we decide to go.

{Involves BDSM, maybe humiliation, maybe romance, etc}
~The Debate~
I actually had this story going with someone who vanished on me. Really hoping to start it again. Long story short there is a 'woman trainer', he believes he can make anyone submit to him. He has met his match now as the female he chooses next is one who uses men, would never 'submit'. The story would go along as he would try to train her possibly succeeding or not. How everything gets started and such to be discussed later.

{Involves rape, non con, forceful, potential abuse etc}
~Heartless Lover~
Heartless husband arranges for his home to be broken into and for his wife (or could be daughter) to be raped while he secretly watches. Details to be discussed later.

{Involves possible eventual romance, or the darker side of things}
~Forced to Marry~
Looking to do some kind of arranged marriage story. It could lead to her being a slave of his ways or blossom into something romantic I am looking for both ways.
We Will

{Involves romance, betrayal, impregnation (all possibilities)
~My Husbands Best Friend~
A woman's husband is said to be dead somehow. How TBD with writer. The husbands best friend could perhaps be a cause for the proposed death or should have been him instead type of deal. So he decides to tend to the wife, ending up with falling in love with her. They have plans to get married of their own when the woman's husband pops up alive and well.

For this story I would love love to do a version where the best friend is slightly crazy, a bit possessive and decides to fight for his woman once the husband comes back. We could discuss how or what happens later of course.
A Betrayal Amongst Friends

{Involves slavery, potential BDSM, M/s relationship, potential abuse or non con}
~Slave of the Heart~
She has been a slave to the house of Rionis for many years. His wife found out that her husband favored her and was even sleeping with her, so she decides to sell her off to the first man who comes along. (More details to be discussed)

{Involves D/s relationships, BDSM, romance, etc.}
~Complete Submission~
Looking for a dominate male/female to 'train this character as a true submissive. Can be as dark or as light as we wish. In this story a relationship is already present. Roles could go either way. There is some kind of scandal done by the submissive and must be punished for. Can the submissive gain back the trust of their owner? Details to be discussed later

{Involves vampires, arranged marriage, potential BDSM, romance}
~Cold Hearted Love~
A rich well known and liked family of vampires runs into a family (how to be determined) who is struggling greatly. Through much discussion and persuasion the families agree the oldest daughter of the poor family, will be 'given' to the oldest son of the vampire family, soon to be married, etc.As the story unfolds details can be discussed of how/if they tell the girl the family secret, if she will be changed, etc.

{Involves Marriage, BDSM, Cheating,etc}
~Heart of Chains~
This story is just a quick idea and to be discussed in more detail with whoever is interested. A husband catches his wife cheating. She agrees to do anything to get him to let her stay, even become his sex slave.
Can This Marriage Be Saved?

{Involves prostitution, drugs using or selling or both, romance, maybe abuse, non con, etc}
~Drug Trafficking~
Very vague idea needing a lot more addition and details. A woman is taken by a drug trafficking group. Turned into a whore, perhaps passed around among the men in the group or auctioned off for one nighters, etc.. Until her captor begins to fall in love with her.
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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 04:24:29 AM »
Hello [you],

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look over everything! Please note: I am still working on adding some of my current stories where they are supposed to be so if yours is not here please don't think I have overlooked it!

Before jumping into the plots I decided to add in a little note about myself and what I am looking for! Don't forget to check out my O/O's page! If you need anything please don't hesitate to shoot me an IM! If you have an idea you think I might like then don't hesitate to ask either! Also, I am willing to offer examples of writing as just checking my recent posts is not always helpful. I participate in both short and longer roleplays.

Nothing is set in stone, I enjoy any ideas another person may have as well as something completely outside of the ideas presented here. The most important thing is keeping my interest! If you have an idea and want to run it by me please do not hesitate to ask about it!!

~A Little About the Woman Behind the Screen~
I  love a story with a good plot. If you check out my O/O page you can find out more information about me there, but basically I love romance, passion, adventure, drama, suspense etc. I love all aspects of developing a story with someone. Those are the kind of stories I want. I have been roleplaying for over 8 years now and I adore it. Finding something to keep me intrigued is the goal I have. Outside of writing stories with someone in the threads I also love to have fun in other areas of the forums where the roleplay is a little less intense. I am a very open minded person and I am willing to discuss a particular craving with anyone who wants to discuss something. Never hesitate to PM me for more information or to just chat. I am a people pleaser, so I will most likely ask your preferences or ideas before I divulge in my own, please do not take this as me being uninterested or incapable of coming up with ideas as that is not the case. I feel stories come together better when the thoughts of another can be put into my own ideas.

~What I Seek In A Writing Partner~
I am not picky about who I write with I do not care if your writer is a male and character a female or vice versa. What I care about it the quality of the story we can make together. That being said I have mentioned it before and will say it again. I will try to always put in the effort you give me. If there is something more I need from you in our story I will come and talk to you about it and I hope you will feel comfortable doing the same with me. I love a partner who can make me feel what they are saying, who has me glued to what will happen next with their character, and gives me something to work with. I know at times this is going to happen and that is fine but please do not make every post about what I posted and not lead things along in another direction, if there is any concern or if help/ideas are needed we can discuss it in PM before you post. Predictability is quite boring sometimes, I would prefer someone who can be spontaneous or discuss their ideas with me. We are building these stories TOGETHER, everything should not be placed on one side of the pair. I feel like this kind of sounds picky but I really am not I just want someone who I mesh well with.

Newbies!!! Here will be my latest story ideas

~Teaching Daddy's Girl A Lesson~
A young woman (18+) had been acting rather rebellious with her parents as of late. Her mother and father had to go out of town to take care of some business after her uncle had passed away and talked her fathers best friend into letting the girl stay over at his place while they were gone. What the parents didn't know is that the friend had a plan of his own. She had been teasing him for years now and it was time he got a little payback. Looking to only play female for this one.

~Bikers, Guns, and More~
Even if this is nothing like the show that is fine!! Basically I am looking for an action story involving a biker gang world. Loving the show Son's of Anarchy (SOA) and looking to start some kind of story line along the lines of the biker world. I am not looking to do cannon characters at all though using their pictures for different characters would be fine. Willing to play the male or the female in this story depending on what me and my partner decide. If you do not like action stories this is not for you. There will be smut but very little of it and not much past the vanilla side of things unless we decide otherwise.

~You Were Warned About Me~
A man, who has never really been one to 'get things right' in his life by some chance (how to be discussed) meets a woman who is complete opposite of him. She knows she should stay away from him at all costs but she is more and more pulled to him as things progress between the two. (We would need to come up with a reason they would keep in contact at first.) I would like to capture the tension and eventual falling in love between the two. If other things are added those can be discussed with a partner. Deciding just how much of a 'bad boy' this guy is will also be discussed. For this story I'd be willing to play male or female side.

~ A Man Of Dominance~
My character is a male who has lived in a BDSM lifestyle for many years. Your character could be a co-worker, neighbor, whatever we decide who has never been a part of the lifestyle but has always wondered about it. She finds out somehow about his secret life behind doors and asks your character to 'train her'. This can get as dark as we want, can contain romance and whatever else we decide. For this role obviously I will be playing the male.

~Taken to A Foreign Land~
Two areas nearby each other have been at war for quite some time now. Each crossing the other stealing supplies and kidnapping people to turn into slaves. My character happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time getting caught and captured by people of the opposite village. Over the next few days she would be taken far away from her home and set up to be sold in the slave market. Soon enough MC ends up on the doorsteps of a mansion. Escape is almost impossible as MC's natural appearance gives her away as the foreigner, likely to be caught before she can make it back home. I seek a dominate male character who can either make her love being a slave or cause her grief and whatever else we can come up with. I envision many NPCs as YC would most likely have other slaves in the home before her.

~Simple Mistakes~
For this story I would like to find someone to play as my characters husband or boyfriends best friend. One drunken night the two would take things to far. Just what would happen after that? Would life carry on as if nothing happened or would i be time to make some new arrangements within their lives?

~Her New Dad~
My characters mother just got married. A man who is much older than my character and who immediately takes a liking to her. Enough of a liking to make a move on her. We can discuss if this will be consensual or not.

{M/F or M/M}
So I kind of have this vague idea, the general idea came from someone else but I am turning it into more a sexual orientated thing. Someone (who doesn't matter) has a sick fantasy of watching others in acts of different sexual origins. So he built a house he calls DreamLand. Once built he sets out to find two people who have no clue each other exist. Most likely they are both married and very devoted to their significant other and would never cheat. What would they do if they had to cheat to stay alive though? They are kidnapped and taken to the dream house only to wake up forgetting everything that happened 24 hours before them being there. A note on the table tells them if they want to live then they will follow the rules very carefully. They are then given a time limit of say 10 minutes to kiss each other in order to advance closer to the exit of the Dream house. The game continues on finding notes which give different instructions each one getting harder and more complex. This would be a good way to explore what ever we would like to explore. Details discussed further later.

~Endless Cycle~
For this story MC and YC are in a relationship. This can get into the extreme category depending on how my partner feels. YC is controlling, possessive, abusive and sweet all in one. The couple is in love or at least MC keeps trying to convince herself that they are. One night he finally goes to far and pushes her to the point that she leaves him. Really leaves him this time. She switches colleges, moves states away, changes her phone number, loses contact with anyone she knows that might tell him where she went. A few months later she is just getting over him and moving on when some how he finds her and comes back into her life. Though she is sure that he is wrong for her she cant help but feel it is right being with him. More details to be discussed later

~It's All Coming Back~
A young girl had a hard time growing up. Her parents were rather abusive, she didn't have many friends. One evening her mother had forgotten to pick her up from school, she was around the age of 10 and she was sitting on the sidewalk all alone whenever a boy came up to her. He was a few years older than her, offered to walk her home and even hugged her before leaving her. From that evening on her and this boy became inseparable. The girl easily fell in love with her new friend and had always assumed that he would be her true love when they got older. That all changed when she had turned 13 and he suddenly had to move away because of his fathers job. For years she tried to keep in touch and remain friends with him but he would never answer her calls or return them. One night her father attacked her after running her mother off and she couldn't take it anymore. She called her childhood friend in hopes that he would answer for she was running away. This time for some reason he did answer and would come to her rescue. The story would be based off of the two rebuilding their relationship and him opening her to a new way of life where she didn't have to be hurt and abused all the time.

~Teaching Your Master~
This is very vague as there are so many ways to go with this but I would like to develop a story with someone where they have become a Master to a well experienced slave. They however have no idea how to be the dominate one thus leaving the slave to be the teacher.

~Can You Change a Slave Into a Lady?~
The title pretty much gives away the story but I was thinking it might be fun for a man and a woman to meet (how to be determined) He instantly falls for her and after asking her out she agrees. Upon their first meeting though she offers him things he had never before thought of. She was a broken well trained slave, one who would ask how high if was told to jump. This man doesnt want a slave though, he wants a lover.

{Involves adultry, BDSM, perhaps non-con at first}
~The Devil's New Game~
I had this idea with a writing partner who had to leave due to RL issues. I would really like to give this one another go if anyone is interested. Your character: (Could be a demon or not) Would be a dominate male who would get promoted to the lead boss over my character's husbands company. He would take a quick liking to the wife and decide to make her his pet.

My character: For whatever reason my character can not resist yours and even at one point gets bold enough to do things in front of her husband becoming completely and totally the pet of her husbands boss

{Involves more story based than smut, drugs, violence, etc}
~Red Widow~
This idea is from the television show yes. I would like to have an rp where my character would be a woman who's husband ends up getting shot and killed during a random act of violence. Or at least that is what she thinks until it is found out that her husband stole a few million dollars of drugs from one of the most dangerously known criminals in the area.
She is taken to him, in order to attempt to 'settle' her husbands debt and ends up working for him. Details to be discussed further with interested person. This one is rather a long idea I envision, short replies would not work. Also it is more action based than smut or anything like that. Although at some point I do see there being some sexual interactions between my character and the drug lord.

{Involves Romance, past abuse perhaps present abuse at first}
~Broken Woman~
A woman perhaps abused by an ex, a family man whoever has shut everyone out including other people of her family. She has a job and can take care of herself but never imagined being with a man again. Until she met him... With him things seemed to go from bad to good. He was a kind and gentle soul who sort would sort of 'bring her back' to life, showing her that not all men are abusive. That true love can prevail.

Darker side to this story could be the new man seems to be nice and sweet, pulls her in only to become the abusive bastard she had originally thought he would be!
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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2013, 01:32:56 PM »
Completed Stories

Finding An Outlet
{With Bevatoria} Finding An Outlet

A Betrayal Among Friends
{With Camie Calamity} A Betrayal Among Friends

Special Delivery
{With Kuje} Special Delivery

We Will
{With Nemesis} We Will

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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
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Tentatively looking for partners.

Some of these are in the wrong categories but I don't have time to change them around as they are just a basis for some ideas. Send me a message if interested and I can let you know if I myself am interested.

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Re: Adventurous Delight's of Envy {M and/or F characters wanted}
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Bump. Let's see if anyone is interested in discussing an idea or two. I'm always open to discuss something not here as well.