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Author Topic: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))  (Read 4291 times)

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Name: Alexis Rankowski

Age: 21

Looks: Long curly hair that goes a little bit past her back and is normally worn either down with a headband or in a small ponytail. She always wears a headband no matter what the situation. She has gorgeous baby blue eyes and is very tiny in stature. She is only about 5'3 and around 100 lbs. She has always been very tiny.

Alexis had just gotten back to her dorm after a long day of classes. She is currently going to school in Albany, New York. She grew up about an hour away from where she goes to school. She is going to school for education and hopes to become a teacher someday. It was a long day with classes straight from 8am-4:30pm and she has about an hour and a half break until she has to start her job. She works at the local diner in town during the weeks from normally 6pm-12am and on the weekend her hours are normally 11am-6pm. She loves her job but it seems that she hasn't talked to her best friend in like 6 months. She misses him but she realizes he has his own life somewhere.

While she had some free time she figured she would check her email and see if she got any new e-mails but no such luck. Then she checked her twitter acount nothing there either. Then she went onto her myspace but nothing. She never goes on that sight anymore. Of course she went on facebook for awhile. She got a few comments on some photos that she took last weekend as well as 2 friend requests from family and a friend. She changes her away "uhh just finished classes..then working 6-12..then its start all over again..text if u need me :-)"

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Name: Vincent Cook

Age: 22




Beginning Prompt...

Leon had missed his dearest friend, Alexis, and was planning on making a surprise visit to see her. However, as it irked him that surprises meant he couldn't tell her, he had to force himself to just stay calm on more than one occasion. He really did miss her, but he couldn't help but wonder what had become of her life since they were forced to part ways because of schooling and work. He would be happy for her, no matter what, but he'd always felt something special about her, it would kill him if he would never get the chance due to her being with someone else now.

But, alas, he couldn't keep thinking such things and was greeted by the sound of the subway screeching to a stop. Smiling, he remembered talking to her a few months back.. She'd told him about her work and schooling. Using his IPhone, Leon quickly checked her status on Facebook and was pleased to see she'd updated it a few minutes prior. Awesome, I'll surprise her by showing up at her work!

As the subway tram doors open, Leon steps out and begins heading toward Alexis' work. I really hope she still works at that old diner.. If not, I'm not sure where to start looking..

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Alexis looks at the clock on her computer and sees that it is now 5:15 and she thinks to herself Welp I guess it is time to go get ready for work. It normally takes about 15 minutes to get ready and about 20 minutes to get to work. She leaves around 5:30 because she likes to be 10 or 15 minutes early for work. So she goes into her bathroom to get her uniform. The uniform consists of a green and white striped polo shirt and a pair of green capris to match. She grabs her name tag off of her dresser and pins that on to her shirt making sure not to pinch herself. The name tag says "Hello my name is...Alexis" She goes to find her white and green tennis shoes that match her outfit. When she is all dressed she goes to the full length mirror that she has in her room and makes sure that it looks good and it does.

Once she realizes that she is ready she goes over to her aol and sets her away.."Time for money from 6pm-12am..text :-)" She clicks the button "I'm Away" which sets up her away message. She grabs her purse and car keys and heads out to the car to head over to the diner for another shift. She arrives at the dinner around 5:50, just as the dinner rush is starting. She knows it is going to be one long night but she gets right to work greeting and serving her customers mostly the usual a few new ones though.

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[OOC || Sorry about the "Leon" bit, I am so used to that being the psudonym I use.. ^-^' His name is really Vincent. Sowwy.]

Not having a vehicle, Vincent makes his way to the diner via foot. Not that it bothered him, it would allow him to arrive after rush hour, as well as stay in shape. Laughing slightly to himself, he reminisced about the past. The times they used to play together at the playground when they were kids. Prank calling each other in the early teen years. Even playing sports and working at an old "Mom n' Pop Shop" when they were in high school. The old days were good to them, and he enjoyed them.. But this was today, and he could only hope that they could share moments together again someday.

On his way to the diner, Vincent decided to stop by a small hat store. He bought an old cowboy's hat, one that could shield his face with the right tilt and lighting. "This'll be perfect," he muttered. By the time he made it to the diner, rush hour was dying and the moonlight was shining. Checking his phone, the time flashed '8:24 pm'. Taking in a deep breath, Vincent walked into the diner. He sat at the bar, keeping his head a bit cocked, the hat blocking his face for the most part.

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(No worries..No biggie at all!)

The dinner rush has slowed down dramatically. It is about 8:30pm at this point and she sighs realizing that she still has another 3 1/2 hours until her shift is over but she just keeps on working. Two of her customers paid and left so she goes over to the first table and cleans that table off as she grabs the tip. After the first table is cleaned off she proceeds to the second table and does the same thing. She puts all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and comes back into the main room and sees somebody sitting at the counter. She walks up behind the counter with her notepad and a pen in hand ready to take the customers drink order and possibly their food order

"Hello My name is Alexis and today I will be serving you. Today are soups are Chicken Noodle and Minestrone. Our Specials include a grilled cheese with tomatoes and fries and stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes and corn. May I get you a drink while you are looking over your menu?" She asks politely as she waits for their answer.

Offline TheWhiteEmperor

Great! I got Alexis right off the bat! Smiling, Vincent continued to play along with his little charade. He even added a tinge of southern accent to sweeten the deal. "Hm, yeah.. I'd like a Pepsi, and the whole deal with yer mashed taters and corn thingy. Oh, and take it easy on the ice, would ya, Honey?" He managed without really looking up at Alexis.

He could barely see her without moving his head, but he could see the outline of her upper body. Trying not to seem suspicious, he didn't keep his eyes on her for long. Despite his short time of seeing her figure, she was still tiny, but seemed much more filled out than when they were teenagers. He used to always tease her about it, she hated it, but she could never stay mad at him for long. The attire was bland, but he knew she made it look great. Damn, can't see her face.. he thought to himself.

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Alexis wrote down everything that her customer writing, making sure to add that not as much ice should be added. She wrote down the special for him and smiled nicely done at him as she explained to him that she would put his order in and be right out with his Pepsi

"I will put this order in right away and get your drink for you Sir"

She goes to the back of the kitchen and hands the order off to the head cook and she talks to him for a few minutes about school and everything that is going on. The people here are like her family so she feels like she can talk to them about almost anything. They talk about work and mostly school and classes and how different it is being away from him. She talks about her family and her best friend that she misses and hasn't spoken to or seen in months.

She goes to the drink dispenser and fills the cup up with a little less than  1/3 cup of ice and puts Pepsi up to the rim. When the Pepsi has been filled she very carefully grabs the coke and takes it out to the customer and grabs a coaster for him and puts it on the toaster in front of him and hands him a straw.

"Here you go Sir. I put your order in. Can I get you anything else while your waiting?"

Offline TheWhiteEmperor

Great! She bought it! So far so good! Man.. I almost can't contain it.. As he waited, he pondered what his next move might be. He felt the temptation of telling her swelling up inside of him so badly he wanted to choke. Breathing, he pondered his options and waited for her to return. Suddenly, just as she held out a straw it hit him.

"Alexis... You know how much I hate straws," he said softly, smiling as he pushed the brim of the hat upwards. Turning, he met her eyes, a warm smile spreading across his face. "And there is nothing more you could do for me, I have all I could want right here."

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As she begins to hand him the straw and he says Alexis in the sweet soothing way that only Vincent could say it she looks at him in shock and smiles wide as she goes running through the kitchen. Going through the kitchen is the only way to get out into the dining room. She comes running out of the kitchen door and gives him a huge hug that he almost falls off of his chair.

"VINCENT COOK what the hell are you doing here??!!"

She says to him as she pulls away from the hug then she gets a little upset then she hasn't seen him in so long that she hits him up the side of the head just like she used to him when they were little. Some things never change! Then she gives him a look.

"You idiot..Way to stay in touch with me jerk" She says as she gets mad but she can't stand mad for long. He is usually extremely good at getting her out of her bad or irritated mood.

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He laughs as she screams his name, then proceeding to nearly tackle him as she hugs him close to her chest. He too pulls her tightly into the embrace as it lingers for a few moments. When they finally part, she fwaps him and he playfully rubs it. "Oww, that hurts, ya know." He chuckles and smiles at her. "Hey, I missed you."

When she mentioned him not staying in touch with her, he wasn't sure how much he should tell her. Or how much she would believe. "I've been really busy, just like you. Work and schooling have me swamped all the time, but I'm on a vacation for a few weeks.. So, I decided to come and surprise you!" Looking into her eyes, he finally got to see her in full. She was even more beautiful than when they'd first parted ways after high school. Winking at her, he continued. "So, how are you? What've you been up to?"

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #10 on: June 20, 2010, 02:51:33 AM »
"Oh geez you were always such a big baby. I used to do that to you when we were little and you always did the exact same thing. Geez you poor little baby" She laughs as she mocks him. Some things really haven't changed between them. "Well I guess that I missed you too..just a little" She says as she moves her two fingers a little farther apart to symbolize just a little.

"Yeah life has been super busy. I understand it happens. I guess when you grow up you may lose your closest friend. Maybe that is part of growing up" She says to him not really believing it but somehow not wanting to but feeling the need to she is pushing him away. He knows everything about her: what makes her laugh, cry, squirm, smile, giggle, etc. He especially knows what her actions symbolize and what to do about specific ones. She looked him all over noticing how good he looked. She thought to herself he must be working out because he definitely did not have those six-pack abs the last time she saw him. She give him a wry smile.

"I've been good I guess. Um going to school full-time and working here full time on the weekends and part-time during the week. Trying to get some extra dough. But overall that keeps me busy for the moment. I have absolutely no social life..But what is happening with you? I have a break now so dish buddy"

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #11 on: June 20, 2010, 03:23:46 AM »
He laughed at her rendition of him, amused. Despite the fact he knew she was kidding about the missing him a little, it still left a bitter taste in his mouth to hear her say it. She was never very straight-forward.. He sighed. He watched her eyes wander, realizing the she was checking him out. "It doesn't have to be," he blurted in response to her comment on life forcing them apart. Though he wanted to say it and was thinking it, he didn't actually INTEND on saying it, but the words just came out.

"Ahem, sorry.. It seems rough, you know? If you're always working... You deserve a break. A chance to break the monotony, right?" He smiled, trying to perk her up, but then she wanted to know more about his own goings on. "Me? I've just been.." He paused, that was always a bad move. Shit, what do I do..? Can I tell her? Damn.... Sighing, he didn't want to lie to her, but she would probably just laugh at him anyway, thinking it was a joke. "Alexis.. Is there somewhere else we could talk more, maybe after work?"

He flashed that warm smile that she loved so much about him. "Besides, you seem tense.. Wouldn't you enjoy being more relaxed and comfortable talking somewhere else?"

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #12 on: June 20, 2010, 03:55:03 AM »
As he talked and paused Alexis looked at him really weird. Just as he knew her inside and out she also knew him inside and out. She knew that he paused like that when something was wrong or weird or something and also when there was something very important that he needed to tell her. She looked at him kind of worried. Normally the news that accompanies those types of looks are bad news so she gives a scared face as she looks at him intently.

"Well yeah work is rough and so is the school but you know how important education is too me and I have to work here and keep this job for the extra money. I'm broke without it and this job pays good with tips and all. I mean it is stressful and everything but at the end of the day I have money and that makes me happy ya know? Um I don't get off until midnight..That is another.." She looks at her watch "2 hours. You don't wanna wait around for me all day. I got my dorm room but my roommate will probably be sleeping. I'm not sure where else we could go. Is something wrong, V?" V was the nickname that she called him. As far as she knew no one else referred to him as that. She didn't know if he liked it or not but it made her feel special and secure.

"Yeah I'm tense..always am with some of the customers that come in here. But it is life. Um but yeah probably would be comfortable and very much more relaxed if we talked somewhere else"

She sat down on the chair next to him waiting for a response.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #13 on: June 21, 2010, 03:28:54 AM »
He listened to her intently, she knew something was up. Of course she did, she knew everything there was to know about him. Well, damn near everything. But he couldn't hide that one thing from her for much longer, soon he'd be spilling his guts. What he was most worried about, was what her reaction might be. Sighing, he nods and smiles.

"Don't worry, Alex.. It's nothing. I can wait for you," he told her, grabbing her hands in his and gazing deeply into her eyes, "No matter how long."

[Sorry, bleh.. Crappy post. I just couldn't think for that one. Sorry....]

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #14 on: June 21, 2010, 03:38:39 AM »
She smiled as he had told her that he would wait for her. He was always such a good and a really good-hearted guy. She always kind of wondered why he never had a steady girlfriend. As far as she knew he didn't but then again they hadn't seen each other in over 6 months so maybe he did find someone.

"Thanks..I may get off early. I'll go and check on your food. I'll be back okay? Thanks for coming. It means alot to me. Really"

She smiles as she heads off into the kitchen to talk to the head chef. She talks about how Vince is here and she isn't sure why right now. She knows he missed her but she feels like it is something more than that. The head chef tells her to just listen and be a good friend and not to overthink every little thing.

(It is fine..wasn't sure if you were still

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2010, 04:06:27 AM »
[OOC || No, no.. I am! Sorry.. I just haven't been able to think completely straight many a time lately, especially with an RP that I do not excel at, despite having not done it in ages. ^-^']

Vincent smiles and nods, waiting until she was out of view to sigh and lower his head, folding his hands around his face. "Damn," he mumbled. Thinking about it now, he wasn't sure if she was ready to know what he'd been up to for the past two years. Nor would she welcome the idea with open arms, and fall in love with him all at the same time. Damn it Vince.. What've you gotten yourself into this time? he thought, pondering to himself what he could do to keep things going smoothly.

At least I know she always wanted to day a guy like James Bond.. That's what she told me.. When we were younger....

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #16 on: June 21, 2010, 10:42:04 AM »
[Don't apologize..I just wanted to make sure you were still on board..Well you can't really tell that. I love it so far :-) ]

She walks away as she heads over to one of her other customers tables. She takes their drink and food orders and gets their drinks after their orders are put in. After their table is given their drinks, she walks back into the kitchen to check on Vince's order. She talks to the cook and asks him if he made the order like she had asked. He had smiled and nodded. She smiled at him as she talked. "Thanks for changing the order a bit..It means a lot. I want to make this guy out there happy. He is an awesome friend that came to see me so thanks" She told him smiling as she grabbed his order and came out into the dining room.

She placed his dinner on the table directly in front of him. He had ordered the stuffed peppers special which came with mashed potatoes and a dark gravy sauce and some corn on the cob. She had changed the order to make sure that it was exactly as he had liked it. She smiled at him as she sat down across from him.

"I made sure the cook made it exactly how you like it. The gravy is normally really dark and thick but I told him to make sure that the gravy was lighter and thinner. I know that was the way that you like it. I hope you enjoy it." She smiles as she puts her notepad and pen down on the table in front of her.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #17 on: June 22, 2010, 11:28:07 PM »
[OOC || =P That is good to know. I am glad you're enjoying it, as am I.]

Vincent waited patiently, taking his hat off and setting it aside while he thought out his plan for tonight. He found himself lost in thought, eyes wandering about. The diner seemed humble enough, and not too threatening. It was a fine place for her to be working. A nice, hardworking place with nothing out of the ordinary. He smiled, spinning around in the chair at the sound of Alexis' voice.

"Ahh, thank you Alex! You're such a doll.. That's why I love you," he told her, smiling with appreciation. He looked down at his food, not wasting any time as he began to chow down. He wasn't sloppy, nor barbaric, but a certain time away from home, training for his job had not only built up his appetite, but it also called for quick eating. It was second nature to him now, and didn't even realize that his manner of eating was far beyond the normal eating pace. But.. At least he was polite and gentlemanly about it.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #18 on: June 22, 2010, 11:36:36 PM »
[Oh very much so!]

As she put down the plate in front of him she smiled at him as she kind of gave a little chuckle. Not having seen this side of him ever. She couldn't ever remembering him eating this fast. She shrugged. "Geez well I guess somebody is quite hungry." She shakes her head as she grabs a counter and scoots it so she can sit down behind the counter across from him.

She looks at him wondering what kind of news he has to tell her. Truth be told she is a little bit scared about what he has to say. She hasn't seen him in over 6 months she is wondered that something could be horribly wrong. She has all kinds of thoughts that are going through her head about what he might have to say to her.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #19 on: June 23, 2010, 05:32:08 PM »
Vincent was a little embarrassed when she'd mentioned his eating habits and smiled, slowly patting his mouth after he finished. "Sorry Alex, I was, and alot has changed over the years," he laughed, though it really was no laughing matter. Even though he'd been at his business for nearly two years, he'd never came out and told Alexis about it, for fear she would scold him for being such an idiot. He enjoyed his job, nevertheless, an it was suited to him in various ways.

As he looked at Alexis, she seemed disturbed by something. If there was one thing he'd picked up in all his espionage training, it was how to read people, and he was one of the best. She's troubled that my news is going to be bad, he thought, Damn.. If only she were wrong. Smiling, he leaned over and kissed her forehead, like he always did when he told her everything would be alright. "Hey, don't worry. Ok?"

"Hey! Lady! Can we get a refill?" asked one obnoxious man. Vincent would just glare, wishing that he could intervene, but alas, he could not. Sighing, he looked at her apologetically. "I guess you had better go, before you get into trouble," he said, smiling to her reassuringly.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #20 on: June 23, 2010, 06:18:27 PM »
She smiled at him as he ate. Not at all thinking for one moment that it was disgusting just that it was different. She grew up with four brothers after all so she knew the ins and outs with guys. She wasn't that much of a girly girl. All her friends from back home where all boys but Vincent and her were definitely the closest. "No no don't apologize. I know it has and we grow up and its fine" She says as she smiles over at him. Realizing what a good guy he is.

She shrugged as he told her that everything would be okay. "Yes I guess that you right..Somehow it will be okay at least that is what I'm hoping." She smiles at him loving the way he is always able to easily reassure her.

"I'll be right there" She screams across the room as she gets up. She looks down at him smiling. "It is fine..I'll be back in a few. Only.." She looks at her watch "another two hours to go. If you need something let me know but I'll be back soon" She says as she heads into the dining room to check on her tables. Refilling drinks, taking orders, putting orders in, getting food, and whatever else she knew that her customers needed her to do. She sighed in exhaustion.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #21 on: June 23, 2010, 07:14:04 PM »
Vincent just smiled and nodded to her. She was always so kind to him, even if he was teasing her. He couldn't imagine seeing her angry at him, so he wasn't surprised when she'd told him it was ok to eat the way he did. As she acknowledged that he was right about things being fine, she suddenly turned and barked back at the rude male from before. He chuckled, and waved her off. "Go on, go on.. I'll wait for you here, don't sweat it."

As she left, he just sat back and sipped his drink every so often. He couldn't help but think about the rest of the night, but he was honestly more interested in watching her. The way she'd grown up, everything was so different. He used to like her, sure, but now he felt like he needed her. It was an urge that left him feeling vulnerable and that wasn't a good thing in his field of work, nor was it something he let happen either.
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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #22 on: June 23, 2010, 08:10:42 PM »
Alexis went about serving her tables for the next hour and a half. She made sure that everyones orders were correctly given to each individual customer, as well as making sure that each customer was happy with how their order at came out. She was very customer-oriented..just because of how she was brought up. She was very shy but she somehow always managed to be good with people. She glanced over at Vincent every once in awhile and noticed how cute he looked. She always had a crush on him but seeing him today made those feelings come back. She usually did let a guy influence her work but he made her all giddy.

She headed back to the counter around 11:30 since all of her customers were now gone. She had another half an hour until she was able to leave. She sat down next to him and smiled. "They all left so I can take a little break for awhile..only 30 more minutes then I'm outta here" She said joyfully and with much enthusiasm.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #23 on: June 29, 2010, 09:49:40 PM »
Vincent silently watched Alexis as she went to work diligently, only every so often did they both meet eyes and exhange a small smile. Each of them felt a little butterfly or ten swell within them at it, but they never showed it to the other. Everything seemed so perfect and was going very smoothly, despite Vincent's previous doubts. He couldn't help but feel an urge to suddenly scoop her up and plant a kiss on her lips to sweep her off her feet, but never capitalized on that notion.

As time wound down, Alexis visited him again and began to explain the coming situation, "That's good. I can't wait to see you outside of this element," he said. Nodding, he smiled as they exchanged idle conversation until a small ringing could be heard at the door. He turned to see the newcomer, as it seemed to give Alexis an uneasy feeling, or so he noticed. Hm? Who is this guy? Some ex-boyfriend or something? Vincent quietly pondered the options and waited to see what the outcome of this little meeting would be.

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Re: All You Need is Love and a Best Friend ((TheWhiteEmperor and AAA111))
« Reply #24 on: June 29, 2010, 11:40:02 PM »
(I'm gonna try and type something tonight..but I can't make a guarantee. Def try tomorrow. My computers been acting wacky and it will only stay on for 5-10 minutes at a time..I'm trying to get it worked out and fixed..But not positive. Sorry. I'll try posting after this)