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Started by Kakihara, February 22, 2008, 06:40:36 PM

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I've been on and off with games for years and from time to time get bored with the usual adult stories so want to try something different.  Here are three ideas I've come up with.

1.Finding the Way –

The world as we know it has come to an end, many century’s ago.  Famine turned into national aggression until Weapons of Mass Destruction were released, so many souls and energy flowing opened up the connection to long submerged worlds.  Magic flowed through the world along with old gods long forgotten by mankind.  Radiation and magic warped many creatures and soon a new world began to emerge from the remnants of the old.  A young woman was born to one of the new royal families to arise among the many walled cities, glad to have another daughter to marry off as part of an arrainged marriage.  But, she was actually a boy who’s early development was delayed because of a mix of genetics and magic.  Unwilling to allow such a thing to be known, they raised the boy as a girl until he was old enough and sent her to train as a Cleric of one of the new gods, still pretending to be a woman.  Living a chaste, lonely life, she was chosen to go with other members of her order to bring back a sacred relic from another sect.  Attacked by brigands, she thought she was in trouble until a wondering warrior of the new age.

The story would detail the rescue and journey of the cleric and the warrior as they return to civilization and grow closer and closer.  I’m looking for someone to play the shemale priestess.

2. Amaya’s Secret –

Amaya is the daughter of a ranking Yakuza boss in one of the districts of Tokyo who has grown up with expectations of being quiet and shy.  But, after 4 years of college in America, she has realized she wants nothing to do with such a life.  She grew to admire the confident and cocky images of men in the western world, not attacked to them but wanting to be like them.  She even took to wearing a strap on while experimenting in college.  She often wears it and stuffs herself into jeans and cargo pants, feeling her self up.  She craves being a man and woman at the same time and to enjoy having someone else to have to play with as well, someone to suck on her fake appendage and take it deeply as also make love to her deeply as well.  A man to dominate and make him her bitch.  When Ichiro, one of her father’s lower soldiers, moves in next door, she finds the perfect man for her plan.  She wants to make him hers and be able to participate in her father’s world.

The story would follow her domination of Ichiro and their play in the dark underground of Toyko.  I’m willing to play either characters.

3. 3LDK –

A three person story roughly based on some Hentai Manga I’ve seen.  Three strangers, Ami, Saika and Misaki, are all brought together to share a three bedroom apartment in Toyko and share in the cost.  Two of them are shemales, chicks with dicks as they are often are in these comics, and one is a natural woman.

The take would follow the adventures of these three as they get to know each other and begin an unusual sexual romp in private.