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Author Topic: Wanted Roleplays! Come & Get 'Em! (F in Literate M/F; Modern, Historical)  (Read 2490 times)

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Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Current status: Selectively seeking one or two new roleplays!

Brief Information

  • Roleplaying for about 9 years.
  • Plays a female in heterosexual pairings. The gender of my partner does not matter to me, only the character being played.
  • Posts can be quite lengthy, although I try to supply just as much as my partner.
  • While I don't ask for a precise word count, I work best when my partners can supply at least three paragraphs. Feel free to look at my post history to get a feel for my writing style/amount.
  • Currently, my posting rate is rather slow and most of my writing is done Friday-Sunday. I'm coming back from break, so please take note that I'm getting back into the swing of things.
  • Anything else, consult my Ons and Offs or send me a PM.
  • Please PM me instead of replying to this thread. Things are much easier that way.
    • If I do not respond to you within a couple days, don't hesitate to send me another message. Things tend to get lost in my inbox.  :-[

    Current Cravings

    (These are just stray itches that I'd like to have scratched at some point. Yes, I do know that they are all over the place.)

    Characters: Bounty hunter/Assassin; Partners (detectives, urban explorers, etc.); Roman nobility/Gladiator
    Settings: Circles of the affluent & elite; Training facilities or universities
    Themes (Non-sexual): Supernatural elements; Retellings of myth/folklore; Class differences
    Themes (Sexual): Bisexuality, preferably with a male character or even both characters; Light BDSM

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Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Story Ideas - Wanted and On Hold
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2012, 09:10:04 pm »
Story Ideas

*Ideas are listed in the order of what I want to do the most, the first being my largest craving. Nothing is set in stone and I'm always willing to hear different or alternate ideas associated with my plots.  :D

Method in the Madness (Modern) Taken by Napanee

A phone ringing at 3am. Another curse and a groan as she gets out of bed. She doesn't even bother to look at the ID; she knows who it is. Who it always is. It's hard not to wonder who the hell gets into these sort of situations when most of the city is asleep and behaving themselves, but it doesn't stop her from slipping into a pair of jeans and heading out into the night. A woman has become the personal wrangler of one of the city's elite (be it a CEO, a social climber, a celebrity, etc). It's her job to clean up his messes; a personal assistant without the normal hours. Though she doubted a PA had to clean vomit out of an Aston Martin's buttered leather seats or tuck a man worth millions into bed. But it's impossible for someone to do the things she's done and not break after a time, and what'll he do when the woman who keeps his world in order refuses to do it anymore. Willing to talk about changing the roles, though it may take some heavy convincing.

All is Fair (Historical) Taken by Timeless

A Beauty & the Beast retelling. He returned home from the Napoleonic Wars a broken man. At least he had a fortune waiting for him to claim, if he could keep the greedy, conniving cousins at bay. Shutting himself away, he felt the only way to protect himself and his money is to hide away. He didn't want to see the pity in his former friends' eyes or his old lovers turn away in disgust. The only woman who seemed to be able to look him in the eye was the one who came to change his dressings, the one he paid to keep the house in order. This doesn't have to be historical; I'm not committed to the time period.

Old Habits Die Hard (Modern/University setting)

Think the Hatfields and the McCoys, but set in the world of the young and elite. Two privileged families have passed along their hatred to their offspring; two students vying for the same research position. With prestige and a sense of retribution on the line, all is fair, especially in a world where money talks and manipulation comes as easy as breathing.

Laws of Attraction (Modern, though could be adjusted)

She came back to town a year after her old childhood friend gets out of prison. To him, she was always the one he could never have. To her, he was the one that could ruin her. She wanted to get away from the crime-riddled city, but now she’s back. Maybe an illness or some family emergency. She says she isn’t going to stay long, but maybe things get complicated. I’m not sure yet. Perhaps she even has a fiancé in her wholesome suburb, but he knows that isn’t who she is. Soccer mom future. Minivan. 2.5 kids. She’s only fooling herself.

Eclipse (Fantasy)

A witch and a warlock, creators of chaos and destruction on a path of madness. Their reign of terror ends and, as punishment, their memories have been wiped and most of their power stripped. But fate has other things in mind. They encounter each other in the natural world, serendipitous meetings that start to chip at the walls blocking their memories. What happens when they remember who they once were and will they be able to resist the siren’s song of dark, forbidden magic? 

Hard Time (Modern/Crime)

She supposed she should have been scared to step into McConnell Correctional Facility, but prisoners behind bars weren't what kept her up at night, taking solace in her books until her eyesight blurred and she could no longer remain conscious. Part of the educational program, she teaches composition to inmates. The sly comments and uncomfortable stares were all part of the job description, but no one unsettled her quite like the man in the third seat from the back, lefthand side. I should clarify that this is not a non-con sort of story. Rather an RP on class differences, escaping the past, yada yada yada.

Heads Will Roll (Historical/French Revolution)

The revolution has begun in France and two people, their pasts intertwined, will have to table their simmering hurt and regret to make it out of the city alive. He, an aristocrat denied by his first love and in a fruitless, political marriage, must learn to trust the one woman he never wanted to see again, his disgraced, former betrothed and disguised advocate of the rebellion. She can keep him from the guillotine, but the consequences may send her own head tumbling instead.

Sullied (Historical)

He was a bastard, both in station and temperament, but the only heir to the kingdom. The former king, willing to set aside his pride for the sake of lengthening his rule through his own bloodline, appoints the bastard prince as king, quite aware of his son’s lecherous habits and fondness for things in excess; wealth, women, and wine. However, the princess of a neighboring kingdom, a land rising within the ranks of power, has no love for her betrothal to the half-blood debaucher. Haughty and stubborn, her cold elegance hides a boiling hatred that can only erupt into a battle of the sexes.

This Side of Paradise (Historical)
Heavily influenced by F. Scott Fitzgerald's book of the same name, a young woman poses as a man at an Ivy League school in the 1920s. Either out of sheer curiosity - maybe just to see if she can - or something more sinister at play. It's quite possible she has ulterior motives for getting into the "boy's club." I like the thought of her hoping to write an piece of investigative journalism on what she finds. Think Nellie Bly, who had herself committed to an asylum in order to report on the horrible conditions.

All In (Modern/Crime) - Taken by Wisdomcube

Her husband’s gambling addiction had gone too far. Gradually, the bookies had stopped calling, replaced by the occasional surprise visits instead. Blood shed. Bruises blooming. The violence started with her husband, but it didn’t stop there. Her own safety was in jeopardy, threats abounding after the disappearance of her spouse. He either skipped town or was nabbed for a ransom, the collectors directing their attentions to an innocent woman. The only thing she could do was find her husband and turn him over, if he truly was on the run, or cough up the $100,000 herself. The last person she thought would be a pillar of support, the man who seemed to detest her since her wedding day, was her brother-in-law. Thrust together in dangerous situation after dangerous situation, the two come to realize that their hatred bordered awfully close to other, more favorable emotions. I’m up to discussing more of their history. Violence, gunfights, and sexual tension galore! Playing the husband isn’t a necessity, either, as we can easily jump right into the middle of things.

Acclimation (Modern or Historical/Werewolf or Shifters)

They came from the south seeking a haven in the north, safety from the rapid expansion of human civilization. But adapting was more difficult than they thought, forcing them to merge with the northern pack for the sake of survival, a harsh blow to their pride. Ideally, I hope to make it a threesome (two males & a female) of sorts, not necessarily sexual in nature, but something to increase the tension with the third party serving as a character we would both share the responsibility of controlling. It, however, is not a necessity.

The Sleeping Bear (Historical)

Set during the Cold War, a man must play both sides of the conflict in order to ensure the safety of millions. His motivations are yours to choose (an underground uprising, American loyalty, etc.), but his goals are still the same: infiltrate the personal, social circle of the Soviet Union’s military elite. His disguise must be perfect, though he must start small. His ticket in is through the Minister of Defense’s niece, a woman known for her extravagant social life and frequent bed partners; though fiercely loyal and with a conscience as cold as the Siberian tundra, she’s poses a challenge all on her own. Espionage, power struggles, class conflict, betrayal. This is a rather hefty plot, but I think it’ll be worth the effort.

Replica (Scifi/Fantasy)

She looked just like her. Then again, he’d paid a hefty price for her to look perfect, a spitting image of his late wife. Through the wonders of science, a person can recreate a loved one, a replica complete with implanted memories. However, something goes wrong and his new “wife” starts suffering from memory rips and she soon discovers that her entire existence was bought and created for the purpose of someone else. Will she be able to make an identity for herself? And will her “husband” still want her if she does?

On Hold
*Ideas currently set aside. If any of these does interest you, I'm more than willing to come up with something similar.

A Beast Within (Historical/Werewolf)

Photo inspiration  Civil war has broken out amongst the clans in medieval Scotland. Horrific tales are told of warriors in the shape of beasts. Livestock is ravaged on a nightly basis while hunting parties go missing. A young widower discovers a naked and bloodied man on the boundaries of her property, an enemy surrounded by the carcasses of her sheep. Dragging him back to her cottage, she hopes to use him as a means of information to preserve her clan and village, unaware that the monsters whispered in the dark and her captive are one and the same.

A Dangerous Game (Modern/Crime)

Assassins aren’t known for their personable demeanor. But, a certain amount of delicacy is required when a trained killer is asked to be something he’s not, in order to gain access to the private life of a former colleague. It’s unclear or how much his widow knows, though, how does one befriend the wife of the man he killed?

A Godly Affair (Fantasy/Historical)

Dionysus always throws the best parties, though a couple gods find themselves to be a little worse for wear after the festivities have ended. Artemis can barely stand up straight, as the usual reserved huntress falls victim to her loosening inhibitions. Falling into the arms of a rather questionable bedfellow, Artemis isn't sure whether it'll be a night to regret or one that should be celebrated. Ideally, I'd prefer my partner to play a stronger, dominant god (Hades, Ares, etc).

Cold Feet (Modern/Slice of Life)

A bachelorette party in Vegas easily equals a night filled with questionable actions fueled by copious amounts of shots and wads of dollar bills. Waking up, alone, in the backseat of a cab with a steely-eyed driver is not what she had planned, especially not two states away. The scrutinizing driver recollects that she hefted over a large amount of cash, insisting that he keep driving until she told him to stop, leaving the bride-to-be wondering if her sudden case of cold feet was more than just a fluke. After all, drunken words are sober thoughts.

Evangelistic Error (Fantasy/Paranomal)

Through some mix-up, probably due to faulty heavenly paperwork, two souls are sent to their incorrect eternal sentences. An innocent and somewhat naive female is sentenced to work as a demon for the underworld, while a temperamental and dominant male must serve as an angel. How will the demon girl return to her rightful place and what happens when the angelic impost0r refuses her plea?

Into the Wild (Modern or Historical/Wilderness)

As part of her estranged father’s dying wish, a spoiled, upstart of a woman is thrust into the harsh wilderness on the whim of an old man on the verge of senility. A guide is chosen for her, forced into the non-negotiable company of a rugged tracker who has little patience of her antics. I’d like to have some sort of past between the two of them, one that she doesn’t quite remember and that has left him jaded.

Limelight (Modern)

How could he not know who she was? Had he been living under a rock for the past two years? Her face was practically slapped on every magazine in the grocery store. They met at an AA meeting. Hers was court-ordered, a scandal for the Hollywood starlet. She doesn’t know why he attends the meetings. He never says much about himself, but she finds comfort in his silence and in his secrecy. Yes, the standard celebrity/regular person trope. So expect lots of media dodging and clandestine meetings. The male character is a completely blank slate. His reasons for attending AA are yours to think up. I don’t want this to be a story of a character secretly looking to sleep with someone famous, but rather a plot about challenges people face in unconventional relationships. I’m up to reversing the roles (in fact, I’d love to) and I will not be playing a real actress that exists.

Off My Property (Modern)

Real estate attorney, Jules Buchanan, has been placed on the worst assignment in the history of her career. Sent to the wilds in the heart of Montana, she has been instructed to save a man’s ranch, expecting to see some old, backwoods hick who doesn’t know his own ass from a hole in the ground. Instead, she finds a man hellbent on sending her packing the moment her uptight, neurotic leather heels step foot on his property, refusing to need the help of a greedy lawyer.

This can be played a variety of ways. It could be on the lighter side, where he tries to torment her by getting her to clean out stables as a part of getting to know the land or it could be a bit darker, wherein he adapts a more dominant rather than trickster type persona. I’m always willing to reverse the roles as well.

Storm Front (Scifi/Fantasy)

Stormcallers, weather wardens, humans with an affinity for the elements, whatever you want to call them. The government has been using them for years to enact destruction for their own means. Kept in impenetrable facilities, they are little more than prisoners, until a malfunction in the security mainframe results in a breach. This plot has a lot of possibilities. Secret organizations. Government conspiracies.  Super soldiers. Two prisoners on the run.

Stray (Modern/Psychological)

He found her on the bridge in the rain, seconds away from pitching herself into the cold waters. He wasn’t sure what made him stop for her, take her home, feed her, but it was nice to play savior for a change. In his life, he hadn’t been a nice or even a kind man, but there was something about her. Compassion just came easily. A lot of details have been intentionally left vague and I’m willing to switch roles. Ultimately, I envision the story to be about two very broken, damaged people and whether or not they are beyond saving.

Trespassing through Time (Historical/Time Travel)

Scientist, Olivia Reeves, wasn’t expecting to successfully travel through time, but after a late night of after-hours testing in the lab, she wakes up centuries in the past. Cold stone surrounds her as she awakens on the floor of some chilly, foreboding castle. Attempting to escape, Liv is discovered by a couple large men, clad in warm animal pelts and crude leather. Dragged through the halls into a large room, she stands before what can only be described as a massive Viking warlord. Will he be merciful to this intruder or make her submit to his wills? This can be played a variety of ways. It could be mostly comedic due to the differences in their accustomed societies. Maybe it turns into a roleplay regarding dominance and submission or maybe it could be something darker. Why not all three?! I’m open to many interpretations.

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General Pairings & Settings
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2012, 09:34:23 pm »
General Pairings & Settings

What I prefer to play will always be listed on the right. Check marks mean that theme is in play and bolded selections are what I'm craving.

Historical Pairings & Settings
Noble/Court Exile (or vice versa)
Gladiator/Roman Noblewoman
Roman Nobleman/Gladiatrix
Outlaw/Texas Ranger (or vice versa)

French Revolution
Spanish American War
Fascist Italy
IRA Riots
Viking Expansion
19th Century England
Civil War
Kentucky Derby
Cold War - U.S.S.R.
Romani in Eastern Europe/Central Italy
Archaeological Digs/Treasure Hunting themes

Modern Pairings & Settings
Teacher/student (or vice versa)
Bodyguard/Woman (daughter of a politician, employer, mob boss, or royalty)
Ex-convict/Innocent (quiet college student, small business owner, young mother, etc.)
Drug dealer/Addict
Drug dealer/Innocent (quiet college student, small business owner, young mother, etc.)
Client/Escort (or vice versa)

Cartel Wars
Corporate America
Bayous of Louisiana
Vineyards/Wine Country
Clinic/Rehabilitation Center
Hospital or E.R.
Tropical and remote locations (i.e. Caribbean)
Academies/Universities for the privileged
Espionage themes

Fantasy/Sci fi/Paranormal Pairings & Settings
Any manner of pirates/smugglers (sky, space, or water)
Officer/Pirate (or vice versa)

God/Goddess (Any mythology)
Warring shifter clans
Unseelie/Seelie Courts (or vice versa)
Demon/Angel (or vice versa)
Any manner of magic beings (Vampires, Werewolves, Valkyries, Fae, Spirits, etc.)
Villain/Superheroine (or vice versa)

Apocalypse/Dystopian World
Mount Olympus
Nine Worlds (Norse Mythology)
Magical Academies
Superhuman Laboratories
Storybook Settings/Retellings
Space - Terraforming
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Picture Plots
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2012, 09:49:45 pm »
Picture Plots

*A list of current pictures that are begging for a story. I've listed some vague ideas, but PM me should anything get your creative juices flowing.  ;)

(Persephone/Hades retelling. Modern day Grim Reaper or Icarus.)

(Woman with a secret. Newly turned woman seeks mentor in dealing with lycanthropy.)

(Gods/Goddesses turn the earth into their personal battlefield. Scorned witch waging war on a medieval kingdom.)

(Elemental users are paired up. Magical university. Government testing.)

(Post-apocalyptic class warfare. Humanoid alien race takes over major cities.)

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Character Ideas
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2012, 10:20:16 pm »
Character Ideas

*Something new I want to try. This section is mostly for images of men or women that inspire character ideas, but they lack an actual plot. If any happen to inspire something, do let me know.

Witch. Woman of the wilds.

Olympic hopeful. Trainer/trainee.

Medieval/fantasy royalty. Masquerade attendee.

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Offline EllipsisTopic starter

« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2012, 10:22:17 pm »
July 11th: New stories - Method in the Madness; Laws of Attraction; This Side of Paradise
Adjusted cravings in General Settings & Pairings section.
Added Roman nobility/Gladiator to character cravings.
July 4th: New stories - All is Fair; Hard Time
Changed a few cravings around.
Rearranged plot ideas and moved a couple plots to On Hold.
All new pictures plots.
Switched out one character idea.
August 23rd: Did some light housekeeping and wiped some dust off the thread.
Rearranged plot ideas.
Changed some of my cravings.
All new picture plots.
All new character ideas.
October 17th: New stories - Replica; Limelight
Moved one On Hold story to Story Ideas - Heads Will Roll
Completely changed all of my cravings.
All new picture plots.
All new character ideas.
April 7th: Addition to character craving - Con artist.
Addition to theme craving - Bioterrorism; Reincarnation; Synthetic life.
February 12th: Addition to character craving - Modernization of a siren/succubus.
February 8th: Addition to theme craving - Time travel; Magical realism.
January 4th: Addition to character craving - Runaways (Scifi/apocalyptic setting).
Addition to theme craving - Smuggling/Trafficking; Class conflict.
New stories - The Sleeping Bear; Ashes to Ashes; Storm Front.
December 30th: Several changes to current cravings and desired pairings/settings.
New stories - Old Habits Die Hard; A Dangerous Game; Stray.
Stories moved to On Hold - Heads Will Roll; Into the Wild.
New Picture Plot (1).
New Character Idea (1).
October 12th: Addition to character craving - Escort.
Addition to Historical Settings - Archaeological Digs/Treasure Hunting themes.
Addition to Modern Pairings & Settings - Client/Escort (or vice versa); Espionage themes.
Addition to Scifi Settings - Space - Terraforming.
October 10th: Revamping of search thread - Complete.
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Offline EllipsisTopic starter

I am now selectively seeking one or two new roleplays at this time. For a list of updates, see this post. While I am open to any new or interesting ideas, I'd prefer those that are along the lines of my current interests and ideas. 

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Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Added three new stories. For a list of updates, see this post. While I am open to any new or stimulating ideas, I'd prefer those that are along the lines of my current interests and cravings.


Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Added two new stories and changed quite a number of things. For a list of updates, see this post. While I am open to any new or stimulating ideas, I'd prefer those that are along the lines of my current interests and cravings. There is one caveat to that statement; I'm craving a good historical drama, though my ideas don't reflect that. If you'd like to pitch something along those lines, feel free!

Note: My posting frequency is inconsistent and glacial. Please keep that in mind.


Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Shook some of the dust off this thread. No new stories have been added, though some have been bumped to the On Hold section. All new picture and character plots have been added. While I am open to any new or stimulating ideas, I'd prefer those that are along the lines of my current interests and cravings.

Note: I'm returning to E after a three month break, so I'm getting my feet wet again. I will probably only take on one, maybe two, new games.


Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Back after a lengthy break. Two new stories have been added, and some old plots have been moved to the On Hold section. All new picture plots have been added, as well as one new character idea. While I am open to any new or stimulating ideas, I'd prefer those that are along the lines of my current interests and cravings.


Offline EllipsisTopic starter

Plot bunnies kept me up last night and I added three new story ideas! I also adjusted some of my current cravings, and I'm happy to discuss any plots having to do with anything in that section. I should also specify that I'm currently not seeking any extreme or non-con settings, so please keep that in mind if you PM me with any ideas.