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Author Topic: The Incubus [Light-NC, Impreg, Human, Freeform, Seeking F]  (Read 948 times)

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The Incubus [Light-NC, Impreg, Human, Freeform, Seeking F]
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:35:54 am »
The Names of the Victims have been changed to protect their identities.

Unsub: "The Wedding Bells Rapist" AKA "WBR" AKA "The Incubus"

Victimology: The Wedding Bells Rapist exclusively targets married women in their childbearing years, too the point of apologizing and releasing unmolested a potential victim when he discovered that she was in fact the single, identical twin sister of his intended target. Beyond that the Incubus seems to show no preference for race, age, and only a slight bend toward upper social classes.

The Wedding Bells Rapist is believed to have been active since at least February of 2009 and has had 35 official victims, though investigators suspect there's actually been far, far more.

MO: WBR uses physical force to dominate and control his victims for a period of time usually between one to several hours though longer have been reported. The Wedding Bells Rapist picked up his "Incubus" moniker from the mask he uses to conceal his identity, a red mask with a simple devil design. The WBR also frequently wears a collection of women's wedding bands on a chain around his neck, claiming to be from previous victims. During this time the victim will be transported to somewhere with an expectation of privacy if not at such a place already, the WBR has been known to break into the homes of his victims while their husbands are away for longer trips for example.

During this time the victim will be subjected to repeated and extensive sexual abuse, always including at least one full round of vaginal rape with semen deposited within the victim. WBR seems to be under the delusion that the sexual assaults he forces upon his victims are the best sexual encounters of their lives and he often forces his victims to verbally state as such. WBR is believed to only use a condom during any attempts at anal sexual assault which is relatively rare. Attacks usually end with the WBR stealing a piece of jewelry from his victim, usually the wedding ring. He claims to wear these rings on a chain around his neck to future victims, which if that's the case there's been a lot more then even the official 35 victims.

The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

Victim Desgination: "Allison"
Short Description of Attack: Allison alleges that she was walking home from a library when a large man fitting the WBR's description grabbed her, pulled her into an alley, broke into an abandoned warehouse, then told her that if she took her clothes off willingly he'd just take a few pictures of her naked body then let her go. She complied, but instead of letting her go he overpowered her again, raped her vaginally, then sodomized her. Victim claims that he used a condom for the anal penetration, which matches the results of the exam and semen tests. Victim then claims that he took her wedding ring, tied her hands behind her back, then fled the scene.

Victim Designation: "Belle"
Short Description of Attack: Belle claims that she was home alone while her husband was at his brother's house when the initial attack occured, confessing to some marital strife with her husband at the time and that due to her status in her neighborhood she often leaves the back door unlocked. She alleges that a man fitting the WBR's description entered through the backdoor and held her captive in her own home for several hours. During which time the WBR made her perform tasks for him like preparing him food, making her help him access her husband's safe where he stole several thousand dollars, made her verbally thank her for how she was being treated, and made her take a bath with him. During this time period he also vaginally raped her to his completion three times. Tests and exams were not performed as Belle didn't report the attack until she discovered that the Incubus had also impregnated her, 5 weeks after the attack.

The media have taken to calling him 'The Incubus' because he hides his face from his victims using a full devil mask. Described as tall and powerfully built, he tends to simply overpower his victims from sheer strength- but will become more forceful if they fight back. The article does mention that the police are sharing a common link between all of the victims. All of the victims are married, or at least were at the time of the attack.

Victim Designation: "Carla"
Short Description of Attack: Carla claims that a man fitting the WBR's description ambused her while she was out for an evening jog in a public park. The Incubus then drug her into the brush away from the jogging trails, tied her too a tree, then vaginally raped her twice. Tests confirmed the presence of semen in her vagina and in her pubic hair. Carla then admitted to investigators that she believes part of the reason her attacker was successful was that she was distracted. A friend of hers, designated "Darlene", had confessed to her that she herself had been kidnapped and raped in the back of Van by a man with a similar description to Carla's rapist only a week before. While Darlene refuses to officially come forward or press charges, both women have stated a belief that they were raped by the same man.

Victim Designation: "Elaine"
Short Description of Attack: Elaine, the owner of a small business, claims that as she was closing up for the night a man fitting the WBR description came into her store claiming to be there to rob her safe. She led him to her upstairs office thinking if she complied he'd leave her unharmed. There however he confessed to having no actual desire to rob her but Elaine claims he offered a deal, if she successfully pleasured him orally in a certain timeframe he'd leave immediately. By her own admission she failed this however, and over the next several hours the Incubus vaginally raped her three times.

It not that you don't feel any empathy for the victims, but you can't help but feel a little wet as you think of this along with your hubby's medical test results. . .

Quote from: Info
It's almost hard to believe that this is still going, but here we are.

The Story is pretty straightforward - Married women with sterile husbands are being targetted by a very virile Serial Rapist, nicknamed The Incubus for his use of a mask with a simple devil-themed design to hide his identity. Looking for volunteers to play more victims.

Currently considering a little something to celebrate how long this has lasted. To add a bit of mystery the new part of the story is that as far as investigators can tell the Incubus last committed a rape at the end of June in 2010, then he stopped under mysterious circumstances, but has committed another rape on Independence Day of 2016. The reason for the six year gap in the reported rapes is completely unknown; and could be anything from he went to prison for something else to he just hit a hot streak where nobody reported their attacks.

This is a Light-to-Mid NC series with no supernatural elements, also known as the "NO NO NO YES YES YES" school of NC RPs. The Incubus isn't actually a demon, though several characters believe he might be, and he will probably not fall in love with your character but he will believe that his sexual assaults are the best sex of your character's life. And he might be right. If you've played a victim previously, you're welcome to step back up again. >:)

Let me know if you have any thoughts/questions/interest!
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