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Author Topic: Trinket Returns to her Treasure Trove  (Read 980 times)

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Trinket Returns to her Treasure Trove
« on: December 23, 2009, 02:57:43 AM »
Basic Ideas

Gladiator / Vestal Virgin
Vampire / Human Reincarnation of Lover
Princess / Bodyguard
Prince / Bodyguard
Werewolf / Human
Guardian / Ward
Reluctant Bride / Groom

Thought out Plots I am open to negotiations, be it plot, character type/race, and tags, etc.

An Accidental Stowaway [NC or EX]

She had not intended to stowaway, especially not on the ship that belonged to her ex-fiance, a man who believed her to be nothing more than a harlot due to rumors which had been whispered all over the small port town. She hadn't even known it was his ship, only that she had to escape the lies that were being bandied about by not just strangers, but the very ladies she had believed to have been her friends. Why they had started the untrue, hurtful and destructive rumors she didn't know. Not only that, her horrible uncle had returned and seemed bent on punishing her for what he believed her and the sins of her parents were. With the mark of the whip upon her back she had flown during one of her uncles stupors, hiding in one of the ships crates. Although she had coin for passage left by her aristocratic parents, she doubted the owner would allow a woman alone passage on the ship, never dreaming it was the ship of a pirate. The Captain soon learns that he has a stowaway and must think of what to do with this intrusion, especially when he finds out it is the woman he had once loved and wished to marry who had bitterly betrayed him, or so he believed.

Freak Out and Escape [VAN]

Plot (Comatose Patient x Otherworldly Being)
It had been a terrible accident, no one believed he’d ever pull out of it like so many other lost patients and yet his brain was functioning so he wasn’t brain-dead. However as the days turned into weeks there became quite a bit of abnormal activity. That was perhaps because there was a reason some people, even ones that had all functions and did not really need to be on life support after the initial first few days or weeks never come out of their Coma.

What is even more odd and they fear it this time due to the pattern of brainwaves that the doctors have been monitoring is that their Comatose patient might completely disappear his body never again to be found. Then there are more sinister beings that want to harness the powers they think they can get through whatever it is that these patients get to go, even if that means killing them. It has happened before and a certain pair are most suspected of trying this with more than just one of their previous patients. Yet the Comatose person is defenseless in this case unless they completely disappear from that world, Earth.

Dreams can so easily turn to a Nightmare with just one small nudge or suggestion, the mind jumping from place to place during the hours one sleeps, especially if comatose. Such dreams and nightmares can lead to other worlds which have never been heard before save by others who were in Comas if they remember or those that now live there.

For some reason, a group of people of that other world have been kidnapping those who have ended up in a comatose state, which is one reason why they disappear or at least never leave that stage. However there are a few who have been compelled by something to remain comatose and disappear physically from the world where they’d been born. The reason they are taken may never be known save by the kidnappers and their captives.

One has to wonder though if it’s a need for help that these other worldly beings kidnap those in their comatose dreams and/or nightmares or if its something far more sinister. One man is about to find out the mystery, because of the accident that placed him into that coma and there is something, someone calling him, almost as though they were waiting for him. A life, more than likely more than one life is about to be changed and whether or not it’s for the better or worse may depend on events and which paths he chooses as well as which people he befriends… any deeper relationships he may make.

Guilty Secret [VAN and/or NC]

There was a book forbidden to the eyes of mortals and the touch of their hands. Repercussions were put in place should any dare to ever delve into the secrets, the mysteries, the truths found within that book filled with all sorts of evils and heinous deeds.

It is the Book of Hell which tells all about that fiendish place, its Rulers and how to become one of its higher ranking demons or to even overthrow the current Ruler of all Hell. Not even lower ranking demons feel worthy of touching that very book. Not many are discontent with their long-lasting ruler Lucifer. Reading the book isn’t always a good sign that a mortal is aligned toward good, some are compelled by evil rather than out of simple curiosity to get their hands and their eyes on such a book.

Has it not been said over and over again that curiosity killed the cat? No doubt many who have read the book have ended up dead for one reason or another, unfortunately for them they do not have the nine lives that cats seem to have. This book does however enable one to find their way into hell without dying, or how to summon the Devil himself or any one of a number of his underlings. Some find great fun in doing so, while others probably bite off far more than they can possibly chew.

The Guilty Secret that some might have is simply having read the book, but will not say so to someone, and when the book is read their fate is sealed unless they tell at least a Priest who may be able to save them from their foolishness. Soon however demons of hell would be on their trail, but they may not have been the only one to have read the book and so must find those who may have also been affected in order to work together and send the demons back to hell, only to have this ally turn on them and claim them as their own, for what… only that person knows. Maybe that persons intention are demonic who might wish to take over hell even though at first they were keen on rescuing themselves and their ally…after all with thought of what they had read and in the company of a person for a long period of time… minds can change and adapt. Maybe, just maybe the betrayer was of demon origin all along…

How Cold Thy Heart [NC or EX]

She was not called the Ice Princess for nothing. She who was descended of ancient Princesses and daughter of a wealthy bureaucrat, a woman who never smiled and who remained frigid. It was a wonder how any man could come to love her, but one man did. Yet she had broken his heart four years ago when she declined his offer of marriage, even he with his french blood could not melt her. However he has returned, determined to melt her heart of ice, determined to be avenged by blackmailing her into marriage as her family had fallen into dire straights and her mother was in need of a life saving surgery. Would he be able to melt her heart, to put fire into her veins where ice had formed and turn the Ice Princess into his own Fiery Queen, or was he doomed to fail from the onset?

I'm Not Suited for This [VAN and/or BON]

They had been friends for a long time, best friends in her mind. She did not wish to lose their friendship, but he had to go to war and had returned so much colder and looking so much older than he was upon his return from the ravages of war and the carnage he had no doubt witnessed. She had kept correspondence with him, but it had not always gotten to him, but when it did he usually wrote back, but less and less so as time had dragged on.

He had been a soldier of a long-lived one hundred year war for the past six when finally, finally it was over. However it had not ceased until it was far to late to turn his thoughts away from the brutality of war and the men turned savage killers to ever feel or be quite the same again. He had watched comrades fall and others kill without remorse. He had even seen some men go mad and start firing at their own comrades, they either had to be killed or if they had calmed down sent away to be court marshaled or if not then placed in a mental institution.

What was worse, was that his fiance had abandoned him. He had received two letters from her. One six years ago a few months into the fighting and not again until three years ago when she had finally answered one of the several letters he had sent her, saying that she was married with a baby on the way. That had cut him to the quick and had then begun to slowly withdraw in on himself, more and more so as the savagery of war had gotten to him.

Then, then to make everything worse he had made a fatal error, moving into an unknown open terrain due to his morose thoughts and had been fired at costing him the use of his legs. The doctors who examined him believed there was still a chance of him someday walking again, believing part of it was psychological more than physical that he was unable to do so or feel his lower limbs. However he would not believe them, drawing into himself so much that he became embittered, angry with the world and unkind to anyone who tried to get close or help him. Yet another woman he had met had also abandoned him after learning of the news, a woman who he had thought could heal his shattered heart, which made him leery of females and their relationships. Not only that, without the use of his legs what good was he and he had heard it from the woman he had thought cared for him even if he did not love her, though given time maybe things would have been different he wasn’t entirely certain.

His long time shy friend, a female that he even had begun to distrust though without warrant, was not about to be shy when it came to his future. She wanted to see him walking again if that was what would make him happy. She didn’t care if he would never walk again, he was her best friend and when he hurt she hurt too. She did not believe that just because a man could not walk that he was useless or weak, but of course he’d have to go and make things more difficult trying in any way he could to frighten her off. However she is not so easily shooed away like an irritating fly or frightened cat. This could of course continue to complicate things being so close to each other so often and his irritation could make him do any number of things, especially while trying to frighten her away from him.

Jungle Survior [EX]

She had been wrongly accused, implicated as the other woman in a divorce and as a person smuggling drugs. There was no proof of any of that, and she'd never once slept with that man, or anyone else for that matter. Nor was she smuggling drugs, that evidence had been planted on her, luckily the judge and jury came to the conclusion that she was not a smuggler. However the damage had already been done by the media. That was the reason she decided to disappear overnight, but the storm that had struck her down caused her to crash into the jungle. It was fortunate that she got far enough away from her airplane before it ignited into flames, which didn't get to far as the heavens poured heavily down.

She thought perhaps, that they might believe her to be dead should they find the plane, as she was not about to stay. Still the jungle at night was a frightening place, taking the flashlight out of her utility belt she searched for some sort of shelter. About a mile away, thanking the stars in heaven that she hadn't run into any predators she came across an old building that she entered. In the corner was a mattress, which she lifted and shook out and turned over to sleep on. It wasn't the best, but it was better than nothing. She wondered if she would ever be happy again, as she looked at the old black and white photographs on an old cobweb infested end table. She was just glad that she had her utility belt with her jungle survival gear and the backpack with food and a blanket in it.

She had no way of knowing that some strange supernatural creature took residence there, and would not likely take kindly to her invasion. Then again, perhaps that being might take a liking to her and wish to...

Lurking in the Attic [UN]

There's something strange going on in the Attic of the house that had belonged to her grandmother and her grandmothers own great-grandfather. It's been like that ever since her mother had bought a portrait of some man that reportedly disappeared over five thousand years ago over in Europe. She's not sure whats going on, but the house now belongs to her as it passes down from grandparent to grandchild and now she's trying to live there. Still shes worried about what might be in the attic. She doesn't believe it has anything to do with the portrait or the ghosts that might have come with it. Her reasoning is that some bat or rodent family somehow made a nest in the attic, but what will happen when she goes to investigate it?

Mannequin's Curse [UN]

There was once a sickly man with a talent for sculpting, but although he had riches, he had little else, for humans and other creatures did they exist were often cruel to those with ailments, especially rich ones. He had made his fortune though through hard work even if some people did not believe sculpting to be hard work. Due to his disfigurement he longed for a perfect body and so sculpted one of how he wished to look, but knowing that he never could, having grown bitter over the years, especially as his hands began to go making it impossible to continue his work he cursed the mannequin.

The curse was that the mannequin would be able to hear and see things, to feel the touch of others, to feel emotions deeper than most humans, to smell the scent, but unable move or speak. This curse the Mannequin heard and it brought him partially to life. It has been three hundred years since that time, but although the Mannequin remains a beautiful piece of work often repainted to remain so, he is still not fully alive. The one who created him had suffered physical ailments, but at least he'd been able to move and speak and not being made of what he'd been made of had been allowed to die. A cruel fate, to be brought only partially to life and be admired and yet never truly known.

There is one person left, who may be able to bring the Mannequin fully to life, for the sickly man never knew that his first brush with love had brought into the world a daughter and generations later there was still a trace of that talent left, though those between her ancestor who'd created the Mannequin and her had not had the sculpting talent. Soon she and the Mannequin were about to be acquainted as she had been given him as a gift by the man trying to court her. What will happen when the Mannequin comes fully to life?

North Pole Folly [VAN and/or BON]

Where it is believed magic runs high, there are many non-believers in the world. One of them is a descendant of a man named Scrooge, although not of Ebeneezer himself, but of a cousin of his that he had not known. Where there had been those saved, there had remained those who were still lost and yet somehow managed to obtain a family. Santa seeing this person on the highest portion of the naughty list so consistently decided to send instead of the three spirits, his own granddaughter who had a bit of the snow fairy in her from her mothers side of the family tree. However his wife had the same idea and brought the young man to the North Pole for their granddaughter to take care of during his stay, because only once he learned the spirit of Christmas and kept it in his heart would he be able to return home. What will happen when a young Scrooge meets a Snow Fairy, granddaughter of Santa Claus?

Overzealous Plot

She was out for revenge against the man who had killed her father. A man who had only done so in self-defense when he'd been just a young man about to start his life. He could share with none the horrors that, that man had put him through during his service to him when he'd had to take his fathers place in order to pay the taxes that they'd been unable to afford when his father had fallen ill. In order to keep his mother out of prison and his sisters from being sold in order to make up for the money he had agreed to work for the man, but the man had darker more sinister plans in mind. Plans which he did not wish to discuss with anyone, never revealing to anyone the reason he had killed the man. Which was why he had run to another country starting over with an assumed name. Little did he know that the man had had any children, least of all a young daughter whom had adored him, who knew nothing of his activities.

A woman that while prepared to kill him, also was in some ways her fathers daughter. She planned to take him as a slave, though she'd never before had one, preparing for the last ten years for the day she'd find him and bring him to heel. She who was relentless in her search and desire for her revenge against the man who had deprived her of her father and her mother whom she believed had died of a broken heart not long after.

Penthelisea's Abode

Centuries ago during the Trojan war, Penthelisea, an Amazon Queen went into battle, only to lose her life by Achilles actions. As she died their eyes had met and the two fell hopelessly in love. The fates however decided in a moment of unusual kindness to give the pair a second chance. The two were born again sometime later, but unless they found one another in that lifetime they were doomed to be forever unhappy in the hereafter, separated for all of time. However both have strong personalities. Penthelisea is distrusting of men, and Achilles is one of the biggest playboys out there. Will the two find one another in time, but even if they do, how will these personalities react to one another and what will become of them?

Question’s Without Answers

It had been three long years since they had been near one another, although they had never actually seen one another’s face. They had been wearing masks and she had not wished to relinquish her right and so they had kissed instead. Despite not having seen his face she had been able to see his eyes, they were almost hypnotic and she had to wonder if he were human at all.

At the last-minute of the Ball she escaped from his side, for fear of what could happen between them, unprepared for the situation. She’d only been seventeen back then and a bit guy-shy due to her elder sisters own tragic experiences which always made it difficult for her to get close to anyone, even friendship was a hard sell.

Now however she’s been forced to attend a new Masquerade Ball, a requirement of the will her father left behind six months ago and not to follow it would be to lose her home and the money which enabled her mother to live in comfort who was still in shock from her husband’s death despite the months that had passed. For her mothers welfare she would do anything, for she is the last member of her family left.

What she does not realize, that he too is at the ball, nor that he had coerced her father back then to add that addendum to his will, knowing of his health and financial problems. He wanted to take care of his fathers friends interests and family, what he does not know is that she is also the woman whom he had felt a bond with on that day three years prior. He had however resolved not to worry about her and that bond, because he felt a duty toward his father’s friend and family.

Soon they would meet at the Masquerade Ball, neither knowing who the other was…but over the course of time he had perhaps developed darker tastes, though never quite forgetting the woman who had intrigued him, a woman no one had been able to measure up to in all the time since their first meeting...

Rainbow's End

The Leprechaun had grown bored with his lot in life, protecting his pot of gold, which wasn't much in comparison to the gold kept by others more greedy than he. What was worse was that he was the last of his kind and the only way to make more of his kind was to have offspring. Even that thought seemed rather dull to him. Now, at the end of the rainbow, instead of granting wishes if anyone dares to take a single coin of his he'd kill them. So far though only men had shown up, but a woman, unaware that there truly was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was about to run into him. Instead of killing her though, many fiendish ideas run through his head. With his magic and the many things he had learned from his previous captives before they had met their demise there is much he wishes to do, but if the first female does not please him, he's not sure what he will do, but he aims to have his pleasure at whatever expense before starting a family so that he no longer has to be the only one guarding the treasures of the leprechaun at every single rainbow... although with more than one rainbow who knows if there might be more than one female to answer to his every whim.

Together at Last [M/M]

They had been the best of friends since they had met at a birthday party for the little sister of the seme character. However as the uke character grew he began to have strange feelings for his friend that he just did not understand, not knowing the feelings were returned in kind, but better understood. When the seme graduated from high school he gave the uke a kiss before going off to college not to be heard from again for eight long years during his studies as a surgical doctor. Now he's returned to the town where they had both grown up, but the feelings haven't changed even if one or both have gone out to gain experience. Will the two be together at last or will other people try to come between them?

Under the Full Moon

He had been bitten, and now with the mark of the Lupine he has had to alter forever the way he lives his life. The uncontrollable urge of those who have recently been turned, but not grown up as a Lupine has caused many problems in any town he dared to enter. Luckily so far no lives other than that of livestock had been lost. And as mating season approached, a different and altogether uncontrollable urge has him in his grasp. Will he cause another to change their life forever, or will he find a Lupine who might be able to help him in more ways than one?

Virtual Kingdom

A new game came out, which literaly sucks the players into the game, not just their mind, but their entire body. The only way to get out alive is to defeat the game, without losing their lives. Can a pair who has hated each other since gradeschool, now going to the same college forget their differences and work together toward the goal of being set free... and maybe along the way form a bond as they work in close proximity, though they no doubt try to fight whatever might be developing between them due to their situation?

Where the Heart Is

It had been five years since he had seen his wife, five years since he had been with any woman. Not because he'd been convicted of any crime, but because he'd been held prisoner by a sadistic man, who taunted him with the picture he'd had of his wife. He prayed what the man had suggested had never come to pass, but soon, soon he would see the wife he'd never stopped loving, the home where he had left his heart at. Whatever will he do when he finds another man has taken up residence in his home... not bothering perhaps to ask for any explanations as his captor placed to many ideas into his head perhaps to even think straight at all.

Xanthophyll Pixie

A mischievous little pixie of autumn (with the ability to morph to the size of a small-medium human) has wandered from her group to explore an unusual dark and creepy, fog covered forest on her own. Being one who likes to play tricks on anyone she can find, she may have come up against a being that wont take at all kindly to her mischevious ways.

Yearning for Adventure [M/M]

He yearned for the adventure of the last frontier, outer space. They said that what had been shown on television was not reality, but with his scientific know-how and high IQ he's ready to show them that they were wrong. He might be a bit of a nerd, but beneath the horrific clothing, glasses and unkempt looking hair there are those who would find him attractive.

Now as he's about to embark on his journey, having perfected his spacecraft an old gypsy woman at a festival told him that if he were to continue his venture he might end up with more than he bargained for in the form of an alien (with a humanoid appearance). He doesn't believe in such nonsense, but he's very soon to find out that he's quite wrong and the gypsy was quite right.

Zkar Island

On the island of Zkar is a lonely man, who was left there when he was only six, to be raised by the wolves that lived there. While used to eating raw meat, he's tasted all the fruits the island has to offer and often prefers them over the kill of the pack. He does not really recall humans, male or female. Yet now, twenty years later he longs for something, but he's not sure what, and he long ago lost all grip on civilization, though having been an intelligent six year old does retain some small language and mathematical skills. Now however, the island has been discovered by a traveling wildlife biologist during her vacation on her boat during a storm that placed a hole into the bottom as it crashed ashore.

Blissom Indugence

He craved a wench fiercely, for it had been many a moon since last he had tasted of such sweet lips and the arousing screams of a woman's fear. While he could be gentle, he often was not, somehow always leading to the loss of his favorite playthings. Somehow he had to lure an unsuspecting female into his lair, where he kept all of his toys he so enjoyed with his play-mates. He desired a more innocent fare, for whatever reason.

Call of a Lonely Soul [Van, Bon or NC] [M/F]

His mother had told him countless times that the Earth had gone through a crisis, that there had been a war that had no doubt wiped out a vast majority of people and in the years to follow had more than likely killed the remained who came out to soon. Not everyone had believed it was going to happen, very few had a protective underground shelter with reinforced steel. She didn't think anyone had the foresight to think ahead and get a couple of chickens and roosters, along with a couple of pigs and soil and seeds to grow a vegetable garden with several plant lights in storage. She had thought of so much since she was pregnant at the time, only a week before having given birth to him, though his father had gone off to war a soldier after helping his mother and the company who built the shelters build theirs to their own specifications even though it cost them their life savings.

Believing himself to be the last survivor of the Earth from what his mother had told him, he emerged from his underground dwelling several years having been raised there by his mother alone, who had when he was on the verge of manhood caught some virus that stole away her life. Even as he emerged from the place that had been his home since he was just an infant, he saw nothing for miles and miles save for vines, trees, flowers and other various plant life. He also saw animals which he'd only ever read about and seen in the few books they had and on the VCR from the videos and DVDs his parents had accumulated.

It was then he truly believed that what his mother had said was true, although he felt sad that the war had ended 98-99% of human life as more than one thing was sent and had occurred, but there had still been a few with the foresight to take shelter, but still even some of them were not prepared enough to survive the time out of their lives as his mother had been. He felt alone, depressed. He found an old town covered by vegetation, but there were old stores and old food, smells that did not bare thinking about. Magazines and books that aroused him, but he had no outlet and his mother had not told him about these things.

There was however a young daughter of one young couple who had been born a few years after they had taken shelter, her parents would not come out of their safe haven, however she did explore finally one day outside the home. She had emerged, only because their supplies were finally running low in so far as the light with which to grow their plants and the vitamins they had taken in place of meat. She was a vegetarian although they had had a few goats and chicken and rooster for milk and eggs, but that was all. Yet she found no lights and told her parents so, they still would not leave, but she did tell them that there were plants and animals nearby that they wouldn't have to move to far away from their hole. However as she had grown she felt she was more and more confined and cramped. She made a decision to explore further despite her parents protests.

Soon these two would meet, as she traveled miles from her own home living off the land.

Dangerous Union [Van, Bon or NC] [M/F, has potential to be a group roleplay too]

 As she was the daughter of Lord and Lady Renwick it is her duty to wed the man she was promised to, one of their neighbors son. She was all set to marry him, for she thought her simple infatuation to be love for she had grown up with him, but did not know of his true nature. He was not interested in women, but needed to wed so that no one could guess his dark secret and also to gain the land and money that would come with her since his own was dwindling fast.

However as she is about to embark on her new life, a knight from an enemy camp has set his sights upon her. Although she wars with herself against her attraction to him, because of the animosity between their two people. Yet she cannot seem to get him off her mind and begins to dread her wedding ahead which is just two weeks away and the closer it draws the more she dreads that day.

In her heart she thinks, if only that Knight would whisk her away, but she has never given him any indication of her true feelings or true desires instead having made it known to him that she wants nothing to do with him as he is of the enemy camp. Although in her heart this is not true, if the two were to come together it might turn into something far more dangerous and could set both their people after them for treason.

One of them would have to choose a side, though neither is willing to relinquish their ties to their people, in the end one will have to choose or both will need to lose.

Evening of Misfortune

It was a horrific evening, finding her brother at the gambling tables having just lost everything to the man she thought of as a creep with all the advances he'd tried to make toward her. Her brother had even bet away their home and life savings, including that which was to be her trousseau when she finally agreed to wed one of her eager swains. However there was one thing that hadn't yet been bet, and she was a better card player than her brother, though she'd only ever played for fun and not for money. Their grandfather the Ace of Spades had taught them both, but her brother did not have the sense that good God had given her and their grandpapa who'd left their world three years ago for the great blue yonder. Now in order to try and win everything back she's taken up a bet... if she wins she gets everything her brother lost back... and if he wins, he gets her, and with each 'payment' a little portion of what her brother lost will be given back to him... until he tires of her... but perhaps he never will... but it all depends on who wins the game.

Forget-Me-Not [Van or Bon] [M/F]

They had grown up next door to one another, he on a large cattle ranch and she on a small farm, growing corn, tomato and wheat for the local market. Both of them had dreamed of a better life, neither wanting to be bogged down by the tiny town although their siblings seemed content enough, but they had tried the big cities and found them lacking. No matter how much people tried to talk them out of it they wanted to do something else with their lives.

He had been her first love and her only love, because she could not bring herself to go farther than light fondling with others. None of her relationships lasted, but then she wasn't in love with them and had not gotten over her first. Her first love, her neighbor had crossed the sea to find his adventure and whatever else it was he was looking for. He had wanted her to go with him, but somehow she realized they were to young and both had unfinished business.

She realized he had been disappointed, but she had tried to make him see reason and had promised that she would always be there for him when he returned, they would keep in contact by letters so neither of them would hear the others voice and yearn more for what they had not allowed to happen. They had to do what they both felt in their hearts they must, to see the world as they wished to and for her as he was seven years her senior and had already gone to college. She too wanted to have that chance, but she promised when she was finished and if he came and found her she would be his forever.

He gave her a promise ring and she gave him a metallic bracelet with her name carved into the inside. Ever since then she'd been far to busy for dating, although she managed to do so a few times out of sheer loneliness, but mostly it was out only on a casual evening with friends. In that time she finished college and graduated with a major in Criminal Justice and had made her way up quickly to being a Homicide Detective.

It had then been eight years since they had seen one another, and she did not know what he was doing there at the scene of a crime, how he was involved. Was he the culprit or truly the innocent spectator he would lead her to believe, after all in eight years a person she knew could change. This would create tensions between him, but he had changed in some ways, she didn't know how or why. However she had never taken off the promise ring and though he did not wear the bracelet he still had it, but somewhere no one could see it unless he showed it to them.

However her suspicions are somehow written off as the killer strikes again, leaving a picture this time with a knife through the center. It clearly stated she believed in that way of who the next target was to be. Him. She would do all in her power to protect him, even if he became annoyed, though he would not and perhaps could not reveal what occupation he then held.

The serial killer however manages to make it look as though those two are criminals, perhaps he's some high powered occupation that allows for this. That's when the two are put on the run, but that doesn't keep them from indulging in all sorts of fun.

Guardian of the Realm

 He had been chosen by the stars to guard the Realm of the Dragon's, given immortality and continual youth. However one day one of the Dragon's finally come to the portal to enter the Realm fell at his feet, transformed into a female with long semi-curly hair, to exhausted to move. It had been so long since he'd had any company he didn't want to let her go...

Hades Wish

The daughter of Demeter was out collecting flowers for their dinner table, along with a basket of berries for the pie she planned to make. This is when Hades, on his way to collect the souls of those whom had died at sea nearby spotted her, knew he had to have her, even if that meant kidnapping her and forcing her to be his bride... of course this would cause all kinds of problems. He wanted Persephone's' love, but love was not something he knew little of. Not only that his own desires might cause fear in the one he has come to care for most, but he cannot and will not change.

In Your Dreams

Two souls before their physical birth took place promised one another that they would be together in life as they had been in the heavens, it didn't matter to them whether or not it was as opposite or the same gender... because their souls would return home again someday. She watched as he left, they were not allowed to go together. There was just one problem... He was born during the Middle ages and she was born a thousand years afterward. Some mistake had been made, and in order to correct it when she was born and had grown through twenty-three years, during her time at university reading an article on a man from the middle ages she would, literally be drawn into that period where her soul mate had been sent long before her. At first she thought it nothing more than a dream, but soon enough no doubt would be convinced.

Just This Once

The neko-boy servant had been in the service of Lord Vandelu for several years before his death, in fact he was treated more and more like a son to Lord Vandelu. However in their society neko's were there for servitude. Just before the official adoption papers could be signed he was given to a daughter (or son) of Lord Vandelu whom had been living with her mother and grandfather alone since she was five when her mother had left her father. This person said Just This Once, I will show you love and then never again. Although will the neko-boy crave that love again once he is again treated nothing more than a servant?

Klondike Expedition

She was a wildlife biologist and conservationist interested in the protection of the Klondike's creatures. She'd been married once and her job had come between them, as she was almost never home, to absorbed in her work. So much so that her husband had turned to another woman for comfort, as he felt unloved by his own wife. Usually the man was a workaholic, but this time it was his wife, not him. Still he had plenty on his plate as well as a model photographer... however in the past five years he'd changed his angle to that of wildlife photography. Which is how the pair wind up in the same area, in fact he's the photographer assigned to work with her... making for a very tense working relationship, especially since they both may still have feelings for one another. With a blizzard on its way, and with them stuck out there with just a team of sled-dogs...and whatever supplies they'd been able to pack... who knows what might happen... but they'd best find shelter soon, but working in such close proximity and ending up possibly in a small cave might just prove to be their undoing concerning their passion for one another that lurks beneath the walls of their hearts.

Lost in a Book

A young woman loves to read, she's just turned twenty and was raised on an island with her two sisters by her parents. She often escaped into the worlds that books provide, but none of that means she's uneducated, her father was a professor and her mother a nurse turned writer due to a bad back. One day though she wished that one of the books were real and that she was the heroine. A beautiful pixie who was the only one able to tame the arrogant and evil-hearted prince of a nearby Kingdom who was a half-demon with a painful past, who trusted no female. It would take time and several trials. That wish was about to come true, but magical books didn't always end the way one expects them to when they become a part of the tale.

Meet Me at Midnight

They were divorced, with a child who had been lost to them due to SIDS. It had torn them apart, she had sunk into a deep depression and he was never sure what to do. It was she who asked for the divorce and he had fought it for the two years, but it had finally come through. She took nothing and had disappeared having changed her name, an accident having altered her appearance just slightly and her hair had darkened due to the trauma. Now she works as a photojournalist and takes pictures of war in third world countries. The two are about to run into one another as he's in the Peace Corp and has been stationed where her next assignment is. Will he let things go, or will he try again, perhaps with different tactics or is it to late for them? Will a natural disaster help them to become close again... or are they doomed to never be the loving couple they once were?

No where to escape to

The man she had scorned, whom had tried to win her hand two years ago was now her only hope of survival after a wildfire took her fathers life. A man who also knew her body like the back of his hand. She had made him believe she'd found someone else back then, but it had all been lies and had found no one since then. Her home was gone and she had no family left and she'd never gone anywhere else. He was her only neighbor and he'd finally come home to take over the estate, a large vineyard. There was no one else to turn to, what if he wanted revenge, but she had to risk it or spend her life outside and doing that would severely shorten her life, especially when winter was close at hand. Would she then become his to do with as he pleased?

Oblation to the Spirits

It was just a tiny island, with few people, she wondered what could possibly be go wrong. Sure they might still have been several hundred years behind the modern world, but the modern world she'd come to believe really stank. She had no way of knowing that her red hair would give the natives ideas about making her the human sacrifice to the ancient spirits locked within the Volcano. It had apparently been a hundred years since the last sacrifice...and soon she was to meet the Spirit of the Volcano... whose mother had been the last sacrifice to the Volcano... though he certainly didn't look anywhere toward the age of 100... but then he wasn't exactly 'human'. Whether or not he was as kind as his father or as hostile as his ancestors, she was soon to find out.

Pray for Tomorrow

She'd been raised in a convent, but wasn't about to take the vows to become a full fledged nun. Not when she wanted to explore the world. She was the one and only child of the Duke of Roseairn a small principality between Europe and Asia. She had the fair skin of the European, but the eyes and hair of those who were decidedly Asian. A willful creature despite her being raised within the convent as she left her fathers keep when it was under siege and he was nowhere to be found. She'd been promised in marriage to the seventh born son of the king, but she didn't wish to wed, but was certain that they could help with the disaster at her fathers keep. Seeking help from what she thought was one of the vagabonds, she didn't know it was her husband-to-be in disguise who didn't wish to take a wife either... his last had had numerous affairs with the serfs and neighbors alike and had never once been with him for he'd believed her fearful of that side of marriage and would give her time, since he'd never really had any inclination of desire toward any woman... that was until he met his bride to be. Yet it was the King's wish they wed and so they would have to and perhaps in time they could learn to love one another... despite what things he may have done or wished to do to her... though still caring for one another in their own ways.

Quod Escapee

An escaped criminal is on the loose. Although he denies ever doing the crime, no one believes him and perhaps he really is lieing, but then he could also be telling the truth. Still he was convicted and is considered dangerous, though the police are not sure that he is armed or not, they're going to consider that he may very well be. He's been accused of one murder and of numerous accounts of rape within the county. Little does she know, that she's harboring an escaped convict in her attick, not knowing he's even there... but whether or not he's telling the truth or not, he's been in prison for thirteen years... so who knows what the presence of a female might do, even had he been telling the truth.

Run to Freedom

It's the late 17th century when a plantation owner abuses his slaves to no end even when they've done nothing really wrong other than need a drink. This causes many a death, but his neighbors despise him for other reasons. He is believed to even have murdered his wife he's such a violent man. His own daughter cowers and hides from him. Against the rules of that time in the colony of Virginia she falls in love with one of the slaves, blacks and whites at that time were forbid and a woman could be punished severely for entering into a relationship. She loves him, but fears her fathers wrath not upon herself, but what he might do so she tries to disguise her feelings. One night though after her father has whipped her, while drunk and angry at having dropped something she ran to his small cabin. The next day she would realize her mistake and try and keep from spending any time with him. However their coupling would result in a visible sign and before the child is born she'd have to flee, but she did not wish to leave him and the others behind, but it would be less conspicuous if just the two left... their destination if they could make it without being apprehended was toward the West as far as they could... into Indian territory. Their lives depended on escaping, but along the way no doubt there would be many problems presented.

Scleroid Heart

His mother had abused him as a child, perhaps not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He was sure that had he lived with her much longer he may well have killed her. However she had grown bored with him, especially when she was about to get a new beau and didn't want him around to spoil things. So he wound up in the foster system, never quite fitting in anywhere, no one really wanting to keep him. His heart had then begun to harden, only hardening further when the his first date more than stood him up, but made him the laughing stock of his high-school. It was one disasterous relationship after another. Still his college sweetheart had been wonderful, but she'd died of leukemia. It seemed as life itself wasn't at all fond of him, and he didn't believe there could be another woman like her out there, when so many were cruel or just looking for a hand out or a sucker to pull one over on.

Now though, in his new home, in a new town... his neighbor nextdoor has been baking him apple pies and giving him sly glances. He feels like its his turn to make a womans life a living hell, not realizing that she might just be his last hope at a happy ever after... if only for the moment.

Theomaniac on the Loose

He had finally escaped from that place they called an 'Asylum', he didn't need to be there at all, he really was a God, yet no one seemed to believe him. Though he'd had a few followers, they had seperated them from him in some other facility. Some had apparently even been released once they realized the so called 'truth' that the authorities in charge told them, made them believe. He'd get his revenge later, but first to find his 'Goddess', the one who was to be his wife. Of course she wouldn't be his only lover, but she'd be his most favored... and for awhile the only one who'd hold his attention. Then with their combined powers, surely they would be invincible and ruel the world once and for all?

Undecennial Mateing

She hadn't seen her husband in eleven years, not since their wedding night when she was 17 and he 21. But then they weren't quite human, they didn't exactly know what they were since they looked very humanlike. Only every eleven years were they driven to mate, often in hopes of producing offspring, but their people often had difficulty in doing so and the only every eleven years didn't help either. Not only that, the male of their species went a little crazy with their over-drive of hormones.

Veil of a Reluctant Bride

She had been his ward for the past three years, ever since she’d turned fourteen and her parents had perished in a freak accident, though there were those including herself that it was no accident. She often wondered if her guardian had been to blame for it, not knowing that he blamed himself, but it had indeed been an accident, though it could have been prevented had he been more careful at the time in securing the reins. Although maybe he too was wrong and someone else more sinister had caused the whole thing and for what purpose none knew.

To her though, he seemed the type so quiet and brooding and dressed far to stanchly to her way of thinking. He had only been twenty-two four years ago and engaged, but that woman had left him as soon as someone more appealing with their wealth and title came along and someone who did not have the responsibilities of a ward.

Ever since then he had been more distant, which made her wonder if he had done it and was suffering from a guilty conscious, but it was more despair for losing so much and in so many short years. Not everyone had died, but so many people had left him either for some greater opportunity or they’d moved away and lost contact or they believed that he had been the one to indeed cause the so-called accident of his friends and his wards deceased parents.

However as his ward turned seventeen he feared she too would leave him and new of one way to shackle her to him forever, by the bonds of marriage. When she learned of his hopes she began to run scared. She was afraid that he might kill her too, besides she did not feel ready for a commitment of that magnitude and nor did she love him or he her.

So she decided to run away and hide, but what would he do if he ever found her, still determined to have her as his bride at any cost… and if he were to get his way what then would happen to them and their relationship and her belief that he had deliberately killed her parents and any other number of problems that had arisen in the mean time.

Waterman's Fee

There was a price to pay when one crossed the Waterman, especially when you didn't give him the proper currency. Oh, there would be hell to pay, that young woman wasn't going to get away, even if it had been an accident. It was the perfect opportunity to, to finally get a chance with her, even if it was a stolen chance. Usually she had paid her fee, but this last time... and he knew she'd be back, and living more on the water than on land he knew the prefect place to take her where they wouldn't be disturbed.

Xanthrochroid Mystique

She had not meant to trespass on the land of an old prison warden. One who due to his life had become rather suspicious of others, especially strangers. She hadn’t been after anything, she wasn’t the type to steal things and nor did she deal in drugs. No, she’d been trying to track the path of an old mystery, a murder that had taken place centuries ago, because she sensed the ghosts and could hear them as a medium.

That bologna as the old prison warden called wouldn’t fly with him, he didn’t believe her. He was hell-bent on believing the very worst of her, that she was some thief in need of punishment. However he wasn’t about to send her to a prison since he did have so little evidence and she had not even tried to break into anything, but had been found wandering on his property. So instead he decides to sell her to someone else whether as a servant or as some sort of slave he doesn’t care as long as she gets her just deserts.

The purchaser has the option of setting their parcel free, but there are those who might not be so generous or so kind, some just do not like outsiders and will do all that is in their power to make them miserable. She is indeed an outsider, a visitor, but there was yet one more mystery that she had yet to unravel for she had come to that town in the first place to find out her past for she had been born there and taken away as an infant.

Her desire was to escape, to be set free, who knew what manner of person would buy her, what they might make her do. Were she to not be set free she would certainly try her hardest to escape.

Yashiki of the Demon

It was a place where demons dwelt, a fuedal place beyond the mists of time, existing even in present day, going undetected by mortal beings. A place where all missing persons found themselves, never to be returned. They were either turned into food, toys, slaves, practice material. A very few were lucky enough to become one of a demon overlords many brides. However such unions resulted in strange combinations... some acting more demonlike and others more mortal, though never quite fitting the mold of either. This a place, where a young woman running away from an abusive and impotent husband was about to find herself... was it a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Zingarro Curse

A curse had been placed upon her, simply because she had refused the proposal of a gypsy's son. She hadn't known him, and nor did she plan to get close to any man. Her mother had taught her to despise them, learning to believe herself incapable of love, bitter that she would never know such an emotion. An emotion she thought false, something that could ever only be found in fairytales. Which is exactly where she would up the night after she had declined the gypsy man's proposal. She wasn't sure she could take it... especially when there was a 'dark prince', son of one of the 'wicked' stepmothers seemed far to interested in her. It was nothing but a fantasy, from which she wished only to awaken... but would she always feel that way... and if it were to teach her no more than a lesson, how would she feel when and if she were to be returned to the real world?
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After Dusk

They had been enemies for five thousand years, but nothing prepared them for current events. There was a multitude of explosions sent off which nearly decimated their planet completely. There were only a very few survivors mainly animals and plants, of any of them mainly cockroaches and single-celled organisms survived in greater numbers. It had also caused three-quarters or so of the entire planets populace to surfer even though they survived by causing painful ailments or turning them into some mutant creature further making the re-population of the planet more difficult, especially when in several cases any offspring born were either born dead or severely mutated allowing very few to survive.

The world had been sent back into the dark ages, no worse, the very beginning. They were the only two of their kind left, because their population had already been small.

He would find it a perfect excuse to try to get away with ‘playing’ with his long time nemesis.

Beyond the Grave

They had been the best of friends, until they were called away to war. One of them was killed saving the others life. When the survivor woke up they were devastated and sank into a depression so deep they would never leave the house again, so disturbed, except to visit the grave of their best friend. However the ghost of the one who did not survive is reaching out for their friend who had survived to try to comfort them, but something pulls them closer together, a feeling that they’d both tried to hide so much before for one another, always thinking they could only ever be friends. In the end however they become more, but with the clock ticking and the Angel of Death ready to sweep the lovers apart again and with a whole city in danger the two will have to find a way they can save the city and remain together despite one being of another plane of existence.

Call Me Later

They were both new students at the University, having each transferred from two separate two-year colleges. At first sight they felt antagonistic towards one another, but it was only due to their burgeoning desire for one another that neither could understand, never having felt that way about another human being man or woman, though they’d both experimented with their boyfriends when it seemed the ‘normal’ thing to do.

The two of them fight a lot as they try to battle their feelings, not knowing what they are until they wind up in a situation where they have no one to rely upon but each other. During this time the pair of them become closer and slowly stop fighting how they feel. However will real life pressures and the bias of others stand in the way of their own happy ever after together?

Then when they’re about to part one of them says ‘Call Me Later’, but will that call be made and if so where will they go from there?

Don't Forget Me

Both their families had been in financial ruin, after their boss had used them as scapegoats in order not to be sued to fiercly by the state for dumping waste into the sewer system. A toxic waste that had caused many deformities and uncurable, but not contageous painful diseases. Without their jobs their family had gone from living modertly better than the average middle-classman, they were reduced to seeking shelter together in a single family home. It was cramped to say the least, with only one bedroom spread out between eleven people.

Each of them found it difficult to get work, but she had decided to enter the military, working her way up to sargant, knowing that her fiance waited for her return when her four years service was up. As it was, and she'd saved what money she could other than what she sent to her family. He'd been a nerd in school, and she one of the co-captains of the cheerleading squad. She'd always taken alot of heat for that, but one could not control whom they came to love.

Now however, on her way home, earlier than expected due to being close to a minefield bomb going off... her legs taking the brunt, though they hadn't had to amputate. They just had terrible looking scars that hopefully with surgery would look better and with time would fade... but she'd hurt her back and the doctors gave her a .01 percent chance of ever being able to walk again.

She was determined to walk again, although her fiance, still loving her, had developed certain desires, which he wished to use upon her... in her somewhat defenseless state. He thought it would be fun to disguise himself and break into her room and steal her away, doing whatever he wished to her that came to mind... would she learn to enjoy this side of him, or would it shatter forever what they had once shared?

End of Love

He'd loved his mate fiercly, but the transgression he had only recently learned of caused tension between them. His signifigant other had been cheating on him with someone else. He had thought that of the two of them, the one most likely to cheat due to their personality was he himself, but he'd been to deeply enamroured... yet slowly his love for his mate began to wither and wane. His fury was so, that he was capable of anything... and when he was done, he'd just up and disappear.

Then, he would try to heal, keeping as far away from all that he had grown to love and now loathed. During his exploration of the lands he'd always wished to visit, he'd also explore himself... and perhaps find a new love, a truer love than the one before...

Fragile Heart

She’d been a terrible wife as of late, snapping at her husband and causing him to drift further and further away. He had always been faithful since they had said their vows, but she was becoming paranoid and accusing him of so much. Her husband just did not know what had come over her. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t get through to her to well. Then at her next doctors visit it is revealed that somehow her heart was failing and she only had about a year to live if she followed the doctors instructions carefully, but she’d have longer if they could get her heart from a donor. This could put strain on the relationship for one reason or another.

What’s worse is that there is a woman trying to steal her husband away and although he swears he would never leave her, she wonders if it might not just be better to let him go seeing as she’s dieing. However in the end she’ll have surgery but whether or not her body accepts the new heart is not yet known…but no doubt they’d have a lot of catching up to do and with that time that they were unable to do much due to her heart condition… her husband might have new ideas from materials he has read in order to keep his mind off the possibility that his wife might die.

Gorgeous Sunshine

He’s committed several felonies, a well-known hacker and armed robber. However with all the wealth he’s acquired he’s decided to retire to a deserted island. Little does he know the island he’s about to land on is far from being deserted. There is a group of the long-lost Amazons, women warriors of ancient days and ancient places. There is also a group of men and the two groups seem to be continuously fighting due to one dispute or another. However in order for the lineage of Amazon’s to continue they need like any creature or peoples to reproduce… and the Queen has set her eyes on him.

Have a Heart

She is a young Celtic Lady who has been through a great ordeal. Her mother died after her youngest sibling was born, her older sister, her brother and her twin-male died of some disease that had been floating around. She and her little brother were the sole survivors alongside their father. Her father just three short months ago was captured by Vikings and his corpse only a month ago returned in warning to her keep. She was determined however to defend her people against those Viking invaders.

She and her people have placed a stereotype on all Vikings. She likes them not, her people fear them. They believe them to be barbaric, creatures unworthy of trust. Therefore when an invasion is prominent she is not about to give into the injustice with her parents gone and only her five-year old brother left behind to care for. For a lady of the Celts she is not above acting like a military overlord of the men who still remain in order to stave off the attack.

The Lady succeeds the first time, but she cannot be absolutely sure of further victories, especially as her numbers dwindle depending on if the men are needed elsewhere or if they just leave, because there is no male head other than a five-year old under her care. Events just seem to get worse when during another smaller battle she wounds one of the Vikings and then decided to take him into her domain and nurture him back to life after cutting the arrow which had dislodged into his back out along with another shot in his thigh. She didn’t know who had gotten him in the back, but she’d hit him in the thigh. She did not like to kill, but she never had a problem with hurting others if only to save her family and her people.

When the Viking is to wake she will claim him as her prisoner. Although the viking she had, was also the son of Celtic Lord, but raised as a Viking… he was not about to invade her lands, he was only trying to put his ship to port for the night since there promised to be quite a storm. However he is angered by his capture and her insistence that all Vikings are labeled with the same brand iron. Somehow he would get free and come back and invade her land… but only for her, his revenge.

It is only later realized that she is the sister of the woman he was to marry… her deceased sister had been his betrothed and in the contract it stated that in case something had gone awry he would have his choice of any daughter of Lord Callum McHugh. There are a few ways he could use the documentation…



InuYasha x Kagome
InuYasha x Kikyo
Kagome x Naraku
Miroku x Sango
Kagura x Sesshomaru
Kagura x Naraku
Older Rin x Sesshomaru
Kouga x Ayume
Older Kohaku x Older Rin
InuYasha x Naraku
InuYasha x Miroku

Kenshin x Kaoru

Vash x Meryl Stryfe
Wolfwood x Millie Thompson


Naraku x Sesshomaru
Older Shippo x Older Kohaku
Kouga x InuYasha

Kenshin x Sanosuke

An older Edward Elric x Roy Mustang

Vash x Wolfwood
Knives x Legator Bluesummers

Tsume x Toboe

(F/F if the plot is good)

Kagome x Kikyo
Kagome x Sango
Kikyo x Sango



Beyond the Moon/Lone Wolves

She woke up one morning, groggy and in pain as she staggered to her feet. What she saw around her was a complete bloodbath the likes of which she had never before. All around her lay the bodies of the dead and desecrated, those who had suffered being skinned alive or worse. Her entire pack had been hunted down and killed as though they mattered little, as though they had no feeling, no real good purpose in life where their hunters were concerned. Her pack, which had never harmed a hair on a human head had lost their very lives to those in the human village. She didn't understand why, and no doubt they had left her for dead. She didn't understand what to do as she mourned the loss of her companions, her family members and the young which had never even gotten to taste the first breath of air. Being a wolf, even worse a werewolf was never easy, but alone she felt it as a harder blow than ever. Silently after she had buried each body and prayed to the heavens, whom all creatures shared, she felt desolate and decided she could not remain in a place where evil destruction had taken place. She never dreamed that she would end up on the higher side of the mountain where a recluse lived, who had not just a hatred for the humans, save for those few who he allowed to visit, like the gypsies who understood and those hermits in tune with nature, but a hatred of females. Even werewolves have among them personalities so despicable it can cause one to become bitter. The female had been his mate, but had killed the pups they'd had together as soon as they were born to run off with a human with riches beyond belief. Yet had she stayed, it would have been discovered that right below their noses was a cave filled with gold, silver and diamonds. She didn't care about that as she entered the mansion, not knowing anyone lived there, to lay upon an eiderdown bed, exhausted from her mourning and the length she had traveled. What he would do when he discovered her, who knew.

Players: BigBadWolf + Trinket

Can You Hear Me [MUL]

He had been alone so long, trapped in the basement of a long abandoned house, a fortress field around it preventing him from escaping, since the last young hunter hadn't known whether or not he had killed the beast. He'd been asleep so long, only waking long enough to feed off the blood of the rats that periodically appeared, but without a better quantity, even just a better quality of blood he was weak and in order to keep from growing weaker he slept.

She was sick of the modern world and all the lies, the deciet, the greed that came with it, at least in the circles she had lived. Yes, her father had been a rich man, but he had never spoiled his daughter, wanting her to know right from wrong. However after his death, as an heiress, many a man had wished for her hand, but they did not love her she had found time and time again. Luckily she'd never done more than date, being of an old fashioned belief thanks to her parents, though her mother had left the living a decade ago. No, she decided to start over in a very unpopulated area and purchase an old abandoned mansion a mile out of the smallest town. What she didn't know, was that she would awaken the beast living below in the basement through the hidden doors.

Players: Trinket + Skyez

Demon's Breath [MUL]

Plot The son of a Demon has escaped from hell, though his intention was not to create havoc on the Earth, he was not after-all of full demonic origin. No, he wished to seek out his mothers side of the family, were they human or some other humanoid life-form?

During his early search he'd found nothing, but he had fallen in love, apparently his mothers blood ran strong through him. The only problem was, that the woman was more evil than he and in so being had tried to kill him, just for the little bit of gold he had on him. From that point on, he saw women as being of the same ilk, even if that were not true. He'd given up searching for his mother, after all she was female too.

A decade later however, living in the forest, but working in the village one day a mysterious figure appeared on horseback, wearing a cloak so that their features could not be distinguished. He paid no attention as he went home, but halfway there he collapsed, high of fever. Luckily the mysterious figure had been going in that same direction and came across him. Whoever it was nursed him through his illness till he was better. The two became companions, but two years later, the son of a demon had still not seen his best-friends features, or even heard the mysterious figures voice.

Soon though, he would find out, though he knew it not. It was his birthday and apparently his friend indicated that he was sending a woman to him. He didn't mind, that was the only thing he believed women to be good for anymore, and it might be interesting... he'd tortured and even killed females though who had dared to come on to him in the last twelve years. His friend knew this, but this would be a female invited, not one that just showed up.

Players:Trinket + kurioustoohear

Evening Star [EX] [M/M]

Beneath the Evening Star, on a planet not so unlike Earth live strange and unusual creatures, thought to be the stuff which myths and legends are made of on Earth. Elves, trolls, dwarves, unicorns and several other creatures thrive upon the planet. Once they too had dwelt on Earth, but circumstance had forced them to leave. The King of the Unicorns, who can take an elf like form is but a young man who wishes to seek revenge upon the human population for the agonies they had caused his ancestors, many of whom had lost their lives, simply because of the horn on their heads. He ordered his men to capture him one of the humans, but little did he know what he might wish to do with the human he wound up with.

Players: Trinket + Saku Winchester

Keep Me in Your Heart A darker path

They had been in love since they were children, but the war had torn them apart as he was drafted at just seventeen. He proposed to his sweetheart the night before he left and she said yes. He asked, "Will you keep me in your heart?" She replied, "Yes, and I hope you shall keep me in yours." "Always." They smiled and then the next hour he was on the train, heading for battle.

A year later, his letters stopped, he had been captured, MIA. There were those who told her he had to be dead. She would not believe them, for his body had not been found. It didn't matter to her what injuries he might have sustained, she had given her promise to him and would not back down even a decade later. Though there had been men who had tried to woo her, she could not forget her first love, a young man whom she did not believe she could ever forget.

She never imagined that when he returned, he would be so changed, that he would be bitter, believing that somehow she had betrayed him, when she had kept her vow to keep him in her heart. Still he remained rude and unlike the young man she had known and so desperately loved, enough that she had put her love life on hold. Would she be able to make him see that she still loved him, that she always had, would they obtain a happily ever after?

Players: Trinket + Zero

Say You Want Me [EX]

He was a failure at finding a soul-mate, in fact he hadn't even got passed first base with any female before. He just wants to find a female that wants him, sure love would be nice, but at this point, a thirty some year old virgin is just plain ridiculous, especially considering he's a male. Now at his new job working the graveyard shift in fact at a graveyard he doesn't know the danger he's in. In one of the tombs a vampire female dwells, who has laid dormant for over five centuries, but the smell of his innocence awakens her. She needs a new companion to find her food and a playmate with which to taunt and tease, to use and abuse. Beneath her tomb is an old dungeon with items that might make anyone more than just uneasy, as she has always enjoyed experimenting.

Players: Trinket + pioneercadet

All These Tears [UN] [M/F; species: any]

He was now ridiculed by the people who had once purported to support him, to be his friends, a town now turned against him, believing the very worst of him. They believed him to be guilty of a crime he had never committed based on shoddy evidence that had to have been set up, because he knew he had not done it, but no one would believe him. They all of them had turned against him in his hour of need. They were going to sentence him to death, but at least he had made bail and could stay at home until the horror of it was over.

Now he longed to disappear, to get away, even if it seemed cowardly, he knew that they were all against him, the way the acted, the way they looked at him with sneers on their faces. The jury had not even been paying attention, already they had judged him, but the judge had said that they were to return to court on Tuesday morning and then give a verdict.

How was he going to escape? Where would he go? Wouldn't they find him even if he did get away, there were bounty hunters they could hire, not just police officials. He did not want to die or suffer for what someone else had done.

That night he wished that he could get away to a new destination, where he could live his own idealistic life. Then a voice whispers to him, "This your wish I shall grant, but on the path to your new destination you will have to endure harsh conditions for I can only open the door that leads there, but you must get there on your own."

Perhaps he thinks he's going crazy or that he's dreaming, but as a portal opens he is curious even if he doesn't think its real and steps into the portal and into a entirely different world. (Fantasy or Paranormal, etc.). However there is only miles and miles of winter he can see. The voice speaks again, "This is not the only area of this realm, but it is the only area to which their is a portal. It would be wise to dress for the occasion and begin your travels." Then the voice was gone, would he go or not? Would the possibility of life in prison or worse the death sentence send him over the edge on his decision?

In the realm he would run into many strange things, not all nice and not all sinister. A new life though awaited him, but what sacrifices would need to be made in order to obtain an idealistic life. What might be gained? Which path will be chosen and will a mysterious woman influence this decision... is she doing this to help or to hinder?

Players: Trinket + Ace Flyer

The Duchess
Players: Ashleebabe + Trinket
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Re: Trinket Returns to her Treasure Trove
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Wow, I'm loving basically all your ideas. :-)
But I s'pose I need to be a least a bit decisive here and choose one, so, how about, Can you hear me?  If you're up for it, shoot me a PM or simply reply here, which ever you prefer. But, just so you know, I am new to this site, but not new to role playing in the least, and just figured I'd inform you of that in case it swayed your decision of trying out the role play or not.
Anyway, like I said, Pm or reply, and we can figure out any needed details. :-)

EDIT: Off to shower and get ready for an x-mas party, obviously tomorrow is going to be busy, but I'll check back here asap. Merry Christmas in advance. :-)
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Re: Trinket Returns to her Treasure Trove
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Overzealous Plot, Penthelisea's Abode, Questions Without Answers, Rainbow's End, Say You Want Me & Together at Last added to the fray.
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Re: Trinket Returns to her Treasure Trove
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i am interested into the jungle survivor story, could you give me more details on it please ?.