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Author Topic: Urges and Desires (M4F - Epic Plots - Added World Creation)  (Read 769 times)

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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter

Hi there, and thank you for reading this post. For those interested I am a 28 year old male who loves to write. Whilst I am prone to errors I believe I write with a decent to good style and can produce 3 to 4 paragraphs or more for stories that get my juices flowing. I do work a full time job so my replies are usually restrained to once or twice a day unless you catch me on a day off when I have nothing to do or I am working early shifts and have nothing to do in the evening.

I am from the UK, so special hello to my fellow Brits. Being on the same time line can allow for the story and messages between us to flow a lot quicker. Not that I am against writing with people from other countries. My best RP's so far have been with Americans and a woman I believe that was from Denmark if memory serves. Skafaer and I had one of my favourite RP's going and I do believe English wasn't her first language.

Right now I am looking for specific RP's, which is why I am making this new request thread. I have discovered that I enjoy the most, RP's that either have an epic plot in mind that we can work towards reaching the end, or a situation which puts our characters into danger. I have tried the more normal modern scenarios and I grow bored. Teacher/student and such plots are all clearly moving towards the inevitable sex scene and then where do you go. I understand there can be more nuances to that, but I have rarely met a person who gets my juices flowing with these typically scenarios.

If you are interested in anything I put below, please PM me. I am looking to RP with anyone that is interested in the worlds and RP ideas I have that I feel I can mesh with. I will continue to update this thread as time goes by.

Thanks for Reading and I look forward to hearing from you. 
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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter


I absolutely love George R.R. Martins world. I have watched the show all the way up to the Season 4 Finale and have read the books and I am anxiously waiting for his next one.  The world is so vast, which is something I love and I feel that opens it up for exploration. So much can be done with this world, and just the smallest change in the proceedings of the book can cause so many different story lines and ripples through Westeros. The idea of changing something and exploring what would happen excites me, and I really hope to find someone that is excited by that as well.

Of course I have to be careful with what ideas I put up here as I do not wish to spoil the show or the books for anyone. Part of the joy of reading a Song of Fire and Ice is not being sure what's going to happen to anyone. So I will put rough ideas here that will not spoil anything for someone reading the books or watching the show. With these generally ideas, I welcome people to come to me with ideas of their own and I will gladly share mine as well. Also if you PM me with interest in RPing in this setting, please put in the PM how much of the show or books you have seen or read.

# Daenarys Targaeryan
# Jon Snow
# Robb Stark
# Oberyn Martell
# Margaery Tyrell
# Sand Snakes
# The Greyjoys
# Anyone in Kings Landing that could effect the storyline

And there is so much more. I have just put a few names because all those characters could either have a story arch we could focus on, or something about their story we could change, that could potentially change the whole course of events.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daenarys Targaryen Plot Bunnies

Jon Snow Plot Bunnies

Robb Stark Plot Bunnies

Sansa Stark Plot Bunnies

Oberyn Martell Plot Bunnies

Margaery Tyrell Plot Bunnies

Sand Snakes Plot Bunnies

Greyjoy Plot Bunnies

The Wall Plot Bunnies

Other Game of Thrones Plot Bunnies
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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter

What will we become when the Apocolypse Comes.

It was just another normal day at work.

We were bored as usual.

The weather was rubbish.

Customers were no existent.

And the boss was about, so we couldn't even goof around.


Gale force winds

The earth shook

And awful screams came from outside.

That's the first time we really noticed each other

When Chaos Hit

Looking for one female to RP this scenario with me. I'm looking ideally for someone that can do decent size posts and can play more than one character but that's up for debate. Also I'm looking to explore how they survive this apocalypse scenario and how they change as people. So I'm expecting it to be quiet long and for a lot of character development.

The event that causes this is also up for discussion. The current version I am RPing with the lovely Holly Marlow is a Zombie Apocalypse. But this could be an Alien Invasion, severe weather caused by global warming or even an invasion by another nation.

That being said, there's a reason I like to write on elliquiy so I am also expecting sex scenes, with detail and more than just once. But by that I mean a good balance that makes sense in the story.

So if your interested PM me.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter


Okay, the basics! I’m looking for a female who would be interested in helping me explore a fantasy world. Whilst I have a lot of things set in my head for this fantasy world, all ideas for it would be welcome. However because in a sense we are creating a fantasy world, I need a partner that is willing to create and play more than one character. We may start with only one or two, but as the story needs it, more will be needed to be created. And all though some will be side characters, I will want to explore a number of characters in detail. This may involve focusing on some characters at some point and some at another. Also their will be sexual elements to the story. I’m thinking similar to Game of Thrones in that sense.

I’ve already created a world by myself for this, but this RP will be focused on one group of people in this world, with some appearances by the people in the same area of this world. I will delve into this more when I find someone to play this with me. But here are some non-negotiables.

•   The world is nearly entirely populated by humans. These humans will be different from one another but there aren’t elves, dwarfs or other races other than humans and animals. The animals on the other hand, will have differences. Some drastic and some subtle.
•   Magic isn’t common. Whilst there will be individuals with incredible GIFTS which may be referred to as magic, humans can’t for instance create fire from their hands.
•   It’s an ancient type of fantasy setting. No guns! However swords and bows and arrows are common place.

And here is the link to see the whole thread and all the history and stuff that has so far been written.

Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter

Let's Create Together

Calling all world builders. Two of my most enjoyable Roleplays have been in a world that I started to create, and a world that then my partners added too with their own race of humans.

So what I want to do is find a like minded person who not only wants to build interesting and diverse characters and epic plots for them to live through. But I'm also looking for someone who will create a whole world or part of a world. Let's build a town together, a culture, a religion. We can change and create whatever we want.

Want women to be men's slaves, or their equals or their masters?

Want the people to be awake during the night and asleep during the day?

Want to have a town in a desert or on top of the mountains?

Want gods that reward killers?

There are so many options. I will say that I am looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, and to do a long term RP. Also I'd prefer low fantasy. Dragons and such is fine, but I don't want there to be hundreds of dragons. Or a whole race of ogre's, but a small bunch somewhere is fine.

Look forward to hearing from people.
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10th July 2014 - Added Plot Bunnies To Game of Thrones Request Thread.

24th July - Few More Plot Bunnies
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New Oberyn Plot Bunnies - 29/07/14

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Re: Urges and Desires (M4F - Epic Plots - Added World Creation)
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09/08/14 - New Urge and Desire

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Re: Urges and Desires (M4F - Epic Plots - Added World Creation)
« Reply #8 on: August 20, 2014, 06:52:21 AM »
20/08/14 - New Plot Bunnies for Game of Thrones and Apocalypse.